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  1. Well this explains a lot 'cause back in the 1970's we smoked pretty much daily at least three times a day for about 5 years. Nurse, could you cinch up my straight jacket a notch and how about an extra hit of thorazine today, I'm feeling particularly cheeky!
  2. The Lord works in mysterious ways and we are all his instruments. It is not for us to understand his plan nor do I think we are capable of doing so. What comes out of the mouths of evangelicals is of fleeting interest only. In my heart I know what I need to know. The heart and soul are static free, 24/7 unbiased information sources. The brain is where propaganda, distortion and bias enter the picture. I struggle constantly to turn myself over, to HAVE FAITH. For I am human. And I am weak. And my creator knows this and he still will not forsake me. How freakin' awesome is that?
  3. Didn't taxation start a revolution somewhere way back when?
  4. Surgeon says everything looks great at 2 week followup. Next visit in another 2 weeks. Back to work yesterday after 2 weeks off and I'm really glad I gave myself the extra time to heal. There was some pain and stiffness as the day wore on but feeling good this morning. Still have lifting and other restrictions for about another month but getting better all the time. Wearing pants (jeans) and a belt seems to be a big deal for me. Gotta keep everything as loose as possible.
  5. Just make sure Lorena Bobbitt isn't targeting your mojo wid the nanos.
  6. Thank you buddy and to all of you for your well wishes and input. It helps to hear real world stories. I've got my follow up this Friday and I'll let y'all know what the surgeon says. I'm hoping she says getthefugouddahere I got people with real problems waiting!
  7. I think my belly fat kept mine in check. Lost 10 lbs and one day going to work an intense band of pain between the belly button and the junk drawer. One hour to work, an hour at work and the pain kept escalating. I grabbed a mirror and saw a green and purple monster staring back. Pushed it back in, managed not to puke or pass out but wanted to do both. Drove back home and have been wearing a binder until last Monday. I've been really lucky, this has been my only medical condition. Been probably 15 years since I've seen a Doc. I'm hoping I'll be a mesh spokesman and not a face on late night ambulance chaser TV.
  8. Thank you for the well wishes! Too soon I think to weigh in on the mesh but yeah, I've heard the horror stories. I have a patient who had to endure multiple surgeries and infections having his removed. If it keeps my insides in for the rest of my life I'll be a fan 'cause I never want to have to push my smallies back into my abdominal cavity again.
  9. Shameless click bait I know. I had umbilical hernia repair with PHS mesh surgery on 2/19. Only surgery I have had that I can remember in almost 60 years on this planet. More than happy to share what I know,
  10. Software

    I've been using it a little over a year and it's just plain addictive. So cool to know how many rounds you have on hand, down to individual calibers. The dude is constantly tweaking the prog, I think I have had 4 or 5 upgrades and no charge as advertised. Totally satisfied.
  11. Software

    I searched extensively for a database for my firearms, just in case they get kidnapped. Came across yoursecondamendment.com and wow, just wow. I bought the Pro version of the gun database and also Reloader USA. I haven't gotten into the reloader program yet but the gun database rocks. Make it as simple or in depth as you want. So much info you can enter. Check it out.
  12. If you see my house burning, best to retreat to a safe distance.
  13. Not only real estate assets but remove USPS and who do we have left? UPS and Fed Ex.
  14. And so, at days end, I try to push aside the travails of my own earthly existence and say a prayer for President Trump, his loyal staff and family and friends. I ask our Heavenly Father, Jesus his son, blessed Mother Mary, archangels Gabriel and Michael (not intentionally ignoring the rest) and all my family and friends who have gone ahead to grant our President discernment, strength, wisdom, courage and protection (and to his family and loyalists) that we may all walk hand in hand back into the light. MAGA my friends.
  15. More players in the market, wherever they come from, should increase quality and bring down costs. Weak companies will fold. Jobs for Americans, personal and corporate taxes (local and federal, income and property) being paid. Money injected into the US economy, not sent overseas. And let's not forget the domestic solar industry is heavily supported by tax and rate payer money so they don't operate in a "free" market scenario to begin with.