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  1. Defending what exactly? If a bridge fails and someone says it was due to a design defect you are going to say it was a perfect bridge?
  2. Well....it looks like the design sucks. We are at 7 billion and counting....I suppose nobody is "worthy"... Like I said....design failure.
  3. Why not all of them!?! Better yet...how about the sun is stationary and the pancake revolves around it while also revolving around a cup of coffee.
  4. Nah...you just need wild accusations and the brain dead sheep will run with it ...hook, line, and sinker.
  5. Using the same photos and rockets to prove FE is another laughing matter.
  6. Yeah looked like you could see the rub out.
  7. They are taking over the world...have you seen their leader Trump?
  8. We already covered this. Plenty of amateur vids of ISS. Though I suppose they are just brainwashed idiots that believe their own eyes....the nerve!
  9. He makes money telling stories to gullible folks.
  10. Ohh look...a democrat! How is this even comparable to Detroit's violence and death toll anyways? I agree they need to be charged but that is not even close to the failure of Detroit's democratic farm.
  11. Like I said....just because people worked at a big corp does not make them TPTB. You don't hire a burger flipper as the security cabinet. You realize that once you get to top 100 corps...you will see the same names...because those companies want to hire the best. It's not always the evil boogey man.
  12. They won't be collecting much energy when they burn it down. Which is what they already said they would do....unless they have changed their minds.