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  1. In this case, Cognitive problems = Enhanced Cognitive Functioning this is only a problem to liberal sheep that are riding Uncle sam's jock! The oligarchs are losing control and are trying desperately to regain what they can.
  2. These are the people that supposedly have leadership running through their heir veins? Europe is finished! If this idiocy is perceived as some kind of a genetic pedigree, they are done! Royalty = a few French fries short of a happy meal! LOL!
  3. Trump is his own man, and he does not allow himself to be manipulated like a puppet. This is why the Deep State hates him, they have absolutely zero power over him and his actions. Trump is not an ideologue and that is a good thing.
  4. "I can't believe that guy got stoned and shot a bunch of people" said no one ever. The only danger that exists in the presence of a pot head, is to a bag of Doritos.
  5. This is exactly what I was thinking when I read the original post. I have always had trouble in social settings, but the reason why has changed dramatically. I used to suffer from severe depression all the way into my 20's. I was intimidated by other people because I felt like they were better than me and I didn't feel as if I deserved to be around them. Since then, I've become educated, I am always asking questions, always inquisitive about even the smallest most insignificant things. I'm never satisfied with the knowledge that I have, always looking to expand my mind and intellect. I realize that this is not how most people are, it is generally the opposite. Most people intentionally block out information and new knowledge. I think it is because they are afraid of what they might learn, or discover. This is why tend to be more at ease and think better and more clearly when I am alone. People generally annoy me as they always want to talk about sports or their favorite sitcom. This drives me insane! I very rarely come across an individual that I can have a deep, meaningful conversation with. With that being said, I would not have much of the knowledge that I do, if it weren't for conversations that I had with extremely ignorant people on various subjects. Talking to people does force me to defend my position, and it gets me to think on the fly. These are skills that you can't sharpen in front of a mirror. But I have come full circle with my social skills, but I am still a hermit. LOL!
  6. A congressional subpoena doesn't mean anything. It has no teeth coming from congress.
  7. I got a better idea, let's remove the Hollywood commies from the country and send them to a 100% legit communist country so they can live in "paradise".
  8. I'm going to guess no! Trump is playing some 4-D chess, and is still the undefeated champion. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/12/breaking-obama-admin-approved-general-flynn-calls-russian-ambassador/
  9. "Keep Obama in President you know" - Obamaphone lady
  10. I hope coinbase tells them to piss off! Just like Apple did.
  11. Get Ready for Concealed Guns in All 50 States

    Only when it's convenient. It is important to note that states can nullify federal laws that are not constitutional. The supremacy clause in Article VI of the constitution, only applies to federal law that is, "in pursuance thereof" the US Constitution and its limits on the Federal Government and its authority. This is a case that solidifies an crucial part of the bill of rights. Hence this federal legislation for national concealed carry would apply to all states, and states rights do not apply. States have a lot of freedom when it comes to making laws that are unique to their state, but they cannot violate constitutional law just because they want to. Illinois, California, New York, and other states that have severely restricted the citizens right to area themselves.
  12. If half of this country understood America like this man does, we would not have any of the bullshit that currently resides in DC!
  13. Terror attack in progress in London right now!

    False alarm or not, ISIS is watching closely. They study peoples' reaction to these events even if they amount to nothing. ISIS is methodical about studying he behavior of their victims prior to moving. They watch the stampedes, how the crowd disperses, etc. Our national security agencies spy on everyone rather than carrying out this kind of research on the one thing that these bastards have in common, ISLAM! Instead they are concerned with offending the sick bastards that are carrying out the attacks. Our government is so twisted in there thinking.
  14. Erdogan accuses US Coalition of funding ISIS in Syria

    Under obama, we were funding ISIS. obama called them "rebels".
  15. Judicial Watch: New Clinton Emails Discovered.

    The FBI didn't find them because they didn't wat to find them. Why is Judicial Watch having to do the FBI's job for them?