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  1. that could be the start of a dominoe effect, as one species after another runs out of food, and all that's left is Soylent Green, oh, and MacDonalds. "i'll have a big mac and flies, please
  2. Do we really need MORE nuclear power plants?

    well done @Unchained@SA keep it up. the global banks will step in to bail you out, and bingo - the entire country is on the hook for BILLION of $$$$. tell the bankers to
  3. Do we really need MORE nuclear power plants?

    an excellent sentiment, i agree totally,
  4. calcifies your peneal gland too, oh what joy woof!
  5. .................... who, what, where, when, why, and with whom? for what reason?
  6. only with un-fluoridated tooth paste. Hexa Fluoride is a well known neuro-toxin, and dangerous to ingest.
  7. then we may have super bugs that nothing can destroy, they take over the world, using the Moon as a base, and then we are all turned into insect-borgs, all part of the hive mind..................... oh, hang on, erm..............
  8. ok, I have a question. Do gmo crops need pollinating?? answers, on a postcard, to..........bla bla bla Uncle Nobby, Bollocks End, Sweaty Knackers, Cripple Creek, West Yorkshire. England. Great Britain. (Now free of the EU..........................................Not) Off the coast of Europe, near Ireland. SK12 1942
  9. Do we really need MORE nuclear power plants?

    the nuke business is WAR disguised as helping the sheeples. war, what is it good for?? absolutely nothing. say it again, etc etc except keeping the lights and tv on, and boiling the kettle and.............the interwebbery of all things.. shut up now, will ya, oh, ok
  10. All the bees and pollinators die. The worlds food crops fail. People start to starve (in a world of plenty). They riot for food. Then it is shown that GMO crops need no pollinators, and really can feed the world. We are now entirely enslaved to mon-f**king-santo for ever. PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION OH, and by the way..... Happy Christmas
  11. Do we really need MORE nuclear power plants?

    you can't get weapons grade plutonium from hydro plants or wind farms..............
  12. Do we really need MORE nuclear power plants?

    yes ideedy, the Frogs are all nuke powered, and they smell of garlic too
  13. Do we really need MORE nuclear power plants?

    this ^^^^^^^^ is the reason that Maggie Thatcher removed the nuke power stations from the sale, when she privatized the British power industry - no f**ker wanted to buy shares in nuke power plants. wonder why??
  14. it does indeed make me think...... it makes me think that, if there was a creator god, he/she must have had some serious OCD regarding insects, when he/she was doing all that creating stuff.
  15. why @dazedb42 you don't think there might be another ice age on the way, do you?? Surely 100% of all the worlds "scientists" agree, it's agw, and they SHOULD know.............
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