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  1. I remember the Navy officer was fired when he leaked the fact that they were headed for Dubai to inspect real estate for Obama because he was planning to purchase an estate there. That was around the time there was chatter that Obama wanted that position at the helm of the UN and he would live in Dubai.
  2. I agree that we should question anything put out there, but stand back and look at the big picture. If Roger orchestrated this, then you have to believe he had control over Podesta's emails in order to plant clues (inc., FBI pedo communication words, etc.), the DC pizza connection, postings to social media, and other tidbits of information that correlate with the story, including the Epstein fringe reports (remember Trump himself was accused of sexual assaults, too). It would have had to be a big wide stretch to swallow this conspiracy (theory).
  3. Ambassadors don't expect to serve beyond the appointing president's term. What is the big deal? Need time to pack after 1/20? If they understand when their term ends, why not start making plans? Nobody expects an incoming president to give outgoing president a few extra days beyond the inauguration to vacate.
  4. I hope someone from the Trump team takes all this in.
  5. I read awhile back that Bill suffers from Rosacea, and it affects the soft tissue, especially to nose and cheeks. I figured that's why his nose was red frequently. I don't think they even know what causes it, just flares up for no apparent reason.
  6. Cue the deaths of two forensic document examiners. Especially the guy that lives in HI. Here we are and Obama is leaving office in a month... 8 years of destruction. Why now? It's not that they haven't tried. They have been blocked over the last several years...been harassed and Arpaio arrested, etc.
  7. If it is not a hoax, then I believe the time is right to do the release. Brakes need to be engaged on those who are out to prevent our President Elect from taking the oath. Let's hope if it is, the rats will scurry to places unknown. Good riddance.
  8. I listened twice to Alex and the so-called attorney. Neither man seemed to focus on any one point and it was difficult to follow. I came away thinking the convenient attorney was supposed to be at Comet to be a witness to Comet being a nice family facility. I also think the shooter was sent it to create the scene. Typical of these people, he has a history of acting. Of course, the attorney would not see any on the controversial artwork because anything to create suspicious probably has been removed. The guy said he didn't even go back into the back third area, yet he can make a declaration that Comet is an okay place. The attorney clearing had an agenda, blaming Alex for the Muslims getting a bad rap. If they guy has listened to Alex, he would know that Alex clearly points to the Muslims who practice sharia, "who "cut off women's genitals, etc. I watched Alex's video on 11/23, on a Saturday, where he felt compelled to address the pedophilia topic after it was all over the internet.
  9. Any reason why the SLimg site comes up "content not found," each time I click on a link to view a photo, e.g., Kissinger, etc.?
  10. Why doesn't SNL create some skits about Alec Baldwin's visits to Epstein's Pedo Island and flights on the Lotlita Express. Time the tables were turned on him.
  11. We have put our confidence in Trump. It'll be 2 months before he takes the oath. Remember, we know about the emails on a private server and some other evidence of her dealings. I have a feeling more will be revealed. There are some things you have to prosecute.
  12. Too bad, will take him awhile to get over it. Sounds like a manic episode with psychotic features.
  13. Up 'til now I thought this was a good upright site. I have my doubts now and will be doubly careful when I scrutinize information. Why don't you ask Doug if he did in fact put tape on a photo. I would like to know, too, because I have taken him to be an honest person. As far as AJ is concerned, I look at info put out by him in the past; weigh it and I don't fault him other than over emotional expression.
  14. I don't get it. What are you talking about; what piano kid?