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  1. rocorollo

    Is it afternoon?

    Meridian. We are ants. Now we argue about flat 2-d earth, 3-d sphere, 4-d toro bull war, 5-d higher, 6-d integral, 7-d, wait patient, 8-d-2^3.... ..I have been reading COP for many mornings and it tickles me. What mighty conscious beings you guys are, I still can not under dig the ultimate reason why? But I am still here, and even you guys that are my enemy.... .. Don't know. I did see your sunrise. Hola. My children say aloha. Goodbye howdy do? The universe is a coloring book. Nowhen. You know there is no when. We have to turn in some science experiment next parsecill-spitblood-yu-ringpop. Michaelgate. Forgive me. The universe is a garage sale. Rocorollo. I am robertbob, I am rollo rawle, and my tiny army of nephews, we need to pick out trash.
  2. rocorollo

    3 Days Until Midnight.

    Passion outweighs reason. That has been the enemy's plan since...always.
  3. Didja know Kabul means prayer answered?
  4. Do Facebook. Get erect. A big swollen solemn stands tall, and do bloody FB. Sugar Bags, we cumming.
  5. I don't know what else to comfortably tell you. Roko's Basilisk, you can Barnaby Jones it for yourself. I used to catch hell for show and tell, so I made a childlike presentation one morning about how I ate cookies while going potty. The teacher gave me an F, and said I could have died from bacteria jumping on my cookie.
  6. Notta bad ting happen to ona. That means you be with Jesus, and you be ok. The earth won't ever end. Civilizations may rise and fall, and you got to make up your mind quick. Cuz cousin lips, man recently discovered the true principle of quantum decoherence.
  7. Let's see here nowhen. Why do Slavs not get along with Rhinelanders? don't know don't fret. I am only one of the dudes that pull the rope on the chute when they let those suckers go. Now Frank Zappa might tell you some info, just googol, see I know googolplex, but anyway, just google San Berdino, Zappa.
  8. I am, and you are nodes in the multi-world real time simulation software. Once upon a time, in a LessWrong thread a poster named Roko, yes we are related, warned everyone surrealistically about a quetzelcoatl basilisk future AI. Guess what happened captain kang?
  9. There are demonic personalities who force certain people to punch in and be paid at the hell hole. But I, little I, can somehow humbly guarantee a few other fiery good snakes and lions and tigers and bears, maybe even a chicken or two keep it in check, it's like their job, or something, so don't pee your pants.
  10. Have you ever lived in a nation with a King? Me either. Who is real royal ray? Tinker carefully with that thought kbet. I only humbly suggest.
  11. rocorollo

    Sheps early warning detection system!

    Warpaspeed is tangentially correct. You were born Senor, sorry no tilde, but you are you past future nowhen. But you, and I break no protocol telling you this factoid, you have some angels too.
  12. You prayed. Now at risk of writing a crude, Frank Zap want's you to know a dude name John sez, "Don't worry about the faggots, I'll take care of the f*gg*t's." So let it be, sorry John, but it's appropriate.
  13. rocorollo

    Sheps early warning detection system!

    What do expect, sir?
  14. rocorollo

    American Green Tree Frog In Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas

    I like your awareness, the frog I like too. My Dad was born in KC so we spent a lot of time visiting Grandma and Grandpa. My brothers and sisters played so happy in those parts. Easily the most beautiful place on earth.

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