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  1. ANTIFA statement on shooting today

    Fascist Republican. If I had a time machine I would blow Franco's dang mind.
  2. In the first video, did he say there was a "temporal" that injected flu viruses into him? o.O
  3. First of its kind intersex birth certificate issued in the US

    It makes sense to issue intersex birth certificates, since being intersex is a biological condition, similar but not always identical to hermaphroditism. It's not really related to being transgender as far as I'm concerned. If it's going to be an option, I don't think that the sex on a birth certificate issued to an intersex baby should be fluid, as the lady from the article suggests. If the child is intersex, and if intersex is an option, the birth certificate should indicate that the child is intersex regardless of the wishes of the parents or the wishes of an adult who was issued an intersex birth certificate at birth.
  4. There's an epub available at bookzz, too, if that's your thing. I haven't read it yet. edit: I think using the term "prophecy" might be a little misguided, but that might just be me and my caution.
  5. I couldn't ever imagine advocating for something like this if I were in Congress. I can't comprehend the moral degeneracy required for this degree of hubris. The arrogance here, as always, is astounding. The devil will get his due; I just hope we don't all get burnt up in the process.
  6. If the civilized world isn't pissed off already, this won't do the trick.
  7. California Confederacy...

    The assumption here is that all of California would secede. If Sacramento voted for it, guaranteed me and my area does not submit. It would take no time to form our own territory and petition for statehood as a separate state. Realistically, though, Sacramento would be immediately occupied by a vastly superior military presence and retaken. Then nobody has fun after that.
  8. I'm just upset that this year we had two choices: nuclear war and more authoritarianism, and whiney liberal losers and more authoritarianism. Probably for the best, but ugh.
  9. Donald Trump’s win may have been predicted centuries ago

    I don't buy the Byzantium bit. Was more than just 'a Greek colony'. It might just as easily refer to Turkey, the Orthodox Church, or even Russia. The republic of the big city could also refer to whoever holds Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul, which was sometimes referred to as the big city, the great city, the queen of cities, or even just 'the city'. The word 'Istanbul' even cones from a Greek phrase referring to 'the city' (Constantinople). But these prophecies, right, wrong, correctly interpreted, or incorrectly interpreted, serve to remind us that we are acted upon by fate rather than acting upon it. We can control only what we can control.
  10. LAPD Preparing For Riots If Trump Wins

    Luckily I live in the country so I don't imagine too many people will come up here. If they do, sucks real hard for them. If you live in a city, be careful. Police scanner on. Especially vigilant in traffic or at lights.
  11. If Trump wins I will die!

    To be honest, if Trump wins I'm going to die, too. Or if he doesn't win. You know, at my appointed time.
  12. The wickedness of our rulers being revealed. I wonder how few people will stop supporting them over this.
  13. Epstein's little black book PDF

    Oh okay, I thought this was a book of "club " specific contacts.
  14. Epstein's little black book PDF

    Von Bismark. Like the von Bismark? How do we know this is real, again? This could tear absolutely everything down. Horry sheut
  15. Hopi prophecy

    I admit I don't know all the specifics of the pipeline business, so I don't know where I stand in that regard, but Hopi prophecy is interesting. There was some Hopi kid had a few videos on YouTube, talking about his knowledge of it.
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