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  1. We should all go back to keeping and enforcing ONLY God's Laws (also known as The Laws of Liberty) which would set everyone free and fix the world, instead of continuing to suffer under man-made rules and regulations (all of which are evil and only designed to enable rich men to enslave other men) like it is everywhere in the world today. Go to http://jahtruth.net to learn how. Tons of good and true info there. P.S. Look up and study "The Way home or face The Fire" and "The Plan against the NWO"
  2. There is a really good read about exactly this, called "Green Sustainable Economics" at: http://jahtruth.net/greeneco In my opinion, this is definitely worth the read. It outlines how the economic system would work when using the principles in God's Laws, as opposed to what we have today and are all suffering under - a selfish system built on unjust, unfair and corrupt man-made legislation. God's Laws are so much better, than man's corrupt systems. See what you think. Peace.