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  1. If they all come out to riot it'll just make it easier to round all the bad ones up. I'm getting really sick of this sh#!
  2. Took me several views but I see it now. The car comes from straight back. If you look at the top edges of the cops' shoulders just as they're clearing the car you can barely see flashing lights. It's perfectly timed to hide the car. Funny!
  3. So theoretically he could take five 69lb bags at a total of 345lbs and check them for free. But a single 100lb (or whatever bag) is a $200 charge? United needs to give employees some common sense latitude in accommodating passengers. This was just asinine.
  4. There is more evidence pointing to murder than there is of a robbery gone bad.
  5. ^^^^^^^^THIS!!!!^^^^^^^^^
  6. Why would his family start editing his accounts now? Makes no sense. His murder is real and powerful people want it to go away.
  7. All posts stopped when he was murdered. They've tied multiple accounts to Seth. 1-2yr old posts are now finding themselves edited. It's fishy
  8. Reddit is actively editing, deleting and censoring all accounts associated with Seth Rich. This is evidence tampering. The Donald is back up and reporting massive cover ups. https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/6cbni5/spez_just_edited_seth_richs_reddit_posts/ https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/6cbneg/red_alert_they_are_editing_seth_richs_reddit/ credit to @Beethovens10th for this: https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/someone-just-edited-seth-richs-reddit-posts-b5f185b0aab
  9. It ain't him. He is being bombarded on all fronts by opposition and lies.
  10. Tough to find any info just yet because it JUST happened. I provided all relevant screen shots. The Donald has been at odds...err war with Reddit for a long time. Reddit is trying to suppress Trump supporters. I know the official message makes it look like the Donald mods made it private but it seems highly suspicious to me. Especially with the timing of Seth Rich revelations. They had found tremendous evidence and it was rapidly gaining terminal velocity. And then BOOM, within the last hour or so it's gone. It doesn't pass the smell test for now. Keep your eyes peeled on other sites for any info and please post it within this thread to update everyone with news. Thanks!
  11. Looks that way
  12. Try going to it. It - Is - GONE!! Wow! The illusion of freedom is quickly disappearing. Some more info but it is highly suspicious. Right when Seth Rich research was gaining steam? Too odd. UPDATE! The Donald is back but with a huge disclaimer saying they're editing Seth Rich's account. @Ukshep @Cinnamon
  13. I don't like his plea deal. As much as I want him in prison I would've preferred immunity and have him spill the beans. BUT the Clinton's have a higher death rate than Ebola. He just wants to live at this point.