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  1. I believe that America is Babylon the Great of Revelations 18. I believe that we are going to be nuked as it is relayed in Revelations 18. These two documentaries talk about the evil that we are dealing with in this place. Freemasons and Jesuits.
  2. The next blow is going to come from an unexpected direction. We will not see it coming. I am sure that the Norks will have nuclear tipped warheads on container ships positioned around the US. I have no doubt that we are going to burn. This nation did it to Japan and we have bullied the whole world in order to enrich ourselves for the last 70 years. Now, it's time to pay the fiddler. The people of the world hate our guts because of our evil. They aren't blind to what we have done to keep them down while making ourselves richer than God. We should be ashamed of ourselves. There is going to be a comeuppance. There is no way to escape now. We have already done it all. This nation should repent, but the wealthy will not repent. Those who have gained so much will not repent. They think they are untouchable. But, they aren't.
  3. No girl should sexually submit to a male. It took me a long time to learn it, but I have learned it. It's important for girls to respect themselves and not give males sex. Only when a woman doesn't give in and give sex, does the male understand that he must respect her. Once a girl lies with a male, he thinks he can treat her however he feels like treating her. All of us girls have to learn this lesson. This poor girl learned it the really hard way. I hope she recovers and refuses to sleep with males. It isn't safe at all for the girls. We are going to get hurt really badly. We have a lot more to lose than the males emotionally. It's important to protect yourself. I wish I had understood that when I was young. I know it now. God be with the young because they haven't been taught correctly.
  4. Could it be that Hollyweird has overplayed their hands and that the new generation of Y is going to be more conservative. The Great Grandchildren of the Greatest Generation might rebel against Satan. God be with them, Lord. My children. Give them wisdom, Father and help them stand in Jesus Christ, Your Beautiful Son. There is not much time left. Fight back.
  5. Panama Papers Journalist Carbombed!

    Father God made Hades and the Lake of Fire for a reason. He knows the depths of evil and what it takes to contain rebellion. He will be successful and after His Holy Point is made by this 6000 years of debauchery, may no one question Him again. Holy is the Omniscient Father of All Living.
  6. Do you believe all dogs go to Heaven?

    Scottie was 16. He was a good little dog. His sister Fancy died a few years ago. He's with her now. He's a lot better off than he was yesterday and for now my mother is doing alright. I hope she continues to do alright. I love her.
  7. Well, I think that the concentration camps and gassing of the Jews and others happened. My beautiful lady, Corrie Ten Boom and her sweet sainted sister Bitsy were in concentration camps and I know that what they said is true. I am sure that what the Jewish people had to tell about the hell of their experience was also true. Satan has wanted to destroy the Jews and the Christians for so long. He's going to do it again in Israel. Only 1/3 of the Jews will survive the next Shoah.
  8. Do you believe all dogs go to Heaven?

    I agree with you. God doesn't Judge Dogs, Cats or any Animal. Just humans and angels. The animals are innocent.
  9. That's what the video I posted in my Modern Sophistication and Plasticization of people and things is evil thread yesterday. I found this book by this man, Pastor Carl Gallups, who said that what they are doing with the AI and the technology is polluting and corrupting all flesh just as what happened when the Sons of God came down unto the Daughters of Men and conceived the Nephilim-whom God destroyed. Lord Jesus told us that in the end times, it would be as it was in the Days of Noah-so we know that corruption is going on. That's why I posted the interview with Carl Gallups. This is Mark Goodwins' Podcast interview of him: http://prepperrecon.com/ First Podcast on the page. It was this week's interview. Very interesting.
  10. My mom's dog Scottie had to be put down today. I helped my mom. He was 16 and he had bladder cancer. He has been refusing to eat and he was crying out in pain today, which he wasn't doing before. I think that Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus and Lord Holy Spirit take all animals to Heaven to be with them. I am sure of it. God is so good and He created each animal with it's own personality and Spirit and I don't think Father is going to waste that wonderfulness. I think He has a place in Heaven where all dogs and cats go to be Home with The Lord. I think that God's place is a beautiful happy field where it's never hot nor cold, but always the perfect temperature. Where the sun doesn't shine, but the Sunshine is in Fact, The Glory of God risen over His Heavenly Home. I think there is Perfect Peace as the animals and people who go to Heavenly Father's Home have escaped the curse and they are no longer subject to death. God is so good and I Love Him so much. When my mother was a little girl in the 50's, people told her that animals don't go to Heaven. Someone told her that they just don't exist anymore. But, I believe that they go to Heaven and I believe that we will see them again. I don't know why anyone would tell a child that some beings no longer exist after death. That's a horrible thing to tell a child and it has tormented my mother all of these years. I have told her that I know God doesn't throw away not even one sweet spirit or soul that He has created. No creature goes on to no longer exist after death. All beings that have the breath of God in them continue to exist after death. The story might not be so wonderful for humans who have rejected Jesus Christ's Salvation through the Finished Work of the Cross. That's true. But, that doesn't apply to little Scottie. He's innocent and He's God's little angel now. I hope to be God's favorite Snooky Dookums someday. I really do. I had an Austrailian tell me that over on GLP once. Made me laugh. Where do you think God has designated as a place for all the animals to live in Heaven? I think they live in a field with an orchard of trees nearby and the softest grass ever made. I think they frollic and play and that they enjoy the Goodness of God for eternity with Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus and Lord Holy Spirit. Praise The Lord, Our God, Who has made a place for us and our loved ones. There is no better person than our Lords for whose Pleasure all things were made that were made. He is Good and He is Wonderful and He is Mighty to Save.
  11. Pacific Rim 2 Pushing Transhumanism?

    My husband and my father in law went to see that piece of crap film. I don't think my husband liked it very much. I wasn't going to go near it with a fifty foot cattleprod.
  12. My children do alright, if I can keep them from eating fast food or restaurant food. I can't afford to eat out much anyway, so we eat here at home almost all the time. I am trying to feed 4 grown ups and 6 animals on 160.00 a week. It's really tough. I love them all, so I will keep figuring out a way to feed them, but we go without meals a lot or just have cereal in place of a meal. It's the only way we can make it through. I usually can only afford one meal a day and snacks. My mother helps us some. She feeds us. I take Sam over to her house most afternoons. Sometimes, she takes us to restaurants, but Sam and I only get a cheap sandwich because I don't want her to spend much money on us. Usually she and I coordinate and I bring something we can warm up at her house or she has something planned. It's cheaper for both of us to cook for the three of us than for her to cook for herself, which she usually won't do. So, we are helping each other get along for lunch most afternoons. We just have to live very carefully. We aren't even in an expensive place to live. Here in Kansas, real estate is really cheap and stuff is mostly cheap. It's not like California or New York or those kinds of places. If people knew how cheap it is to buy a house in Kansas, they would move here. We don't have much arts or culture or that kind of thing. I suppose some people would get bored. Bunbun doesn't know. I don't have anything to do with that kind of thing anyhow. But, you can buy what is to me a mansion for 220,000.00. You won't make nearly as much money as in Cali or New York, so maybe that offsets things, but stuff is pretty cheap here. Kansas is a good place to bug out from the apocolypse.
  13. The Meaning of the Vision: We are at the 5th Blow, which is a pestilence from an foe that we didn't expect. As the scene completely vanished we turned around and this time slowly retraced our steps. As we walked THE LORD explained what I had witnessed. ''SEVEN BLOWS WILL BE GIVEN BUT TEN JUDGMENTS ARE RESERVED FOR EGYPT. SEVEN BLOWS WILL BRING DOWN THE IDOL OF AMERICA. THE FIRST TWO HAVE STUCK AND YOUR COUNTRY BLEEDS. THE FIRST WAS A BLOW THAT DROVE YOUR GOD BACKWARD, BUT IT CAME BACK A BIT. THE SECOND BLOW CUT DEEPLY INTO IT'S LOINS AND WEAKENED ITS STRONGEST POINTS. This vision was given in 1998, when the first two blows had already occurred. Blow #1 1973 Oil embargo? Blow #2 1987 crash?) THE THIRD BLOW WILL COME SHORTLY AND WILL STRIKE IT BACKWARD AND IT WILL NOT RECOVER ITS LOST GROUND. Blow #3 is about 911 and the war over seas. The real reason for the Iraqi war was because Sadaam Hussein started trading all Iraqi oil for Euros. Had the Bush administration let him get away with that, all of OPEC would have eventually decoupled from the US dollar and crashed its value. The only thing backing the US dollar is the oil exchanges, since all oil is traded for the US dollar, the world reserve currency, giving the US dollar, an artificial demand and propping up its value. This is how the US is able to print up so many dollars, without too much negative repercussions. The US dollar has not recovered since 911. Before all of this, the dollar was worth $1.20 to the Euro. Now the USD is only worth a mere .74-.68 to the Euro. It has not recovered its lost ground since. THE FOURTH BLOW WILL NOW DESTROY IT'S ABILITY TO MOVE AND EVADE This was the bankster bailouts and economic crash of 2008. It has put the FED in a bind. The FED cannot move interest rates much either way; dammed if they do, dammed if they don't situation. The world is also US dollar heavy. This is one reason the FED has moved in to prop up the market by bidding on its own auction with bonds and t-bills. They cannot move or evade. They're stuck. THE NEXT BLOW WHICH WILL BE A PESTILENCE FROM A FOE YOU DID NOT EXPECT. THAT IS THE FIFTH AND DECIDING BLOW. The 5th blow could be the mega quake that will knock out the west coast. It will be "a pestilence from a foe you did not expect".... The mega quake is not expected. It will shock and surprise everyone. From the trash, dead bodies and devastation, will come much disease and sickness to those on the west coast (pestilence). It could also at the same time be a terrorist attack. I believe terrorists are waiting to strike at the right time. The mega quake would be that vulnerble time for them to strike. This 5th blow matches perfectly with Michael Boldea's vision of The Eagles and The Serpents (below). In this vision, it tells of the wings of the eagle (the US) being bitten by snakes, then a final snake comes and bites the head of the eagle off. Michael says that in the second deadly bite, it comes from an “unexpected place”. This is most likely the mega quake. It is the same as in Bob's vision, “a pestilence from a foe you did not expect.” Now here is a bit of a give away, "It's whole body began to tremor and shake." What from unexpectation would cause tremoring and shaking? You be the judge, but it sounds to me like the mega quake. Notice in this 5th blow, the head gets pushed in. The heart of the Tech sector of the economy is in Silicon Valley, the San Jose area, less than 50 miles from San Francisco. When the mega quake hits, the tech sector crashing from the mega quake, will bring the rest of the stock market down. We will see a massive crash of the stock market and from this, (The fifth assault pushed its head down) the head of the bull representing New York, the financial capitol of the US. As it came to its feet again blood flowed from its nostrils and pink foaming from the mouth and I thought 'mad cow disease'. The mega quake will knock the US down, but the US will get back to its feet with alot of "hope" and "plans" from Washington for "recovery", but it will all be hot air. America will be economically bleeding very badly. Everything is going to be very volatile at that time. We will also see China go to war with Taiwan and a revolt within our own government arise soon after, as these two major signs are from Dumitru Duduman's invasion angellic visitation, prophecy. THAT IS THE FIFTH AND DECIDING BLOW. This could mean, the mega quake will be the event that gets the other nations “DECIDING” to get ready for war with the US and or, will be the deciding blow that has the world dump the US dollar or it could just simply mean, America starts to crash and burn from within. THE SIXTH BLOW WILL CRIPPLE YOUR IDOL AND DELIVER IT TO THE BEAST FOR DEVOURING. I have had prophetic sources who've told me that the east coast is going to get hit with tsunami, similar to the west coast. This is in preparation for China and Russia to lead a multinational invasion of the US. The sixth assault came with no waiting period It seems that the timing between the west coast mega quake and what is to come to the east coast is going to be within a very short time period, like maybe months to no more than 2 years apart. According to some prophetic accounts, the east coast is to get hit, not long, but soon after the west coast gets hit. THE SEVENTH BLOW IS THE DEATH BLOW. This is the Invasion of The US, lead by Russia, China, Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and a few other nations. Note that the N.W.O. plans are not going to come to pass. That is a diversion from what the Lord has spoken in prophecy. "YET THE EIGHTH, NINTH, AND TENTH THAT WILL STRIP, DIVIDE, AND DEVOUR WILL BE THE NOURISHMENT NEEDED TO EMPOWER THE BEAST FOR THE SHORT TIME HE HAS LEFT." This will be the spoils of war going to the invading nations. The US will be stripped of all its wealth. Note, strip, divide and devour are not descriptions of a slow crash, but of a sudden war! At this point we stopped and HE faced me and once again placed the HOOD over HIS HEAD. "THAT IS WHY I SENT YOU TO GOSHEN FOR I HAVE A REMNANT EVEN IN EGYPT. IN THE HEART OF BABYLON I CALLED TO THEM AND THOSE WHO KNOW MY VOICE HEARD AND CAME OUT. BUT IN EGYPT THEY ARE IN BONDAGE AND I SEND MY SERVANTS TO THEM TILL THE INDIGNATION IS PASSED AND THE PLAGUES HAVE FALLEN UPON THOSE WHO HAVE HARDENED THEIR HEARTS."
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