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  1. Well it's been up for a while now, right? And I'm as calm as I've ever been, which is very odd considering the current state of affairs in the world, My own personal affairs which aren't so great (debt w00). So guess I'm doing pretty good
  2. Must be nice. My cat's just do their lazy "Ugh, some things over there", move closer to me and go back to sleep :\. Good enough i guess ^_^. The spooky thing is when they realize you're watching them watch you and they zoom away/disappear. I've only ever seen what I assume is a head. But they aren't all the same, and they aren't all "shadows". I don't know if they are evil. Never done anything to me that would suggest it, if they can even interact.
  3. How can i take advantage of this, Or will I just automatically go on this wild ride?
  4. My bank seems to be up and running, But i haven't gone out in a while to say whether the cards actually work. What bank? Maby they got encrypted.
  5. I've seen thing's watch me, It's unsettling but you learn to live with it. We cohabitate with these creatures and we always have. I know im not crazy because sometimes my cat's react
  6. is it that he's not trusted or is it that he tends to accidentally spill the beans sometimes at press conferences
  7. haha, Probably not. if they melted through all the way they would eventually hit the water table and stop melting down (as long as theirs enough water to keep em cool, which in turn poisons anything attached to the water table).
  8. What's the most shallow part of that wall? Some divers/submersibles should go check it out
  9. I have some money down on Le Pen. 10$ = 60$ if she wins, not going to say how much i put down though
  10. I don't think theirs going to be any major ship clusters for the foreseeable future with hostilities/tensions were they are and memories of pearl harbor. So while it's a possibility, I personally think it's going to be inside bombs in strategic locations within the US.
  11. thinks to mention Chili but doesn't mention Canada. Feelsbadman
  12. How long are they going to be able to keep this quiet? Anyone with a Geiger counter just needs to turn it on and see the readings go through the roof. God people are stupid. Blissful ignorance i guess.
  13. Ima needs more information/proof. No one is reporting anything down. This is the second time Dahboo has made a "coast to coast" the internet is down video which turned out to be bs.