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  1. Turkey has been killing and arming the Kurds for some time now, the only reason they are now attacking them is the new Offensive that is being built to contain the Islamic flow of fighters from Turkey and Iran by the US coalition. This will bring the US Proxy army into it but I still believe this was always the plan and mentioned so just about 4 months ago in another post here. Turkey has aligned itself with Russia and whether this pans out for them or not they are a Muslim Country and Islam will prevail, in their minds. The stage is being set but I still do not believe this will become a WW, a regional one yes, but not a WW. A lot of fear porn these past few weeks, time for a camping trip to clear the crap out of some heads. This is MSM programming at its best, don't fall for it...
  2. If you are trying to follow the ME you need to follow the ME news outlets. Check the archives this has been building for almost a decade and will result in a possible war between Pak and Ind, but in no way is this WW3, stop the fear porn. This is all about Islam and the constant barrage of assaults and aggressive takeover of communities within India's border. They have been trying for a few years publically to slow the Muslim advance. The only reason I can see for China to get involved is if Modi decides that the Muslim population has taken over control of the Government, not likely, but as there are now mostly Muslim nations surrounding India it is imperative they start making alliances that they can rely on to combat the Muslim takeover. IE: Israel, Saudi Arabia, the US and the EU If you sit back and read whats going on there and what the EU and the West have been doing, this is a war against Islam and will not become a WW in my opinion as they have stopped the migration efforts and will corral the nations who allow Muslims/Islam to grow. Whenever you read an ME news outlet story you must remember they are not bipartisan, so learn to read the truth within the lies. http://en.abna24.com
  3. Why would Any Russian bot wish to bring attention to the most obvious abuse of power that they themselves will be implicated in? We know they are panicking over U1, we know they worked with Clinton and Obama with Muller in tow. I think this is just another dramatic piece of BS to swing opinion. Russia is not stupid enough to blame themselves nor allow a bot to do so either, wake up ppl...Your being played again.
  4. Omarosa is most likely Q, but the other candidate I see is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, think for a few minutes and see how she or O both have the opportunity and motive. My pick is still O, she is the Q ueen of drama...
  5. No, you got it wrong, this is exactly where I want to be, I don't follow anyone's lead, been in charge of my destiny for most of my life, You are a funny pessimist lol
  6. If you knew the person who was most instrumental in the takedown of the election, would it not be a good idea to recuse yourself, place the person responsible for the treason in charge of an investigation that went nowhere? The perfect distraction and a great way to group all the rats in a single cell. I said this months ago this was most likely why he recused himself in the first place. None of this could happen if the left had any idea they were being investigated. Sessions may be the real hero in this and I hope ppl get the chance to realize he put his head on the chopping block so we could get some justice, that's a very admirable quality in any man. Trump may have played this out purposely as well, his background is in your face but this has been most obvious in the delivery of tweets that appear to qualify the direction of the left, is he this smart, did he actually master the "art of the Con" as suggested or am I just hoping he is a good guy...I think the US found its misogynistic hero, some bad a lot of good and a heart that reflects the will of most of the US. Great time in history for CT everywhere.
  7. This is just the tip of the iceberg, what most are not considering is the fact Military intelligence who is the only branch that does not report to any government body has been investigating the Obamas before the 2016 election. This combined with a joint effort at the IG, coordinated by President Trump worked on a comprehensive investigation into the corruption of the American executive. What you are now seeing is the first of many acts against the US. This is the year conspiracy theorist around the world become respectable. We contributed to this result with our constant barrage of fact-checking and corrections. To those who don't follow Dan Bongino I suggest you do, he has had a close relationship with the administrations of both Obama and Trump, but he likes Trump because he has also been working on this plan to correct the years of abuse from the past 4 president's. Doubt we get to put all the bushes to rest but I see at least one behind bars in the next 2 years. Be patient, this will take an entire year to come out it's just too big to release all at once. I suggest we have a huge block party the very weekend of each release...I'll bring the Scotch and humor, lol
  8. 1995 Video where Obama freely admits his father was born in Kenya making his Presidential nomination a real Constitutional issue. The rules to become president include a rule/policy that only naturalized citizens who've father was born in the US are mandatory requirements to hold the office. This is proof he was never qualified to run for President.
  9. The law enacted to prosecute employers that help with the roundup of illegal's within their walls is just another Democratic nightmare for the people who live there. The law in-itself is illegal and breaks Federal laws. There is a twitch in my neck telling me to wait on this as its just starting and the shit will be hitting the fan soon. I see a lot of Mayors, Governors and State officials going to jail soon....am I psychic no, but it has become obvious the tide has changed over the past 2 weeks and the direction is becoming very clear. We may not see another Democratic President for decades due to the largest political corruption scam ever perpetrated on the American Executive. Treason, obstruction of justice, and Sedition all tied up in a single package that will wipe out the Liberal/Democratic grip for decades. We had this scenario talked about last fall but no one could believe it could be true, that it would ever see the light of day. Well, it has, and it's going to be the biggest block party in history. This will wipe out every Democratic regulation, abuse of law, and manipulation of our culture in our lifetime. As I reside in Canada and we are decades away from this type of correction. I ask that the American military with the approval of the Senate and House declare ... on its northern neighbor and remove the UN and their puppets within our government. We are as dangerous to the American culture as ISIS and have become a hotbed of Political corruption and mass groupings of military hardened terrorists who now enjoy freedom while the generational citizens are brutally raped, murdered and tortured with no help from our police or military services. Our Government has become a Brotherhood of Muslim corruption based solely on UN programs and policies. Blame Trump, like a fool, but the fact is he has changed the tide and the country may be able to finally find peace in the next few years. He stated this 30 years ago publicly in a TV interview, he is a man of integrity and has a genuine love for this country. Unlike Obama, Clinton, and the Two bushes we know what we got...
  10. Hey my 3 exes resemble that, lol I am embarrassed at the state of our present Government, they can't seem to run a clock without making it about Islam or adding another tax. We are not long before its too late to swing back, may take a revolt. Hope I'm wrong, but it's getting more obvious daily that this PM will screw over the entire country without a moment of regret. A dangerous man, certainly not as sane as Trump and that's saying a lot...
  11. I believe this is part of the draining going on atm. They were not allowed to penetrate the FBI and government, they were placed there by our former President. I am betting this will be part the most sensational story of this century for the US, when it breaks.
  12. New O'Keefe vid up

    So to summarise, Obama, Zuckerberg, and @jack have a complete database of almost all of the citizens from most of the world which they can use to sway or corrupt any individual with threats of disclosure of private information, but they didn't break any laws???
  13. Every source I follow are now under the belief this starts today Monday, January 15, 2018, and will include a major false flag conspiracy against the Trump administration. The smart people will ignore this till the truth is made clear. It is my belief they will allow this FF to go through to collect the evidence for an indictment against the last of the holdovers still in Washington. If all pans out all the rich lifer politicians will be outed over the next month, big names some of whom have already resigned and a new direction for TG will be revealed. This appointment will change everything. All of is to protect the AIG's report which will bring many politicians and Agents under fire for corruption and treason on the highest levels. Nunes has a big part in it, evidence collected over the past 6 months proves there was direct and illegal interference within the FBI to surveil the Trump administration before and after the election. This is Treason and sedition at the highest level ever in the history of our country. However, I am not a fool there will be many who will hit me on this post but all I can say is wait as it is in motion and will play out quickly so don't jump the gun on your assassination of this post.
  14. My fear is this app will be used to force a woman to accept rape. Force a person to acknowledge their acceptance and then become a slave. This is not going to protect anyone other than the rapist who will now have proof the woman accepted the sexual assault. Apologies for being the pessimist but this stinks of misuse against the female population by professional groomers and those who understand the law protects the contract, not the woman.
  15. Too soon? https://twitter.com/FanninRyan/status/952312785009913856