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  1. Trust is one thing....expectations is another. I don't trust anyone mainly due to the law "circumstances prevail."
  2. LOL! I think Antarctican woke up on the wrong side of the pole this morning.
  3. This is why I recommended a political forum addition. Me...I am tired of the BS of headline reading and running with that instead of actually reading the article or maybe verifying it via another outlet. You want to bash Trump be my guest, if there is enough Trump bashing without FACTS, then yes I will say something and if this forum gets political in nature you can keep it. It will turn into one echo chamber of Trump bashing instead of anything else. Media continues to crap all over Trump...he must be doing something right. Now...can we get the f**k back to aliens and FE with a side of bigfoot reading from a bible?
  4. Slurring words is a big indicator that something is awry.
  5. They can try...many folks who don't goto church and work on Sunday's will continue to ...work on Sunday's. Church has no control over the daily lives of people.
  6. Wow...some folks sure like to bandwagon. Then say Trump goes back on everything (not true) and kicks in confirmation bias in the littlest of things. All the while Trump is slowly getting things done. Here is a few that are now in the works. Tax reform is now on the plate. He is going to build the wall. Renegotiating NAFTA. Kicking federal out of school systems. There is plenty more ...I suppose someone already has a website keeping track of this stuff. Stop reading headlines and get back to investigating.
  7. People expect too much too soon. Ask yourself ...What would happen at this current time if he just came out and said the following people are being investigated? How do you think the media and all the behind the scenes shadow government will respond? They would have a field day. Trump is dictator...blah blah blah...riots...escalated violence..... That is NOT how you MAGA.
  8. Trump being Trump! People may not always like the semantics but a renegotiated NAFTA is the same as abolishing it and putting a new deal in place.
  9. Fun fact...the Sun is everything to us. Without it we would be a frozen popsicles....although...there would be peace on earth......hmmmmmm Also noted that too much sun would sterilize the surface of this planet.....again...peace on earth.....things that make you go...hmmmm.
  10. Here he is implementing step one of pulling federal out of the schools. http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/apr/26/donald-trump-pull-feds-out-k-12-education/
  11. A good watch. Pretty much sums up how those in the shadows pull strings while staying in the shadows.
  12. @Ukshep The video he linked to is awesome as well. I suggest folks watch it now as there is only a few hours left on the window to view. https://www.gaia.com/give/video?token=cj1wux80p000201ky08tetuma
  13. Well...I can actually agree with the premise... Religion is nothing more than a control mechanism. Spirituality is where the truth resides. A pity that most of that was edited out of those documents.
  14. It's called a joke Cinn. If you can't see it then you are too emotionally invested. Men have been making jokes about women changing their minds faster than a traffic light for hundreds of years. (That's a joke too in case you get mad again:P) Who said raiding dispensaries? Sessions said that he enforces the law as Attorney General, and if you want a law to change, ask Congress to change it. He said it more than once. He is an enforcer and that is his job. With 27 states having medical and/or recreational...there is no going back. Trump is doing the usual double speak to maintain the middle and not push either side from the table. There is plenty going on in the background. -------------> The money/tax revenue will eventually settle the entire matter. <---------- Edit: Apologies as well....I was confusing UN with DEA (who pitched it back to the FDA saying they need to reschedule)
  15. You seem confused Cinn...where did he go back on pot? He kicked it back to the UN scheduling thing which we "have" to abide by until it is rescheduled. Once it is rescheduled at the "world government level" then he will be kicking it back to the states. He can't do jacknothing until that happens. So how about you list out all those promises he went back on in his first 100 or so days of office. P.S. Changing your mind every other day is indicative of someone easily swayed...or a female.