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  1. Ayy it worked! Had to lower the quality though, hard to get one of these things under 100kbs
  2. I could have sworn last time i tried it wouldn't work, Maby it was because of the file size limit
  3. Did you enable gif avatars yet? :3
  4. You say that. But in my personal opinion as a life-long gamer, I have to disagree. I'm not currently sitting in a virtual bar on a virtual deserted island sipping real tasting virtual bourbon whilst the rest of my party of virtual friend's are being torn apart by virtual zombies right behind me. I'm not collecting my hotel room key from the virtual hotel keepers in order to bring my virtual sex waifu to our virtual room to virtually shag. Anyway you get the idea.. So they clearly don't have enough time on their hands because virtual reality barely exists yet. I'm talking sword art online type virtuality here btw. I want my virtual waifu bro..
  5. I think it's a privately held think tank of some of the smartest minds on the planet. Not unlike the StarTrek voyager episode "Think Tank". I say this because the puzzles these guy's throw out to the public are beyond what normal intelligence agencies use. Especially since they like to recruit from a young age while a child is in school. Aside from by the deep state and other agencies who's initials have never been spoken. (NGA - National geospatial-intelligence agency etc).
  6. His biological son has taken control of Canada, at least that's how the theory goes. Just throwing that out there.
  7. Sick desperate people on waiting lists that are so long the only chance they have is for the people in front of them to die. These people are being taken advantage of by dirty people like the above who use their desperation for profit and sell diseased parts of the recently deceased, who are usually taken from funeral homes that do cremations. It's all very f**ked.
  8. Nice, they are making a movie out of this book, Emma Watson though... No watch trailer unless you like spoilers. trailers tend to give too much away. Thanks for the recommendation, going to download the audio book version of it now. (I can't sit still enough to read long books lol)
  9. Did i miss something while I was asleep? Shit, don't tell me I slept threw the apocalypse
  10. My spidey senses are tingling so to speak. Just woke up and feel tense for no reason.
  11. You don't publicise a sting operation before it happens. This could be one of those situations.
  12. Comey is a flag in the wind, i can't tell who side he's on. I'll be so certain he's a bad guy and suddenly he's not again.
  13. "Acceptance of Government Surveillance" Nonsense, I've accepted nothing! I have the expertise and knowledge to avoid most tracking methods but whats the point, so much effort and work to hide literately nothing. Omg maby i have accepted it lol.
  14. the land I could see. Skillsets are great if you need a job in a post-tech collapse world, But I'm looking for something that sets me up for life :P. When one industry falls another skyrocket, it's like that in war, peace, economic collapse etc. A bit of advice, though, If Soros invested in it, you should probably invest in the opposite. He's so sure his plan is going to succeed even though it won't.