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  1. Yep. That was my first thought too. I do that both sides think. Helps achieve center. People also need to verify on how rockets work that are designed for space. Hint...it's not the same as surface rockets. (fuel)
  2. Might want to ask the Myth busters if they tested that theory. Unless they have been cloned, threatened or blackmailed then I am going with...BUSTED! Apologies...I get a bit giddy when I get to mimic when they say that at the end of a show.
  3. Whelp I see otherwise.... My son is on ROUGH and unpolished stone that will take me YEARS to polish.
  4. Here you folks go for viewing pleasure and reducing anxiety. Apologies for first links audio not matching...I "misplaced" the original link.
  5. So do I and any another person that wants to achieve success. Kind of like taking ALL deductions I can to lower taxes.
  6. This is one thing that I wish people would hold back on. If you go and look at why zoning laws surrounding his casino changed then you would understand even back then he was under attack. The man has a vision and drive and until proven otherwise he has my backing. EDIT: This allowed other casinos which sucked the "monopoly" he had in the area. He learned then and there that art of dirty politics.
  7. Why? When I approach a hobby it is with gusto and zeal. Always looking to make it greater!
  8. Hehehe...we found the real "russian hacker". Calling DONNNAAAHHHALLLD!!!!!
  9. Forget to turn off your vpn from Russia?
  10. Start? I knew you it! A cia plant! Sidenote: NO I AM NOT TIRED OF WINNING!!!
  11. CNN Breaking News: Trump plagiarizes all literature by using words contained in the English language. Join us at the top of the hour to learn more about this insidious attack.
  12. Hmmm...not quit convinced....You could just be a CIA op to infiltrate us!
  13. Shep has got to get that gif of the cat getting beamed up...that was AWESOME!
  14. I heard the yell "CUT MY TAXES" during his speech. Damn he was on fire with the speech!