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  1. HIS WORDS: Shills have been pushing that around pretty hard (that it was Space-X and to believe otherwise is 'idiotic'), and not only here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Space-X said there would be a launch. So anyone that points out that it was a Space-X launch is a shill. So yeah...calling bull....if he maybe had worded it differently you MIGHT have a point.
  2. We can see you have never been to a concert sitting in the back where you can't see the stage lights yet you can see the beam coming down on the performers.
  3. Tarmalen

    Ancient Sword That Came From The Future?

    The more I think about it...the more it makes sense. If slag doesn't have a high concentration of dipoles then they would not be attracted to a magnet. (In other words only the iron would be attracted) Someone should write this guy and ask him to experiment using magnets during the separation process.
  4. Tarmalen

    The Rider on the White Horse

    Circumstances prevail. If I kill this kid now he won't grow up to be the antichrist....is that evil or is that good? Philosophy - Love it!
  5. Tarmalen

    Ancient Sword That Came From The Future?

    Good theory...but could they get the spin fast enough back then? I know we can now. EDIT: Or maybe the opposite...use a magnet to pull just the iron and leave the slag?
  6. Tarmalen

    The Rider on the White Horse

    Well now...conundrum. White = Good...according to who? Bible? Movies? Personal taste? Depending on perspective good is evil and evil is good. I like the middle (We have had these conversations in the past). There is ALWAYS 3. You can't have a left side without a right side and neither could exist without the middle (that is where truth resides).
  7. The problem is that on a flat earth the sun would NEVER set. You would ALWAYS see the sun from ANYWHERE. There is daylight on the earth facing the sun 24/7/365 but you can't see it when the round earth has you facing AWAY from the sun.
  8. Unless you come up with something else for propulsion then it is in fact a rocket. Also...you are calling people shills for what? Because they pointed out that the company said they would launch something and they did? Yeah you can take a hike with your attitude. If people don't accept what you are pushing then they are shills... Until I see something other than contempt coming out of your keyboard...FLY A KITE and get high.
  9. Yep...just like when I attended the night launch in Florida for a shuttle mission. WAS EPIC! Glad they told me BEFORE hand so I could go see!
  10. The thing is...we can do this for any number. It's when you point out patterns (humans are good at patterns) then they tend to extrapolate more information than is actually evident. Here...I pulled up a quick search for December 25th. https://listverse.com/2011/12/25/10-significant-events-falling-on-december-25/ Enter the following in a search bar: things that happen on the 12th You will see PAGES of events that happen on this date regardless of month. I like Sheps model though...it is fun. Then again...did you not watch the following movie shep? P.S. Don't end up like him Shep!
  11. Fin...it was aliens...MIB...I don't care what fantasy you want to chase. Here are the facts: They said they would launch "something" "something" launched. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now if you want to go on to theorize about the tech that was involved or what it means then go for it. I could get behind that. But if you go changing facts to suit your agenda then you can better believe I will call bullshit.
  12. Really? I am pushing? I see...so when someone says they will launch something (in this case a "rocket" THEIR words not mine *jack*) then I can reasonably accept that it was a f**king rocket. Piss off if you don't like me being a skeptic...
  13. Look jack...I am not pushing shit... I am also not going to jump on the banana boat and accept every f**king dumbass theory that hits this site. Are things a bit off? Well ..you really think they will be sharing any high-tech that they maybe experimenting with or utilizing?
  14. Well that is just common sense. We get hit with hundreds of tons (I am low balling) of material each year... Multiply that by millions of years and yeah...we getting bigger! Big man on campus!

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