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  1. My husband thinks the video games are just pixels on a screen. He thinks it perfectly fine. My autistic son, however, is another story. He spends hours each day in Fallout 4 of New Vegas or Far Cry 4 or Primal. I won't allow him to have Far Cry 5. That is totally not going to happen. Still, the boy is being programmed to steal everything and kill everything and be a real barbarian. How am I supposed to get ghim to Heaven like this?
  2. BunBun

    HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fraud?

    Well, if you have HIV and the S hasn't hit the F, yet, then you get the drug cocktail and you live quite a damn while. But, the moment you can't get that drug cocktail anymore, you are going to die a horrific, slow, agonizing death. True that.
  3. Satan can't be eberywhere at once and know everything like Father can. This system is for Satan to pretend he's God, but he never will be.
  4. BunBun

    Congress Wants You Dead

    Syb, you said a mouthful. I know because I have one of those autism kids. It's been hell on earth for me for 20 years. Just coming to terms with the fact that I had such a beautiful baby and now he's brain damaged is more than I can deal with. He had an 8 Apgar score when he was born. My beautiful one. I wish I could go back and not get him those shots at the health department when he was 2 months old. It's far too late now. At least he survived. A lot of people buried their children with SIDS, but I think it was the vaccines. God help us. I have begged my youngest son not to have children. I hope he listens.
  5. Demonic entities posing as "aliens". People would eat that up. But, it's still Satan and the same'ol game.
  6. BunBun

    Congress Wants You Dead

    I don't think we are more powerful in death. The Lord is powerful and He might give abilities to us after we die, but that's his choice, not ours. Bunbun just stays with Lord Jesus. I was bad last week and smoked cigarettes, but I stopped again and Lord Jesus forgave me. I hope I will be better this week. Betty Jo says that we humans are all bad, but in His Grace, he Loves us anyway. I am so grateful that God can love me even when I am unloveable. He is Amazing God. I'm not afraid of death anymore. I worry about my children, but I'm ready to go.
  7. I was given a dream by the Lord where I was in a nursing home and I went to the toilet, but instead of water, there was a foam that came down when the toilet is flushed. No water. I didn't like it very much. Still, the issue will be mute once Father turns the ocean and rivers to blood. Water conservation makes little sense when you've read the Bible and know God is going to scour the earth. But, Father and Lord Jesus and Lord Holy Spirit have the ability to fix whatever damage they allow.
  8. The number of impoverished American children is significantly higher than 13 million. Much, much higher.
  9. BunBun

    Super Drags | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

    I cancelled Netflix again. We'll see if my husband puts it on again. I hope not.
  10. BunBun

    LBGTQ - The Anti-Human Movement

    I think it was the Frankfurt School of Neo-Marxism as well. No Franklin School. I had a dream the other morning about a trans man dressed as a woman butchering my hair with scissors and rubbing himself on me. I got very angry and was extremely confrontational. The rest of the dream was fear for what that male was going to do to my family, job and life. I should have avoided him because he was trans. I shouldn't have been nice and trusted him to cut my hair. Bunbun has to learn to protect herself. Avoid gays at all costs. They are not to be trusted.
  11. I was trying to read a novel once that was written by a man with a Middle Eastern sounding name. It was about America-namely, the North and the South-after the governments of the world declared it illegal to use gasoline or petroleum products. The South refused to go along with the demand and Civil War broke out. Of course, people were living in 3rd world type circumstances in the Southern part of the US and the Northerners were being real b*st*rds to anyone who tried to immigrate North. It was really depressing, but I would like to tell you that with all this talk about stopping using fossil fuels that has been bandied about recently, I have begun to wonder if that novel wasn't prophetic. The below link is to the book that I was talking about. It's pretty depressing. https://www.amazon.com/American-War-Omar-El-Akkad/dp/0451493583
  12. BunBun

    Is this what God looks like?

    Bunbun is old school too. Daniel specifically says that Father has White Hair, though I don't think Father looks Old. Lord Jesus, we all know.
  13. Please watch the Warning to California. Yes, this is from a Christian Ministry, but it's concerning the possibility of the fracking being intentional to cause a Tsunami by causing that Hilina Slump to collapse into the ocean. This is the original video I saw yesterday concerning this. This is heavy conspiracy theory stuff. Please watch.
  14. BunBun

    Hawaii Keeps Shaking -- 5.6 EQ

    Birth Pains-getting stronger and closer together. Soon they will be coming one on top of another.

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