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  1. Yea right, don’t be patriotic or care about your country because that goes against cultural Marxism. If anyone could use a dose of Prayer it’s the leftist we tolerate in this country.
  2. Earn your keep, or eat with the dogs. No friggin whining. Those vets deserve the best of care. They get their asses blown off so snowflakes can whine about how disadvantaged people are.
  3. Age old tactic, incite the enemy of your enemies into confrontation thereby lowering the number of threats. https://www.rt.com/news/415966-erdogan-syrian-border-force-destroy/
  4. Our country is not in debt. It is a victim of crime....theft.
  5. Don’t start no crap and there won’t be any. Could you imagine what would have happened if Japan would have had the nukes? Because we all know how cordial and civil they were during wartime.
  6. That analogy worked when we had a moral majority. We could also shake on a deal and a mans word was worth something. Now cops have to deal with animals that would sell their mom for a fix, murder for a 10 cent bag.
  7. I believe illegally gotten gains need forfeiture. The reason we have more in prison in the USA is because in most countries they don’t put up with the amount of crap they do here. For most people one brush with the law is enough. Here we cater to the criminal because our crooked system has made a viable source of income from them. In other countries the penal system is so harsh that people go out of their way to stay out of prison. People in the US get treated like a retirement home in prison. Chain gangs and forced hard labor. That’s what we need. Prison should be a deterrent not a place to fall back on when you get caught again. Your right our country has been turned into a war zone. Too many bleeding hearts care about the criminals rights verses the victims. Once again.... money to be made. Complacency is and will be the downfall of America. As long a people have their daily dose of mind numbing digital input. The world can crash down around them and they will barely notice.
  8. There were over 12 million arrest in 2011. (You can search for latest numbers I’m sure they are higher). That does not include all contact with police that doesn’t end in arrest. This year there was an average of 1.2 million violent crimes. There were 17, 200 homocides in the US in 2016. So what are the chances that one of these criminals meet his demise by a police officer on duty. I thank God for police officers. With the way the world is today. Even a trip to the grocery store would be like a war zone without them. I worked in and with law enforcement. Most are honest caring folks. They do a job most don’t have the stones for. I’ll leave these stats here. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings-2017/
  9. I would like to know how many residents on that list are not citizens. According to the requirements proof of citizenship was not a prerequisite.
  10. It’s easy to see how Clinton won the popular vote. According to this article you don’t need real proof of anything to vote in California. Requirements for voter ID in California If this is your first time voting and you are registered by mail without giving your California driver's license or state identification number or the last four digits of your social security number, then you may need to show photo identification (e. g. valid driver's license or state ID) or a paycheck, utility bill, a paychech or utility bill....”really” Snip That data included each person’s full name, home address, phone number, email address, gender, date of birth and precinct information. Social security numbers were NOT included, the report states. https://dmlnews.com/report-hackers-steal-data-19-million-california-voters/
  11. The elite will be deleted their code will be no more virus to separate binary ones through the ceiling zeros through the floor the master programmers resonance though few can cypher the song as they await the crescendo their hope the refrain is not long
  12. I still hope it's made of cheese, must be blue cheese, that explains, once in a blue moon. ??
  13. I pop on this thread from time to time. And that is the most logical explanation I have seen for any anomalies by far