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  1. Well...because it is annoying....there are new threads regarding FE all the dayum time. There is more than enough threads regarding FE theories that we don't need another. Should I just start a new thread every day with Round Earth is REALZ..."HARCORE PROOF inside!"!"!one!!@!eleven.... At the time of this post there is a thread with 894 pages full of bull....don't need another.
  2. Man I can't believe someone takes the time to reply to a post that doesn't agree with their philosophy. Irony...the laughter of the gods.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    DAYUM! That sounds like sermons I used to sit through as a child. Is your training in any relation to sheep control perhaps?
  4. Those tiny fairies sure do a good job in an electron microscope!!! Bring it...I am looking for some fun!!
  5. Here is a trip to the past. Someone with enough intelligence raised the water level in a model to a certain height. Next thing you know it is floating on the internet as fact. The one caveat that was not mentioned is the timeline. That is enough out of me for one knight.
  6. The Wyoming incident

    Alternate Reality Games. Go trip down that rabbit hole.
  7. Holy shit...do you people NOT understand the periodic table?
  8. Fancy. Guess what...those "non facts" that you can't see therefore can't accept is accountable for the very things that provide you with the ability to type all those words. Might as well throw chemistry out with the periodic table even though it is demonstrative science.
  9. You miss the part where it is measurable though. Electric current is measurable. This is caused by free electrons in the outer shell shifting from one molecule to the next. In fact most of the stuff you said is in fact measurable. Saying the ground is flat is laughable since mountain ranges are not flat, valleys are not flat, the great plains are not flat. If you want your reality to be living in a petri dish of some alien race...be my guest. I will carry on living life one day at a time.
  10. Uhhh...what? How about a link to back up this claim. Otherwise no...it is the moon that affects the tides. Just like the full moon affects humans. Plenty of info out there about how the moon does indeed affect the human brain.
  11. That reminds me...I have to swing by the hospital tomorrow for my weekly "routine annual" "minimally invasive" brain surgery. I almost forgot!
  12. UFOs in the Backyard

    I concur with the statement under the last image. Lens flair.
  13. Merkel Says No To Upper Limits On Refugees

    A person will do what ever it takes to put food on the table. Propaganda that folks won't work is made up to employee dirt cheep labor without providing any benefits.
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