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  1. Might as well (though I don't want him to die), they won't let him do anything. EVERYTHING has been shot down thus far. They won't even let him fill his cabinet!
  2. Trump can't get anything done. They wont let him. I'd do the same thing.
  3. So sick of this topic. This is America. America is a capitalist country. Aint shit free. I say tear the whole thing down and stomp on it. If you want health insurance, go out there and find a way to pay for it. Don't sit around and complain about it not being FREE enough.
  4. If only there were muslims thats spoke out about it, but most of them are like "whatevers".
  5. Yes, I have discussed with and understood the viewpoints of EVERY single muslim on the planet.
  6. Hi, Shadow, welcome to the forum. Did your chickens act differently from regular chickens? Do people eat them?
  7. I don't think there are any "radical" muslims. They are just plain and simple muslims and all muslims are terrorists who kill in the name of Islam.
  8. I'm currently freaking out! The other ones a huge, too! WTF??
  9. Photo of retard attacker on stretcher. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4339310/Body-Thames-maniac-plunging-knife-policeman.html