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  1. These people often live tragic lives we don't ever see. I used to watch Happy Days all the time when it was it was in syndication. I couldn't stomach it for 5 seconds now....but man I used to think she was a little cutey! Nothing compared to Linda Carter, but hey, I was really sophisticated when I was 9 years old and had a thing for maturity! Lol.
  2. Thank you Shep. I will use that button. My apologies for my conduct.
  3. You can call me out all you want! Doesn't bother me. But you want to basically call me a pussy on here, based on one post, hmmmm seems to me that you may be a bit of an agitator of sorts.
  4. Hey! You can PM me if want to hash this out with big boy words - mate! I'm not a "yank" and I don't recall lying or back peddling about anything! You have taken my post WAY out of context! You better check yourself before you wreck yourself....mate.
  5. Dude, I really don't care what you think. Who said i stand behind any of this. I purposely made a double standard joke of this retarded situation and you flip out and take it all personal and then want to take it to a personal level with me. I don't have to explain anything to you. You and I have had words before on here. I remember your name. i'm not going to trade tw*t for tw*t threats with you. You are no one, especially to me. But if you EVER want to see if I will "fold like a cheap suit"' feel free to look me up. I'll give you one opportunity to put words into action. I'm not going to take shit from a troll like you. Sorry Cin. Delete my account if you have to. I enjoy visiting this site, but I'm not going to take crap from condescending people who can't take humour for what it is.
  6. The notion that could happen and that North Korea would be behind it has been the narrative for a few years now. I believe you are 100% correct on your assertion that it is coming soon! And no...we are not ready for something like this. The thing that scares me is the possibility that either they will employ the EMP attack either prior to a nuclear attack ( that attack will actually most likely come from our larger red enemies, not from NK itself like we are being made to believe) or prior to an invasion. I know that seems remote, but is it? Our forces are spread thin, our morale is lower than it has been in the past (both military and civilian) and let's face it, they are working feverishly on disarming us. Get this, I live in Canada and my buddy works at huge steel mill in our city. They supply all over the world! During a recent shift, heavily armed SWAT officers brought in several large crates of confiscated firearms to be melted down. He noticed that a lot of the weapons looked like assault rifles. In Canada, they are prohibited if they are fully automatic and can be tough to come by - both legally and illegally. So I wonder where these came from? Maybe some people turned them in, maybe they were confiscated, or defective from gun stores - I don't know. But my friend said those crates were full of them! The timing of events like these always strike me as suspicious. With all the drills going on everywhere and the events in the world these days. All the talk of the Walmart camps and stuff like that. UN vehicle sightings in the States and large amounts of military vehicles being moved around the country via rail. Is it all coming to a head? We will find out someday. How will we all respond? And with with what if they take it all away? Scary times for sure....
  7. Wow, scored a critical hit on your go button eh? Lol and thanks for the history lesson! Im no bully and I don't support that type of crap you are shovelling either. If the powers that be want this - they will get it! I Was trying to be sarcastic and funny about this potentially deadly situation. But you, the noble internet warrior has to try to characterize western people in general because of atrocities our governments have committed in the past and continue to commit! I was merely commenting on the way North Korea delivers threats and the context they do so in. I'm not saying the States is in the right here or that I support their negative efforts in Syria, the western Pacific, or anywhere else for that matter! What are they supposed to do, just let North Korea make threats like that and then wait for them to deliver?? If someone got in my face and threatened me or my family, I would put them down without hesitation! So lighten up a bit and enjoy the ride. It could be our last!!
  8. How can the US possibly trust any sort of deal with China? Or any possible future adversary for that matter? Look how it worked out for Russia and Germany in Ww2! All China did at the White House with Trump was stall the inevitable a bit allowing Russia to position military hardware in the theatre of operation and possibly into North Korea itself! Nobody is going to be able to calm North Korea down and this will lead to major conflict. As long as the USA persists in the western pacific, the danger of major war will remain. The only other possible scenario here is what we conspiracy people like to call "the great culling of the human race". Get those numbers down to more manageable digits for the NWO. Either way, it's not good for us.
  9. Yeah....sounds like a peaceful state alright. We will execute anyone who opposes excessive clapping at the mere sight of Nacho Supreme Leader Slim Dung Fat. And also we will demonstrate or willingness to be peaceful by threatening to nuke 100s of millions of innocent men, women and children. Our message to the evil west - "Our bent missiles will find you, somehow, hopefully before they run out of fuel! Wait, they can never run out of fuel...because they run on the sweat of the Nacho Supreme Leader, and the sweat is plentiful!" How much more of this war talk BS are we going to take? And all the while the Russians and Chinese posture their forces to support this maniac. We should have done something about this problem 2 administrations ago! Now the problem is way more complex! I know it would severely escalate the situation, but I wish Trump would load a healthy dose of American Foreign Policy into a minuteman 3 and ram it down the throat of that yip yapping prick. Ahhhhh....nothing like the calm that follows a good rant!
  10. I bet half of those modern missiles we saw in that charade parade were purchased or on loan from Russia. I thought those looked like Topol-Ms. Makes perfect sense now. They aren't developing anything. It is all being handed to them by Russia. Want to boost your economy? Just sell advanced weaponry to rogue nations, the States have been doin this for decades.
  11. And here we go once again! One big head game if you ask me! They like to keep everyone amped up!
  12. I'm sorry....something about that guy just drives me nuts. I know all this ww3 crap isn't all his fault. The U.S. is doing a great job beating the war drums these days! But to use threats of nuclear devastation as recklessly as he does, the man deserves an open-handed western b*tch slap! Oh well....let's keep watching how this plays out.
  13. Awwww how cute.....they broadcast the music from SlimKim's crib when he goes sleepy time! Then one of his generals ( the one with no skin left on his hands from clapping at every move that fat wanker makes in a futile effort to not be the next execution)comes in and reads him a fairytale...."and den we show to the people of the world our vast missile freet! Bristling projectiles wrapped in mâché so goopy dat de nose cones bend dis way n dat when it dries....then behold....we pick one to raunch.....errrr.....maybe we read next story....Awww...How we defeated America by having parades showing off our vast farcenal!" "Good night Nacho Supreme Reader.....". I know.....I'm terrible.....LOL
  14. I think it was 100% fake! If it was real, then a perdy little MOAB would have nestled itself right in the middle of all the fun! That would have been no use though....SlimKim would have gobbled it up with a glass of milk! Sow.
  15. Ahhh I don't know about that guy. I usd to listen his podcasts and all I really got was a lot of conjecture and things taken out of context. Don't get me wrong, I love a good conspiracy like the next COP member, but man....and also, his shows are like 70% marketing, so he basically pushes his stuff to sell stuff. I get that. Anyways, when his fear-porning days come to an end, he could use that uber-raspy voice to become death metal singer, perhaps better than Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God???? Haha, not likely.