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    Let's be clear on one thing: He became a she AFTER serving. He did NOT serve as a she.
  2. So...what do we think the Awan's we're REALLY doing for DWS? And also likely HRC? I've been thinking about this and I'm leaning towards a theory where they were using their computer skills and security access to collect blackmailable materials on everyone in DC. Why else would they be paid $4M and have DWS fighting for them. Plus she is obviously scared of the hard drive contents getting into the wrong hands. So much so she openly threatened the D.C. Police chief. I can't think of anything else that makes sense considering everything we know about this case. Thoughts?...
  3. We most certainly will be. If Mueller doesn't do the right thing we'll be in bad shape. I pray I'm right. Because if I'm wrong....
  4. Don't believe it!! Don't forget that Trump originally said this to the NYT. He knew exactly what he was doing. We're witnessing 8D underwater chess right now.
  5. Bwah hahaha!! I love it! The MSM is totally biting on this and it's beautiful. I don't believe for a second that Sessions is on the outs with DT. Plus, WH Anon said that negative stories will come out and to not believe them and a MAJOR HAMMER will drop on July 27th. Awan's arrest likely set the table for the 27th. We shall soon see. Exciting!!
  6. Cin is not feeling well...

    @Cinnamon Feel better!!!
  7. And then there's this. Not very encouraging... https://twitter.com/thomas1774paine/status/888532295765897217
  8. @Ukshep Glad the site is functional again. It really looks good. Great job!
  9. Trump "interviewed" Mueller the day before he was appointed. Coincidence? Or the only time Trump could safely have a conversation with him before the appointment to special prosecutor? Hmmm... Add to that the specialties of the team he's assembled & the sheer number of them. Putting this huge team together to investigate a BS Russian controversy is like using a bazooka to kill a housefly. I think something is afoot. But yes, aspects of Mueller's background can be troubling. I pray I'm right. Added: Here are some Mueller's team. Seems to be a perfect team to take down Clinton's and Obama: Aaron Zebley - Terrorist Hunter James Quarlles III - Watergate prosecutor/campaign finance Jeannie Rhee - White collar crimes Andrew Weissman - Prosecuted crime families Michael Dreeben - argued before SCOTUS 100X Rush Atkinson - Criminal fraud Zainab Ahmad - Transnational organized crime Lisa Page - Money laundering & organized crime Andrew Goldstein - New York’s Public Corruption Units Brandon Van Grack - Espionage Peter Strzok - leading member of the FBI Clinton Email investigation
  10. Well he's certainly credible and everything he said lines up with what I was told by an NYPD Detective I'm friends with. I even posted the same info here back in October/Nov if I recall correctly. The DOJ threatened the NYPD on the Garner case to keep them quiet on the Weiner laptop. I can't wait for the DOJ and Mueller to get going on all of this stuff. I just hope Mueller will do what I think he will. Time will tell.
  11. Not for nothing but if you're going to write a movie where a city gets destroyed you're gonna pick NY, Chicago or LA. No writer would ever pick Des Moines or Birmingham. And likewise, if you're a terrorist you're gonna pick one of the major cities as well. It's all about spectacle and impact. Not predictive programming. Sorry.
  12. Yup! And never forget that it is the MSM's, Dems, GOPe and libtards everywhere mission to make Trump's White House appear to be a disaster. Unorganized, infighting, amateur, inept, bungling idiots. If you recall this was all predicted in November. The leaks real and fake are all a means to this end. This will not stop for quite some time if at all. Any sane person who looks at the pedigree of his cabinet can see that we have one of the strongest ever assembled. Don't believe the hype. Terminator Trump is about to show these people what time it is!
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