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  1. Momentous Events In South Africa (Rense.com World Exclusive) The New Nation Of 'Good Hope' Secedes From South Africa And Will Be Governed By The Khoisan (The Only Indigenous SA Black People), Afrikaner Whites, Eurokaner Whites And Peoples Of Mixed Colour Image of Map The First People Of South Africa Declare The New Nation Of 'Good Hope' Declaration Of Immediate Secession From South Africa Signed By Khoisan King Cornelius III Of The Khoisan Nation, The Only Indigenous People In SA Declaration Of Secession And New Geographical Boundaries Map ... Click Here Notice Sent To The South African National Government, African National Congress (ANC), African National Youth League, Economic Freedom Front, Democratic Alliance, Black First Land First And Any Affiliated Parties, Groups, Companies And Individuals Alligned With Them 'Notice To' Of Founding Of Sovereign Black, White, Colored Nation Of Good Hope - Click Here (PDF)
  2. For anyone interested in this topic, the following may be worth a listen: "Recorded in Toronto 08/12/2017 Former Canadian Minister of Defense, author and Minister of Transport, the honorable Paul Hellyer does an in-depth interview with "The HANNIBAL TV" discussing his extensive careers working in Parliament, with the Government, in the military and Politics. His thoughts on the 3 Prime Ministers of Canada he worked directly with. What has made him so passionate about the disclosure subject, why he is convinced the US Government knows more about UFO's and alien beings then they let on to the public, why he believes there is Alien interest in atomic warfare, why mainstream media mostly takes the position that UFO's are a joke, his response to public criticism about his beliefs, thoughts on the Sept 11 attack in New York and much more." Werner von Braun is said to have told Carol Rosin, that firstly, the threat would be "the communists". Then, after the communists, it would become "the terrorists" (i.e. the war OF terror). Then, after "the terrorists" the new threat will be "the ETs". In this latest interview, Paul Hellyer talked about some of this and more. As it is now being reported that the Russians have basically succeeded, in wiping out the IS (or close to it). Will "they" therefore, now start moving towards the next phase, that they have been planning for decades, and try to pull off a False Flag ET attack, by staging it all over the world, which would make the events of 9/11 look small, in comparison? For all we know, it may be a very real possibility. For decades, through the media, the world has been conditioned to believe in "evil aliens", in various TV programs and movie after movie. "They" (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) didn't go to the trouble, of doing all of that, for nothing.
  3. A Letter to All Christians

    Irritability Banished. - September 23 (G.E.) Consciousness of My Presence imparts permanence and strength to all you do. My Spirit, permeating every part of your Being, drives out all selfish irritability, while fortifying all the weak parts and attuning your Being to Heaven's Music. To think of Heaven as a place where you sing praises to Me is right, but the singing is with your whole being, as My pulsing Joy flows through it.
  4. Another possible explanation: the guy just didn't really actually know sign language.
  5. Hello and welcome to the newest and most unique Freedom Concept on the Internet. Your decision to print out and read this booklet will be the wisest one you will ever have made. THIS is the information that the men of the New World Order are absolutely terrified that you will discover, because contained in this free e-booklet and related free links, and other materials, are the seeds of their destruction. I guarantee that after reading this, your life and the way you look at life, will be changed forever!... --> link
  6. But, maybe that could also possibly mean something else.. but who can say? Either way, something we can know for sure, is that the real ETs will always be multiples of steps (eons) and Light years ahead, of any "tricks" that the NWO people will ever be able to come up with... like in the movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still 1951" when Gort comes out of the ship and just melts all of their weapons:
  7. At 1:21:40 onwards, Linda Moulton Howe mentions about testimony of a military surgeon, who was reported to have done an autopsy on an "alien" body that was recovered, and who then said that "this is not tissue, it was fabric"
  8. P.S. Direct link to the article (which also featured on the Truthseeker.co.uk a while back) is: https://hannahmichaels.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/the-greatest-ufo-story-ever-told/ Another thing Greer mentioned, about the "programmed life forms" - the little grey creatures - used to scare people Believe, if not mistaken, that Linda Moulton Howe testified at one of the citizen hearings, about some recovered "grey aliens" that were then found to actually be made of synthetic materials, fabric for skin, etc. In other words... not REAL ETs, but very convincing fakes (possibly robots). It therefore fits, with what Greer mentioned about "them" faking the existence of "evil-aliens" and using man-made crafts and drugs, etc. To then make people believe that they have been abducted and tortured, by the "evil space aliens". The Military Industrial Complex... hard at work? The best way to make sure they won't be able to fool you is to read and know your Bible. It is the best source of information from, and about, the real ETs.
  9. Found it interesting, especially what he said about the false-flag having "already" happened (but still is ongoing). It fits with other information and sure seems to make a lot of sense. "Them" faking it, by having created the idea in people's minds about the "evil-aliens"... as the next thing for people to fear (after "the terrorists"), and them having done it, by over decades creating staged abductions (that were done by lying men.. not ETs) and the many various man-made "ufo" sightings, etc. etc. Then, next comes Hollyweird, with countless movies like "Independence Day" and TV series like "Falling Skies" to take the Psyop further and program the populace into fearing and hating the "evil alien threat" from beyond, so that when "they" decide, they can "unite" mankind (under their one world government, bankster-run totalitarian dictatorship) to fight together against the "alien threat" just like Ronald Reagan and others have talked about at the UN. But what "they" put forth is all a lie, just like everything else they do. Truth is that the Bible actually records many instances of the actual, real encounters - with the real Angels/Extraterrestrials, as and when they happened to the Bible prophets. And, the Message from the real ETs has always been the same. There is a good article called "The Greatest UFO Story Ever Told" that talks about this, including touching on some of the things Greer mentioned (such as the fake grey so-called "aliens" that "they" have created to deceive people): https://hannahmichaels.wordpress.com/?s=greatest+ufo+story&submit=Search The real Extraterrestrials, ARE the ones that we can read about throughout The Bible. The other thing Greer mentions that makes perfect sense and is something to think about... with ALL that has happened already, with these insane people building all these weapons and then trying to shoot at the ET crafts... even so, the REAL ETs have so far not ever made a move to push back at them.. according to Greer, not even once. The article linked to above, talks about this aspect too and it reveals why.
  10. Who ARE "they?"

    There is also a lot of information about exactly who "they" are, compiled in this. It contains a lot of interesting information besides who they are, too, such as about the various methods they have used to influence and re-engineer society, in order to get people to more easily change their values and go in the direction "they" want. Lots about the various different groups and institutions formed and used for their purposes. Can definitely recommend. Long, but well worth taking the time to read through. Takes a bit of time and discipline to read through the entire book, but glad to have done it. The author connects quite a few of the dots... According to the author's research, "they" pretty much, as it seems, for the most part like to hide in plain sight.
  11. And therefore, as a result of doing that instead of learning to be good, as we have been repeatedly warned and told, through all of the Prophets, over thousands of years, we will also end up being severely punished, with them.. unless we repent and do as we have been told: Enoch 22:12 Here their souls are separated. Moreover, abundant is their suffering until The Time of The Great Judgement, The Castigation, and The Torment of those who eternally curse, whose souls (Beings) are punished and bounded there forever. 22:13 And thus has it been from the beginning of the world. Thus has there existed a separation between the souls (Beings) of those who utter complaints, and of those who watch for their destruction, to slaughter them in the Day of Sinners. 22:14 Thus has it been made for the souls of unrighteous men, and of sinners; of those who have completed crime, and associated with the disrespectful, whom they resemble. Their souls shall not be annihilated in the Day of Judgement, neither shall they arise from this place. Then I blessed God, 22:15 And said: Blessed be my Lord, the Lord of Glory and of Righteousness, Who reigns over ALL for ever and for ever.
  12. Do believe it's coming... have read things that seem to be painting a very similar picture, quite possibly, to that description. And when its time for the "new doctors" and they show up, it might be that they will probably make very many people wish, very hard, that they would have listened to the previous, comparatively very nice doctors, that were here before them, while they still had the chance to do so and follow the advice that they were given, to start returning to sanity, and choosing to begin to fix and sort things out willingly, the nice and easy way... It says, that for some/many (especially the really selfish and evil ones, who refused to try and sort themselves out and play nice and start to get better).. it says they will be severely dealt with... very severely.
  13. They will do it for as long as they think they can get away with doing it. And then probably even beyond that. Dr. Strangelove.. Maybe not very far fetched.
  14. Importance of The Book of Enoch

    Its not about Chrislam, though. Both Christians and Muslims have problems. As do the Jews. This is about uniting all three, or, at least the true believers from among them (and they are the ones who will understand). Those who are ready, can and do easily see it. Those who are not, don't. Sadly, most cannot seem to grasp it, as it appears they have been too fully and thoroughly indoctrinated already and thus, seem unable to break free of what they have been wrongly taught and have invested and believed in, for their entire life. Scripture tells us, however, that the situation is actually even worse than this. Because, it says that most will actually choose, by themselves, not to want to see or know the truth, when it comes to them. The excuse used, will be whatever reason their ego "self" (Satan really) comes up with and gives them to believe instead, if they choose to believe it. It (the Ego) does this by whispering it to the person in their own head. They think it is their "own" voice and thinking that they are hearing inside their head, when it is actually not them (saying things, perhaps like: it can't be! it would require way too many changes!, or, I can't accept that! it will mean having to admit being wrong!, or, no this can't be because it will be too hard!, or, no, it is just far too late!, etc. etc. etc.) and therefore, unless a person can learn to take control of and then override this process, by replacing it with rational thinking, by choosing to listen to and side with the Go(o)d Voice, instead of listening to and siding with the D/evil voice, they won't ever be able to allow themselves (or rather, be allowed by their "self"/Satan) to see or accept any revelations of new Truth, when it comes to them. The evil voice (the Ego) that is heard inside of people's heads, that tells them such (and also other) evil things, does it to try and prevent them from breaking free from its control, that it has over them, and is actually Satan - the Devil/Liar. This process is shown well in the movie "Revolver" by Guy Ritchie. In the movie, "Sam Gold", who talks to everyone in their heads and tells them all kinds of evil things, is Satan. This happens to everyone on earth, and is why the world is currently in such a mess, because people (including Jews, Christians and Muslims) everywhere are still listening to and siding with the D/evil's voice, on a daily basis, instead of listening to and choosing to side with the Go(o)d Voice (God's Voice - the still small Voice that speaks to us in silences) instead, on a daily basis and then believing and doing what the Good Voice (God) says, and not the d/evil one. But, there is still hope. How all this works, along with how it is possible to learn how to overcome the D/evil's voice of the Ego "self" that makes your life hell is explained, in detail in this: the ONLY self-help book that tells how it is possible to beat Satan, (which it does, by telling you exactly how and what you need to do in order to get God's help) and which is available as a free PDF)
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