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  1. olderbytheday

    The Truth about Alex Jones and #PizzaGate

    Titus loses it after travelling up to the PG protest. He makes a point. He and others took the time to get together and try to do something. Alex apologizes and dissuades investigation. Later he is going after Seaman. Peace out to you Titus. Totally understand his frustration.
  2. olderbytheday

    The Truth about Alex Jones and #PizzaGate

    I really like that. Maybe AJs move was his. The control is using it for whatever they are up to at this moment. AJ was to be litigated, he responded, they will let him do whatever he wants. If it is to their advantage, ie no more pizzagate, then great. If he digs too deep elsewhere then he will be sacrificed (likely just online ;)) Unless... Trump is behind the digging and this is the way to get around the control at the top. Trump knows that people love their children and will: "all survive whatever it takes. When opportunity knocks! Someone will always answer!" No the play continues. We are participants and being decent human beings we will answer this opportunity. Too many are risking too much for this to shut down just yet.
  3. olderbytheday

    Am I an Anomaly!

    So many kinds of injustice. We want a world of peace and love. It is only natural to wish ill on those working against this. God says wrath is His. We have dreamed of so many ways that killary for example could be dealt with. It only hurts our own souls spending any time on vengeful thoughts. I will not let them have that and I trust that if they don't find God's love they will be dealt with way worse than anything we could imagine. Shep you are not an anomaly but one of a few in a world of only a few. (A few that will be saved that is.)