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  1. Yup....when it comes to 9/11, we are all expected to just casually shut off that little area of our brain which processes rational thought! "Ignorance is Strength". Awesome. Lol.
  2. Steady diet of government cheese eh???? Does he live in a van down by the river??? Lmao
  3. Heh....snicker..snicker....trying..to...compose...myself.....NOPE!! What a CHEESEDICKTATOR! See what I did there?.
  4. No laughing n dancing here my friend. I'm just making fun of the bullshit it has become. I think we are all fully aware of what this pudgy lunatic is capable of!
  5. Well, guess we'll just wait for the next uptick of this "story" and it will follow the path the previous supply of wine went!
  6. The US has to stop using the boogeyman narrative. It's so transparent and pathetic. Our enemies must look at us and think "oh you sad citizens of North America, your politicians are drunk...take them home!"
  7. Man, this situation is up and down like my cholesterol! My sister drank all the wine in her wine cellar and is converting it to a damn bomb shelter! Now I gotta bottle more wine with her!
  8. Of course, The DEFCON Warning system site isn't affiliated with government or military services so that condition level may not accurately reflect real time tension or threat levels. I have a feeling the actual level is 3. I may be wrong, but it "feels" like a dangerous situation is brewing!
  9. Wow that's crazy! It would really suck to be trapped in a helicopter so out of control! That is a merciless decent to the final destination!
  10. Are things moving faster?

    Absolutely! It's like someone trying to learn calculous when they can barely add two freekin numbers together!
  11. Are things moving faster?

    I find it exhausting to explain the events unfolding to people who this time last year were saying "you're crazy" or "I don't care about that stuff!" They care now! People need to wake-the-f**k-up!
  12. Man this is theeee most boring game of "flinch" EVER!!! One side do something already! Maybe their real goal is too bore the living shit out of everybody with all their "I'm gunna gitcha good this time" bs. I guess it has become the norm for countries to just openly threaten one another with annihilation.
  13. Yup...childish mode engaged! He really pumped one in there! A massive load of f**k shot! I know, I know.....this is horrible for the lady! A simple gun safety course could have prevented this! Then they could have moved on up to bazooka sex! Now that's where it's at!!
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