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  1. Information and it's use is the greatest weapon in the world. Those who control it's power have the ability to change the perception of reality, though it be a skewed illusion. In this age of technology, the ability to start wars, change regimes, keep power or take it away, is as close as the enter button on the keyboard. I think that the checks and balances for those who hold the positions and control the Intel like these people do, need to have an accountability that is construant to the security of the U.S., not as a weapon to be used to destabilize an administration that might not agree with their agenda.
  2. Now that we have the knowledge of good and evil, what are we going to use it for? Everyone now since the beginning, from our two common ancestors has the knowledge of good and evil. Evil prevails only because good people do nothing. If you speak out against the evil that is being exposed, it could cost you, but think about the cost if we just keep silent.
  3. Never thought I would see the day that the President would spend more time at war with his own government than utilizing their time collectively to insure the safety and security of our country. It sounds like they are legitimately trying to leave our country vulnerable to attack, not just trying to unseat Trump. It's anybody's guess now.
  4. No worries, you sound like your part of the signed sealed and delivered team. All's well that ends well.
  5. In prophecy the fail safe is ' if time were not shortened no flesh would be saved', there is no scripture that says all prophecy must be fulfilled before the return of Christ. He himself said to be ready and no man shall know the hour, He also said He would return as a thief in the night. I believe we are a lot closer than we know.
  6. True, but the timing is impeccable, considering they just outed a security adviser for communications with Russia. It being right off of our major sub base is curious. It probably has the ability to track subs, it is a spy sea vessel.
  7. But business is personal, since the collection of coin is the endgame. As the countries vye for leadership or a sustainable portion of the coin, political tensions flair. If it's not over economics, its borders.
  8. The chaos masters, how can a person really derive any sanity from all the craziness. Its as if everything is going to happen, then nothing happens, and the guy orchestrating this just sets in the corner and laughs. If anyone can explain why this Russian ship is off our coastal border, please enlighten me.
  9. I think about that, the more technologically advanced our race is becoming, flying at the speed of light, the more our humanity fades into obscurity.
  10. For me it's a figh For me, I quietly revolt every day! But I also see these events that are unfolding as a necessary means to an end, every book has an ending and it seems that the last chapters are being read. The book has a happy ending for me, not so much for those who's ultimate goal is to turn the light off. I'll just set back, fight the good fight in my own little corner of the world, shine a light for those outside my sphere of influence, and watch those who stumble in darkness try to turn off the light that exposes their dirty deeds.
  11. Makes you wonder doesn't it, they are not striving to keep humanity engaged in purposeful existence, instead they are removing the opportunity to do so. Are they trying to prepare the world for depopulation, not that the world could not support the population through proper management, but so fewer could exploit more resources for their own personal consumption!
  12. The push for total control of money, and total reliance on the government system is moving ahead rapidly, at the same time removing an individual's ability to remain self reliant. It was no accident that retirement funds were placed where they are in control of the banking cartel, where they can be raped at will through speculation. Now you have no chance to save for your retirement because of the costs to live, and no chance to live comfortably at retirement for lack of funds and healthcare costs, what's left, rely on the government to eek out an existence, with minimal healthcare coverage. I know many retirees who cannot afford proper healthcare, which assures they will not live long enough to enjoy what they worked their lifetime for. What I see in the future ( if there is no drastic change) is communism dictated by government economic enforcement.....or UBI as you call it.
  13. This is a good video about technology and where it's taken us. 2 billion jobs lost to automation and robotics, what happens when roughly a third of the population has too much time on it's hands? 80 people own half the world, that's some pretty thin slices for the other half!
  14. No one puts new wine into old bottles. As long as there are members loyal to the darkness in the intelligence community there will be no way to change the guards.
  15. 'These' aren't 'psychics', but they do have the ability to retrieve information. This may sound far fetched but it's true, demons communicate with each other, and there are those who communicate with demons. Intelligence community's around the world have capitalized on this age old esoteric trick. How do you think the darkness has stayed in power and passed this knowledge down through the ages. Women are more apt in this ability than men, they can channel demons better. Behind the scenes are women who transfer vast amounts of information, they are the ones who gather the Intel from the male drones. Demons don't need wire taps, or any electronics to gather information, but they do depend on those that gather and compile the information, and those to set in place a cover for 'legit' information gathering. This is why draining the swamp is going to be very interesting, some of these swamp creatures have existed for thousands of years.