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  1. Yes, but all that aside I just found it interesting enough to post about. Since i don't believe in coincidences. (Im not accusing you of posting it, sorry if what i said was misleading in someway)
  2. I find it interesting that this got posted (or me noticing even) the same time as https://boards.4chan.org/x/thread/20714683 . Could be a larp but who knows anymore. I expect we will start hearing more about Hawaii volcano eruptions.
  3. Its only going to take one person to come out shooting instead of giving up their arms to start an entire war.
  4. Zimix99

    Scary movie suggestions?

    This is one of my favorite movies. Supposedly they are making number 2 but i doubt we will ever see it 😕
  5. Zimix99

    Welcome our new moderator, BacktotheShadows!

    Hopefully a bigger team will help :D. Unless that's some clever joke about being a CIA operative and the real cin is sleeping 6 feet under her house 😮
  6. Zimix99

    Welcome our new moderator, BacktotheShadows!

    Can't blame me for asking. Considering what's been happening lately with these sorts of websites and forums and everything else recently, any little change will trigger alarm bells.
  7. Zimix99

    Welcome our new moderator, BacktotheShadows!

    This seems rather spontaneous, With a post count of only 344 (No offense to you ofc backtotheshadows). I wouldn't be a very good paranoid conspiracy theorist if I didn't ask about it. Grats though.
  8. Usually, i don't post stuff like this because im a stuffy person but this one had me cracking up.
  9. A friend. Something you can socialize with Could be another human or something as simple as a pet rat. Mental health is just as important as physical.
  10. It's a pet peeve of mine that everyone always uses "scientists say". I mean, It's such a cult thing, right? Because that's what a lot of todays science feels like, a cult. At most these articles will say "scientists at so and so" but very rarely will they use names and credentials. Makes it too easy to deceive people this way, and you can see media jumps on that easy win all the time. In any case, this has nothing to do with OP's post, Just saying my peace on that.
  11. Seems like perffectly reasonable force to break up a fight alone to me.
  12. This thread devolved into joking too quickly. 100 people falling ill all at once isn't something to shake a stick at, Especially after all the threats and intel about biological false flags and god knows what else. This should be putting your hair on end until the cause is known.
  13. Discovery is a b*tch. That's my opinion on this.
  14. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/17/jordan-peele-buzzfeed-psa-edits-obama-saying-things-he-never-said.html Just seen this, and i remember reading that thread the other day about the hrc video on the deep web. What do you guy's think? Also hello! haven't posted in a while!

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