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  1. Better make it a double, we haven't even ventured into Wednesday yet. I hope they make examples of these pricks and post pics of the aftermath on Instagram! We need to make that 2500$ a month insufficient for the beat down that they receive.😬 Class is in session ❄️
  2. If this really exists, why not release it before the election? I'll believe it when I see it. They are just trying to steal the front page story.
  3. This is what Chucky Shumer was referring to when he said that you don't mess with the CIA because they will "retaliate".
  4. You are generalizing, and you are not pointing to the militant factor that I mentioned. Just as left leaning voters are not always up for going out and rioting, most homosexuals are not part of this extreme practice. I have known many wonderful, compassionate people that were gay,and they mostly kept their sexual orientation to themselves. The militant homosexual is a creation of leftist extremists looking to disrupt peaceful order. The demons reside in this toxic progressive movement. We are all sinners and I think that homosexuals are disproportionately singled out by those that do not agree with their lifestyle choices. Romans 3:23 is relevant here.
  5. Let's keep our fingers crossed. But historically these leftist gatherings turn out far less supporters than they project initially. They were predicting riots in Columbus for the RNC and it was largely peaceful. We'll just have to wait and see.
  6. What pisses me off, is the desire that these thugs have to rub people's noses in homosexuality. If you are gay, great, have fun with it, I will not throw stones because I live in the most glass of houses. But do not flaunt it, and please do not shame those that do not agree with you. I am all for being who you are, but this militant "gay mafia" needs to cool it.
  7. I think that's the idea. He's leaving the country because he knows once his power is gone, the whistleblowers and tell all books will expose his ass! Good riddance! Probably going to Qatar to hang with his Muslim terrorist buddies.
  8. You can bet that wasn't the only place in DC where guns are stashed. January 20 is going to be cray cray!
  9. They should arrest every last damn one of them when they meet at the "convergence space" at 9AM. Shut them down before they get started.
  10. What about Snowden? Manning has lost his mind, Thinks he is a chick,and probably needs to be locked up. Snowden is an effing American Patriot if I've ever seen one!
  11. The hate for politicians is warranted,due to the fact that they are the ones that keep sending the military off to war zones carrying guns that are not loaded so that they can play footsie with the enemy rather than attack them. I've never seen so much estrogen pumping through the heart of a US administration! Absolutely no testicular fortitude. We have the best military on the planet and they are being hindered from doing what they do best by the "sissy boy on chief".
  12. And Obammy is about ready to hand sovereign state control of elections over to DHS. What a crooks ******* he is!
  13. That's What a degree in "women's studies" or "social justice" will get you!😂 Might as well have gotten a basket weaving degree! LOL!
  14. No one wants to hire hateful, leftist, safe space crybabies! Welcome to reality, losers!