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  1. this is Teslas stuff is it not?
  2. divisive nonsense. derogatorily divisive, driven by droids, doubtfully but definitely driven, by dross. demonstrably deviant, due diligence be damned, don't dupe the dupees. duh
  3. millions of dollars for f**k all, and no wall - wake up. the "wall" is a joke, designed to draw your attention away from more important things. like golf, and tennis. fly fishing in the Yemen. stag hunting in Scotland. OBEY
  4. getting fools to rally for their own enslavement - brilliant
  5. if any country is likely to have space based weapons flying over other countries, it's got to be the US. Live by the sword - die by the sword.
  6. Stephen Fry on Political Correctness and Clear Thinking thoughts?
  7. you, me and all the rest of us will be working for $1 an hour soon - that is a major part of the elite's plan. THEY have zero plans to bring third world countries up to the standard of living we have now. THEY DO intend to crush the working and middle classes down and down until we are all on starvation wages, barely able to pay our bills and make rent. THAT is exactly what they want.
  8. said the man sitting on a solid gold throne...............yes your Poopship, I obey
  9. if there ever was a bunch of deranged christian retards, quiet happy to destroy the entire planet, it would have to be the clowns in charge of the USA
  10. so frogs legs are off the menu then?? is that it?? "repeating numbers were used to create the Universe" according to Kek. Perhaps a digital universe?? in other words - holographic???
  11. "Cobalt has been discussed as a "salting" element to add to nuclear weapons, to produce a cobalt bomb, an extremely "dirty" weapon which would contaminate large areas with 60Co nuclear fallout, rendering them uninhabitable. In one hypothetical design, the tamper of the weapon would be made of 59Co . When the bomb exploded, the excess neutrons from the nuclear fission would irradiate the cobalt and transmute it into 60Co . No nation is known to have done any serious development of this type of weapon." from WikiWackyPedoplace.
  12. that's why they invented politics...................... it's show business for ugly people.
  13. i think that is highly offensive to monkeys. they have feeling too ya know.
  14. Cinn, they are not my leadership, I don't recognise them in that way. and yes I can blame the US for corruption in other states, it's what they do, it's their job, and they are damn good at it too.