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  1. This is just brilliant by Paul Stamets. I have followed his work for a while, this is the number 1 guy on mycology. This is how to save the world, with mycelium.
  2. They will remove the building, to make room for a mosque. Statues are just the start.
  3. Smudge

    California crop rot

    Get the prisoners On the farms! problem solved.
  4. That's what they do! Move into established country's and take over. Clean out any benefits systems in place and then destroy the soul of that country. The U.K. Rests my case. Islam is a disease. So
  5. That's just it! Westernized countries have and still our passing laws that will lock you up if you say anything against his BS!
  6. Smudge


    But isn't there a way of proving he was framed? Others obviously have.
  7. Smudge


    At the end of the film they made about him when they said he was under investigation and showed others that had been set up with explicit images of children, I have to say I shuddered. Call me naive but I had no idea they were capable of such a thing. I can take most things in life on the chin but to be accused of any harm to children frightens the life out of me. I am not saying he is innocent but obviously there has been times when people are, and that's what terrifies me. How can we stay safe from this sort of hacking, would we even know if they had put pictures on to a computer? Or just find out when they arrest you. If you know please share.
  8. Smudge


    Sorry to hear of your ongoing struggle. I used to be closed minded to people's struggle with depression with an attitude of, I get depressed just get over it. Then one day I was hit with real depression. Wow, I had no idea. Psilocybin is often referenced as a party drug and used by teens. However when it was introduced to me in my 40s I did a lot of research before using it and understood the respect you have to give it. It has cleaned me of depression and an added bonus was the pain relief it offered me. I had been on prescription Meds since my early 20s but now just top up with psilocybin every couple of weeks and live pain and depression free. One of the first things I realized after using it was that the whole world should know about this. Good luck to you and I hope you find what you need to get through. sorry about the sound, it wasn't any better on YouTube.
  9. Smudge


    Depression can be a killer. Doctors love to prescribe antidepressants, but never tell you the side affects they come with. Patients become more and more reliant on this poison. Please watch this video and get the truth out there. Psilocybin has helped me, I hope people can open their minds and give it a go. If you give it a go it WILL, open your mind.
  10. That's exactly what they did. Still inbreeding though, but a better option than Camilla. What did that fool see in Camilla.
  11. The royals were sick of her. On the Friday before Diana died she said a big announcement will be given on Monday. People speculated that she was pregnant or going to marry dodey. just my opinion, but the royals couldn't allow the future kings mother to marry a Muslim or have his child. She was a big loss to the UK and the world.
  12. It should put an end to the zombies walking around on Meds.
  13. Smudge

    Anyone else having pet issues today?

    Agreed, Monty was captive bred and yes super intelligent and an amazing talker. He adapted well in his new home but sill hates woman. Hope you have many great years with her.

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