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  1. Most interesting news associated with bacteria was the recent discovery that bacteria can eat plastic bottles. The kind found in disposable bottles. This was published in the journal Science which would pave way for maanging 50 million tons of particular type of plastic produced globally every year. The plastic found in water bottles, polyester clothing, frozen dinner trays and blister packaging, polyethylene terephthalate or PET is resistent to being broken down by microbes(biodegradation). To confirm the discovery , the Japanese research team from Kyoto Institute of Technology and Keio University collected 250 PET-contaminated samples including sediment, soil and wastewater from a plastic bottle recycling site. This is quite encouraging, but let us not take things for granted and minimise the usage of plastics, because the breaking down process is very less compared to the disposal rate. Devise easy ways of recycling plastic bottles ? ( http://www.gorillabins.ca/blog/seven-innovative-ideas-for-recycling-plastic-bottle/ ) Probiotics or good bacteria which reside naturally in our body is beneficial and infact needed for our survival. Good bacteria is your gut, which help you digest your food and fight invading microbes. The balance is altered by abundance of starches, sugars, vegetable oils in the diet. Now outside they are the best decomposers which break down dead and decaying organic matter, from leaves to insects. They are used to clean oil spills keeping environment healthy. Outside of your body, bacteria like lactic acid and streptococcus bacteria aid in producing food. They are used to make dairy products like cheese, yoghurts, sour cream and crème fraîche! These bacteria are added to milk and they grow and ferment the milk. Bad bacteria on the other hand can make you sick , go on to spoil food, water, and worsen unhygenic surrounding since they multiply fast. Hygiene when you are buying, storing, preparing, cooking and eating food will ensure that you avoid getting bacteria on your food and any small amount that do make it will be killed by making sure you cook your food properly. But the fact is we often talk a lot about bad bacteria and seldom about good because the latter unleashes damage at largescale in a very short period of time. These good bacteria is needed to keep you safe from some of these bad bacteria.
  2. Sounds interesting...Another simple option is the Mul-T-Lock with the new "secure keyway" technology which locksmiths often claim to be reliable. They argue that locks are the fist line of defense. Check this article that I found http://protectionplus.ca/blog/hi-security-mul-t-lock/ . They go through rigorous testing and are given high security rating.
  3. The term selfie has gone to become an inseparable part of our everyday life. From terorrists behave the way it is expected of them, no wonder. Selfie Mania, a viral fashion has influeneced all spheres of life. From the president to the pope, no one is spared, everyone has had taken published it or tagged to social network. There are even selfie contests like the one I found at freshslice http://www.freshslice.com/2016/04/29/win-pizza-for-a-year-freshsliceselfie-contest/#more-404. The best part is the lucky winner will win feast pizzas for a year. Some selfie contest in UK went on to raise funds for the sight loss prevention through selfie campaign. From the meanest to the nicest use it.
  4. Things seem to be very dim for Trump. Gross! all that he said...............
  5. Truly, Obama is busy bombing, while Putin is busy selling weapons and talking business. Whats Obama doing with few days left?