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  1. Conor vs Mayweather stream on now.

    I can't watch, even when I got in the room it was just a rabbit screen loading.
  2. https://giphy.com/gifs/star-shooting-the-more-you-know-3og0IMJcSI8p6hYQXS Thanks.
  3. Ok I figured that, however why is it referred to as "doxxing"? Where does this terminology come from?
  4. Clear this one up for me..... what is doxxing?
  5. So what state are you guys from ( or country if not US)

  6. I don't know about aliens, but one person brought up a good point. The commentor stated, the partial/temporary immortality was a gift from cross breeding with biblical beings *gods/angels
  7. http://www.ancient-origins.net/human-origins/did-ancient-people-really-have-lifespans-longer-200-years-002093
  8. My wife just showed me this, my response: NO! NO! NO! F*CK NO!!!!!! Seriously.... if this is what to come, I will fight tooth and nail with these f*ckers.
  9. Black mask studios is a joke, they are constantly releasing new material. However, their consistency sucks! In other words the series wouldn't be over until his presidency is, thus making it irrelevant.
  10. good music for revolution/awakening If you haven't jammed to run the jewels yet, do it! Hip hop/ Rap as it was meant to be!
  11. Thanks for the update! If this hacker is legit, this whole thing will be so blown wide open! By that point it might be so evident that even the most brainwashed sheeple will take notice. *praying this comes to light soon*
  12. One of Randy Rhoads greatest works.Imho
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