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  1. Well I guess we'll have to wait and see how it all works on us! Regardless, do you really want to be a part of what is to follow?
  2. That's the conundrum....do you dig down and try to survive it only to emerge into a radiated craphole? Or do you put on your shades and enjoy what you can of the big show! It's one night only - guaranteed sell out!
  3. My thoughts exactly! They have been active in the arctic for a few years now. Opening old bases and building a few new ones. We have too. The arctic could very well be a flash point. And thanks for adding more to that Cinnamon!
  4. It's heading to the Mediterranean to try to add a balance in air power. The fact that they chose to navigate through the English Channel (which puts them very close to mainland England) to me, is nothing more than a show of force. They could have gone out to the Atlantic and passed the isles way out in international waters. They want us to watch this carrier strike group closely so that we aren't watching anywhere else. The Med is going to become very crowded soon enough. And so is the Persian Gulf!
  5. I know there is a lot going on right this moment, everywhere, but this quiet is concerning...It seems like everyone is watching this Russian carrier task force as it nears the English Channel. Watching and wondering.
  6. I'm at peace with it all. What else can you be - scared? NEVER!
  7. I definitely believe comms will be the first to go. Then sub launched first strike - either ground burst strategic or high altitude EMP. If this whole thing is really a ruse to kick off a massive martial law state to usher their "New World Order", then we'll see enemy or U.N. troops on the ground almost immediately. If it isn't that, then I think hell will be unleashed. I think it would just take the sacrifice of one small piece of American soil - strategic or otherwise - to make us all believe the unthinkable is happening. By that time, Obama would have hit the breaks on EVERYTHING and this continent will be vacuum sealed. Where it goes from there, we'll we all have are own theories on that. But it sure feels like something is coming...whatever it is.
  8. I'm Canadian and all my co-workers talk about is this sideshow of an election. I try to tell them (not that it matters to us...eh) everyone should be worried about what the current POTUS is up too and not what these two circus clowns are doing.
  9. Unfortunately, that brand of complacent thinking you use in those analogies is going to get a lot of people in trouble when and if the SHTF!