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    very interesting post, and yes folks should be made aware of this, it's a tool to fight back, but they don't want you to know about it obviously. Bastards
  2. Welcome!

    we will give it a go, difficult to know where to start, but hey, it's a work in progress, right.
  3. Welcome!

    @Zimix99 excellent idea for a club. I've been fascinated by ancient history all my life, even started an archaeology degree years ago, but found much more info just doing my own research. Archeology as we know it, is really just a filter system that promotes the status quo, and completely disregards all the alternative evidence, of which there is mountains of, showing that the Earth, and us humans have been through a very very different history than the one tough in schools and universities. Lets hope your new club brings in some interesting posts, which only lead to mind expansion.
  4. wow, I need a new gast for my flabber
  5. 22-05-13 LEE RIGBY ATTACK 22-03-16 BRUSSELS ATTACK 22-07-16 MUNICH ATTACK 22-03-17 LONDON ATTACK 22-05-17 MANCHESTER ATTACK are there anymore 22 links??? yes, man aged 22, kills 22 on May 22.

    looks like he was spot on, shallow 6 + going of as we speak. Doom is on
  7. The It's Getting Cold Thread

    lots of good info proving the huge LIE that is AGW - brought to you by your friendly neighborhood new world order.
  8. History is a hoax.

    great read, and to the point. the people sheep will only get more and more afraid of the truth, ignoring reality, watching tv, looking at mobile phones, eating shit food. reality is just too much hard work for some people. Varmints..... is that a breath freshener?
  9. History is a hoax.

    LOL excellent
  10. Off-Topic Repository

    izn't tit gud that peeple can rite all rite, it mayks it eezzy 2 undurstend, yousually, innit' ???
  11. Off-Topic Repository

  12. Off-Topic Repository

    all LIKE less, so pacific time, heh, last folks to go to bed before Japan wakes up. Sleep tight COP sters.