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  1. Right! I could see it on the battle field... Giant robot incoming, 6 o'clock 500 meters! *20 mins later: giant robot incoming, 6 o'clock 475 meters Ahahaha. Watch out! It's been throwing a right hook for 5 mins!
  2. That's typical =D.
  3. Yes, a giant war mongering nation that is oil thirsty should. That's much better. Mm hmm.
  4. Sorry sent that too soon... Whether ball Earth, flat Earth, or terrorist attacks. That should cover everyone. =)
  5. Not everyone said it was fake. Some people are just intelligent enough to see what's bullshit right in front of their face. Whether it's flat Earth or terrorist attacks.
  6. Right! I was gonna say. What kind of moron (even at the targeted age group) would play this and to win. Who would be like oh, I'm winning this challenge lol wth.
  7. They aren't going to as you know. They are going to bring it on more.
  8. I have a ghost in my house... It likes to misplace things. They're never found again.
  9. The dude that made this has many others like the Republican and Democratic debates, Ted Cruz talkin about Trump, among others. I was LMAO for like 2 hrs straight.
  10. My kids school district is closed. Started out as they were closing Tues and Wed because of sickness. They extended it for the rest of the week. In the eastern time zone.
  11. Yes, definitely! Damn, thought I was crazy... Or old =D
  12. Calm down, it's just an eyeball in a hand. Nothing unnatural. http://i.imgur.com/VP9ne.gif
  13. Lol, the channel I was watching just got copyright strikes. That's embarrassing.
  14. I saw a VR commercial too. Transhumanism has been highly present