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  1. I sooo want to see the president go: "Alex what's your question?"
  2. You know why it's composite? They are not far enough away to get it all in one pic. Kind of like trying to show earth's curve when you are only up 100 miles.
  3. Already mentioned in another thread but i will do so here. Standard operating procedure for a new administration. They wipe everything.
  4. Yeah...no sheet. Like going to an away football game with their most hated rivals. You don't talk trash in their yard. Low key...enjoy the game and don't get stabbed/shot/beat.
  5. Easy now...some folks are not ready for that kind of information...baby steps...
  6. BOOM!!!! The first of many. The media thought they had us in sheep mode....little did they realize.....
  7. Hit post before I said... I HOPE SO!!!!
  8. I smell something....kind of rank...like bullshit or something. Sounds like edgy doom porn.
  9. I got an Obama phone...foodstamps...free rent...
  10. The sky is falling...the sky is fall....wait...just passing by...one of these days I will be right...just you wait! P.S. Thanks for the links!
  11. That's awesome! Never saw this one...and I LOVED Green Acres...one of the few shows worth watching when I skipped schul. /spelling intended
  12. Whelp it's a good thing i made it through school before this BS. I would be on death row otherwise...
  13. We can always use history as a guide or use rule of thumb. When groups become large infighting occurs.
  14. See...the plan is unfolding....displace brits and make them U.S. problem!!! Wait...you guys have tea and biscuits all day...hmmmmmm...