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  1. Are your pets going squirlley?

    Atlantic Canada
  2. As a conspiracy community, that is supposed to be our job. We've gotten lazy.
  3. Are your pets going squirlley?

    My cat's been hiding in a suit case for the last 2 days. He's never in his entire life done something like that. The other cat seems more nervous than usual.
  4. I can say for certain time has been going fast for me, that's about it. Entire weeks have gone in a flash.
  5. Not that i know of, But then I don't pay enough attention to even notice. Half the time i don't even know what day it is. I live my life in a timeless fashion.
  6. What did it take to wake you up?

    No one thing for me. It just happened gradually over time. One conspiracy led to another led to another, and the insatiable urge to put the puzzle together so I could see what it looked like. I've always been into the fringe stuff, like aliens and chem trails, and it just evolved from their.
  7. I've already got a few of them ;), One hangs off the side of my tactical bug out bag lol
  8. I hate socks and shoes, I'm always barefoot. The only time i wear footwear is when im going into tough terrain or to the store. Gota build up those calluses! Mine are so thick they hurt sometimes though.
  9. I already told the bank about the number that called me. She asked me "was it this number?" and i said no, its this number. She said, "Oh that's a new one". I don't think it has anything directly to do with the bank though, Someone or something is eves dropping on me.
  10. That doesn't really fix the problem though, that just avoids it. I would love to live in the middle of nowhere though, outside of cell towers especially.
  11. I'm about to take apart every device i have and physically cut the mic lines -_-
  12. Lately some really weird "coincidences" have been happening to me. This morning i was talking to my wife about my bank because when she tried to use my CC it got declined (I tripped a flag on it). Just as we were talking about it, I got 3 phone calls all from fake "scam" companies claiming to be my bank. A couple weeks ago, i was again talking to her about something to do with Canada revenue agency, and right dead in the middle of the conversation, we got a spam phone call claiming that im being sued by CRA and that i had to call them back. There have been other creepy incidents like this, Where I've been having a conversation about something and next thing i know I'm getting shown advertisements for the things I've talked about. Anyone else having similar things happening to them?
  13. If he's reading this, Or someone in the white house which i think is a really big possibility considering some of the speeches he has given, I don't really have a lot to ask. Most people here have laid out some good stuff. But I am very concerned how large companies like twitter, domain registrars, GOOGLE etc are trying to strip freedom of speech away from people they don't agree with. I'm not sure if you can actually do anything with out further hampering freedoms, but that's not to say something doesn't need to be done. They can't be allowed to get away with this crap. In any case, I see most of the moves you're making and what they are leading to and I agree with most of them (not all but most). A lot of people don't see the bigger picture. Thanks for your hard work - it can't be easy. Try not to be a puppet =)
  14. Poor hawk looks terrified. Probably isn't helping that the guy is pointing a camera at him and talking really loudly
  15. My bipolar mom is on Lithium, it's a terrible antipsychotic. Just like all antipsychotics. It does help her because she actually needs it though, but that help comes in the form of basically zombified lobotomization.
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