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  1. So it just happened again?

    Well that sounds amazing shep. I havent been looking up so much recently but I think I will take a look tonight :)
  2. Columbus killed way more than Hitler

    Hahahahaha it is!!
  3. Can You Pass The Patterns Intelligence Test?

    yayy i'm in the top 4% :D
  4. Do Not Go Pink

    And what is wrong with the colour pink!!!! everyone should have some pink ;p
  5. Russia Attacks ISIS

    Finally someone is doing something! This is the only time i've actually felt we should go in and help and what are we...the uk and usa doing....nothing.
  6. nice pics....good size moon you got there ;)
  7. OK well took some pics from here in uk. Not the greatest pics but show how it looked from here. http://imgur.com/a/HrsGM
  8. Skype Down!

    Seems they have sorted it
  9. Skype Down!

    Down for me too
  10. nooooooo a different neo ;p
  11. neo is a friend from glp poker lol
  12. yeah gave some green too :)
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