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  1. Not natural autism no. Many people are finding natural treatments for the induced autism side effect from vaccines.
  2. You should research some of the natural cures. I can't say which but I have read many articles over time that people are swearing saved their kids. I didn't chase this too far so I will not lead you astray with personal views.
  3. Read the entire conversation. I made one comment about me loving what I do and religious nitwits that want to "spark" something come a running. I will work or rest as I see fit. Don't like it? TOO F**KING BAD. Remember: "I have freedom of will" so kindly SOD off or is it only free if I agree with some "insert religious bs here"? EDIT: @Walk Softly I respect other peoples views regarding what they want to believe. We have had this conversation already.
  4. Wow. Thanks for the blue print! 1) come up with almost valid predictions 2 ) shelf them 3) pull out the ones that come true 4) ...... 5) profit! Call me skeptical but P.T. Barnum said it best....
  5. Hence my son will not be going to college and instead he will take up a trade skill via experience. College of 25 years ago is dead and gone. Education takes a back seat to self induced servitude.
  6. I was JUST going to post that this looks like something for the movie "Arrival". I enjoyed the movie btw. Love how it shows that time isn't what we think.
  7. I would be remiss if I let you go alone. I will go with you....to fact check...of course.
  8. Man...they sure have come along way since I programmed a Hero robot in the late 80's. Pack it up boys...you see the future of evolution (happened already in the past but that is another story).
  9. Is "your" religion is better than "someone else's" religion. I mean...we have like FIVE THOUSAND to choose from! Take the religious divisiveness and begone. Religion is nothing but a control mechanism.
  10. Then spit it out. Dancing is for indepth mental fun and not cursory baiting.
  11. I missed this? How about we schedule this...like a bi-weekly event or some such?
  12. Do you feel persecuted in real life that you seek it out on a forum?
  13. Light pollution is a biggie. You have to be far far away from a city. Also...yeah starless nights ties into material between us and the viewable object. *cough*Chemtr*COUGH* Now the theory behind the theory on that is we need to get the reflectability up to help negate the shrinking magnetic shield encompassing the earth. But what do I know? I am just some anon internet CT forum poster.
  14. I believe the posts will open as normal...full page.