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  1. All politicians are liars. Leaders are selected not elected. Oh and Trump has Pence for his kill switch sooo.....
  2. I am not an enemy of anyone. I see the president of the United States doing things that are the opposite of what an "outsider" was supposed to do BUT this is the case in many an election. Holding out hope is not exactly condoning their every action. I felt a certain acceptance here that allowed for #speekfreely without condemnation. This provided the soil for growth. We could reassess our beliefs as we went along and always agree to disagree at any point. This is your site and you portrayed an openness without hatred for others, especially those with different outlooks. You have stated often that you have dreams, thoughts and beliefs that many would consider indicative of depression or antisocial behaviour. We come to contribute on bad days as well. I can't believe that at some arbitrary moment you have decided that we can f^^k off if we don't think the way you do. Shill: noun 1.a person who poses as a customer in order to decoy others into participating, as at a gambling house, auction, confidence game, etc. 2.a person who publicizes or praises something or someone for reasons of self-interest, personal profit, or friendship or loyalty. I am sure there have been some shills here but the core group is not POSING. I am not even an American citizen (as yourself @Ukshep) so hold no loyalty but the US will set the standard for freedom. If the US falls so does the whole free world. @Cryptic Mole has provided great content as have so many others. Before I leave I would just like to know what it was that made you turn, like Trump, on the very people who were supporting you and this site. Could it be that at such a young age you have rebelled due to frustration (something we all feel) and have slammed your bedroom door shut to the world with the words "F**** EVERYONE". You are taking the ball, because it is yours, and are going home even if it means NO ONE can play anymore. I also ask what do you want from your posters? The very process of finding answers starts with opposing views. I hope you will answer before you ban me. God bless all of you and I pray for the end of all war and this personal strife dividing us.
  3. So true. Is there anyone left who is morally and ethically intact?
  4. Shaw customers are used to outages but there are rarely, if ever, countrywide issues. If one needed to install or insert code then one would need to shut down the entire service. Wasup is a good question.
  5. No its geriatric meds mixed with self medicating behaviours stemming from a grand fear of their lies coming back on them.
  6. VIDEO: Maxine Waters suffers brain freeze during rant on North Korea http://www.theamericanmirror.com/video-maxine-waters-suffers-brain-freeze-rant-north-korea/ Umm ummm ummm ummm They all make me so SICK.
  7. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/wag-dog-tv-series-works-at-hbo-998140 Director Barry Levinson will adapt his 1997 political satire as a comedy for the small screen, with Robert De Niro attached as an exec producer. HBO is jumping back into the political satire arena. The premium cable network is teaming with Oscar-winner Barry Levinson to develop his 1997 political satire Wag the Dog as a half-hour scripted comedy, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Levinson, who directed the film about a political strategist (Robert De Niro) who hires a Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffman) to craft a fictional war to draw attention away from the president's sexual harassment scandal, will exec produce and direct the project should it move to pilot. HBO describes its adaptation as "an ode to the classic film but moving the weapons of mass distraction beyond politics and into business, entertainment and, yes, nonprofits. In the 21st century with the tools of social media at their hands, nothing is off limits to a small group of operators when it comes to manufacturing reality. Fake news is so yesterday." Feature scribe Rajiv Joseph (Draft Day, My America, Army of One) will pen the adaptation for HBO. He'll exec produce alongside Levinson and Tom Fontana via their Levinson/Fontana Co. Jason Sosnoff, who produced the original feature with Levinson, is also on board as an EP. De Niro and his Tribeca Productions banner partner, Jane Rosenthal, will also exec produce alongside the company's vp production, Berry Welsh. Former Hillary Clinton ally David Brock is on board as a consultant. In your face. Lots of money / names behind what I am sure will be a very special message.
  8. Huma Abedin's family under federal investigation

    No they seem to be everywhere like cockroaches.
  9. http://skippyslist.com/list/ Skippy’s List: The 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the U.S. Army A quick note: I don’t mind if you want to quote a few items from my list of your site. But please do not copy the list in it’s entirety. Explanations of these events: a) I did myself, and either got in trouble or commended. (I had a Major shake my hand for the piss bottle thing, for instance.) b) I witnessed another soldier do it. (Like the Sergeant we had, that basically went insane, and crucified some dead mice.) c) Was spontaneously informed I was not allowed to do. (Like start a porn studio.) d) Was the result of a clarification of the above. (“What about especially patriotic porn?”) e) I was just minding my own business, when something happened. (“Schwarz…what is *that*?” said the Sgt, as he pointed to the back of my car? “Um….a rubber sheep…I can explain why that’s there….”) To explain how I’ve stayed out of jail/alive/not beaten up too badly….. I’m funny, so they let me live. The 213 Things…. 1. Not allowed to watch Southpark when I’m supposed to be working. 2. My proper military title is “Specialist Schwarz” not “Princess Anastasia”. 3. Not allowed to threaten anyone with black magic. 4. Not allowed to challenge anyone’s disbelief of black magic by asking for hair. 5. Not allowed to get silicone breast implants. 6. Not allowed to play “Pulp Fiction” with a suction-cup dart pistol and any officer. 7. Not allowed to add “In accordance with the prophesy” to the end of answers I give to a question an officer asks me. 8. Not allowed to add pictures of officers I don’t like to War Criminal posters. 9. Not allowed to title any product “Get Over it”. 10. Not allowed to purchase anyone’s soul on government time. 11. Not allowed to join the Communist Party. 12. Not allowed to join any militia. 13. Not allowed to form any militia. 14. Not allowed out of my office when the president visited Sarajevo. 15. Not allowed to train adopted stray dogs to “Sic Brass!” 16. Must get a haircut even if it tampers with my “Samson like powers”. 17. God may not contradict any of my orders. 18. May no longer perform my now (in)famous “Barbie Girl Dance” while on duty. 19. May not call any officers immoral, untrustworthy, lying, slime, even if I’m right. 20. Must not taunt the French any more. 21. Must attempt to not antagonize SAS. 22. Must never call an SAS a “Wanker”. 23. Must never ask anyone who outranks me if they’ve been smoking crack. 24. Must not tell any officer that I am smarter than they are, especially if it’s true. 25. Never confuse a Dutch soldier for a French one. 26. Never tell a German soldier that “We kicked your ass in World War 2!” 27. Don’t tell Princess Di jokes in front of the paras (British Airborne). 28. Don’t take the batteries out of the other soldiers alarm clocks (Even if they do hit snooze about forty times). 29. The Irish MPs are not after “Me frosted lucky charms”. 30. Not allowed to wake an Non-Commissioned Officer by repeatedly banging on the head with a bag of trash. 31. Not allowed to let sock puppets take responsibility for any of my actions. 32. Not allowed to let sock puppets take command of my post. 33. Not allowed to chew gum at formation, unless I brought enough for everybody. 34. (Next day) Not allowed to chew gum at formation even if I *did* bring enough for everybody. 35. Not allowed to sing “High Speed Dirt” by Megadeth during airborne operations. (“See the earth below/Soon to make a crater/Blue sky, black death, I’m off to meet my maker”) 36. Can’t have flashbacks to wars I was not in. (The Spanish-American War isn’t over). 37. Our medic is called “Sgt Larwasa”, not “Dr. Feelgood”. 38. Our supply Sgt is “Sgt Watkins” not “Sugar Daddy”. 39. Not allowed to ask for the day off due to religious purposes, on the basis that the world is going to end, more than once. 40. I do not have super-powers. 41. “Keep on Trucking” is *not* a psychological warfare message. 42. Not allowed to attempt to appeal to mankind’s baser instincts in recruitment posters. 43. Camouflage body paint is not a uniform. 44. I am not the atheist chaplain. 45. I am not allowed to “Go to Bragg boulevard and shake daddy’s little money maker for twenties stuffed into my undies”. 46. I am not authorized to fire officers. 47. I am not a citizen of Texas, and those other, forty-nine, lesser states. 48. I may not use public masturbation as a tool to demonstrate a flaw in a command decision. 49. Not allowed to trade military equipment for “magic beans”. 50. Not allowed to sell magic beans during duty hours. 51. Not allowed to quote “Dr Seuss” on military operations. 52. Not allowed to yell “Take that Cobra” at the rifle range. 53. Not allowed to quote “Full Metal Jacket “ at the rifle range. 54. “Napalm sticks to kids” is *not* a motivational phrase. 55. An order to “Put Kiwi on my boots” does *not* involve fruit. 56. An order to “Make my Boots black and shiny” does not involve electrical tape. 57. The proper response to a lawful order is not “Why?” 58. The following words and phrases may not be used in a cadence- Budding sexuality, necrophilia, I hate everyone in this formation and wish they were dead, sexual lubrication, black earth mother, all Marines are latent homosexuals, Tantric yoga, Gotterdammerung, Korean hooker, Eskimo Nell, we’ve all got jackboots now, sl*t puppy, or any references to squid. 59. May not make posters depicting the leadership failings of my chain of command. 60. “The Giant Space Ants” are not at the top of my chain of command. 61. If one soldier has a 2nd Lt bar on his uniform, and I have an E-4 on mine It means he outranks me. It does not mean “I have been promoted three more times than you”. 62. It is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission, no longer applies to Specialist Schwarz. 63. Command decisions do *not* need to be ratified by a 2/3 majority. 64. Inflatable novelties do *not* entitle me to BAQ or Separation pay. 65. There are no evil clowns living under my bed. 66. There is no “Anti-Mime” campaign in Bosnia. 67. I am not the Psychological Warfare Mascot. 68. I may not line my helmet with tin foil to “Block out the space mind control lasers”. 69. May not pretend to be a fascist stormtrooper, while on duty. 70. I am not authorized to prescribe any form of medication. 71. I must not flaunt my deviances in front of my chain of command. 72. May not wear gimp mask while on duty. 73. No military functions are to be performed “Skyclad”. 74. Woad is not camouflage makeup. 75. May not conduct psychological experiments on my chain of command. 76. “Teddy Bear, Teddy bear, turn around” is *not* a cadence. 77. The MP checkpoint is not an Imperial Stormtrooper roadblock, so I should not tell them “You don’t need to see my identification, these are not the droids you are looking for.” 78. I may not call block my chain of command. 79. I am neither the king nor queen of cheese. 80. Not allowed to wear a dress to any army functions. 81. May not bring a drag queen to the battalion formal dance. 82. May not form any press gangs. 83. Must not start any SITREP (Situation Report) with “I recently had an experience I just had to write you about….” 84. Must not use military vehicles to “Squish” things. 85. Not allowed to make any Psychological Warfare products depicting the infamous Ft. Bragg sniper incident. 86. May not challenge anyone in my chain of command to the “field of honor”. 87. If the thought of something makes me giggle for longer than 15 seconds, I am to assume that I am not allowed to do it. 88. Must not refer to 1st Sgt as “Mom”. 89. Must not refer to the Commander as “Dad”. 90. Inflatable sheep do *not* need to be displayed during a room inspection. 91. I am not authorized to initiate Jihad. 92. When asked to give a few words at a military ceremony “Romper Bomper Stomper Boo” is probably not appropriate. 93. Nerve gas is not funny. 94. Crucifixes do not ward off officers, and I should not test that. hahahahahahahahahahaha 95. I am not in need of a more suitable host body. 96. “Redneck Zombies” is not a military training aid. 97. Gozer does not dwell in my refrigerator. 98. The proper response to a chemical weapon attack is not “Tell my chain of command what I really think about them, and then poke holes in their masks.” 99. A smiley face is not used to mark a minefield. so go read the rest as I did not want to copy the whole thing.... I must be tired because I can't type due to all the laughing
  10. North Korea Has Something We Want

    Also Russia was initiating some stuff in 2014 Russia To Revamp North Korea's Rail System, Eyes Mineral Resources http://www.ibtimes.com/russia-revamp-north-koreas-rail-system-eyes-mineral-resources-1716262 Russia and North Korea are considering a deal that would allow Russia access to the pariah nation’s mineral resources. Moscow reported that in exchange for access to the North’s mineral-rich lands, Russia would invest $25 billion into revamping the country’s dated railway network. According to Russia’s state-run Rossiskaya Gazeta, which quoted Russia’s minister for development of Far Eastern Russia, Alexander Galushka, the project would take on the task of updating roughly 3,000 km, or about 1,875 miles, of the North’s railroads over the span of 20 years. “It is a commercial project that is mutually advantageous,” Galushka told the newspaper. The railways being updated would also include those that provide access to the North’s mineral deposits and other natural resources.
  11. North Korea Has Something We Want

    http://thediplomat.com/2014/07/north-korea-resumes-rare-earth-exports-to-china/ Article from 2014 North Korea exported massive amounts of rare earth elements (REEs) to China in recent months, a report from a South Korean-based trade organization said this week. According to a report published this week by the Korea International Trade Association, in May and June of this year Pyongyang exported 62,662 kilograms of REEs to China for $1.8 million. The report said that Pyongyang’s REE exports to China totaled $550,000 in May and $1.3 million in June. North Korea first exported REEs to China in January last year, when it shipped roughly $24,700 worth of them to Beijing. It later halted the exports, however, only to now resume them at a dramatically increased rate. China hmmmm
  12. http://mobile.wnd.com/2017/04/humas-kin-under-federal-fraud-investigation/ WND EXCLUSIVE Huma Abedin's family under federal investigation Top Hillary aide cited in relative's Wall Street corruption case While Hillary Clinton loyal aide Huma Abedin was reportedly sidelined in the final stretch of the 2016 presidential campaign as a result of Abedin’s husband’s child-porn scandal, she was potentially an even greater liability than known. It turns out Anthony Weiner wasn’t the only family member under investigation. In fact, the U.S. Justice Department has been actively prosecuting two other Abedin family members – for conspiracy, wire fraud and securities fraud – and she along with the State Department, where she previously worked for Clinton, are mentioned in the federal case, court records show. Other documents reveal the same allegedly crooked kin solicited Abedin for help at State in a deal that netted more than $1.2 million in federal grants. These undesirable family connections, revealed here for the first time, raise fresh questions about influence peddling at the State Department under Clinton, who is now reportedly working with Abedin on a political comeback. Abedin’s relatives were major donors to the Clinton Foundation. And Abedin drew a salary from the Clinton Foundation, while at the same time working for the government. Records show that her first cousin, Omar Amanat, is under federal indictment for cheating investors in Kit Digital Inc. of millions of dollars between 2009 and 2012, forcing the tech start-up to go bankrupt in 2013. He has been placed under house arrest as he awaits trial, which is scheduled for Oct. 2. snip The story is quite interesting and clearly the dogs are not out of the woods just yet. The story talks about Huma's dad staying at Hillary's place while getting a kidney transplant!!!!!!
  13. Is a US-North Korea war imminent?

    Seems very logical. This play is underway, was a very exciting opening act and the climax is yet to unfold. I will wait but not in fear but in the knowledge that we were put here for a purpose. I am honored that I have been able to spend this time with some of the most awake and interesting folk I have met in many years. Thanks for the company.
  14. The alert and search for the stolen material covers the states of Jalisco, Colima, Nayarit, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Michoacan San Luis Potosi, Durango and Zacatecas, according to a post on the director of national emergency services, Luis Felipe Puente, Twitter account.
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