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  1. Off-Topic Repository

    You're like a wild animal in a corner. Did Shep give you a warning point or whatever those things are...? He gave me one.
  2. Off-Topic Repository

    Look at you, baiting me. I thought you said you were accountable for your actions...? I see who you are now.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    You didn't need to say anything. *snipped*
  4. Off-Topic Repository

    Like you really had to step in, Shep.
  5. ok. Did you say this site will be shut down for a month?
  6. wait..when is this happening?
  7. Off-Topic Repository

    yeah! This isnt GLPuke, we actually care about being civil.
  8. A Letter to All Christians

    Glory be to God!
  9. Off-Topic Repository

    What's your favorite Star Trek show?
  10. Off-Topic Repository

    I quite liked the Force Awakens. The dynamic between Rey and Fin was heartfelt. Only half-way through Rogue. I liked the part "Are you kidding me? I'm blind!" The switching from different planet to planet is kind of confusing... all in all, they did justice to the originals.
  11. Off-Topic Repository

    What do you think of the new Star Wars?
  12. Off-Topic Repository

    Nice. I'm sorry if I don't recognize if its a reference to something, but is that you?
  13. Off-Topic Repository

    New avatar pic?