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  1. Any person who says and believes they can drain the swamp, win the presidency against ALL odds and take on the establishment when they’re all gunning for him is someone who will have a big ego. They must have a big ego otherwise they’d never be successful. It just goes with the territory. You want the swamp drained? Well this is what the guy who will actually do it acts like. Embrace it! These are remarkable times to bare witness too. Very exciting!!!
  2. I used to cringe a little over some of his tweets. Not because he was wrong but because they felt beneath the office of the President. However, I would rather have this than the typical political double speak and political correctness. I love our POTUS. As far as LaVar is concerned, POTUS merely tweeted exactly what I was thinking and it’s refreshing to have a President who isn’t afraid to call assholes out and TELL THE TRUTH. It’s also important to note that type of personality and type of person it takes to take on the DC Elite and defeat them is exactly the same personality that tweets like this. He isn’t afraid. If he wasn’t like this then the swamp would never be drained. I love it!!! If you hire the world’s best hunter to kill a pack of wolves threatening your family you can’t get mad when he tracks mud into your home and smells like wolf urine. It’s part of the package if you want results.
  3. Talal’s arrest was seismic. He was most certainly Obama’s surrogate. I’ve been aware of the Percy Sutton interview since 2007. The SA arrests were the opening salvo in what will become a battle supreme against the deep state & Rothschild’s of the world over the future of our country. I also believe North Korea is and has been a deep state controlled country that has been used for different purposes over the past few decades. Once you make that assumption everything NK has ever done makes sense. My biggest fear is how far the deep state is willing to go in using NK as their proxy. Talal is “Soros #1” because he was the original. No wonder why Obama has had a team of lawyers protecting his personal and scholastic records. I also believe that Mueller is working with Trump and will be the greatest rope a dope of all time. I actually made this prediction here in a post back in May.
  4. I think all will be fine in the long run. Although everything literally hangs on just how far the deep state is willing to go right now. I’m convinced that North Korea is wholly controlled by the deep state/CIA etc, going back decades. If you operate under that assumption everything they’ve done so far makes perfect sense. We are entering checkmate territory and the deep state knows this. A nuke war does them no good but something like an EMP could certainly do a lot of harm. All I know is that im confident we currently have the best working for us now and are doing everything they can to win this quiet war as peacefully as possible. Trump is a big Art of War fan so pushing a button is by far his last resort. Saudi Arabia was just the beginning. The house cleaning has begun. Mueller will be phased two. It’s just how far the deep state is willing to go before their end becomes a reality. But their demise is a foregone conclusion.
  5. And Huma. I made a prediction on this site in May that Mueller is the greatest rope-a-dope of all time. They never saw it coming. In order to be successful the entire world would have to believe it was a Trump witch hunt. I think they now realize what’s coming but it’s too late for them to do anything about it. Anon on /pol/ has also posted many things that support this theory. I really hope I’m right and so far it’s been encouraging.
  6. The storm is coming... https://imgur.com/gallery/QtWDf
  7. Most definitely. Kind of like this apparent murder suicide connected to vegas. https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/755h9b/john_beilman_key_witness_in_las_vegas_shooting/?st=J8JFW683&sh=70d0511d
  8. Mid afternoon today there was a bomb threat at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Police shut down all traffic to terminal 4 to investigate. Traffic was reopened around 3:30pm. Terminal 4 roads were like a ghost town as police investigated. No links and not in news. I was there and posted this just in case something ends up happening or tying to something else. https://imgur.com/gallery/1hOhO
  9. Photo Proves Paddock was Isis

    Thanks! You are correct. Please close this thread! @Cinnamon @Ukshep
  10. This photo, as far as I’m concerned, proves the Vegas shooter was radicalized. This photo exists NOWHERE else. Yet somehow ISIS has it and used it to honor him. Don’t you think the media would’ve found this pic by now sonwe wouldn’t have to keep looking at that single, closed eye photo of that POS? Looks like a computer camera photo. His shoulders aren’t raised as if it were a selfie. And his eyes are looking at the screen instead of the lens. This is all the proof I need. https://imgur.com/gallery/6PAho https://www.memri.org/jttm/isis-supporters-rejoice-las-vegas-attack-social-media-what-now-trump-you-banned-radicalized
  11. @Ukshep Glad the site is functional again. It really looks good. Great job!
  12. The one within the site with the envelope icon. Didn't try what you did. I couldn't type anything in any window I tried. I also tried the Contact Us link on bottom of the page but that didn't work either.
  13. Glad it's working now!! I couldn't post nor comment. And FYI I was unable to access the email too. So if it happens again it's unlikely people will be able to email you through the site to alert you.