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  1. Bad Joujou

    Did anybody else get hit by some really negative energy and bad luck when they started the experiment?
  2. That flag is ridiculous. As is the name "New California." I'd split sonewcal and nornewcal up at about fresno county, being honest. And we'd have to make sure that "Old California" didn't control the water. Even though the red counties are still red, they're quickly becoming blue as the old generations die out. Do you want two (or three) solidly liberal states in the electoral college in a few decades? Because this is how you get two (or three) solidly liberal states in the electoral college in a few decades. There is no way out.
  3. Maybe. It's a bad plan, though. China wouldn't have to send a significant portion of their military to deal with this problem. I'm not an expert—or even familiar with China and the Chinese military—but I don't think this would impact the number of troops stationed near Best Korea's border.
  4. First thought: I wonder what that's done to the value of the adjacent property. Then again, the lefties here in my beloved golden state are—whether they know it or not—working towards abolishing private land ownership via Agenda 21 and subsequent moves in that direction. This might be part of their long game. Second thought: I bet it smells just great there. Third thought: It wouldn't be that hard—or really that expensive—to build some cheap permanent housing for the homeless so they don't have to live like oppressed third-worlders. Since most all of them are unemployed, you could give them room and board in exchange for labor and committing themselves to some sort of job training and clean living. They'd get to live with some dignity, and they could also help clean up the city while they get off drugs and re-learn to take part in society. Fourth thought: Failing that, gulags/concentration camps. Fifth thought: We've got to do something about the opioid epidemic.
  5. A rare remembered dream - 9/9 event??

    Here's to its being just a dream.