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  1. Aftermath Nov. 8th, 2016

    thanks. I wish it wan't gonna happen, but regardless of the winner, there will be trouble. And by the way. if Hilary wins, I may be the one making trouble!:) I can't imagine waking up in a world where she is President. You may have to come hold my hand.
  2. ELECTION AFTERMATH: NOVEMBER 8TH, 2016 My head hurts..a lot. Throbbing, piercing through my very core. The world I see around me with my bloodshot eyes is as bleary and as unclear as the future. And I know why. Last night was THE ELECTION. The big one; the one we have all been waiting for. The one we were tired of hearing about. The one the world has been talking about for two straight years. The one you could not NOT hear about. Facebook, Tweeter, radio, TV..100%% biased media saturation. What a night. All of us together, glued to the voting updates, cheering, joking, toasting…a lot of toasting. We moved easily from hours of beer to wine and finally to the champagne! We won! We won!! Hillary is president. The first ever woman President. Day light broke hours ago. It’s almost noon when I peel my eyes open and hear the TV announcer speaking frantically. I must have absentmindedly left it on all night when I went out to celebrate. What is he screaming about?? The beep beep beep weather alert keeps repeating and repeating. Beep. Beep, Beep. The red banner is a warning. Something is wrong. Chaos. Scenes of chaos. What country is this? What has the ISS done today?? People running, people bleeding, dead people in the street. Too much information for my hangover. I move past the TV looking for the aspirin and some caffeine to stop this shaking. I sit near the window, nursing my coffee and I realize the screaming is not coming from the TV. I had been warned, but I did not listen. “They” said that no matter who won, the other side would be angry, very angry. There would be civil unrest, looting, fires and destruction nationwide. And “They” were right. I move back to the TV and the red banner reads: Martial law nationwide is now in effect. How could it be any other way now that our very foundation has been ripped out from under us? The main thing that made America different from every other country in the world is that we could agree to disagree. We respected each other’s opinions, even when we did not agree. We could “agree to disagree” and still work and live side by side. Our Constitutional founding fathers established a system we believed in that resulted in a fair and representative method of making decision that still allowed us our independence and freedom of speech. We were a nation in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them. Checks and balances on all three branches of Government guaranteed that we were indeed a Republic, and not a democracy and the majority does not rule. At least it was originally designed that way. The politically correct called riots “protests” They call acts of war “crimes”. They rewarded the nonproductive in society and punish the productive. They honored perverts and thugs and vilified the veterans. The Constitution has been dismantled, one tyrannical law at a time. It was done so slowly, like putting a frog in the kettle and turning up the heat a little at a time until it is dead; dead like our Constitutional rights. It has long been said that "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke. I did nothing. Every day I woke up and my little world was just fine. My artificially created reality was what I wanted it to be and shared no resemblance to the actual reality around me. I was blissfully happy in my ignorance. Today my artificial reality and the actual reality have collided in chaos. It is not on TV. It is outside my window. It is in my street. It is the way of my new life, over which I now have no control. Just one election is all it took to finally destroy 225 years of blood and tears and dreams. Life will be forever changed for the worst and America will no longer be respected by the world. I should not have done nothing because now I can’t do anything and my headache is the least of my problems.
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