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  1. elite child molesters running the world - hardly news is it? this has been a well known fact for a very long time.
  2. If all the football fans rally together, they could run the muslim scum right out of the country, which would be very nice indeed.
  3. yes of course, the press had nothing to do with it at all. silly me
  4. a perfect recipe for social unrest and bingo, before you know it, martial law, 1984 a summer of riots and violence is no doubt planned foe europe as a whole.
  5. A very successful black man who took a whitey dominated game by storm, whoopin' all the elite white boys?......................... well we can't have that, so lets just drag the boy down and down, so these uppity negro's know their place, and stick to basket ball.
  6. recently there has been all kinds of stories coming out regarding Antarctica. Many top level types have been reported visiting the continent, so.......... what if, due to all the drilling and explorations going on down there, that they have disturbed "something" long buried under the ice?? maybe one of the pyramids down there has awoken and is now sending out pulses for some unknown reason?? maybe a signal from Atlantis, perhaps?? it's very weird either way.
  7. sorry mate but Canary Wharf is in Londinium, not Manchestershire
  8. if you live in northern countries like UK and Canada and plan to avoid the sun, make sure to supplement your self with plenty of Vit D3. It keeps your immune system up and running among other benefits.
  9. she is talking about renewing an existing FAC. In order to get the FAC in the first place, you still have to go an a 1 day course, fill in all kinds of forms, prove your ID. yake a safety corse, etc etc So anyone who is granted an FAC is known and identified somewhere. several years ago the canadian gov tried to get all guns registered on a data base. They expected about 20 million guns/people to register............ after trying for over a year they only had about 2 million registrations, everyone else just f**ked the gov off,
  10. 5 years in Manchester is enough to radicalize anyone. Nuclear scientist don't necessarily study bomb making, there are many many applications for nuclear materials, including the medical equipment used in hospitals, just sayin'
  11. um, that looks a lot like a ladies naughty bits, and the Cern Giant has a massive............club, and a pretty large schlong to boot. So........? maybe a fertility reference ? I'm still not convinced by crop circles. Going to all that trouble to create some fantastic designs in fields of wheat... for what? if the circle makers had a serious message, why not just tell us??
  12. we are one with EVERYTHING.............electricity
  13. "A special win: Tears of joy for Jose as Manchester United are crowned Europa kings and return to the Champions League AJAX 0-2 MANCHESTER UNITED - : The index finger said it all. No 1, Jose Mourinho, seemed to be saying, and with some feeling, too. Still No 1. And while Zinedine Zidane may beg to differ, and Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus, or even Antonio Conte for that matter, what is indisputable is that, on this occasion at least, Mourinho got it all right on the night. The mood, the strategy, the selections, the plan. Mourinho said the Europa League represented Manchester United’s safest route to Europe’s biggest tournament next season, and he was vindicated here in Stockholm." here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4539134/Manchester-United-news-Red-Devils-win-Europa-League.html Well done lads, if ever a city needed a moral booster, this is it and everyone else in Manchester
  14. I have no kids of my own, but many friends do, and some of them are making their kids into soft, spoilt little brats. Still, I know others who go out of their way to get the kids out into Mother Nature, and sure enough, it shows. Keep up the good work Dude