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  1. Goodnight, everyone. It's time to ruminate on how shitty our country has turned out to be.
  2. Very true. Something needs to happen. I am sure that everyone is so tired of waiting in suspense for something to happen. Maybe Trump will be the unexpected hero! I think he should stop worrying about Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice and matters like that though, The country's fate doesn't lay in that issue. It lays in the issue that we may or may not be on the brink on nuclear war. But who knows? Whoever wins, I hope they play offense.
  3. I do agree that that is the problem. Do you think Trump will be the one to negotiate for us?
  4. Trump is a great business man. I do not believe he would be a good president. Hillary is a woman, I do not believe she would be a good president. I'd rather elect a piece of soggy cardboard. Let me die in peace please ;-;
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