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  1. Beards yes, teeth, No. It doesn't take a lot of effort to do minimum teeth care upkeep. Might be more instances of unfixed chipped teeth, fillings etc, but expecting teeth to rot right out would be overstating it i think.
  2. Putting bubble gum to patch a hole in a broken system. The entire education system needs to be reformed.
  3. I always wondered about ethics questions when it came to what you did in a holodeck. But that's for another thread
  4. Holodecks... for..ugh.. sports.. yeah.. Also this thing can go die in a fire. Not interested at all.
  5. Google removes "view image button"

    f**k google and f**k Getty https://github.com/devunt/make-gis-great-again addon to readd it.
  6. Seems like theirs a lot of downplaying happening.
  7. I have a question that no one seems to want to answer. What about all the civilians outside of America that went above and beyond for their favorite candidates? What about the other countries officials that took sides publicly? What else did they do? As far as i can see, The American election wasn't just an American election but a worldwide election that everyone participated in on social media, ads, tv etc. Surely that can't be ignored? So why does everyone want to narrow their gaze on big bad Russia and ignore the rest? The proof is in the pudding, Just look at the accounts behind many memes, critique pieces, blog posts and articles, fake news and commentaries from all political sides left right center. Much of it came from outside the US from various countries. And many of them were just regular citizens, celebs etc.
  8. I don't want to sound like a doom porn addict doomsayer or anything, But the smell is in the air, and the signs are everywhere. Januarys crazy weather: December (More on his channel, I love being able to see all the stuff that's been happening around the world at once, because it puts things in perspective) Than you add in the increase in volcanic activity, The EQ's, the way the water seems to splash between the 2 ends of the planet, pulling back on one side and causing massive waves on the other, The gradual pole shift thats been very much increasing in speed, the continuous secrecy that's been increasing in frequency, same with the distractions. The animal die offs, the alarming "BOOMS" and trumpet sounds in the sky all over the planet, The big booms coming from underground, the massive increase in the number of things falling from space, astroids comments, space junk etc... I mean i can only assume so much is coincidence before i come to the conclusion something bad is about and has already started happening. Just the general atmosphere of how people and animals have been acting lately seems to be a huge indicator. Sorry if this highjacked the thread!
  9. Calling for help.....

    https://imgur.com/a/aQMig negitive>remove red channel>flipped horizontally
  10. Calling for help.....

    Im looking at the image in different filters, because im curious now :P. That's a lot of activity btw, i haven't looked at it in a while, has it been increasing a lot like this?
  11. Calling for help.....

    I see and 1111 and some other numbers, possibly a 6 as well. Am i just seeing things though?
  12. TeleTrak was freely available to the public as far back as 2015 on many astronomer forums. I don't really understand? Edit: The website im looking at seems odd. It's a thread from 2015, but it was recently resurrected in just the last couple days. OP i think you may have stumbled onto something interesting.
  13. Keep pushing you stupid c*nt judge. It only takes 1 person with balls big enough to deploy a decentralized net, and it only takes one sour b*tch to push everyone to use it. C'mon, Do it. Let's go. Judges ruling over things they don't even understand, How is that even acceptable?
  14. Definitely one of the kids. I was that kid when i was younger, Got my ass whooped for it too.