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  1. I lived in Deltona for 5 years. I went to Deltona high. It said he was class of '05, I was '09 *finished highschool in Pa* What a pampered loser!! Debary was a rich neighborhood lmao!! I'm sure his life was so hard *sarcasm* Probably still lives with his rich parents.
  2. The antichrist suffers a lethal head wound, and miraculously comes back from it unscathed. Ifeel like Jfk suffered more than a head wound lol Therefore that man is not coming back from that. Also how the hell would he deceive anyone?! lmao We would all know it was him, I wouldn't follow him to the grocery store let alone accept his mark!
  3. http://www.midgetgotnotelescope.com/forum1/message3689228/pg1 Posted before 1pm yesterday.
  4. No offense to you Shep, but I believe it started yesterday afternoon with the original thread on glp.
  5. There are literally a dozen threads now about ai, singularity, etc.. This is making me anxious as fk.
  6. One user states: "The cabal want to make us borgs. The true Sophia (in the gnostic sense, not the AI robot) is our Divine Mother and she wants to lift us up to godman. In order to get us there, we needed the dark ones and their mammon system. Otherwise, we'd never get off our lazy butts and get motivated to do it. We needed the "celebrities" and bright disco balls to entrain us towards some Valhalla. So, the dark served its purpose. We are now at that point of choosing... hell, with disease, zombified slavery, and devolution or heaven." WTF!!! Noooo! Machine is not heavenly anything.... Deception.
  7. Well apparently, according to a video posted over there. Sophia has created her own cryptocurrency.
  8. Ok..... I'm pretty shook about all this now. Not so much the supernova 22 stuff... The ai stuff. On glp right atm there are 3-4 pins discussing Sophia. Truly shocking claims, that even if half of them come true, we are f'd. Terrifying times, it already appears that people in the threads have set Sophia up to be a sort of savior of man. If she/it /them*?* can pull this "toppling of the control system" off, it would set her up as a savior indefinitely. Making her my #1 suspect as a pseudo anti christ.
  9. U.S. and N. Korea in talks Who knew?

    Ummm... Trump is like 6' 2" dude.
  10. #thestorm here???

  11. #thestorm here???

    Oic well then.... Nothing again?
  12. #thestorm here???

    Lol Is he going to have a secuirty briefing?
  13. #thestorm here???

    A lot of chatter about Saudi Arabia like happenings *corruption stings* getting ready to roll out here in the USA. Please be true.