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  1. WhiteHorse

    Trump prevents bible prophecy from happening

    God has always confused those who are wise in their eyes and hid His mysteries from them. Prophesy will happen within His divine timeframe just as it always has just as it always will.
  2. I have seen absolute miracles and the Hand of God move in my life and my children's lives. I went to pick up some 2" 20ft square tubing at a local business. I took my oldest son who has Asperger's and was 4 at the time . We were out in the yard and the man said " watch it, I'm going to cut the bands on this bundle and sometimes they fall". My son asked for a piece of gum and then asked for another, I didn't think much of it at the time. As soon as the man cut the last band on the bundle of tubing may son ran over underneath the bundle. The bundle popped and square tubing rained down all around my son. It was like an invisible force was placed over his head and tubing fell in front of him and behind him but not a single piece touched him.. After the tubing quit falling there was my son looking up with his hand up in the air saying to the man "You want a piece of gum" , oblivious to what just happened.
  3. The Jewish never marry outside traceable bloodlines. All others are easily racked off as imposters. This is all anti-Jewish. The true tribes of Israel kept track of their lineage. Even after being carried off into captivity. It’s not like any of this happened in archaic times before written language. It will play out just as it has and how it is. Nothing will change the ordained path God has for His chosen people. satan has tried to eradicate the bloodline since before the prophecy of Jesus Christ. It will happen just as prophesied and we can do nothing but watch it unfold. They will come into their full inheritance as will we who are chosen of the gentile. I watch and wait.
  4. WhiteHorse

    Israel Has Finally Lost it

    They are playing the same game. Scare the rats and see which way they run. I refuse to be a rat. The masters of illusion under the prince of the power of the air control all we see. Are you sure that Israel really scrambled the f15’s. We are not sure of what’s real. Our reality comes from a lighted screen. And we are at the mercy of the “ truth dealers”. I question everything because everything is in question
  5. But the Illuminati and Pike were European in origin. Even though the main derivatives were lored off as Jewish ( central banks) there is nothing further from the truth. Are there some (sos) that have infiltrated the true Jewish community, absolutely. This can be seen in immoral laws in Israel. But if we look here in the states we can see we are also plagued with the same infiltration but by a different name. Do we say all of the Americans are at fault?
  6. But the true followers of the Talmud ( those vexed in Babylon) have no ties to Zionism. Zionism is merely the movement back to the place of mount Zion in the vicinity of Jerusalem. The protocols and other anti-Jewish propaganda gave rise to the Zionist bs to usurp the Jewish return to their homeland.
  7. WhiteHorse

    Israel Has Finally Lost it

    I don’t buy the Syrian gas narrative either. But the motives are rather vague to try to play pin the tail on the jackass right now.
  8. Colonial cretinism. No we kicked your asses back to Great Britain because we were tired of the tyranny and the British superiority complex. Command of the English language does not mean command of manners. So you have no roots...only fluttering leaves. Did you read my post... I pass no judgement.
  9. Some true some not exactly true. God never said the exile was permanent. In fact a lot is scriptural prophecy denotes that they would be gathered from the 4 corners of the earth back to their land. No sect would want prophecy fulfilled. Especially those who are known to be the synagogue of satan. (Ponder) The only messiah that will come before Christ’s return will be the Antichrist. He ain’t coming from Israel.
  10. Is this the same critical thinking prime I remember. Close was never an option for you.
  11. Official to the mainstream media.
  12. What you gonna have a neural synaptic seizure because someone disagrees with your paradigm. Just for curiosity sakes what do you adhere to. You just blow where the wind takes you. I pass no judgment. Merely an objective observation.
  13. Second of all Moses never entered the promised land ( Israel ) and was therefore no part of it but by lineage. I could keep on going but like you said ( novel/book). Excuses wont refute the fact that the protocols were propoganda. I see a lot of inconsistencies in your post. To me it’s like most post that lean towards anti-Semitic. You can sway the unstudied or overwhelm the (lazy). But for those who are willing to dig past the rhetoric. There is truth gold to be dug.
  14. a Brit lecturing on arrogance. You being raised a witch sums it. Prideful rebellion towards your Creator.
  15. WhiteHorse


    When people become civilized the restructuring will cease. Until then the rise and fall of idiocracy will befall humans.

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