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  1. None of us are aware of things going on behind the scenes......all is not what it seems....I feel President Trump knows what he is doing.....
  2. Cinnomon - if President Trump did this to show strength - why would he say he knew the attack was fake? You don't broadcast your plans.....watching to see what he does next......some seem to be jumping to conclusions...
  3. Kennedy was very active and had his guys get women for him....
  4. Less is more....
  5. Damn......history....
  6. The video...they didn't go after the gvt......
  7. What happened with women reaching for the glass ceiling? Hillary had an office in the West Wing when Bill was President.
  8. Shep - I'm curious about the sounds in the sky...
  9. Can you tell us any more about this visit?
  10. oh no.....if only it would affect the .........praying.
  11. I remember a woman doctor coming back to the states with it....then there were others that were supposed to have it. I don't know if you can find this info any more or if it has been scrubbed.
  12. Was just thinking about you CM....sending good positive energy and prayers your way. Feel better soon.