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  1. you don't need to read any book to feel the Universal Spirit calling to you loud and clear, just take a walk in a forest on a sunny day, sit and relax, you will feel it if your able.
  2. Roses are reddish, violets are blueish. If it wasn't for Hitler, we'd all be jewish
  3. An Inconvenient Truth for Al Gore

    "Inconvenient Al" (manbearpig) Gore and his house that uses 34 times the average home in electricity, nice one Al
  4. Breaking: Friday night STIR up! (Warning, click bait)

    gotta love ya friday nights
  5. any license that forces you to pay for something that was once free, is a hidden tax, it's not complicated, we are getting f**ked over every which way.
  6. a LICENSE for anything, is just another f**king TAX. End of.
  7. ..........or 1 geography professor, aka, a full blown retard.
  8. Did Christ's Death Do Away With The Law?

    please don't do that, but thanks
  9. Did Christ's Death Do Away With The Law?

    i drink, i smoke, i eat meat, i'm overweight, and.......... i don't give a f**k
  10. the Yid's won't be happy until they have turned the middle east to a crispy brown glass. By then it will be all over anyway.
  11. I say er, w, w, what?
  12. Auto loan default is exploding

    That doesnt happen here in canada or in britain, so maybe you were lucky.
  13. Auto loan default is exploding

    buying a brand new vehicle is like flushing your $$$ down the toilet - depreciation is HUGE. the car makers have massive inventory of unsold cars, just sitting in fields that will never be sold. They should be giving them away free with ever tank of gas you buy considering how expensive gas is, umm?
  14. the jewish lobby have already taken our free speech rights away in canada and it's been going on for a long time.
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