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  1. Entire Federal Dept. Resigns

    Show them the door, and don't replace them. We don't need a bunch of artsy fartsy Pajama boys and girls meeting with the president anyway. He has bigger fish to fry, and he doesn't have time to mess around with a bunch of hateful art majors. Screw them and their safe spaces!
  2. When will we fight back?

    I too have wondered, what the spark would be that sets things into motion.
  3. The other two branches of government have checks and balances, but the judicial branch does not. Judicial Tyranny rules the day. If the convention of states ever convenes as outlined in Article V of the constitution, this should be the first thing they attack. Put restraints on this kind of lawlessness.
  4. That would be a YUGE mistake on Congress's part. Patriots all over this country are looking to quench that tree of liberty's thirst if they try and remove Trump for remarks that he made. This goes to show you how effective Trump has been, as he has these commie globalists running scared. They have to know the consequences if they try to impeach. It won't be pretty. Plus the military is on Trump's side, so Ryan and McConnell had better think this one through.
  5. She was either threatened or bought off after her initial praise of Trump. I'm sure of it.
  6. Daily Stormer dropped by ICANN and cloudflare

    US internet censorship has begun.
  7. South Carolina Says, "Ain't Happenin' "

    No I think you nailed it!
  8. What happens when you give a a child throwing a fit, exactly what they want? Answer: a child that has a tantrum every time they want something. This is extremely dangerous behavior by these liberal tools.
  9. It's escalating because these dumb ass liberal mayors and governors are appeasing these damn terrorists. Local and state governments all over the country are removing confederate monuments. We are giving them just what they want, so they will instigate more riots to encourage more appeasement. If a toddler throws himself on the floor and has a fit because you won't buy him candy in the line at Walmart, do you buy the candy to stop the fit? Hell no, you dish out some good old fashion corporal punishment. We are encouraging soiled children to act childish. Andre my words, they will come for the founders.
  10. Sick double standard! Was Obama responsible for Ferguson, or Baltimore? Sick leftist bastards!
  11. What the hell are we waiting for? Do we have to wait for an ICBM TO GO AIRBORNE before we light this dude up like a Christmas tree?
  12. Axis forces taking shape, China, then Russia, followed by Iran and Syria.
  13. Broke just after 4:30 developing..... http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/08/explosion-denver-possible-ied-islamic-center/
  14. Chelsea Clinton Caught Spreading Fake News!

    The first four words of your thread title made me throw up in my mouth a little. Felt a little better when I saw the words "fake news" following. But damn I still can't get that disturbing visual out of my head.
  15. Trump is Correct, John McCain is NOT A Hero

    I agree. What kind of scumbag talks this way about his country and his president? https://conservativepost.com/breaking-mccain-was-just-caught/
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