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  1. d o o m h o r n

    Time to revisit Agenda 21

    I've been talking about this for years. Even if you send people straight to the source they still don't believe it. It can't be stopped if people won't even confront it as a problem. I'm not 100%-all-the-time against the idea of planned economies or regimented and controlled societies, provided that they are hyper-localized, context-sensitive, and a product of family and tradition. But to give this kind of control to unrooted, disconnected global elite with no sense of obligation to their fellow man is lunacy.
  2. Can we contract HPV from our favorite porn star, too?
  3. Though apparently those closest to the actual explosions at Nagasaki and Hiroshima didn't report hearing anything. Not with a bang but a whimper.
  4. d o o m h o r n

    Bad Joujou

    Did anybody else get hit by some really negative energy and bad luck when they started the experiment?
  5. That flag is ridiculous. As is the name "New California." I'd split sonewcal and nornewcal up at about fresno county, being honest. And we'd have to make sure that "Old California" didn't control the water. Even though the red counties are still red, they're quickly becoming blue as the old generations die out. Do you want two (or three) solidly liberal states in the electoral college in a few decades? Because this is how you get two (or three) solidly liberal states in the electoral college in a few decades. There is no way out.
  6. Maybe. It's a bad plan, though. China wouldn't have to send a significant portion of their military to deal with this problem. I'm not an expert—or even familiar with China and the Chinese military—but I don't think this would impact the number of troops stationed near Best Korea's border.
  7. First thought: I wonder what that's done to the value of the adjacent property. Then again, the lefties here in my beloved golden state are—whether they know it or not—working towards abolishing private land ownership via Agenda 21 and subsequent moves in that direction. This might be part of their long game. Second thought: I bet it smells just great there. Third thought: It wouldn't be that hard—or really that expensive—to build some cheap permanent housing for the homeless so they don't have to live like oppressed third-worlders. Since most all of them are unemployed, you could give them room and board in exchange for labor and committing themselves to some sort of job training and clean living. They'd get to live with some dignity, and they could also help clean up the city while they get off drugs and re-learn to take part in society. Fourth thought: Failing that, gulags/concentration camps. Fifth thought: We've got to do something about the opioid epidemic.
  8. I wish I didn't have obligations here in CA, or land. I'd be outta here so quick.
  9. "Sooner than we expect" sounds like a threat.
  10. d o o m h o r n

    Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?

    I think people get dark by producing a lot of melanin. Cool video. The only one he didn't kill was the one who gave up the rabbit voluntarily. My rambling take on it: Might be an allegory for the dialectic. The brutal, patriarchal state went around seizing bunnies, who I guess would pay taxes and keep his car (the machine) running. The bunnies weren't really considered individually—they were consumed by the agency of the machine. After some wars and after almost completely forgetting that the bunnies exist separate from the cars, the nourishing, matriarchal "spontaneous rigid social order" offers the bunnies both what is necessary for life and the possibility to be an individual—a state unto themselves. Why be consumed and forgotten by a nasty, polluting, modernistic, ultimately pointless machine driven by a murderous, dead-eyed lunatic when you can have everything you need (there were no carrots on the car, and the bearded fellow had a rabbit's foot hanging from the rear-view) in a field, which is a bunny's natural habitat anyway? I can hear the director mumbling "communismwillwin" over and over before shooting this video.
  11. d o o m h o r n

    Question: Does the anti-christ have a choice?

    Yes. "The Antichrist" probably isn't a singular, real figure, but in order for this Antichrist figure to truly be guilty of personal sin, he must have a choice. Choice and free will—taking our part in Creation—can make or break prophecy. "Prophecy" isn't synonymous with "unavoidable prediction," and in at least one case prophecy was avoided by people's choices. Even Satan had a choice. I don't buy that there is a The Antichrist 100%, but there certainly is an observable antichrist spirit—the spirit of being either against the Logos or of raising man to His place in the metaphysical landscape. The idea that man is his own Logos is antichrist, for example. Either way, I think a choice is implied and necessary.
  12. d o o m h o r n

    Brit Girl Rants About Feminism

    Even though I was raised by a single mother, she had almost nothing that wasn't negative to say about feminism. I sort of lucked out.
  13. It sounded to me on a few videos like there were more than one weapon, with two distinct timbres and rofs. I could have been mishearing it though
  14. He was across the street, 32 storeys up. Only hickock45 can hit targets at that range with carry pistols. I get the armed society is a polite society idea, but it wouldn't have done much in situations like this. Maybe he would have been killed much earlier and not had the chance for this though. Who knows. I say we table this line for later and not hijack the thread.
  15. I agree that citizens should be allowed to take their protection into their own hands but in this particular case a pistol wouldn't have done much good. Sometimes there's nothing to be done.

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