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  1. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/80-376/the-truth-about-hell As we enter into this season of celebration for us as believers, we face an opportunity and a responsibility that I think is unique to the season and that is to be ready to speak the gospel to the folks that are around us who don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ. You heard from Travis the commission of Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples, baptizing them and commanding them to do all things that I have commanded you. This is our commission, this is why we are here in this world, to be ministers of reconciliation with a message of reconciliation to God that sinners might be saved. We talk about that, being saved. One of the people being baptized tonight made reference to being saved. What are we talking about? What is it we want people saved from? That is the compelling question. The answer to that question, as far as Scripture is concerned, is a simple answer. We want to see people saved from eternal punishment, punishment that never ends. Conscious existence, conscious life in a body resurrected and suited for everlasting punishment. The Bible speaks of that as occurring in a place that we know as hell. In the Old Testament, the word Sheol makes reference to that in a general way. In the New Testament, the word Hades is sometimes with reference to that. But always the word hell coming from the Greek word Gehenna speaks of what the book of Revelation calls this Lake of Fire where people are punished and tormented forever. I think we sort of comfortably distance ourselves from that reality. Certainly in general in the church it is looked over, passed by, ignored. There are those who claim to be preachers who don’t ever talk about hell, wouldn’t talk about hell, avoid it at all costs, when the truth of the matter is, it ought to be the first thing that we talk about when we talk about the gospel. This is about salvation from hell. The doctrine of hell, the truth of hell, the reality of hell has found its way into the thinking of our culture. According to the latest survey that I could find, seventy-five percent of people living in America believe in hell. They believe there’s a hell. That’s the influence of Christianity, 75 percent. Of those 75 percent, four percent believe there is any chance that they will ever go there. So we’ve gotten our point across. There is a hell. But we haven’t gotten the point across that you’re headed there already. That’s the issue. We live in a world where sin is freely exploited. Sin is so much a part of our culture that every imaginable sin is acceptable, except pedophilia, that’s the last sin left. And you watch the outrage, at least in the athletic world, if not in the Roman Catholic Church, over the sin of pedophilia. You don’t find that outrage over adultery, you don’t find that outrage over homosexuality, you don’t find that outrage over lying, cheating, stealing, etc. Murder is still unacceptable unless the person doesn’t deserve to live. The murder of a child is still an outrage. But we’re very used to sinning. And we’re very comfortable with sin and consequently society has very few consequences that it places on people for sin. So when people grow up in a world where things that once were defined as sin are no longer defined as sin, and behaviors have no consequence in the society, where, for example, when junior comes home at the age of twelve and announces to his mother that he’s a homosexual, she becomes a homosexual advocate. Absolutely no consequences to that kind of immoral behavior. There’s a warped sense of good and evil and distorted understanding of justice. We don’t know what sin is except a sin can never be what I do, it can be, however, if what I do harms someone else, that would be sin. But any act that I do in and of itself I’m free to do and there shouldn’t be any consequences at all. And the truth of the matter is then if the culture imposes no consequences and the family imposes no consequences, the society places no stigma on people for the kind of behaviors that are sinful behaviors, people get so used to sinning without consequences that when you introduce the idea that they will pay in full forever for every sin, that is just alien to their thinking. People sin without immediate consequences and to try to convince them that there are somehow down the road, decades from now if they live, deferred consequences is a hard sell. For example, you might want to try to convince someone of Romans 2 which says that you are storing up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and the revelation of the righteous judgment of God. You’re not getting away with anything, no act of fornication, no act of adultery, no sin in the mind, no sin in the behavior, no sin with the lips, no lie, no deception, no cheating, you’re not going to get away with any of it, you’re just accumulating iniquities, all of which will be confronted and judged. You’re storing up wrath. You’re going to need to have a large storehouse to contain all the wrath that’s going to break upon your head. That is a very difficult thing to convince people about who are so used to sinning. And at the same time, they’re so used to getting away with it. They’re not only used, can I say to getting away with it in the culture and in the world, but professing Christians are used to getting away with it in the so-called church. Churches are…so-called churches are very, very reluctant to confront sin, very reluctant to do the discipline that the Bible talks about doing, to teach people the consequence of sin. Parents are very reluctant to create significant consequences for the sins of their children, which may be the most important thing apart from the gospel that your child ever learns. That sin has immense and painful consequences. We need to tell people that every unforgiven sin, every sin committed by every person who rejects Jesus Christ will be justly punished by God forever in a place called hell. *You can't tell people about Salvation in Jesus Christ without talking about hell. Jesus is not saving people from loneliness or not have a purpose or any of those things. Jesus died on the cross to save us from Hell. We live in a society that would like to forget about hell. Pretend that it's not real. I know that it is and that there are so many people who are choosing to go there-either through ignorance or because Satan has duped them into believing that it can't happen to them. We preach Christ and Him crucified. This nation that we are a part of is in dire trouble with The Lord. The sexual sin alone would be reason for severe Judgment. We also have the murder of the unborn and a culture of rebellion against The Lord. The above article contains discussion about Isaiah Chapter 66 Verse 22 to 24 which I learned about from Mark Biltz just the other day. Those verses tell of the people who have been saved living in eternity with The Lord and all of them being able to SEE the people who rebelled against the Lord in the flames where their worm dieth not. In these verses, Father gives us a glimpse into eternity and how God will put before us what He does to His enemies and we will be encouraged to remain as we should through this visual understanding that God doesn't joke. He's deadly serious. From the Article: Now somebody says, “Does the sentence really fit the crime?” Well we’re thinking rationally for a minute. Well the lawgiver determines that, doesn’t he? The law giver determines that. the law that is written determines the extent of the crime and what is a fitting punishment for the crime and God has determined that the crime is heinous enough that it should be judged in this way. And that is always the hurdle that people have trouble getting over. How can a temporal sin or sins result in an eternal punishment? It seems excessive. Let me help you with that. The amount of time that a sinner sins is irrelevant. If the sinner dies at fifteen-years-old; thirty-five or a hundred and ten; the amount of time a sinner sins is irrelevant. Crimes against the infinitely holy and exalted God are infinitely wicked and the punishment fits the crime. Infinite crimes against an infinite God deserve an infinite punishment. And here’s the key. Sinners who go to hell never repent. They never repent. They continue to rebel. Every description of hell indicates to us that it is…listen carefully…it is not a remedial experience. It is not remedial justice. It is retributive justice. They remain God-haters forever so that the punishment never catches up with the sin. Understand that? It’s really important. In hell they continue to hate God. In hell they continue to curse God. In hell they continue to mock God and blaspheme God and hate Christ. So the punishment never catches up to the sin because the sinning never, ever, ever ceases. You understand that, that’s really important. People don’t go to hell and then never sin forever and just get punished forever. They go to hell and keep on sinning forever, so the punishment can never catch up with the wretchedness. That is why the Bible in Mark 3 describes this as eternal sin…as eternal sin. * I had heard that the people in Hades curse God with Blasphemies that we have never heard here on earth. I couldn't understand why they would do that. The above 3 paragraphs explain the spiritual condition of those who reject Jesus Christ. This also explains the eternal aspect of the punishment. It isn't Remedial Punishment, it is Retributive punishment. In modern America, people don't like to think about hell. It's a very offensive topic. We do no one any favors by refusing to talk about it. They may have their lifetime here on earth where they socially punish anyone who brings up the subject, but every man dies. When we go to stand before Heavenly Father-there will be no more ability to deny the nature of reality. At that point, time will be up for each one of us. We get one shot at this. Jesus Christ died on the cross so that every human could be saved. But, it is still up to us to appropriate that Salvation by Repenting of our Sins and Accepting Jesus Christ. Some people tell me not to cast my Pearls before the Swine. But, I tell them-how will God hold us blameless when we knew the truth and refused to speak so that we could be approved of by men. If we know the truth and refuse to speak about it before men do we become ASHAMED of Jesus Christ? This girl is not ASHAMED of Jesus Christ. Christianity isn't a positive, encouraging feel-good belief system. It's salvation by the roots of our hair. If we know the truth and remain silent, what will He say?
  2. https://cccdiscover.com/where-did-hell-go/ The issue is not whether or how God’s love can make our lives more fulfilled. The issue is that our sin offends God, separates us from him, and places us under his judgment. Avoiding the subject of God’s wrath or softening its severity does not make it go away. In fact, the stakes here could not be higher: if the Bible is true, those who are not trusting in Christ alone as their savior are not going to heaven—no matter how much they think they are. If we really care about the people God brings into our lives, we should be prepared to lovingly explain the Bible’s teaching on hell as God gives us the opportunity. We do non-Christians no favors by acting as though the doctrine doesn’t exist. For the sake of those we are trying to help, we have to be honest with ourselves about exactly what we’re attempting to achieve when we try to make the gospel more appealing. How we present the gospel certainly matters. The apostle Paul sets a strong example for us regarding always being as relational as possible (1 Cor. 9:19–23). He also tells us to be winsome (Col. 4:6). Still, we must consider that some well-meaning attempts to smooth over the parts of the Bible that make us uncomfortable contain, at their root, a sense of shame regarding the difficult truths of the gospel. I’m not advocating a return to fire-and-brimstone sermons or standing on street corners with threatening signs about hell and damnation. I am pleading the case that one of the most loving things we can ever do is to help people understand that they cannot create their own reality of the afterlife in their minds. Thinking something is true doesn’t make it so. People need the truth about God, themselves, and what is going to happen after they die. In short, they need the gospel.
  3. I'm Sorry for Hurting People

    Please forgive me for being Judgmental and saying that people were in league with Satan. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I belong to Jesus Christ, but I am a mentally ill girl who has a history of serious emotional abuse so I don't always see things the way other people do. I am sorry for hurting you, Cinnamon and John Galt. I will pray for Father's Forgiveness. I heard what you accused me of doing. I am talking to Father. May God help me to do better in life. I don't do very well socially. I'm sorry for being combative.
  4. I printed this out. I'm going to read this thread to Father tonight. He and I will discuss these issues and also we will discuss what Desertwolf said about Him and what Mjolnirswrath23 and Erudite One said to me over the course of the last few days. Father and I are going to talk about these things. I appreciate you not banning me earlier so that I could print the thread off.
  5. There was a guy named Manic Monday who was talking and saying things Cinnamon didn't like and she banned him. He was clearly mentally ill. That's what I'm talking about. I know how inconvenient the mentally ill are and I noted what Cinnamon did. That's what I am talking about.
  6. Well, I guess you've succesfully shamed me and put me in my place. Warning noted. The only thing you guys are mssing is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that says, "We do not discriminate against the mentally ill." Oh, yeah, actually, I've seen you discriminate against the mentally ill before. Inconvenient people. Messing up the scene.
  7. If that is truly what you think of me, then I am sure you aren't aware when others insult me. You only see when I confront them for it. In death-all men will be dragged into a belief system that they didn't want while they were on earth. Every man, woman and child that is on earth has the freedom during the time that they have breath to refuse to listen and to hate those who speak that there is Father and His Word and that we have to come to Him according to the way He has chosen, which is through His Son. There is no other way but through repentence and submission to Jesus Christ. Your Judgment given above against me is noted. I will speak to Father about it. Father has seen the things that Mjolnirswrath23 said to me the other day and He has seen what Erudite One said to me as well. Father doesn't agree that this girl should be attacked by those who hate Him-that I should be told to be quiet and not speak up for myself against what they say to me. It's not me they hate. It's Father and Lord Jesus that they hate. Bunbun knows. When I first came here, I had hope that you and Shep were as you claimed to be. That you were kind people. You put forth the idea that you are superior to the people who run GLP and that you don't function they way that they do. I have had a lot of evidence that you two aren't the way that you suggest to people that you are. It hurt me really badly when I first saw it. Lately, the two of you have been throwing out threads that are directly fear mongering meant to make people feel like taking up arms in defense of this country. I don't agree with what you are doing, yet I didn't say anything rude to you about it. I was kind to you and I haven't spoken against you and Shep-even though the thread that Shep made concerning My God and whether He knew about transgendered people might indicate that My Father isn't all knowing. Shep hurt me in that thread and Desert Wolf blashphemed my God and said that Father is "evil" like the so called Elite of this world. That is Blasphemy. Neither of you said one word to stop that. I have given you both a second chance and I forgave Shep for hurting me and God knows that he hurt me in how he talked to me. Did I say that Shep was going to hell? Of course, I didn't. I have seen you defend yourself. I do so and I am bad. What a double standard you have Cinnamon. Who speaks about Heaven and Hell, eternity and salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, Satan who is the god of this world and Father who is it's Judge and goes unscathed? No one dares to speak about these things in our society. It is unwanted and such a person will surely be socially ostracized and punished for daring to speak of it. People don't want to be reminded. The claws come out when someone reminds them of the nature of reality. It's not popular. Who warns me to be silent? Who says I am a bad person? Why are there topics that if you talk about them intently, you will be subject to social punishment. Isn't this forum dedicated to talking about the things you aren't supposed to talk about? To me, there is a conspiracy here and I talk about it. Who is behind it and who enforces these things? For what purpose are people taught to fear speaking out? Conspiracy? Yes, there is a conspiracy. How many people on earth are complicit in this conspiracy and what do they benefit from assisting the one(s) who are behind this conspiracy? Not everyone is a neurotypical and not everyone believes that the conspiracy-even though it's widely agreed on and even Christians will side with those who are enemies of God (strange things)-there are those who see it so clearly. People like me for whom it stands out in stark relief. I can't stop seeing it. I see it everywhere all day long. I have always seen it-even when I was 5. I cannot NOT see it. How do so many people refuse to see the 600 lb Gorilla in the room? Dysfunction isn't just for families. In my experience it is for all gatherings of neurotypical humans. Agreed upon social dynamics. I don't agree at all. I won't agree. It is no wonder that Father and Lord Jesus hide themselves from the face of humanity. I used to wonder why they don't show themselves freely and openly. But, the Deicide in the hearts of men-the intent of their hearts to Kill the Rightful Ruler of All Universes is so strong. The humans killed Lord Jesus once. They whipped him brutally and nailed Him to a tree. Deicide. He allowed them to do it that time, but I assure you that He will not be killed again. Father, why do You hide Yourself? Lord Jesus, why do You keep them from seeing your face? Great evil is in this place. The humans would harm Him again if they could. Steal His Inheritance. Do they murder Him in some other way? Daily, I think. That's why He is going to do what He is going to do. Why do men compact with the demonic? There is nothing to be gained by it and so much to be lost by doing it. It's so dangerous. Here is a conspiracy. Between the fallen humans and the demonic. That's why Father is going to do what He's doing. That's why He hides His face. Lord Jesus Rule and Reign. Father God, Do Justice for Yourself and Lord Jesus. Bunbun will be alright if you don't do justice for me, though I thank you for doing justice for me a month ago. Bunbun felt guilty at first, but I know you defended me. My hero, Father. You're my Hero. Do Justice Father. Your Enemies are many among the humans. They are in league with the angels who turned against you. They don't even believe in the angels who turned against you and yet, they please your enemies. They think they have something to gain. Foolish. Bunbun believes. I believed before I saw Lord Jesus. I will Witness for You, Father. I hope You will witness for me too. I can't wait until Father is Ready to show His Face. I miss being with Him every moment I'm away. Father, my Judge, Have Mercy on Whom You will Have Mercy. You're so Beautiful. This girl is going to bask in Your Sunshine. We will look at each other, Father, and we will know You and I that your enemies desired to kill You, yet they could not do it. What a story we will tell. You have Life, Father and our very breath belongs to You. Bunbun is the sheep of your pasture, Heavenly Father. The Whole Earth is Yours to do with as You Will. Save those You can, Father. Save those who will listen. We will worship You, Father and sing songs to You forever. Salvage what You can, Father. But, Lord, don't hold your servants who refuse to speak blameless. Every one of us had a voice down here. Yes, there is social pressure applied and ostracization that will be your reward for speaking up, but it's the duty of everyone who claims to be called by Your Name. For those who refuse to speak, who want to be liked of men rather than approved of by God, Lord hold them accountable. The damnation of many is on their hands. Require it of their souls, Father. We all had a choice to make down here on earth. The approval of man or the approval of God. It took me 40 years to make my decision, Father. I'm sorry it took so long. But, this girl belongs to You. Though they threaten me and banish me, still I will speak. They call me all manner of names, Lord. They accuse me of evil. They blaspheme Your Character and kill your innocent children-silently. Yet, they have the completed Bible available to them. What excuse will they have, Lord?
  8. The Church in America is just absolutely immoral. Probably they knew what would be thought. They probably did it for attention. You know what I get so sick of in the church. The "popular" thoughts that are passed around the church community. It's like an STD in the church. One preacher will come up with an idea and they pass it around and pretty soon all the pastors are speaking the same crap. That really puts a burr under my saddle when I see it. A few years ago it was about the Jezebel Spirit and then it was about Not being a Lone Wolf Christians and then it was....
  9. The Unions have bankrupted several states with their pension plans. They are not in a good situation as people turn against them for harming their states with their bought and paid for votes. Who is going to be seen as the bad guy? I bet the Union members get thrown under the bus by the Legislature leaders who got into office by buying the votes of the Union Pensioners.
  10. Satan is going to make people take his mark and they won't be able to buy or sell unless they go through his Beast money system. It is a form of worship of Satan at that point. He is going to kill the people who refuse to take the mark. This girl isn't going to take the mark if I'm still here on Earth when the Anti-Christ takes power. They might kill me, but I will die and not take the mark. I have already decided within myself that I will refuse in Jesus Name. Brother Paul says we Believers in Jesus Christ are accounted as sheep to the slaughter all day long. My life isn't here on earth. My life is with Lord Jesus and it's a better life than what I had down here. There is no point in trying to stay down here when it's going to be hell on earth. http://www.theseal-ofgod.com/ I want Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus to Seal me in my Forehead with the Seal of God. I am a servant of The Lords and becoming a Daughter of the Living God. I grieve over the sin of this world. For every sin action there is an equal and opposite Judgment Action. Balance the Books, Lord.
  11. Off-Topic Repository

    That's simple. Satan is only interested in money for it's "corrupting value". The prosperity that Middle Class America had was to insure that we would be quiet and continue working our jobs in hopes of having "The American Dream" while he undermined the values and morality of the Nation. Satan wants to see God destroy America and the UK. Now, that the middle class has been corrupted and is neck deep in sin and America is no longer a Christian Nation with Christian Values, he is drawing the Immigrants into the web. America is going to be destroyed by God. That is the Judgment of Father and it was recorded in Revelation 17 and 18 and Jeremiah 50 and 51. America is the Daughter of Babylon, the Great Whore-which is the Vatican. The "American Dream" crap was just a distraction while the Christian moral values and God Fearing part of the nation was strip mined. It's all over now, except for the Fat Lady to Sing. Do you know that most Americans think that the Bible is Boring. They don't read it because they think it is boring or a book of OFFENSIVE fairy tales. They don't read God's Plans and God's Stated Words to mankind because they don't like God's Version of how things are going to go and they don't like God's Rules and Laws because they think God's rules are too restrictive and will keep them from having their fun. So, most Americans ignore The Bible and the God of the Bible because it has become seen as "boring" and "stupid". How did that happen? Who is behind that? Think for a moment how this idea has spread from person to person and how it has become the prevailing idea of the land when 70 years ago, the Bible was enshrined as the Word of God to the People. Something changed and quickly. How did it happen? To what degree have you taken part in that? What is your level of guilt in sidelining the Word of God and disrespecting your Creator God? The Left works for Satan and the vast majority on the Right also work for Satan. Now that Judgment is falling on America and she is going to be made to drink the Cup of the Wrath of God, Satan is moving as many immigrants in as possible to make it all that much worse. This nation is Cursed because of the blood she has shed and the sexual immorality and the evil that she has done to Father and Lord Jesus and Lord Holy Spirit. Nobody made this Country do this evil and export it. The temptation to do it was put there by Satan, but this nation did it all on her own will. Oh, the Stain of Guilt. The Filthy Hands. I hope you all enjoy your day at work. We deserve what is coming to us for abandoning Creator God. Enjoy the works of your hands and the wages of your sin, America. Your wealth won't save you. You have trusted in money, but it will be stripped from you as you watch. Father, you have seen what they think and you came to me looking to see if there were any left in my generation who still Love You. You were sealing Your Servants. I am not sure that Bunbun was seen by You as a Good Servant. I didn't treat Your Word the way I should have. I am sorry, Father. Please forgive this Bunbun. Shine Forth, Father God, and burn Your Enemies before You. Make Lord Jesus' Enemies His Footstool. Place them under the feet of Your Holy Son for Judgment. Burst Forth Conquering God. Don't forebear against Evil America. She is growing more corrupt by the day and the people within her shores CURSE your name and the name of Your Son. They do violence to the poor and the needy. They steal and they connive for how they can enrich themselves at the hands of the poor. Father God, Cause the Land to Vomit them out-the filthy fornicators who desecrate the land. Father God, Execute Your Judgment and Purify what remains of Your Church. Do not restrain Father because the evil grows more insidious by the day. Make an example out of the nation who puts the Goddess Ishtar of Babylon on their shores and who enshrine the Satanic Freemasons in all the small towns. Do to Her as She has done to Others. Repay, Father. Please remember the poor, Father. Seal Your Servants, My Great God, in Our Foreheads, and Remember the Poor of the land. Make an end to evil.
  12. But, this time it will be bigger and more devastating. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
  13. Well, as doomy as this is, The Bunbun places her bet on this being overblown doom kind of like Ebola and Zika. You know they like to stimulate you to fear. But, we know what the disease is now and the docs are looking for it. It will be caught early in most cases and treated appropriately. It is obviously responding to current medications. Something unusual would have to happen like spontaneous mutation to cause this outbreak to develop the world killing plague that is so desired. My question is Why Madagascar? If God is trying to tell them something, what could it be? Maybe quit dancing with the dead or something? That's the main question. Why Madagascar? What is God saying through this outbreak of the plague. He controls all disease so this must be a message from the Lord.
  14. In that vein, Father Yahweh, Rule and Reign from on High. The Middle Class of America have tried to have whatever they could have and they ignored your rules and your laws and have lived deliciously all these 60 years. Take it out of their butts, Lord. Have Justice for the murdered and have Justice for the sexual immorality. Execute Your Will from Heaven. Speak, Father.