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  1. oh thank god its over! Give that girl a nobel peace prize.... I mean they gave one to Obama lol *shrug*
  2. I just visited her twitter, she has 0 support lol Everyone is ripping her to shreds! She is going down, her partners fled to Pakistan. How is that for an indication?
  3. seafood...... you know.....like c...l..a..m.... nvm that's automan's thing!
  4. https://img.memesuper.com/6b273c15381359470f20961c8424f2ff_so-close-memes-so-close-meme_400-400.jpeg
  5. That would be killer! What bands would perform? Setlist?
  6. SHTAP!! I can't just give you all my likes, Damn it!
  7. *sarcasm* lol still the day that was all occurring was bananas! I was seriously pumped all day.... then NOTHING. lol I thought the world was going to change that day....
  8. Then bathe it in acid so they cant acquire her DNA to clone her! Then bathe it in acid so they cant acquire her DNA to clone her! Then bathe it in acid so they cant acquire her DNA to clone her!
  9. meh.... anymore everything is hyped. Im still waiting for the NYPD/Feds to wage war against the PEDOS with the vile evidence they found on one Anthony Weiner's laptop!
  10. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic! *please let this be it*
  11. This is the first post of yours that was not cryptic. It was nice to see that, Im not being sarcastic either. I would like to see both left/right opinions on this site, it is nice to see how others think. That is as long as it stays respectful.
  12. Fun fact: If I was allowed off the marital leash, I could single handedly repopulate the white race. 100% *the more you know*