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  1. Yep...because if you do the math...the sun would never "dip" on FE...it would always be visible. That is why they keep changing their "facts" like sun distance from earth...
  2. WRONG again. It is called FACT. Sun goes below the horizon. The amount fanatic belief in FE is akin to religion...might as well have someone write a FE bible so you folks can go door to door to spread the "truth"!
  3. They don't make trillions...they cost trillions...big diff.
  4. WRONG. You can't be popping off at the mouth about seeing a mountain range 300 miles away but ignore the damn SUN SETTING BELOW THE HORIZON.
  5. Brainwashing...lets see ...believes in FE...toss out all logic when applied to the FE model...Sun only 30k(or what ever number they use)miles up yet we can't see it 24-7. Clearly the sun is stationary and the dinner plate is spinning....CLEARLY.... Yep...education hard at work!
  6. Day/night prove rotation. I know it is addictive to "belong" to the "in" crowd...but seriously...find something else to educate yourself with instead of following people who are making money off suckers.
  7. Ya don't say? Someone is making money of of FE...who'da thunk!
  8. By the same way the sun is only 30k miles up....but not allowed to be seen 24-7 365....while we can see a mountain range almost 300 miles away! That FE logic!
  9. Just white people. It says so in their pedo/m u z z i e handbook.
  10. Where is a delete button when you need it?
  11. Asteroid number# 3,415,946,217 about to hit Earth. CLICK HERE for the inside scoop...don't forget to buy a membership!
  12. I have been seeing reality this way for almost 50 years!
  13. Maybe it has to do with an increased vocabulary today versus long ago. I also don't remember learning bullshit religion in science class...IMAGINE THAT!!