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  1. And they say grand theft auto isn't realistic enough. (The cops continue to shoot your corpse until you reload the game)
  2. Looked like the guy held back a bit as well! This video made my day. So sick of the LGBT "holier than thou" pompous attitude. Every single one of them. No souls. Not trying to sound like gay basher or anything, but i have my limits.
  3. Strange feeling today

    Agreed, But at the same time, it feels like time itself has been going faster for me. Weeks disappear with out even noticing they are going by. The claws are embedded deeply and the disease is spreading quickly. More people are becoming straight up insane.
  4. Strange feeling today

    I definitely feel it as well. In the back of my head im just hoping it wasn't programmed in there with all the insider stuff and rumors. But I definitely feel like something is going to happen. A full offensive would be great. So tired of being on the defensive side.
  5. Strange feeling today

    I dunno man, The whole NK thing feels forced to me. But whos to say, There are so many potential things that could happen in the next 24 hours right now. arrests, nukes, war. Is today also some ritual occult day too isn't it? So probably throw in some false flag sacrifices into the mix. (that would line up well with NK).
  6. Strange feeling today

    Certainly no shortage of this date getting hammered into our heads. Excited for potential happenings.
  7. Gotta love....

    I started drinking almost zero milk and started having 2:1 ratio of veggies with what ever meat im having for food. Cut out all sugar for the most part. Haven't drunk pop or diet pop in a long time too. I look in the mirror now and i can tell I'm losing weight, feels pretty good desu. I never knew how delicious veggies were until i started eating them every day, and now i find myself craving them over meat and carbs (also cut out as many carbs as i could, but those are harder to avoid, unfortunately). You know what they say though, cut 1 bad habit at a time otherwise you will fail! *injects caffeine*
  8. Gotta love....

    I've tried switching to decaf but it never took. Just felt like i was wasting my time when i could just drink water instead lol. Too stubborn for my own good.
  9. Gotta love....

    The world wears me down shep! I really need to cut back though. Isn't their caffeine in tea? Or you a decaffeinated person
  10. Gotta love....

    I can't function anymore with out a caffeine pill and coffee in the morning X_X. Such a high caffeine tolerance nowadays. I know, it's terrible for me!
  11. Strange feeling today

    Could be paranoia, but does anyone else feel like the world is about to come apart today? Like, literally feel it?
  12. Ben Swann and VOTL?

    No idea. pretty sure the last anyone heard of him was that tweet before he scrubbed himself from the internet.
  13. Ben Swann and VOTL?

    Both logos are similar. I just think it's an amazing coincidence. Could be more to it, or maybe not.
  14. Ben Swann and VOTL?

    Do you guy's remember back in February when Ben Swann posted that image of "this page is going dark", technically he posted 2 images, one with an icon and one without, It was heavily discussed here on cop. Take a look at that icon again and then take a look at the VOTL logo, Look familiar? Could be nothing but. One of the images he tweeted http://imgur.com/a/DDLRH (im sure someone can find an archive of it as well) VOTL logo http://imgur.com/a/Nfjou Perhaps coincidence, perhaps not.
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