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  1. Maidenmate91

    Why I Was Wrong About Flat Earth

    That guy was so scatterbrained. Gave me a damn headache, the way he kept bringing up politics randomly I want to shoot myself. The video could have been five minutes long if it'll left out all the bullshit. Ugh
  2. I stumbled upon higher quality recordings of Manson's original pieces of music one night. I have an open mind so I listened with virgin ears, it was pretty good admittedly. However I was utterly disgusted at the comments of some women. Idolizing the freak, laughing saying they don't care what he did because of his talents. To me it's just more proof that people with talent/influence are a volatile combination.
  3. Thank you for a logical/reasonable observation. I know for a fact the younger brother of the Boston Marathon bombing received fan mail and admiration from young girls because he was "dreamy". It's sick, however we must understand that the Manson killings would've never happened, had he not been so damn cunning and infectious with his will/personality/goals. It's not a sign of the times but rather a glimpse into the sick lemming mind of these followers. They have always been there, they are just gaining more exposure due to the damn media outlets.
  4. I just finished watching a Dan Schneider video on YouTube by user Revenge of the cis. I found it very telling and informative. Just like everyone else I've always speculated about Dan Schneider, however this video contains some other things I've never heard before.
  5. It's awesome to see you post something like this. We can't allow ourselves to become bias towards our news. They are all just Hypocrites following an agenda.
  6. peace would be nice.... I think we could all use a little.
  7. In your earlier post, were you referring that those foreign troops were stronger/more fit?
  8. What is MEMOREX? Do I even want to know?
  9. That's what I thought you were on about. Jeez that's brutal, is it possible to transport a soul? I'll just stick to my car! lol And here I was always excited for that aspect of transport. I couldn't wait to be able to instantly visit my friends in Florida. Now not so much...
  10. If Camp FEMA did exist, and it was in our favor... Where can I apply to be a camp counselor?!?
  11. Nah nah nah nah .... Nah nah nah nah .... Hey hey hey ... Goodbye!
  12. Awww ...Come on now you're just splitting hairs.... With that being said no I don't think it counts. Lol
  13. Lol no doubt... I'm more focused on the news coming out of or directed towards Commiefornia.