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  1. just another off topic rant

    This is the saddest post i've seen in awhile...There is no quick fix to what took decades to create. Blaming the current President is not the answer, nor is it in any way, accurate. The VA is not Trumps problem, he is the first President in decades to address the issue with the VA and the first and only to give access to the medical establishment. As for your personal experiences they were under Obama which Trump then inherited. To blame the sitting president who has kept every promise he made in this regards seems more like a frustrated angry outburst based on the past administrations disenfranchisement protocol than a story based on present reality. You must complain (and I would) however, it should be towards the assholes who allowed Clinton, then Obama, to disenfranchise the Military, cutback on the VA, political appointee's under their administration. These are the people who need to be dragged through the streets, tarred and feathered. This thread has really pissed me off, ex SF with an OTJ permanent injury I can sympathise with you Radio, but to blame Trump for the shit you experienced at the VA is not being responsible to the people who created this environment you are now subjected to. Clinton started on the clawbacks and then Obama made it a disenfranchisement tool against our veterans. Remember the bill that would have removed the guns from veterans, Trump, NO, fkn Obama. Who opened the door to allow direct hospital visits, Trump, put a bill together that would punish all the Obama and Clinton holdovers who continue to this day to work his disenfranchisement plan, yes Trump again. You have condemned the one man who is actually for our veterans, a man who cares about our military and police. Is it possible you and many others are frustrated with the ongoing assault against the President and have started to lean towards the left??? Of course it's possible, it's also obvious, so wake up tomorrow and find the bus route to the local hospital for your next checkup till the VA is overhauled. I hope you did not expect a new President, even with his numerous bills to reverse this VA mess, to be fixed over night, it's not. Take as many advantages of this new posture and learn to work within its rules and protocols, expecting a fast handout to correct the decades of abuse will take a few years and you do not need to hold out waiting, that's on you not President Trump. I have only gone to the VA once after my release, then I moved to the public health system that does not hold back service, give me depreciated products or prescriptions. It took me a few years to get used to it, but I get ten times the care from the public medical system than I ever would have under the Military one. The only reason I would use the VA is if I lost a limb or worse, this is the only service they provide that is equal to what you could expect at a public psyc ility. If you do decide to move, then move to Canada, you would get access to the medical system within 6 months for free, and lower cost prescriptions, if you're on a fixed budget then you would qualify for 2 dollar prescriptions, regardless of their cost. There are many services for pickup and dropoff and even grocery delivery (in some areas) for those who cannot travel. The only issue I see is the ability to move here, our immigration laws are pretty strict and as of this post you do not qualify and would not be accepted, the loophole would be coming as an asylum seeker and claim unfair treatment by your government, but that very same policy is now in play in Canada, by the same UN that was instrumental in the VA and military disenfranchisement protocol they are trying to enforce in all member countries. You are not alone, you are not going to get a better plan or better treatment in another country, in fact you will just be further disenfranchised. Please consider this when you rethink your position. You have the right to protest, you have the right to proper medical care (with Trump's new bill), take advantage of this in as many ways you can till you feel the pressure of the lefts disenfranchisement push against veterans subside. Won't be tomorrow but at least you are the only country under UN rule that has a chance, Trump cannot fix ours here in Canada, nor Norway, UK, France, Germany. Look at what you have compared to what we lost and you might get a handle on the anger and frustration that was your past, it's all about perspective and you are the only one who can fix that... COW
  2. They have been prepping for this for years, Trump was selected for this very purpose, win or lose this was always the UN goal. Trump has been turned...
  3. It's not that the UN is just getting in, they have always been in, they are now putting their stamp on the agenda they laid out with Obama, this is going to be an attempt to get UN soldiers on the ground and assert UN power over the US, if that happens it's all over for North America.
  4. Prediction for Iran

    There are now many indicators there is a direction to start a war posture with IRAN and not NK. 1. Why they are taking out the most advanced missile destroyers: They provide both an attack and defensive super tool and are imperative to maintain superiority. This puts the AirCraft carriers at greater risk of being hit by a missile while decreasing their offensive strength dramatically. 2. With the recent gps spoofing/electronic hack of both aircraft and Navy vessels and many Aircraft being possibly disabled or directed; it's becoming clear that the media and most military analysts are pointing to Iran as the culprit. All the while they are killing US soldiers and destroying or seriously damaging the Navy's best weapons against missile attacks on the water. Now goto post Kelly and With the recent shakeup in the WH it may be the play the elite have been trying to hide with the NK distraction. 3.Build up already in play in Racca, Iraq and now a play in Afghanistan, seems like a very large operation starting for a possible strike by the end of the year, they will have substantial forces on both sides of the Iran border. 4. The split of the US forces seems imminent, (December is coming fast) hope i'm wrong (the time frame is now getting to narrow, may be early spring) but this looks like my original prediction may be correct, if so expect counter attacks by C and R to happen within a year after the proof of so called GPS or Electronic hacking becomes the WMD that sparks the fire. This in almost every aspect is a war for the Globalists to consolidate power, JMHO. GPS Spoof or Electronic hack https://sofrep.com/46818/gps-spoofing-how-iran-tricked-us-patrol-boats-into-capture/ Supply and reenforcements arraiving in Racca Middle East map http://www.worldatlas.com/img/areamap/continent/middle_east_map.gif http://thehill.com/policy/defense/347578-us-maintains-12000-troops-in-afghanistan-report?rnd=1503452179 http://freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-caught-shipping-soldiers-syria-commercial-flight-violation-nuke-deal/ COW
  5. Antifa manual found, and here it is

    Leaked: This is the Antifa training manual, revealing it to be a militant front for communism, and to be full of racism and calls for violence. The booklet calls for racist sexist violence against white men, blaming them for all the ills of the world. It demands that borders be abolished, to allow mass migration and drive down wages. This is the classic strategy pushed by Marxists at the Frankfurt School, with intent to bring down the system. It also, ironically after a passage titled “Tolerance”, calls for control of the media to control how people think and force companies to fire those who don’t hold communist views. "snip" http://altleftwatch.org/leaked-the-antifa-manual/ Take a read, I need to take the night and sleep on this one...
  6. A destroyer is fast and fairly nimble in the water, this makes no sense...A large tanker takes miles to turn, but a destroyer is capable to move out of the way and quickly but more suprising is they would have seen the tanker coming for hours. Just a thought: Too many incidents with planes/helicopters lately also, is there a play coming from our western friend? They have had to ability to turn off and on electrical components remotely for a few years now, is this an extended practice exercise or, is it closer to home...?
  7. If we are hit with an EMP, who did it?

    Stop worrying....The amount of emp's necessary to take down the US Electrical grid is not less than 50 and no guarantee that would knock the entire grid out. This is mostly BS you read about as the EMP blast is proportional to the size of the explosion. In essence limiting itself to the area of impact. Will one take out LA, sure would, but not California, not even close. We need to start putting the CT's into proper perspective, as they are going to be used against the alt media, we are not immune to the LEFT. Now, if this did happen knowing that the entire grid cannot be taken out by a single, or even a few EMP's, you will have to look at an internal cause, as this is the only way to take out the grid across multiple states. ( the main distribution points were hardened after the power outage a few years back, and created backup routes) As some states get their power from Canada it is likely that it would need to be coordinated with Canada to be effective. That's not going happen with Justin Trudeau in office. That leaves a coordinated attack from our Western nemesis, or an elite CIA operation like 9/11, this would mean war in either scenario. So you really do not have much to worry about from an EMP, the problem would be localized to the blast area and some routes but only if the point of impact was over a main distribution node. EMP's are not that much of an issue as they are not wide enough to hurt more than a medium to large city at best. Sleep well Cinn
  8. Dem Governor Signs New Order, First Amendment In Danger After Charlottesville Violence After the violence that took place in Charlottesville, VA, the Governor of the state, Terry McAuliffe, signed an executive order on Friday. With the stroke of a pen, he has banned any and all demonstrations from taking place at Lee Monument in Richmond for the next three months. Clearly, it’s against the First Amendment. McAuliffe’s statement included the usual talking points: void of any meaning but “scary-sounding” enough to garner attention. “In spite of weeks of preparation, the city of Charlottesville was the target of an act of domestic terrorism that cost one woman her life, and had a helicopter accident lead to the deaths of two state troopers.” https://conservativedailypost.com/dem-virginia-governor-signs-new-order-first-amendment-danger/?utm_source=Push&utm_medium=OneSignal&utm_campaign=19_August-1 "One small step for Virginia, one large step backwards, for mankind" COW
  9. "Leaked screen grabs of Jason Kessler's server show that he was logged in and watching as members discussed using car attacks to "exterminate" protesters." Alt-Right Exposed — Jason Kessler, former Occupy Wall Street coordinator and confirmed leftist provocateur, ran a Discord server where white supremacists discussed armed attacks and running protesters over with vehicles. “I know NC law is on the books that driving over protesters blocking roadways isn’t an offense. This is crossover for this channel and VA law.” “Sure would be nice.” He then posted a picture of a large harvester tractor, which he called a “John Deere Protester Digester”. One member, “AltCelt(IL)” posted a picture of a large bus, running over people in a crowd. He then stated: “This will be us.” http://thefreethoughtproject.com/kessler-car-attack-screen-shots/ https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DHoRRyjUAAAXG9C.jpg This falls inline with my UN scenario, Left playing the Right to divide... COW
  10. This is more damning evidence that the Charlottesville riot was staged:
  11. Give it a few weeks to calm down, this is in UN playbook. Remember in 2014 George Soros stated in an interview. Germany: (not exact words as its from memory) "I will fund black hate groups in America and start a civil war" Present day... COW

    Too funny, now that didn't take long lol http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4804106/Fired-Bannon-says-Trump-presidency-fought-over.html?ito=social-facebook
  13. So what state are you guys from ( or country if not US)

    Canada/US/Canada now med. retired up in the hills, out in the woods, with a creek that runs by the house and a variety of animals much easier to live with than most humans.
  14. The code within the forces and the Police forces is the same, when an order is given they will follow unless it endangers their life and even then, most will follow orders. The problem for me is this is an obvious FF with the Gov. Of Virginia inviting violence (Antifa), the Mayor who (Most likely) followed orders from the Governor; which party is the Gov representing? Complicating it with conspiracy is not necessary as the facts prove the issue was planned, and orchestrated by the left. This has nothing to do with WS, it's all about the left utilizing every opportunity to disenfranchise America, this is a UN policy and don't think for a second this is anything but, the UN trying to start a civil war. Think of it a spin on the Speech laws being attacked in UN countries, this is a stepping stone...

    Notice does not apply to senior members, due National Security policy. If he was fired it would have been immediate.
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