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  1. This is probably one of the better outlandish theories I heard of. It would make a lot of sense.
  2. Hey, you got mad because you care. Nothing wrong with that, but what do you think it is, as I'm kind of curious if I'm right in my view, about what that urge is that tells us to react like that, over valuing problems because of our feelings of other problems. I would think that, as we become more irritated, we become more susceptible to our own aggressive nature or instinct. At the same time, I don't believe we should stop caring about problems, even if their small! What can be done? Lol.
  3. I find the topic of how we work so interesting. I still learn new ideas every once in a while. I have been testing some of these ideas, and I find they work. There are a lot of people who believe that all you need for law of attraction to work or how to take control of ourselves is to just believe. In my view, that can change things, but I believe there is something better. It's like trying to get an addict to stop doing what they do with reason, and motivation. Sometimes, it just doesn't work, and that's what I'm figuring out.
  4. Who are they? I'm talking about people like William Cooper. If they are saying the same stuff as AJ, then it ironically invalidates what you were implying of my question. Do you understand, that the premise of my view is that AJ is a shill, and that people who act and do things the way he does could also be shills? Why are you calling me a millennial for asking that?
  5. Am I the only one who sees the news media as going to attack him over this? It's April Fools day, this is just free food for the idiots to slander Trump. To be honest, I question his decision to do it today.
  6. The better question is, why hasn't he been killed off? Anyone who gets this far usually gets killed. There are reasons to think of Alex Jones as a shill (I do that), but the video you posted didn't seem to contain any.
  7. I wasn't intending to insult you, I was genuinely curious.
  8. Alex Jones is Remarried

    Alex Jones has been able to get in the mainstream media numerous times, while others haven't been able to do so without 'committed suicide with two shotguns blasts to the back of the head' coincidences. Yeah, he has said some similar things even before that. He said somethings that got people in a panic in the US, thinking they were gonna get nuked.
  9. Your asking questions like that and you have an open third eye? Lol, well I guess some things may not be fully understood when seen. Yeah, I heavily disagree with the argument that aliens made the texts. I believe it was the work of higher spiritual beings, or the fellow man who followed such. Not that it couldn't have been aliens at some points, or mixed. The person has a very gross exaggeration of humankind seeking war, like some self destructive pro-depopulation liberal. The reason I say this, is not because there hasn't been war: It's because these supposed aliens haven't sought to end war under his concept. People usually go to war in fear of losing their lives, or their loved ones to a brutal enemy, or out of fear of their own rulers. Humanity only really tries to go to war with others over stupid reasons when they haven't had much taught to them, which usually lies at the fault of humanities rulers tricking them. Plus, we don't see these aliens going and taking out the Rothchilds, or stopping them from what they do, making it seem like they aren't concerned. It doesn't seem like they are any better, which was what they were implying!
  10. @A Freeman I still don't agree on the idea with you on the total creator. I can see a being or God being what you described, just not the all powerful, all knowing, god source whom created everything.
  11. Secrets of Red Gate

    Sounds like a fantastic place to make new friends! Or enemies!
  12. Did you have to go on any diet, change anything, or request aid from the higher self? I know you just make a remark about how teaching something over complicates these things, but I'm curious if anything is absolutely necessary that I haven't already picked up on.
  13. You shouldn't do something just because you owe others for it or did something bad. That story you mentioned was very interesting, I still hold my view though. One of the things I find odd though, is that the arcons are 'emotionless', meaning they wouldn't have desires. They would be as machines, serving one with desires. This isn't criticism towards you, but towards someone who talked about them on some other site. If the arcons have emotions, than they should be capable of conceiving better things than having to depend on some slaves!
  14. Some of you confuse me when you say that God wants you to go and do things, or that something is wrong. In my view God is creator of everything, and if they had any personal desire (Fragmented, anti-holistic, non divine) they could instantly, and effortlessly accomplish it. If you mean 'a god', one with personal desire for good, I definitely wouldn't be confused. I think one of the biggest disconnects of our times, is probably the idea of virtue or morality itself. People get absorbed in the idea that they are good, or they have to do things, and they begin to see less. That or, they get absorbed in the idea of getting things, and open up to the negative influences, which always end in the same loops and never change, having only the conceptions of themselves having success over others rather than anything better than that. How many people actually ask questions about their virtue, or idea of it?
  15. I can't remember where exactly, but one time I heard someone mention that they could describe the universe or the things in the four elements. Iv'e kinda come to the conclusion that meditation is done really well when you aren't really feeling emotional about it. Iv'e pieced together a sort of theory about how the elements work mentally, countering and influenced by each other. Some people do meditation for the sake of meditation, I do it because I want to reform my habits or make new ones, which I describe as the earth element being melted by the fire element, unaffected by the attitude or water element. So far, I'm having success with this practice.
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