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  1. PM me the email address for that poll I will get some direction on correcting this!!  If you can send me the security logs from your computer this will give me the IP to validate the investigation....Dont worry I do this for a living

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    2. olderbytheday


      Yeah, we are finding out that it came from my son to me and a number of others through his FB account. I have strong protective measures and clean on a regular basis. That said, I know that csis has their ways and have had since the very beginning of protocol development. I am not too worried since my pc is nothing but a toy really. I don't bank or do any internet purchasing. If they don't like my traffic or associations they can let me know but I sure don't care for such underhanded tactics. Thank you for your concern and if it is okay I will keep your address if I need any help again. I am a software/application developer. Started back when it was IBM 399 minis in 1979. Last project using Progress OpenEdge. Great to know you are out there.

    3. C.O.W.


      If you ever do want the idiot who slammed your sons computer feel free to send the IP, I also can ensure they don't come back, been putting hackers in jail since 1995, more convictions than the local Crown Attorney, lol   If you are going to do it do it right keep this to yourself and next time send the log file it only take me about an hours to track it to the actual computer location then the RCMP scares the living shit out of the hacker when they arrive en mass, greatest sense of justice I have ever known.  Most are not paid, but FB hacks are usually politically motivated...  Cheers and call me when Alberta secedes, I'll be applying for asylum, lol

      My first was a twin floppy and learned DOS at the core, still MS biggest mistake : )

    4. olderbytheday


      Well I do thank you so much. I am impressed you have accomplished this because when this computer thing started, integrity and decency was to be the norm. Porn and gaming took over instead. We accounting software programmers and such were lost and forgotten in the voices. It is good to know people like you are out there. My mother was a commissionaire at K division in Edmonton for years and I really gained respect for the guys. I have also met a few questionables. I may be in touch. Respect.