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Cin said I couldn't take it, and then double banned me and deleted all my shit. If you're dumb enough to think this a free forum of thought, you're drinking koolaid. Oh, and Cin, I can give  it well, but you're too stupid a ***** to take anything, good or bad. Women like you, are why society is where it is. Total fail as a leader, editor and person. Do all the world a favor, reveil you're just Shep in drag and remember, you're SWAFT.

UPDATE Cin, like all power players, deleted all files that prove my point. Hillary reborn. If you're still here on this site, you're swaft, and pretty f***in stupid. No place is going to let ya be true to word if they ain't makin a dime off ya. Get real, and get out of this cult while you still can.


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