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  1. Unfortunately “real detective work” is not allowed anymore, as PC culture reigns supreme. We are told that we need mass surveillance to prevent things of this very nature, but in this case, the police are begging the bomber to call them? WTF!! Where in the hell is the NSA, where is our mass surveillance dragnet that is soooooo necessary to protect us from these kinds of people? This case shows exactly why the mass surveillance argument is a crock!
  2. Oh no, we are going to have to ban explosives. Congress needs to act now, for the children! You don’t see the leftist gun control brats screaming for bomb control, do you?
  3. The MSM will probably report that he is a "white African American "similar to George Zimmerman that was labeled a "white hispanic". Either that or they will ignore the shooting all together
  4. Dems introduce bill banning assault weapons

    They don't have the balls, and don't think that they aren't aware of the 2nd amendment's true purpose. They know what's up! This is another political issue that they never plan on addressing, because if they did, it would no longer be an issue for them to pander to commie pinkos.
  5. If you don't understand why civilians need these weapons, then you don't understand the second amendment, period.
  6. Trump: U.S. Should Execute Major Drug Dealers

    Execution for a victimless crime? This is insane!!
  7. I was an EMT before I was I nurse. Your first of six benchmarks is scene safety, followed by BSI(body substance isolation), Number of patients, MOI/NOI, c-spine, and the sixth one escapes me at the moment, it's early.
  8. NSA Recordings used as evidence?

    That is weird! You can bet that there was no warrant for that. That phone would have to be targeted or like you said, local law enforcement just asked for the calls and got them. What stops them from doing this? Also, if the prosecution knew of these methods that were used to convict in the absence of a warrant, they were obligated to share that information with the defense, refer to the Brady Rule: Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963)
  9. There's something about David Hogg

    Twitter and YouTube has been purging all that post the video because they it violates their bullying and harassment policy. What a load of crap!, Too many people were able to download and save it and now it is showing up everywhere. Now they are starting to ban people that post it. This is a mess, this little deep state b*tch got busted! http://www.dcclothesline.com/2018/02/22/school-shooting-scrubbing-begins-facebook-youtube-purge-posts-about-david-hogg/
  10. There's something about David Hogg

    six months before parkland shooting, and the dude is in Redondo Shores, California boogie boarding with a friend in the midst of the 2017-2018 school year, and now he goes to school in south Florida? The dude graduated in 2015 from Redondo Shores High School, he is a fraud. http://www.dcclothesline.com/2018/02/22/florida-parkland-school-shooting-survivor-david-hogg-is-a-fraud/
  11. Trump Floats Pulling ICE From California

    The problem here is that these dirtbags are allowed to stroll across the California border into other states. Looks like the wall just got longer! Let's not wait for them to secede, let's kick them out! California is about as anti American as you can get!
  12. There's something about David Hogg

  13. Show of force! I like it!
  14. There's something about David Hogg

    He graduated from Redondo Shores High School in 2015. He has been in the news before. His friends at his "real" high school said that he always want to be an actor. Here is a recent news story from Redondo Shores, just last year.
  15. David Hogg graduated from Redondo Shores High School on California in 2015. Here is a news story from six months ago where he is describing a confrontation between a friend of his and a lifeguard.