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  1. Trump Speaking Live at The U.N.

    I agree with you on the good things and pulling out of the UN (which had good intentions but was corrupted beyond repair)....but letting Israel get bombed off the map is not something we want. There is no other country that will help us if all hell breaks loose. Europe is already taken off the board due to internal strife ("refugee invasion")... Africa? Saudi Arabia? Syria? Iraq? Iran? China? Soviet Union? India? Australia? Yeah we would be on our own (which I am ok with to an extent) but the logistics of modern day versus 50 years ago...let's not risk it.
  2. Trump Speaking Live at The U.N.

    How about him laying the smack down on the UN? Not good enough? Calling out failed socialism and communism not good enough? Have you given any thought to what would happen if Israel falls? No...but it is fun to shit on the president...right? He is doing a fine job with the mess he inherited. This won't be cleaned up over night. You should know that by now.
  3. Trump Speaking Live at The U.N.

    Keep sipping the koolaid without doing any research. I like how he is "not a great business man or leader" line, parroted until believed. What the f**k have you done? Newsflash. He built an empire as well as ran and won an presidential election even when there is massive voter fraud. Folks listening to MSM or concern trolls that are planted to sway opinion......Yeah...this site continues to slip more and more left...just look at all the new accounts that have popped up to "complain" about Trump.
  4. The forces enacting (acceleration or negative acceleration) are the reason you feel inertia change. The whole point was that if you are traveling at 2000 mph...and you accelerate an additional 1 mph...you will not feel jack squat.You can measure the inertia force in the change...but with only 1 mph change in speed and it takes less than 1 second...yeah...you feel nothing. You pretty much summed up what I have said in "a dozen ways from Sunday"!
  5. It's been a regular occurrence for literally millions of years.
  6. Actually...we learned all of it from the "gods/angels/demons/aliens". We just took their examples of fighting....and improved it!
  7. If you can dodge a wrench...you can dodge a zombie! Rule #1 Cardio Rule #2 Double Tap
  8. Wishful thinking or being sarcastic?
  9. Like I said you feel inertia. You wrote all that and proved the following: If there is no change in speed then there is no acceleration. Acceleration is a change in speed. It really is quite simple. In fact...everything you posted supports the simple concept. Acceleration is a change in speed. What you feel when you accelerate or negatively accelerate is inertia. Even using the merry-go-round as an example. It can have a constant speed (meaning zero acceleration) and you feel inertia via centrifugal force. EDIT: Reread all you posted. I hate when they double dip on terminology. You are correct in the equations labeling of acceleration during arc. According to Newton's first law of motion, an object not subjected to any net external force moves at constant velocity and will continue to do so until some force causes its speed or direction to change. Rotational inertia is calculated for objects rotating about an axis. Rotational Inertia = m(r)(r), where "m" is the mass and "r" is the radius or the distance between the object and the axis. Translational Inertia = ma, where "m" is the mass, and "a" is the acceleration of the object. In a straight line with 0 acceleration (constant speed of 10 mph or 1 million mph doesn't matter) the inertia is zero/zip/nada which was the whole point when regarding what we feel. In the arc, velocity is not constant but the acting force is inertia which is what I was going for when I used the car as an example of changing it's speed 1 mph and not feeling jack squat. And technically acceleration is a change in speed...if the speed is constant...there is 0 acceleration. Yes I see them double dipping the term acceleration when it's actually a different force than a change in speed.
  10. So we observe other planets that exhibit natural tendencies yet are not allow to infer the same tendencies towards our very own planet? I have seen many waterfalls and the water fell down....you mean to tell me that water falls up?
  11. No...you feel inertia...not acceleration. You apply force on an arc but if the speed around the arc is the same the only force is inertia wanting to go tangent to the mass orbit. Acceleration (or negative acceleration) is a change in velocity.
  12. LOL...they are part of the imaginary dome for star projection....maintenance contract ran out millions of years ago! LMAO!!! FE: we can see mountains a hundred miles away which proves FE ...but a sun which never increases or decreases in size....sitting at 30k miles....disappears from view! That double think....it's gotta hurt!
  13. Let's review. FACT: SUN GOES BELOW HORIZON FACT: SUN SHINES OR IS VISIBLE FOR A 24 HOUR AMOUNT OF TIME AT THE POLES ON DIFFERENT EQUINOXES FACT: EARTH ORBITS AROUND THE SUN FACT: TROPIC OF CANCER AND TROPIC OF CAPRICORN ARE THE SAME DISTANCE FACT: MOON ORBITS EARTH FACT: EARTH GETS HIT WITH METEORS FACT: SATELLITES EXIST FACT: THERE ARE STARS With these facts alone FE is dead and buried. Also....why the hell would the idea of a planet orbiting a sun be idiotic? Since when? Ohh that's right....Since it was cool to be in the "NOT REALITY" club. Gratz on the membership and discounting thousands of years of information! You and others on this thread are the one who implant confusion. FE comes up with a model....gets shot down with facts and logic....FE believers ignore the facts and hope nobody notices....only to bring up the same models and ideas 10 pages later. But mah clique? What about mah clique?
  14. Yeah...in a vacuum... But hey...let's all bow down to the asinine idea that we live on a flat planet with a dome over our head that is nothing more than a projector screen so we can look at stars at night. Much more plausible than the current model.
  15. Tell me about it...I would have to earn almost twice as much in order to achieve that level of income AFTER taxes.
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