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  1. Hopefully, she doesn't take any deals and lets a jury of her peers (parents i assume) give her a not guilty verdict. This is retarded. The charges should be dropped entierly.
  2. It's not fair to just pardon one turkey, pardon them all! From now on everyone has a Thanksgiving salad instead!
  3. Are there any that are still safe to give to children when they are born? Theirs a lot of vaccines, are they all bad?
  4. My best friend just died

    he looks like he just kicked everyone's ass and is now taking a break! cute <3
  5. My best friend just died

    When my wife and I had been dating only for a little while, we were eating dinner at my grandmothers'. Kip snuck up to my wifes plate when she wasn't looking, grabbed the giant piece of ham and pranced off (literally pranced) while holding it in his mouth. It's a great memory =)
  6. pretty cool tbh, scary af though. I can't imagine this is always going to end successfully or well. So many unforeseen consequences.
  7. My best friend just died

    I uploaded some more pictures if anyone was interested in viewing them. I wish i had taken more over the years, That always seems to be a regret i never learn my lesson from ><. https://imgur.com/a/Plltq
  8. My best friend just died

    Sure! =)
  9. I haven't read that yet, will do that right now! I really don't want to end up on one of those fema (death) camps which are likely built exactly for situations like this.
  10. My best friend just died

    I have so much to give, A never-ending supply. The only natural resource that never disappears.
  11. Luckily for us we have time to get together all possible avenues of treatment in advanced! So better get stocking up on the special antibiotics and whatever actually has a chance of fighting it off before the 3 hour kill mark.
  12. My best friend just died

    Thanks, guy's =), i had to get some sleep so i could actually start processing everything that happened. I feel a bit better now, but a bit empty. It's weird because he was never more than 10 feet away from me his entire life (i rarely leave the house :P). Your posts give me hope that someday I'll see him again and that for now, theirs another critter looking for some love whom i need to find.
  13. My best friend just died

    Thanks. My wife is pregnant so im trying to think maby his soul just migrated into the baby :P, I know that sounds foolish but it makes me feel better
  14. My best friend just died

    We might go to the shelter at some point, we have a hole in our hearts to fill and theirs plenty out there that need love. Unless the universe/fate decides to guide something to me or me to something before that. I just need some time though.
  15. My best friend just died

    Thanks, that makes me feel a little bit better. I'll keep an eye out because i also think he will come and tell me he's ok now. Man i miss him so much :'(.