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    That's simple. Satan is only interested in money for it's "corrupting value". The prosperity that Middle Class America had was to insure that we would be quiet and continue working our jobs in hopes of having "The American Dream" while he undermined the values and morality of the Nation. Satan wants to see God destroy America and the UK. Now, that the middle class has been corrupted and is neck deep in sin and America is no longer a Christian Nation with Christian Values, he is drawing the Immigrants into the web. America is going to be destroyed by God. That is the Judgment of Father and it was recorded in Revelation 17 and 18 and Jeremiah 50 and 51. America is the Daughter of Babylon, the Great Whore-which is the Vatican. The "American Dream" crap was just a distraction while the Christian moral values and God Fearing part of the nation was strip mined. It's all over now, except for the Fat Lady to Sing. Do you know that most Americans think that the Bible is Boring. They don't read it because they think it is boring or a book of OFFENSIVE fairy tales. They don't read God's Plans and God's Stated Words to mankind because they don't like God's Version of how things are going to go and they don't like God's Rules and Laws because they think God's rules are too restrictive and will keep them from having their fun. So, most Americans ignore The Bible and the God of the Bible because it has become seen as "boring" and "stupid". How did that happen? Who is behind that? Think for a moment how this idea has spread from person to person and how it has become the prevailing idea of the land when 70 years ago, the Bible was enshrined as the Word of God to the People. Something changed and quickly. How did it happen? To what degree have you taken part in that? What is your level of guilt in sidelining the Word of God and disrespecting your Creator God? The Left works for Satan and the vast majority on the Right also work for Satan. Now that Judgment is falling on America and she is going to be made to drink the Cup of the Wrath of God, Satan is moving as many immigrants in as possible to make it all that much worse. This nation is Cursed because of the blood she has shed and the sexual immorality and the evil that she has done to Father and Lord Jesus and Lord Holy Spirit. Nobody made this Country do this evil and export it. The temptation to do it was put there by Satan, but this nation did it all on her own will. Oh, the Stain of Guilt. The Filthy Hands. I hope you all enjoy your day at work. We deserve what is coming to us for abandoning Creator God. Enjoy the works of your hands and the wages of your sin, America. Your wealth won't save you. You have trusted in money, but it will be stripped from you as you watch. Father, you have seen what they think and you came to me looking to see if there were any left in my generation who still Love You. You were sealing Your Servants. I am not sure that Bunbun was seen by You as a Good Servant. I didn't treat Your Word the way I should have. I am sorry, Father. Please forgive this Bunbun. Shine Forth, Father God, and burn Your Enemies before You. Make Lord Jesus' Enemies His Footstool. Place them under the feet of Your Holy Son for Judgment. Burst Forth Conquering God. Don't forebear against Evil America. She is growing more corrupt by the day and the people within her shores CURSE your name and the name of Your Son. They do violence to the poor and the needy. They steal and they connive for how they can enrich themselves at the hands of the poor. Father God, Cause the Land to Vomit them out-the filthy fornicators who desecrate the land. Father God, Execute Your Judgment and Purify what remains of Your Church. Do not restrain Father because the evil grows more insidious by the day. Make an example out of the nation who puts the Goddess Ishtar of Babylon on their shores and who enshrine the Satanic Freemasons in all the small towns. Do to Her as She has done to Others. Repay, Father. Please remember the poor, Father. Seal Your Servants, My Great God, in Our Foreheads, and Remember the Poor of the land. Make an end to evil.