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  1. Most of these so called leaks, are not leaks, they are well planned for maximum effect. How can you not see the UN is slowly removing Military obstacles within the member states, it's as obvious as the Sun rise, but far too many ignoring these facts for their fix on CNN and other psyop media outlets. Possible, but not, solution: We should allow the separation of the two party system and divide up landmass, allow migration based on political affiliation. Within ten years Conservative minded people will be alone, well provided for and stable. Like most of our history they will also be responsible to clean up the mess left by the liberal masses who do not conform, nor wish to conform, to a neutral policy. When you think about the present Liberal push and the amount of SJW's who believe they are the only part of our race who truely understand. Would have us all on food stamps and little to no available health care as they would bankrupt the system with free loading socialist who believe they are owed privilege based on the suffering of some person who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago and needed a handout, fact is their wrong and Ben Shapiro nailed the issue very smartly in his recent address: When you realize leaks are the UN Liberal/democrat's new weapon you may begin to understand there is little we can do while we co-habitate. Give them California, let them secede. Let them be assholes to their own kind... Most recent proof: http://waynedupree.com/bloomberg-reporter-recieves-wh-leak-slamming-scaramucci-actions-after-his-cnn-interview/
  2. No, she is a man, and an angry one at that, nice collection of wigs though, lol
  3. When sea levels drop the water does not disappear, it is displaced and is commonly associated with an increase in snow fall and rain. Weather patterns confirm this and it could be our entrance into the next mini or major ice age. We are close enough to the pivot point that this is most likely the issue they are trying to hide from humanity, via political distraction, we are not ready yet...
  4. A Democratic Senator calling anyone crazy is not news, its projection, at its finest, lol
  5. Every country who did not, I repeat "did not" interfere in the French election, please form a line to the right...wing. Liberal elite rigging all UN member elections, why do we only acknowledge Russian interference? It's not rocket science...
  6. Without the air cover, 100 million rifles are meaningless. The US cannot afford the loss of 4 -5 AC's and it looks like a real scenario building to take them out, hope i'm wrong.
  7. Watch as China brings US troops to Asia (NK being in with China and Russian plans) and Putin allows them in the EAST. Then add the 880k of winter warfare clothing sent to the North in Russia and you can picture what's about to happen when the staging is complete... Just the deployment of 4 - 5 US AC's to this part of the world would leave the US almost defenceless against a Northern attack. Ask yourself why Canada sold our top secret Satellite tech to China and also their Military laser tech, is disbanding most of the Canadian Military?? Split the US military into three groups, and too far apart to be effective, then encircle and invade over the top of Canada on the west coast. Almost zero resistance, which would ensure Russian and Chinese dominance over the US, not a pretty scenario but looking more probable daily.
  8. The problem here is that the Elite Financing Cabal has been using Mind control for over a century as a weapon to control the population. This same tools are used as weapons to trigger those who are easily susceptible to suggestion. While these tools may serve a greater good (for the elite), they also serve the deep state as political and societal "control mechanisms". Psyops are one of our militaries and Intel agencies most researched weapons, as it produces the most effective control mechanisms for emotions and have almost perfected the craft. The craft of turning large populations into fear based weapons, while having the same ability to instill calm. We have seen much of this increased just in the past two years over MSM disguised as terror attacks. Terror immediately puts a fear of death among a large population in a matter of hours and can spark panic, rioting, attacks on government and citizens which develops into a urgent need to feel protected. The same is true of their ability to reverse this, its political value is obvious as there are now planned attacks during almost all national elections in UN countries, coincidence? With so much power over the population one must wonder why it takes, in most cases, a lifetime of ignorance of a person's mental restrictions, without diagnoses, then a staged event to trigger the individual to commit a crime he/she would not have considered prior to the trigger. This is an area I have some experience, and can say without doubt, that most who are triggered have always been susceptible to suggestion and especially when in a crisis. Psyops recognize this characteristic and have lists of suspected weapons (mentally challanged or unstable individuals) they can use with specific triggers and programs that easily manipulate this person's disability into a weapon, or in short, to weaponize our mentally challanged as tools for operations to control our population, without the fear of being caught. A recent example: the US elections used fear to control voting turnout, instituted by the left. Well publicised and proven to be triggered by left wing leaders who paid and indoctrinated the most unstable, trained them, then placed them strategically into organized protests. Again, well publicised, but MSM blamed this on the individual not the Trigger mechanism. Well played, or just well coordinated? Some of you may of heard of Steve Smith a former MK Ultra program participant ( http://www.thepsychopathmachine.com/ ), survivor and writer, who was picked up for hitchhiking and petty theft, but thrown into a mental facility instead of jail at 16, used as a research tool for mind control. Reading his book brings to light some of the immoral early tactics used to establish control over their target and the ease of which to turn them into weapons who cannot be traced to anyone but the individual themselves. This weapon is far too powerful to allow public disclosure but then, here we are. I know Steve, he lives in BC Canada, well away from any government, as he has lost trust in the system, go figure. He is only one of thousands that were illegally taken for testing and research, taken from the jails, streets and hospitals without permission from anyone except our Government's (US/Canada/UK MK Ultra was a joint operation). Stealing subjects with little known associates was what they were good at, well the fact is it was easy, and they believed this would never make the MSM, it did and you know the rest. Hitler, during WWII started the largest psyop research in history, using captured citizens and soldiers, trying to find the answer to population control, may have been the very first to understand that mind control works both ways. Which is why the Cia & Military spent so much money & time on this after securing the research after the war. The interesting part of the program is the use of MSM and our education system for instituting a society into classes of Liberal/conservative minded individuals who do not recognise moral barriers, ignore their sense of community, loss of identity and loss of core identity of the state or country under target. Present day - this is recognised in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, etc, where the MSM has instituted an air of fear, division but most importantly, uncertainty. This is by design, while most of you understand this is happening you must also accept the fact that the only way not be controlled by this, is to ignore MSM and most of the young Liberal minded leaders who push this fear w/o recognising they are being used as the weapons they are trying to extinguish. Ie; Merkle, Trudeau, Macron are modern versions of the outcome of long term psychological mentoring and manipulation, most likely completely unaware, and trained to follow the system. Certainly not to their countries benefit, but for that of the Finainancing cabal who control the intel, media and our education systems through debt enslavement of our governments. It's not hard to understand why the new blood in politics are all young, whether female or male both have the same ideals regardless of the Country. This is proof of the large scale coordinated effort to control all society with little allowance for Individualism among countries, which was the historical catalyst for the first populist movements, used in our past. This intentional division and fear mongering buildup across the world is not the first time this occurred, it happened just before WWI and again in WWII. The pattern is masked in history with rewrites every 30 or so years to hide the cyclic nature of the program. The issue is they have mastered the control mechanism but not our free will. As free will takes hold (made possible by the information age, Internet) once again, the populist movement will start the next war, by design. In present times psyops are used to remove critical thinking, instituted into our school programs as an educational weapon and a big part of the Psyop program to control humanity with a modern variance designed with the intention to control our young minds for the first time. The only conclusion I can come up with is is they have been planning and trying to delay this war for almost 50 years. The only difference in this cycle is the roll of the US for the benefit of Cabal's world dominance. The US is not the only country who is both fighting and contributing to this action. The Trumps of the world are there for the very reason they were in the past two wars. Hand picked to establish the correct environment for cycle change, in other words: they took too much and society must pay with their lives so we can do it again, this time will be better... In conclusion, this is not new, psychological mechanisms have been used for centuries to control our populations. If society is to break free, in my opinion, would take a World wide major event that wipes out our (Monetary, Financed based debt and belief in religion) way of live so we can start again. Most sheep will say: "it's just human nature to follow the leader". While any who are free of this enslavement tool will state, "this is because that's how you were trained to think, baaaaa, baaaaah". There is an immense amount of information available that challenges what we were taught by our parents, religion, society, MSM, and educational programming. Tough road, freedom of thought & will is the prize, in my case well worth the journey!
  9. The Democrats have a secret list that is been distributed around the world on social media accounts. It was my great pleasure to break into the group to analyse the climate and direction this was going. I can say without a doubt that some of the US's highest ranking Democrats including MSM, Justice, Intel, and elected officials. I was with them for almost 2 months before they found my account. To be a member you cannot state in any way or refute any policy or statement of the higher ranking members, its means an immediate ban. The banning process is carried out by members themselves and can be for al little as comparing a very popular female Faux Spy commentator from the UK to that of comic book villain Poison Ivy, as that was my test for the group and was banned within twenty minutes. Thankfully I have multiple accounts and can view their BS at will. I intentionally setout to test their security and the level of malicious intent by the group and its is very obvious they work with or for the Banking cartel who owns our Fed. Reserve. A recent post by Louise Mensch stated high intel officials are in the process of charging Trump with Treason and other crimes which carry a death penalty, crap psyops is more the reality, but this is the type of crap they produce to adults who do not have the means to invalidate or verify. UK Member: Louise Mensch - Verified account @LouiseMensch ‏ "Unhinged British witch" "a textbook succubus"- Russian Insider Small list of US: Reza Aslan - Verified account @rezaaslan ‏ The little beast Reza Aslan is a scholar of what, exactly? Evil! - Pamela Geller David Frum - Verified account @davidfrum ‏ Senior Editor, The Atlantic. Author, "Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic" (HarperCollins, Jan. 2018) Jake Tapper - Verified account @jaketapper ‏ CNN Anchor of @TheLeadCNN and @CNNSOTU and Chief Washington Correspondent; author of The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor.… The Hill - Verified account @thehill ‏ The Hill is the premier source for policy and political news. Follow for tweets on what's happening in Washington, breaking news and retweets of our… Andrew C Laufer, Esq @lauferlaw Blocked when "I proved he was lying to get a Liberal point across" If you wish to do some of your own investigation I suggest you find a way to follow Andrew, he is tied to all of this and most likely one of the originators of the list. Do not engage with him, he will ban you in a second for disagreeing with him, lol If he bans you you are banned automatically across the group. I lost access from my main account 20 min after correcting him, then to over 100 of their members in less than 20 seconds. This is only possible if you have a direct connection to Twitter, not possible without it, know your enemy, keep them close. Caroline O. @RVAwonk ‏ #Feminist. Behavioral Scientist. "Long-time Trump critic." Liberal in my politics & my use of snark There are hundreds members who have access to the list from many countries including Russia, Saudi Arabia, UK, US, France, Canada, Germany that are easy to track down. This is a very big story that will never make the MSM. I would put up more of the larger names but that would draw far too much attention, start following some of these people and then check into the people they follow and chat with, it will blow your socks off, as to topic and content. Just don't be foolish and think that your opinion means anything to these people, this is the Liberal extremist movement and its not open to the public opinion.

    I agree with that, he is far to political to trust, but when has he ever been seriously questioned on his validity of information. It's the manner in which he delays release that's manipulative, but his timing is very good and I love watching as he plays with the most powerful people in the world like they are candy...too funny!
  11. This is what happens when an Irishman realizes he is still a slave...

    I love this guy, he has the patience to wait till they hang themselves, then produces the proof to correct the damage, lol must have a great sense of humor lol
  13. A dream team? A Clinton base of supporters who protected her , tried to help her get elected by means that question the very role of the US Intel agencies and the FBI. When did aligning all your enemies on one side of the aisle and then giving them rifles equate to the dreams of anybody other than the Democrats. The Dems stated very clearly during the run up to the vote that they would have the New president impeached by any means necessary, and in fact set up a timeline and multiple collusion scenario's well before he even got in office. Letter of the law states that's collusion for sedition. You all read this, you watched it happen over the past year and now someone has the opinion that it was all a lie, while HRC's Dream team is now performing the closing touches to the threat they started on paper, back in early 2016, but had on emails all the way back to HRC while she was still Sec. How is this not the worst treasonous act against the US and its democracy since Lincoln or Kennedy, he may not have been shot but that's only because they are trying to destroy the US, not prolong its existence. Delegitimizing Trump leads to civil war, this is the direction they have always be going, Trump is the catalyst and anyone with a brain & reads knows this. Remember the DNC, HRC, Obama, Rice, our former AG all colluded to make this happen. Most of it archived at Wikileaks. Dream team My ass, this is the biggest piece of misinformation I've seen all month.
  14. Russia is not now or in the last 30 years a threat to the US, too much MSM BS being used as evidence of collusion, or intention. Russia is the only World power with the capabilities to enforce their perspective and the US knows it. China has been chumming up with Russia for a couple of decades and now have war games, trade agreements, military agreements, and have proven that they can be trusted by their allies for support if any of the aforementioned are threatened. Russia has the largest connecting land mass to the North pole, which will be shangri la in comparison to the south in a few decades. Putin is the first to successfully kick out the Evil moneylenders that plague the rest of humanity. The same lenders who still control the EU, the UN, Nato, and the Asian Alliance. Who is the treat, as it's surely not Russia, try the MSM, the Intel community. Almost all Governments are controlled by this same money. How can any one country be a threat when the rest are controlled by the same entity. MSM is the first place to look then the school system, you get most of your thoughts given to you by these very medium's all across their networks in every Country except those who tried to leave it, as they were murdered for wanting to be independent of the financial cartel and its excessive control mechanisms over government. If Russia and China are collaborating on a direction of self financing (which has begun, gold standard replaces the Petrodollar) and the US does not join, the world will have conflict as the sun continues to decimate the planet. and the two largest powers divide up the North, our last safe haven. The alternative is to join the three party alliance and remove the Central banks from China and the US. This would have the impact of a 2 mile long asteroid hitting the south pole as it will change the face of the planet and remove the need for war. Depopulation is going to happen naturally with climate change and the middle East, south America, Australia and most of the old equator will become a wasteland and uninhabitable. Places like Canada, Russia and Northern China will become the temperate zones, where live will have a fair chance. Whats got me somewhat irked is I got all this information from reading the articles that are reposted here, on COP. I did not have to include the 20 + Intel groups I follow, nor the 300 intel sources on social media I follow, they just validate what I read here. This has pissed me off many times as I try to find other sources only to be let down by inexperienced opinion that do not reflect the reality or accuracy of posts. We need more places like this as a resource for tying the dots together for the big picture. I may not be 100% correct in all opinions, but it's as close as most get and far more accurate than the MSM in this world. We know this, but are still blaming Russia for a Jewish cabal and its need to control the world. I give Putin props for putting up with the rest of humanity as they attacked their citizens, economy and trade while the rest of the world tried to shut them out. Might be time to recognise the importance of his achievement and not use it against him like they did Hussein, Gaddafi and others who paid the ultimate price for independence and there countries turned into ghost towns and graveyards for the sake of DEBT. Putin is the first to make this separation successfully, we should be looking to him for answers not missiles.
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