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  1. This woman is just grieving, using her grief to strike out at the first thing that associates her loss with a solution. The solution, like the grief, is an overreaction to the grief. We should allow this woman to grieve, but not to attack the country due to it. There will never be a time where one or even a hundred knife attacks should deny us the right to have one, use them, and display them as collectibles or simply tableware. This, like many stories over the past 6 months is designed by the UN globalists to take away our rights to defend, this will continue even when they are beaten and in jail. As long as they have most of the money, almost all of the world's gold, they believe we are now beholden to them to comply. In the words of a few famous forefathers - Go Fk yourselves!
  2. " One person has been injured and another is in police custody after a shooting at a Florida high school, as students prepare to rally across the country to protest gun violence. Swat teams were called in to Forest High School after a shooting on Friday morning, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office. A suspect was in custody, and an injured person was being treated by medics. The sheriff's department warned citizens to stay away from the area, and told parents to pick up their children in an alternate location. State and federal officers were also responding." Full story here! https://www.yahoo.com/news/forest-high-shooting-police-respond-133700825.html
  3. This is an annual drill with Jordan, the only thing is the timing of the recent attack, was one prep? Syria reset or prep for a larger attack (not likely IMO) -Mobile and Stationary radar installations were taken out for the attack. - Chem sites were the distraction - Iran is the target, not Syria - Collaboration test to prove abilities - Intelligence mission to establish vulnerabilities and Iranian troops positions - The US already declared that Isreal took out the chem site of the so-called attack on civilians, no proof this has actually happened, but the US did report it had warned Isreal due to the evidence possibly being destroyed. (IMO disinformation from the US) -SA attack on an Iranian airbase in Syria, wiped out the entire base, personnel, and all equipment. Isreal claimed it was them and they used two missiles. Pictures proof it was a land-based attack using conventional iron and lead. Holes in buildings clearly show round penetration which could only be from conventional weapons. (Isreal again is appearing to be set up or used for the disinformation campaign.). IMO This was all in reports read over the past 5 or 6 days, so its most likely prep for Iran and to put Putin into the spotlight.JMHO
  4. C.O.W.

    DOE sends out emergency text for COOP

    That's a chem/bio attack then, really hope your wrong as that would start a major war and an even worse fate for the ones hit.
  5. C.O.W.

    DOE sends out emergency text for COOP

    If I read this correct over the past week, there is a big FF coming and will hit shortly. It's been stated it will be bigger than Florida or Vegas, hope I'm wrong. If I am its the FF that gives the ME the power to invade Iran?
  6. C.O.W.

    Odd statement from Bush re: Barbara

    But they are not snakes they are lizards and will just grow another one
  7. This site just started in the past month, so without further ado, I declare them a BOT, not sure which country but there is no way they have this intel when it's not even on the fringe of another news outlet, this makes absolutely no sense. Cannon fodder for the plebs...? Russia removed most of its assets from Syria, so to do a ground attack they would need to transport thousands of troops, equipment, and support to the Border of Syria. So where are the reports??? They would need to provide serious air support, where are these planes coming from as there are not enough in Syria to break the IDF's Missle umbrella. Then there is the ground war, where are the tanks to break through the IDF's front line, well there aren't many in Syria so they would need to be flown in, shipped in etc... There is a two-ship contingent moving away from Russia with some heavy equipment but not enough for a ground offensive so where are all these weapons going to come from, Iran? Just an opinion: Optics show the exact opposite: SA is moving in equipment, the US has stated its leaving, the UK won't stay if the US pulls out, that leaves France. I won't insult France...All illusion. IMO they are going to Iran for regime change and it's going to be a fast and furious two or three-week campaign that overwhelms them. The recent strike was a warning so that Turkey and Russia do not get any plans to join in. It also allowed the Strike group to take out radar assets in Syria to prep. This also explains why they are using the yearly exercise in Jordan as a deterrent. Isreal with the ME coalition will take out the remaining Iranian forces in Syria, and Lebanon will either surrender or be overrun. It cannot sustain a war with so many of its assets still in Syria. They already know where the tunnels are and will hit them when needed. This time I hope I am 100% correct as this will bring the peace to the ME that's been missing for centuries.
  8. Wish you had made this a joke but since you didn't you really should be corrected. Hezbollah is IRAN, let's not be coy, they are in every way now run from IRAN. Lebanon is now a Proxy state of IRAN, not in name, surely not in public life but in military control. The lost their independence over the past decade to IRAN and its only getting worse. Syria (is in the same state with Russia) was the next takeover for the Islamic state that wishes to convert the rest of the region to their form of Islam. Lebanon is already an Islamic state they just don't have the means to bring war against Isreal, none of them do, except Pakistan and India which will not move on Isreal. IMHO
  9. Trump, May, Merkel, Putin and Trudeau, they all sold high-end weapons to SA in the last year...
  10. Freudian slip...lol, she is a done as dinner and loving all the gravy. So now we know who is in her dreams, but when will we see the nightmare she is touting?
  11. IMO-This is the report Trump is waiting for before making his indictments public.
  12. C.O.W.

    why this site sucks_ Migraine cure

    Read the entire post, am somewhat disappointed at the poster and some of the responses. @trailertrash_816 - Why, when you spoke to an individual did you feel it necessary to blame the entire group for a single interaction with one person? Not realistic. I suffer from daily migraines as does my wife. The reasons are very different and required that we both sought out a different specialist who made a different diagnosis so how does offering help to an unknown source going to help anyone? You need to find the source of the migraines first as the treatment is different depending on the cause. It not fair that you blamed the group for what is obviously something you took on yourself and ran into a single source who did not pan out due to your not being properly diagnosed, that's not COPS fault, that's yours. Take the time to get this properly diagnosed as migraines are not fun and can lead to sudden death, so take it seriously, please. There was a post that did make some sense but gave many ways to alleviate a migraine but none that actually address whats causing your particular issue. That cannot be done by asking nonprofessionals to give you professional advice that may, in fact, hurt you. Common irritants that can start or exacerbate a migraine: Stress, Loud piercing noise, construction site noise from large machinery, light, Television and computer screens, WIFI (shut it down when you are not using your phone or computer), food allergies, the crystal's out of place (inner ear and usually causes some dizziness), blood flow restriction, etc. With so many causes of migraines, it is imperative that it gets a professional diagnosis before treatment or suffer a worse fate by treating a case that does not exist but creates another problem when mistreated. Migraines are not something you go to online sites for the advice you need to follow the steps, Family Dr, Referral to a specialist, MRI, Cscan, or similar, plus test. When you do this you will have your answer. To ask a person off the street for professional advice is not advocating for one's self, it's working against. To then blame that person who is not a professional for advice is not the responder's responsibility or fault it's yours. Take some personal responsibility and get it properly diagnosed first. No apologies here, but I do love how many COP contributors and site owners who came to try and lend a hand. This shows the actual commitment on this site but in no way can help with this type of problem. Your patience and commitment to help people, any people are very admirable. My question is how did it help with this particular case, did it not just validate this mans improper use of the medium to fix an issue not associated in any way to the mandate or purpose of the site? Would the advice safe him or hurt him, not one person here can answer that as not one of us know what the cause it...Let this man get the cause identified then allow a professional to give him a treatment plan.
  13. When is a knife not a knife? When its just a piece of steel, or wood, or plastic. Taking away knives is not just ineffective it's outright ridiculous. There is no small weapon that cannot be manufactured or reproduced in a garage or basement so why ban a kitchen utensil? Any stick will do when you take away the one they want, they simply choose another. So whats next, string, rope, wooden poles, metal pipes, deer antlers can be brutal, what about plastic bags, they do a number on anyone and can be had for the price of only 1 (5 cents in Canada) cent with a grocery order. You cannot legislate crime tools, they just find another then you have nothing to make dinner with. I thought the UK led the world in common sense,,, wait that was in 1970? So what changed?
  14. C.O.W.

    Pedophile Wins in Canada

    You know all the Republics are connected to the UK...Therefore the crimes will most likely be similar as they take on younger PM's they can control. As for this idiot, they know enough that this man won't be walking straight for long, he did this in a Western Province, they will fix this, quietly, while watching him .... I am not sure if this is well known but most pedophiles caught in the act (in the Eastern Provinces) are never brought to justice as they don't make it much past the weekend.