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  1. I'd be one of those cheap b*star*s.... Those sprouts are coming out of my crappily grown, probably organic garden, under the trap door of my kitchen.
  2. Aaaahahahaha.... I had double "pepperoni"... That'd probably be like $530... Ugh.
  3. Well thanks, I just put the pizza I was having for right the hell down lol.
  4. This might be a little extreme and there are other ways I'm sure, but the frustration can be somewhat understood too. There are people having parties now, where they make sure someone there (or multiple people) have narcan on them in case someone overdoses. They can just revive them and live to party another day. These people have to want to get help, but they don't and they waste tax dollars as well when they get right out the hospital and go straight to their dealer. Most like this don't have jobs or at least good enough paying jobs to afford insurance. Something needs to be done.
  5. Yes, I distinctly remember this. Same date, same location.
  6. It came back up for awhile... But, now has a "glitch". The whole screen is grey, but a white "plus" sign in the middle where the video and content should be.
  7. Robot Wars Coming

    Right! I could see it on the battle field... Giant robot incoming, 6 o'clock 500 meters! *20 mins later: giant robot incoming, 6 o'clock 475 meters Ahahaha. Watch out! It's been throwing a right hook for 5 mins!
  8. That's typical =D.
  9. Yes, a giant war mongering nation that is oil thirsty should. That's much better. Mm hmm.
  10. Are you still for trump?

    Sorry sent that too soon... Whether ball Earth, flat Earth, or terrorist attacks. That should cover everyone. =)
  11. Are you still for trump?

    Not everyone said it was fake. Some people are just intelligent enough to see what's bullshit right in front of their face. Whether it's flat Earth or terrorist attacks.
  12. Right! I was gonna say. What kind of moron (even at the targeted age group) would play this and to win. Who would be like oh, I'm winning this challenge lol wth.
  13. They aren't going to as you know. They are going to bring it on more.
  14. I have a ghost in my house... It likes to misplace things. They're never found again.
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