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  1. This is an old practice which was discontinued in (I thought) was all 50 states. Thanks for the update !! You cannot put a meter outside in any of the northern states they freeze lol
  2. This only works for the few who retained a position within the company, thousands lost their jobs!! As for the attacks on meter readers, I am surprised that they would be any different than that of the mail-man, or parcel delivery person. The real danger in Smart metering is the issue with permission and control. The electric companies have no need to get your Permission to Control what, and how much you are going to be allowed to use in the present or the future. Is this what anyone would wish for when upgrading to a so-called smarter service. A service that can read your wireless data off your other devices and control when or if your light goes on or off, think about that for a second as that is the only future goal of Wireless metering. When a system is designed to control you, is it a benefit to your survival?
  3. The Electronic (Wireless) meters have more abilities than to just report your electricity or water use and should be banned. When you realize they then share/sell your data with other business's I have to wonder what the real intention of the Metering ?? Water meters and water shut-offs are not the same, water meters are always located in the home/apartment/condo etc in a centralized area. Water shut-offs are located outside and need to be dug up. This is part of the building code in all 50 states and also in Canada : )
  4. If this came from anyone else...Sally Kohn is not a woman of truth, faith, or reason why should I believe anything she writes?? Sharia Law has its purpose, place, and time. The Time has gone, Purpose has been invalidated, while the only Place for it is buried in the sand, Muslims are a different story and should not be associated with extremism. Should we put down all the Christians because they don't believe in Gay marriage, then again we don't have a Christian Brotherhood trying to slowly kill all the non-whites, do we? There is an argument here but to come from Sally Kohn is like having Gandhi reading the Satanic text's in front of a million Indian followers, not realistic.
  5. With a recent email surge from the O'leary camp of putdowns, insults, and Liberal bashing I wonder if he is still Canadian, or has the American political complex taught him to be intolerant of the very people he wishes to lead. With a Liberal background and while financially supporting Liberal candidates both monetarily and publicly is it any wonder we have some questions that need to be answered. Kevin O'Leary Just finished reading some of the emails you have written recently. While your attacks are definitely warranted I am not sure why you chose to attack like an American Liberal, talk like a Canadian Liberal, act like an entitled millennial while promoting your commitment for change, what are you realistically going to be able to change? The only change I would like to see is the one where you remain consistent in your approach, using FACTS instead of innuendo and or hearsay. We are not the republic, we are not blind nor stupid, but most of our politicians treat us like children with little respect for the facts. Why would you wish to be part of that legacy more importantly what are you going to do to change this broken system of political manipulation of our communications mediums?? Are you aware of the past year of constant Liberal Biased media attacks against the current President of the US? They did not produce any proof; just opinion's based on the American MSM's false news reports which continue to this day? NO, they pushed the Neo-liberal agenda they were told to follow, are you going to allow the media to control your policies while considering the safety of all Canadians Like PMJT has? Are you the most qualified, more-so are you committed to changing the neo-liberal agenda for globalization, if not then you are the wrong choice for any party? Time will tell but there is little chance you will be able to spin your former liberal associations and agendas to accommodate what we are now needing from our next leader, what are you able to do to change this perception? We are not looking for a Party leader, party leaders just follow the crowd, we need and will vote in a Leader, a man/woman who recognizes the value and importance of keeping our republic free from the Globalist threat that will place a million more refugee/immigrants on our lands. Almost all of which cannot speak our language, hold down a job as they have no exchangeable skills, willing to accept or accommodate the policies and culture of our Country and who are directly responsible for bringing murder, theft, rape and terrorism all across the European union. How do you plan on implementing policy change to protect all Canadian's including the Muslims who currently reside here so they do not become part of civil uprising coming if this does not change direction soon? I am not saying you or any politician are able to accomplish this but I want your answers based on solid research, not political correctness as that failed Canada decades ago, can we count on your support, as Party leader will you work for us? We as a country have become aware, and will no longer accept the status quo from any politician who does not recognize "WE" (The Canadian citizens) own this Country, not some Global Banker's who wish to tax and sell us back our own water, air, and resources after they send them out to a third world country for the almighty profit and power it creates. The world has had enough, we need change, are you the Leader who can bring in this change?
  6. Thanks for taking that "Nobody" of a thread down, what an asshole!!

    1. Cinnamon


      He went the way of that thread. :bye:

  7. The issue with any news outlet today is trying to find one that will produce the truth as is, without the projected misinformation by the Globalists left who own them. I just send in a decent reply that contradicts their mirrored story from US MSM, only to have a lesser statement accepted but the truth that can be verified excluded as it contradicts their narrative. This is not only racists segregation but completely fascist for a so-called free society we are at the mercy of the Financiers who control every outlet in Canada. " 969 Comments After spending over 30 years in the Electronic communication field I find it rather insulting that the CBC is continuing to repeat American MSM broadcasts without validating the facts. Although they reported 31million from MSM outlets, the important numbers were completely ignored, and to be frank not accounted for in the least. If you were to take just the Cell phones that tuned into the inauguration (due to two months threats of violence and death) from the safety of their work and homes, you could easily (using the lowest number, actual number over 100m, US alone) add an additional 50 million, now add the other electronic mediums and you have what is the largest population to ever watch an inauguration in US or World history. That's a fact that can be verified, will you validate it?? It is getting obvious that you are NOT going to follow the truth and do your own research, but will continue to mirror US MSM, taking no responsibility for the decades of misreporting to satisfy the political left, Globalist agenda. You are part of the Problem in Canada and the US. @Byron Linley: Wake up Byron, are you really going to try and defend the misinformed position you and others are taking? You have used projection to invalidate Trump, when it was-in-fact the Liberal left who directed, coerced, manipulated, and controlled the narrative for the MSM for his entire campaign. They own most of the outlets on the Continent, can't blame them for trying to protect their business, WRONG!! The use of lies and manipulation to sway public opinion is the cornerstone of the Globalists elite communications policy. Any 10-year-old with a laptop could verify this for you, is that too much to ask of people who wish to post to public forums?? 1 Submit Page is closed to commenting." I posted a second comment minutes later, with no problems!! This is totally irresponsible for any news outlet, if not morally, it is certainly trampling all over my rights as a Canadian citizen. What free speech, we do not have it anymore! Sad day for Canada, sadder day for the world :( http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/womens-march-washington-route-change-turnout-trump-1.3946578
  8. When you have the money or power you can win/purchase/manipulate the outcome of any prize. There is no logical manner or history that would qualify O"Bomba to have received this any other way. If this were an accurate portrait of history then Hitler would have won it at least 4 times straight. For me the day this is exposed may be the same day the NWO starts to fall, someone email Julian to get this started...
  9. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1nAJEMdqWNvJL?channel=inaug-2017# Just now 7 minutes ago, large smoke then you can here the flashbangs They blew up a car! https://www.periscope.tv/w/1OwxWnQpndMJQ
  10. You're too kind, pedophiles deserve solid material, don't waste the beer hit him with it properly, fill it with sand first : )
  11. All I have are numbers: 308, 3030, 3060, 7.62, 50, 30 anything less would just allow the virus to come back lol
  12. The speech was uplifting to those who want to see our country return, don't know if its all possible in 4 years, but we can hope. The concern I have is Obama may be heading to California to start on the secession from the US. If he lives up to his words there will be a civil war in the next few months as they try and leave with the countries resources. Drama alert !! : )
  13. lol, you are in a great mood too I see, giggles for everyone today!!