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  1. Real Or Fake News about The Stone Featuring Donald Trump
  2. WHAT DO Bonnybridge, a town outside Edinburgh and Roswell, a town in New Mexico have in common? Think men in black, flashing white lights and little green men. Roswell is home to the most well known alien event ever and its devotees claim Bonnybridge is the world's number one UFO hotspot. Bonnybridge is in the "Falkirk Triangle", an area from Stirling to Fife and the fringes of Edinburgh that is the scene of numerous UFO sightings. It averages about 300 sightings a year and of the population’s 5,500 people 2,000 of them claim to have seen something unexpected in the night skies. It all started 1992 when James Walker saw a sparkling star-shaped object hovering above the road. He drove away very fast and since then it’s not stopped.Falkirk Councillor Billy Buchanan brought the story into the national arena, by holding a public meeting to discuss the number of people who were visiting his surgery (political that is, not medical) to complain about things in the night-sky. The public meeting held in 1993 considered the following possibilities: Bonnybridge was a "thin place" where this world is very close to another dimension or world. (a theory put forward by a UFO lecturer Malcolm Robinson) "Zal-us" and the "Council of Nine" had an important message to give the world, and their chosen route was through Falkirk Town Council. The Ministry of Defence was testing a top-secret weapon. Alcohol might be playing an important role in the sightings. There really was something outlandish going on. There really was money to be made by pretending there was something outlandish going on. Councillor Buchanan has made it his life's work to find out what is in the sky above his hometown. He has begged the MoD to visit and track the phenomena. He has written to Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair. He has logged every sighting and compiled every photo ever taken. Meanwhile he is engaged in a precarious balancing act as he tries to remain logical, while taking into account the stories he has heard, and the potential for his town as it gains worldwide recognition. "How do we know aliens aren’t walking about?" he asks. "How do you define an alien anyway? And when people say to me why Bonnybridge? I say, Why Bethlehem? See: On The Way to Emmaus Again I have no doubt that Bonnybridge is part of something exciting." Cynicism aside, there have been some pretty strange things happening in Bonnybridge. In October 1994 three cleaners on their way to work said they saw five UFOs. When they got to work they told their manager what had happened. To his surprise a number of employees then came forward to confirm that they too had seen flashing lights and strange orange orbs glowing in the vicinity for the past week. Then there's the strange case of Bob Taylor, a forestry worker whose brush with outer space led to a criminal enquiry. Twenty-five years ago Mr Taylor was working at Dechmont Law, a hill near Livingston. As he walked into a large clearing he saw a circular object. Two more spheres dropped out of the larger object and started rolling towards him. At that point he lost consciousness. When he woke up twenty minutes later he felt terrible. The police, who investigated the incident, found strange marks in the ground at the crime scene. They expressed themselves "completely baffled" by the incident, which they treated as assault. That something as yet unexplained is happening in the Bonnybridge area has support from an unusual quarter. Nick Pope, who ran the UFO desk at the MoD between 1991 and 1994, told The Scotsman that it couldn't all be ignored. "About 95 per cent or the reports are just misidentifications. But there’s around 5 per cent which are sightings by police officers, military personnel and civil pilots, that you cannot knock down." http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/bonnybridge-ufos-1-465121 So, why is Bonnybridge the UFO hotspot of the World? If you want to learn the amazing answer, then please read: The Lia Fail - Bethel Stone. (The British Coronation Stone: its distant origin; 4,000 year history and amazing future. But where is it now? Read on, right to the end, to find out how it affects you.)
  3. Resorting to name-calling is childish behaviour that smacks of desperation. Have you considered the possibility that the use of a harness to assist in the smooth going back and forth between two points may just be done as a matter of convenience? Rather than being proof of an elaborate scam to dupe all of us all and "hoax" the space station? In zero-g, having a harness or zip line, that runs on a rail between two or more points that you could strap into, could actually make a whole lot of sense for being able to move between points easier, and help avoid bumping into stuff all the time, if you think about it? How do you explain everything else? How do you expain the guy's free floating hat? The girl's (in the OP video) free floating necklace. Etc. But, I guess by bringing up these points, chances are high that I will just be called even more names by you, like apologist, authoritarian, doublespeaker, etc. etc. etc.
  4. If Rob Skiba would admit it then that would earn him some respect.
  5. In the quote below, you first made an assumption that you do not know to be the truth and then you proceeded to continue with further labelling - this time adding the label of "authoritarian" and joining that to the previous label of "apologist", in an attempt to reinforce your original pre-emptive labelling which failed to achieve its intended objective, because it failed to deter an opposing viewpoint from being put forward: When it is in fact you who originally took up the authoritarian position, by telling people to "be wary of apologists". So, anyone who disagrees with or doubts YOUR authoritarian position of the videos being faked and the earth being flat, will therefore automatically falls under your label of being an "apologist" and someone to "be wary of". Classic FE-speak and FE-tactics.
  6. In the first video you can see her necklace floating around the whole time. Then, the guy's pinky can be seen hooking to the top of his co workers pocket which helps to stabilise him. Remember Bush? Pre-emptive labelling of doubters (in this case, by referring to them as "apologists") is a well known tactic used also by oppressive governments in their attempts to silence and deter opponents from speaking up. I see that as being more of a red flag, than anything that was seen in the video.
  7. Richard and Saladin

    Richard and Saladin (Extract - source link below) 11:72 Religious wars are one of Satan’s favourite games. After Mohammed’s enlightenment, and the spreading of his teachings, the Devil set the Christians and the Moslems against each other, in the Crusades, in an attempt; through his use of religions (his invention); to stop people from uniting themselves, and their Books, and thereby having a chance of knowing the Truth. 11:73 It is ridiculous, that Richard the Lionheart and Saladin were friends, away from the battlefield, and had great respect for one another, and yet, they led their armies against each other on the battlefield, killing each other’s soldiers (in God’s name?) (John 16:2). 11:74 There are stories about Richard being sick, and that Saladin disguised himself; pretended to be a doctor; and sneaked into the English camp, where he treated and nursed Richard back to health. So that they could try to kill each other, on the battlefield (?). In God’s name? 11:75 Another story tells where Richard and Saladin had a friendly contest, to compare their swords. Richard used his broadsword, and chopped down a tree, to demonstrate the strength of his sword. Saladin used his scimitar (sword), to cut a silk-handkerchief into two, in midair, to demonstrate the fine cutting-edge of his sword. 11:76 Why did they have this loving respect for each other? Because they were BOTH honourable, and God-fearing men, and both truly believed that they were doing God’s Will. Satan fooled them BOTH, with religions. They did not have “direct” contact with God, so it was easy for Satan (Iblis) to trick them BOTH. 11:77 Later on in history; after England had broken-away from Roman Catholicism; God helped the British to conquer most of the world, to spread the new doctrine, to try to counteract the catholic idolatry, and blasphemous brain-washing. How else could a tiny kingdom, like Great Britain, conquer most of the world? The Church of England was still wrong, but probably, at the time, it was the “lesser of the evils”. Britain then brought peace to the world, and was the world’s policeman, for many years. It also helped to bring peace to the Arab world, because the Moslems had become fanatics, in direct DISOBEDIENCE of the Koran (Sura 2:190 & 2:256 & 4:92). Fanaticism ALWAYS leads to trouble. 11:78 Another benefit, left by the British Empire, is that it made the English language into the most important, and most widely used language on Earth; in preparation for Christ’s/Prince Michael’s Second Coming; making it easier to spread the truth and enlighten a VERY dark world, through the universal use of the English language. 11:79 Jesus and Mohammed are friends, so why aren’t the Christians and the Moslems friends? 11:80 Mohammed and Abraham are friends, so why aren’t the Moslems and the Jews friends? 11:81 Jesus and Abraham, are also friends, so why doesn’t everyone stop being so stupid; read all three parts of The Book; become friends, and help each other to earn the right to go home, as ALL the Prophets have said? 11:82 In the 6th century A.D., when Mohammed Mustafa was born, Mecca was an evil place. Mohammed was driven-out of it, and fled to Medina. 11:83 Medina was not as evil as Mecca, and the people of Medina were converted, to, “doing the Will of God” - islam. 11:84 The evil people of Mecca refused to accept the Koran, and Mohammed, so Mohammed assembled an army, to attack and conquer it, but he failed, because it was not God’s Will. If it had been God’s Will, Mohammed would have easily defeated the Meccans, because God says so, in the Koran (Sura 8:65), and God’s Word is always superior, to that of His apostles, on every subject and situation. 11:85 The Meccans, at that time, made (like now) a great amount of money, from pilgrims coming to worship idols and false gods, at Mecca, and it was a very big and thriving “BUSINESS”, that they did not want to give up, because it was their major source of income. That is why they rejected Mohammed, the Koran, and the One TRUE God, because it would have ruined their very lucrative BUSINESS, and they preferred to continue to serve their god - money. 11:86 Being unable to defeat the Meccans, because it was not the Will of God (God is Invincible), some of Mohammed’s followers, being afraid, persuaded him to make a “deal” with the Meccans. The “deal” was, that they would allow Mohammed into Mecca, only IF he made Mecca into the centre of the new “religion”, so that they could continue to make lots of money, from pilgrims visiting the city, and nothing would change, except the name of the religion, and, thereby, the Meccans could continue to serve their god - money. 11:87 Previously, Mohammed had taught his followers to face Jerusalem, and God’s “Holy of Holies”, on Mt. MORIAH, which is where Abraham went, to sacrifice Isaac, and proved that he loved God, above everything on Earth, and, by doing this, became the first imam (example), to ALL of his children; showing them, what they too must also be willing to do, before they too (his children) can become “friends of God” (Sura 2:124). 11:88 Once having made the bargain, the MECCANS then wrote the Hadith, to make Mecca the new centre, and keep their “business” going. They gave their black rock the name Ka’ba, which means holy of holies, or house of God, whereas, God, Himself, says that there is only ONE place on Earth that is THE “Holy of Holies”, and that is on Mt. MORIAH, in Jerusalem, where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22:1-2), and it is referred to, in the Koran, as Abraham’s Station (Sura 2:125 & 3:97). The Meccans, in their Hadith; to further deceive the world, away from Mt. Moriah, and to Mecca; have written that Abraham took Ishmael, not Isaac, to their Ka’ba in Mecca, to sacrifice him. Whereas, God Himself says, in His Koran, that Abraham took Isaac, NOT Ishmael, to what was to become the “Holy of Holies” (Ka’ba in Arabic), Abraham’s Station, in the City of Peace - JeruSALEM (Sura 37:101, 112 - “the good news of Isaac” & Sura 37:109 - Peace- SALEM to Abraham, where the City of Peace - Jeru-SALEM was later to be built - Sura 2:126). The beginning of Peace is when you follow Abraham’s example. SALEM means PEACE. 11:89 God has only EVER given permission for ONE house to be built, for Him, on Earth, and that is over Abraham’s Station – the “Holy of Holies”, the HOLIEST place on Earth, which is where Abraham “believed ONLY God”, and proved his love for God, by offering to sacrifice his son Isaac there - Mt. MORIAH - the site of the “House of the Lord”, in Jerusalem. The word Jerusalem means “found peace”, and “a place of safety” (Sura 2:125). 11:90 All of the references in the Koran, to the “Holy of Holies” (Ka’ba), refer to Mt. MORIAH in Jerusalem, and not to Mecca, as do also the references to His City of Peace (Sura 2:126 Jeru-Salem), where the “House of God”, or Temple, was built by king Solomon (Sura 4:163), over Abraham’s Station, where he offered Isaac (not Ishmael) to God (Sura 38:45-48). 11:91 The Meccans, in order to keep the deception going, had to discredit the Bible, to stop people from reading it, so that they would never find the truth, and turn away from Mecca, back to Jerusalem, as God intended. The Meccans, in writing the Hadith and discrediting the Bible, have made it IMPOSSIBLE, for anyone reading the Hadith, to be able to understand the Koran, and God’s TRUTH. They’ve told the Moslem world that the true Bible no longer exists, which is not only a LIE (evil - from the Devil), but totally illogical too. They would have the world believe their lie, that God; Whom they claim to worship; Who is ALL-powerful; has commanded them to read the Bible (Sura 6:152-157); fulfill His COVENANT (Sura 6:152 &16:91), which is written ONLY in the Bible and nowhere else, and, even though He is ALL-powerful; has left the world without the TRUE Bible. They’d have us believe their lie, that an ALL-powerful God, has broken His word, and allowed puny man to destroy His Bible Truth*. How stupid can people be? *God guaranteed in the Koran (Sura 32:23), that the True Bible would reach you, and He commanded the reader, NOT to be in doubt about it. Sura 32:23. We did indeed aforetime give the Book (Torah) to Moses: be then NOT IN DOUBT of its (The Torah) reaching (THEE): and We made it a Guide to the Children of Israel. 11:92 The king James Authorized Version of the Bible is the second most accurate translation in the world, since 2000 A.D. when The King of kings’ Bible was completed, and which is now the most accurate. 11:93 The Hadith was written after Mohammed’s (peace be upon him) death, and it CAUSED the splitting up of Muslims, into different sects, in opposition to the meaning of the Koran, which is all about the “Gospel of Unity” (Sura 42:13-17), the keeping of God’s COVENANT (Sura 5:8 & 16:91), which is written in the Torah, in the Bible, and becoming a universal-brotherhood of believers. So the Meccans made the Teachings of God of no-effect, by the teaching of their Hadith - “Traditions of the fathers”. How blind can people be? 11:94 The Hadith has become the Talmud of the Muslims, and was condemned by God, in the Koran (Sura 43:21-23 & 43:3), which says that God has gone to all the trouble of writing the Koran, so that YOU can understand it, yourself, IF you read it and DO what it says; which is, to read the Bible (Sura 6:154-156) as well as the Koran, and to pray in PRIVATE (Sura 7:55), which is exactly what Christ said, in Matt. 6:6, whereupon, God will ANSWER YOU, and teach YOU what He wants you to do - God’s Will. IF you don’t do, what God has told you to do, if you want Him to answer you, He will NOT answer YOU. EVERY copy, and the originals, of the Talmud; Hadith and all man-made law-books, must be pulped, and re-cycled as Bibles/Korans. Then, for the first time in their existence, they’ll have done some good. 11:95 In the Koran, God has told you to go on the “Pilgrimage”, if you’re a TRUE believer, and can afford to. God says you must visit Abraham’s Station (Sura 3:97), Mt. Moriah, in Jerusalem, NOT Mecca. Abraham did NOT offer Isaac (or Ishmael) at the Ka’ba in Mecca (Gen. 22:1-2), but Moriah in Jerusalem, because God says so, in The Book He’s told YOU to read, and that’s The Bible – Sura 6:154-156. 11:96 So the Meccans deceived ALL Muslims, and prevented the uniting of the Books (Bible & Koran), and the fulfillment of Mohammed’s mission for God, which was to unite ALL the TRUE believers, into keeping God’s COVENANT (Sura 16:91), and being His demonstration-people, to the rest of the World, of how wonderful it is to live under God’s Laws, and Sovereignty, as one universal brotherhood, all facing and remembering Mt. MORIAH, as it says in the Koran and in the Bible - Sura 2:144 & 1 kings 8:29-30. 11:97 The Christians are just as bad as the Jews and Muslims, and started a religion abusing Christ’s name, and teaching the opposite of what Christ actually said. That is why God sent the Koran to Mohammed Mustafa, to bring people back to the TRUE faith and teachings, which are, to keep The COVENANT in The Torah, and DO God’s Will - islam, which is exactly what Christ actually did say, in the New Testament/Covenant. 11:98 This is reconfirmed by God in the Koran (Sura 43:61), which makes it doubly important and certain. 11:99 It is the duty of ALL believers, to free yourselves from ALL of these evil man-made teachings; unite the 3 Books of God – Old Testament, New Testament and Koran - and yourselves as One brotherhood, ALL keeping The COVENANT of God, written in The Torah (Pentateuch), in the Old Testament, and following Abraham’s example, in believing ONLY God, and loving God, more than everything on Earth, and DOING His Will. Israelite (Hebrew) = Those who DO God’s Will Christian (Greek) = Those who DO God’s Will Islamic (Arabic) = Those who DO God’s Will } “children of God.” (by adoption) 11:100 Therefore, they ALL mean EXACTLY the same, and do NOT refer to ANY organized-religion. They refer to the “children of God”, i.e. those who keep the COMMANDMENTS and also DO God’s Will. 11:101 Many of you say that you’re ALL “children of God”, but you’re NOT all “children of God”. ONLY those who keep the COMMANDMENTS, and also DO God’s Will, are “children of God”, and the rest of you are NOT, no-matter what YOU call yourselves. You are the children of whom you serve. Those who DO God’s Will are His children, and those who continue to do Satan’s will remain his children. 11:102 Billions of you “say” that you are Israelites, Christians and Moslems (Islamic), but you are NOT, because, even if you are keeping the COMMANDMENTS, you are NOT DOING God’s Will. You are just paying lip-service, to your own particular religion. 11:103 If you REALLY were “children of God”, keeping His COMMANDMENTS, COVENANT and DOING His Will, you would ALL be reading the Torah, New Testament and Koran and would be one single brotherhood, and one single world-wide nation, with NO divisions, either religious; national; political; language or colour. Your neighbour, whom you MUST love as your self, is not just the man next door, but also the man on the far side of the planet, and EVERYONE in between. All of the religions belong to Satan. All religions MUST be destroyed. 11:104 There will NEVER be peace on Earth, until ALL of the organized-religions have gone, and people keep the COMMANDMENTS; The COVENANT, and DO God’s Will, and return to DIRECT spirit-converse with their God. Source
  8. The USA is destroyed

  9. THEY are just using Islam as a cover. Islam is not the real goal - this is: On 12 January 1952, Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich was asked to give a keynote speech to the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary. The implications of the following extract are chilling for all to read (especially socialists, communists, 'radicals', politically-correct pressure-groups of all types, and Jewish pressure-groups such as the Anti-Defamation League) who would promote pro-Jewish policies and who would refute that there is a policy to use race relations to degrade society. Here is as blatant an admission as you are going to get and further evidence that the Protocols are very real and actively being updated to synchronise with current world events and the social status as it develops. However, as can be seen from the following, the Jewish Illuminati don't always get it their own way: "........This program will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israel, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all of the wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against gentiles. We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generations of white children are being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy, will become only a memory. "We will embark on an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples......." http://jahtruth.net/illumin.htm And now what do we do??? Read "The Way home or face The Fire", if you would like to find out.
  10. Can't fault them on that one. They must know about the degenerate effects it has on a society.
  11. The Bible is Flat-Earth

    This video seemed interesting and may perhaps be so for both flat earthers and non-flat earthers alike, to consider. Is the Vatican behind it?
  12. Things you can do with Vegan Bacon

    Apparently, this robot couldn't tell the difference... https://www.wired.com/2006/11/robot_identifie/
  13. A Letter to All Christians

    Attack Fear. - July 1 Learn daily the sublime lesson of trust and calm in the midst of storm. Whatever of sorrow or difficulty the day may bring, My tender command to you is still the same - Love and Laugh. Love and Laughter, not a sorrowful resignation, mark real acceptances of My Will. Leave every soul the braver and happier for having met you. For children or youth, middle or old age, for sorrow, for sin, for all you may encounter in others, this should be your attitude. Love and Laugh. Do not fear. Remember how I faced the devil in the wilderness, and how I conquered with "The Sword of The Spirit which is the word of God." You too have your quick answer for every fear that evil may present - an answer of faith and confidence in Me. Where possible say it aloud. The spoken word has power. Look on every fear, not as a weakness on your part due to illness or worry, but as a very real temptation to be attacked and over-thrown. http://jahtruth.net/yodas.htm
  14. The following quote, is from an article that appeared a while back on VT. It had amongst other things, the following to say about how Zionism has been programming the Christians, to all believe that Islam is the enemy (and also that the the Koran is an evil book) instead of Zionism. Hugo Chavez (before he died) and who was a Catholic Christian, hinted that Christians and Muslims would join forces to fight against evil together. But that of course, is something that the Zionists absolutely do NOT ever want to happen, because it could very quickly ruin their world domination plans. It only seems to make sense therefore, that they will keep on doing their absolute very best to try and avoid this possibility and keep on playing "dress-up" for acting the provocateur between both the Christians and the Muslims, until they finally get the war they want or the Christians and the Muslims finally wake up and realise how they have let themselves be played and just how much they actually have in common with each other and that they are not really enemies, but potential allies: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/08/11/why-is-israel-looking-for-imam-mahdi/
  15. A Letter to All Christians

    The Life Divine. - June 28 As you recognize My dealings with you, Eternal Life flows through your Being in all Its sanctifying, invigorating and remedial force. Eternal Life is awareness of the things of Eternity. Awareness of My Father and awareness of Me. Not merely a knowledge of Our existence, even of our God-head, but an awareness of Us in all. As you become aware of Me, all for whom you care are linked to Me, too. Yielding Me your service, you draw, by the magnetic power of Love, all your dear ones within the Divine-Life radius.
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