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  1. I think it has something to do with that video i posted about the false flag building collapse. It was set off with explosives but it's being reported as an accident and fire did it or not :P
  2. wtf this video very clearly showing the building was blown up with charges!!!!
  3. I have never been able to post or even go on GLP, it preemptively bans me every time heh
  4. I don't think the age fighting properties of semen can penetrate reptilian scales unfortunately.
  5. Weeew what a terrible feeling I've got. Hope there isnt a nuke laying about under all those people.
  6. I'm as chill as chill can be mate. I'm so chill, If you put a fan on me It would cause a global ice age.
  7. The room is filling with gas and someones about to light a cigarette. I can feel it, And i have been feeling it. It;s like i have been telling all my friends, the last couple weeks have been fairly slow compared to whats coming. Time for the grand finale.
  8. ooo I been waiting for this one. Icing on the cake! Edit: Just finished watching it. Well i was hoping for more, like they would all be tossed into jail or something :P, But im sure that's coming!
  9. Our's had the worst type of spinal spinal bifida, with the skull. It's very unfortunate. But you know most people lose their first child in a similure manner and we knew it was a possibility, Still doesn't hurt any less though :\. It's going to be a year soon since it happened.
  10. We're going to be homeschooling ours. I already have so much stuff ready to go. Unfortunately we lost our first son before i got to use it. Next one though.. ><
  11. Have you been digging in the 12 million file dump the CIA made yesterday? It's a gold mine
  12. https://vault.fbi.gov/william-j.-clinton-foundation/william-j.-clinton-foundation-part-02-of-02/view Looks like most of it's censored ><
  13. It could be said that kid has better aim than most mass shooters, every shot looked like a head shot.. at least.... The crazy is only going to increase, buckle up folks!