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  1. Libertyordeath19

    How is this not being talked about? FBI/DOJ FIRED

    Everyone having the same information does not guarantee anything. World views can turn substantiated facts into partisan lies. We have allowed everyone to live in their own reality, for so long, I don’t dont think we can find our way back.
  2. Libertyordeath19

    BREAKING: Embattled FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Has Resigned

    She did not resign, she was fired. But she is also a cooperating witness. Stay tuned.
  3. I thought the same thing a one point, but then I thought about it. If this were true, that Sessions was compromised, Trump would have fired him long ago. Trump still wants him there, if he’s still there. Think logically, why does Trump want him there?
  4. Remember Krang from Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles? Just thought I would bring that up.
  5. Libertyordeath19

    Another Florida School shooting, this morning!

    No, he had to go back to his “real” High School in CA.... errrrr I mean the High School he graduated from.
  6. Brain damage?? Is that why they keep electing the liberal/ fascist commies to run the show?
  7. Can’t own a gun til your 21 but you can vote at 16? This is twisted! These brainwashed young people will do much more damage at the ballot box, than they will with a gun, unfortunately.
  8. Libertyordeath19

    Report: FBI raids Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

    How in the hell did they get a search warrant??? Probable cause? Do these things even matter anymore?
  9. This is what has happened as progressives continue to dominate our sacred institutions, more specifically, academia and our universities. They control the narrative, and they brainwash the young people while they are being “educated”. It is what they are taught in school so they see no reason to question it. We have to gain back control of education or this is our future people!
  10. NDAA allows for this and the current version still has it intact. Indefinite detention of any American citizen with no charges, and complete revocation of 5th and 6th amendment rights. “But I don’t have anything to worry about because I didn’t do anything wrong”, says the sheeple.
  11. Libertyordeath19

    Sessions refuses to appoint 2nd Special Counsel

    This is the only reason why I’m continuing to give his the benefit of the doubt. Trump does not tolerate incompetence and he has no problem firing people. Sessions and his perceived bumbling may be a part of Trump’s end game. I just find it hard to believe that Trump has a problem with what Jeff is doing, if Jeff still has his job. Trump is masterful at punking the leftists and establishment RINOs. We have to wait. Trust the plan. Trust Sessions
  12. What happened to protection for whistleblowers? Oh, that’s right, it never existed. This is just the Deep State trying to hold onto what power they have left.
  13. Libertyordeath19

    Woman Opens Fire After Masked Armed Men Jump Her

    I have to assume that this will not air as “Breaking News” on CNN.
  14. Libertyordeath19

    BREAKING: Whole Hogg Contradiction! What's Up?

    Is it a man???? https://southcarolina.arrests.org/Arrests/David_Hogg_29601928/
  15. Looks like DC will be needing plenty of rope in the near future! Hehehehe😁

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