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  1. My wife just showed me this, my response: NO! NO! NO! F*CK NO!!!!!! Seriously.... if this is what to come, I will fight tooth and nail with these f*ckers.
  2. Best I Pet Goat translation I have seen

    shit......he knows!
  3. Black mask studios is a joke, they are constantly releasing new material. However, their consistency sucks! In other words the series wouldn't be over until his presidency is, thus making it irrelevant.
  4. Sorry gentleman, this article is from January. Please stop posting stuff like this as if it is relevant. I was really excited, and then quickly let down....
  5. Warning: Illuminati Everywhere!

    It's a pinned thread on a public forum. Just like any other forum, you are open to ridicule. If you want to start saying you only want to hear opinions that line up with your own, and f*** anyone else then this is the wrong place for you.
  6. Warning: Illuminati Everywhere!

    CM you are going all "trust Noone" John carpenter's Thing on everyone. I asure you I am not a shill or a joker. I'm a 26 year old guy from flood city, average Joe with a family. Just keep saying what you're saying, if others want to clown you just brush them off. No disrespect implied, and you probably do know more than some. Just don't get a superiority complex about it.
  7. Warning: Illuminati Everywhere!

    Sorry CM this sounds like some hardcore fear mongering, with no proof to back it up. This is all your personal thoughts on the matter, just speculation at this time. This kind of mentality that they are posing as homeless men, and teachers among us, is exactly why people believe us theorists are crazy. But again it is your opinion, and I am just stating mine. Not trying to crap on your thread, carry on.
  8. This will not go over well. I live a little over 2 hours from there..... a lot of patriots in my surrounding areas. Plus it's haunted! They will get flattened if they try this shit here, make no mistake!
  9. Down here in Pennsylvania.
  10. Do you feel it?

    ummmm..... ok who distributed the pot brownies to c.o.p.?
  11. Do you feel it?

    What has changed that you believe this?
  12. from an individual who was apparently using a ‘robotic and genderless’ voice changing device, Damn it, I was really hoping it was a Bane voice lmao "You merely adapted to the swamp, I was born in it, molded by it."
  13. Good thing I drink yuengling lager! PA brewed mofos!
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