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  1. the simple answer to this new weapon............ run away, run away,
  2. you should ask my ex-wife, she had a suspiciously large collection of them. Maybe she was a demi-god?? or a shopaholic more like.
  3. Heavily debating a move. Anyone have any suggestions?

    keep friends and family close, stay together as much as you can and don't end up a stranger in the wrong place when the poopy all goes splat.
  4. Iran to Send Naval Forces to Gulf of Mexico

    what could possibly go wrong with this.................?
  5. back in the day, when English football houligans would go on the rampage through one european city or another, they would fight the other teams fans, but when the Germans and English were away in the same city, they would gang together and fight the locals instead. Don't f**k with The Hun.
  6. folks returning to the land is fantastic. how long big brother will allow us to do this remains to be seen. remember AGENDA 21 ??? all about getting us nasty environment destroying humans off the land and into high density urban centers??
  7. or a vaccine resistant human
  8. "is there no danger to our liberty and independence in a bank that in it's nature has so little to bind it to our country? (is there not cause) to tremble for THE PURITY OF OUR ELECTIONS in peace and for the independence of our country in war?" Andrew Jackson US President and a very very smart man.
  9. there is a clear explanation of all this - global elites have rigged the entire system to their own liking, time and time again. This is nothing new, it's ALL been done before. Central Banks working in secret with the rich and big business. It's been tried all over the world, and every time fractional reserve banking appears, the system eventually implodes because too much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ has been printed, it had diluted the $ and the pound etc by 96% over 100 years or so. turned into fake (fiat) money and loaned out around the planet, AS DEBT - WITH ALL OF US AS GUARANTORS OF THAT DEBT HENCE INFLATION, A HIDDEN TAX 1818 the US had a big grash, the same thing happend 1930's, and here we are almost 100 years later, on the verge of another monumental crash. One positive thought - it will level the playing field for everyone, except the very rich, who are already prepared and don't give a f**k about the rest of us, at all.
  10. already happened in Canada with the Alberta Tar Sands disgrace to humanity. Canada was offering all manner of nasty northern extraction, mining too, for sale to the Chinese who snapped up a lot of it. the condition was that the operation was staffed and operated by Chinese employees, and as an incentive, the employees got Canadian citizenship. talk about selling our jobs, raping the environment, and we get f**k all in return, in comparison to what they make $$$$$$$$$$ f**kin' rant arooney, I need hot tea urgently and a doob
  11. the survivors and families should get together and sue the shit out of his estate in the courts. f**k the gov and what they want to do, take it to 'em for millions $$$$$$$$$$$
  12. are you really evil ? or in fact a doctor, uummm