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    Truth removed. Make it a habit.
  2. You guys talked about star swirls without addressing the duel swirl i showed whatever pages back. How does this work on the flat earth?
  3. The suit: http://divermag.com/the-case-for-one-atmosphere-diving-exosuit/ The chute: http://www.space-affairs.com/index.php?wohin=halo_tandem NASA Approved (http://history.nasa.gov/apollo_photo.html) camera: http://www.amazon.com/Minolta-Maxxum-35-80mm-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B00004S5H6 Picture of a globe? Priceless e.e
  4. Judge with your own eyes, or so they promise to allow ya ^.^; The lady says you see the curvature, but at 20 miles up by their own recording, still flat as a board o.o No matter your stance, this is a fun new idea that both sides can be excited about ^.^
  5. LotJ is no longer with us. I'm his twin bother, LotJ...And I have something everyone should see: They lie about everything. Til I get to orbit the earth, or watch her for a full 50 hour show from the moon, in my cozy Marriot Hotel room, I'm moving my chip pile from ball to disc. 311 pages, and one ahole told me this was too kliq to touch here. A private discussion in public on the issue, if you will. To that person, die. Tired of liars. I got em lying about people needing help, shape of the planet, what the f*** else ever. Honesty, comradery and a genunie desire to know the truth, and not to "be right" is in such short supply today... I pity my children...they're literally coming into a world that has zero f***s to give, except for the ones where it's a rapist from a foriegn land that then plays a race card on me if I call spades for spades. f*** it all, and anyone that thought I shouldn't be in this thread or forum. Peace, Love, and I'm Out. Oh, and I'm not really dead, I figured if it's good enough for two astro-nots on the same mission then it's good enough for me. Also, MK Ultra, ya wonder why those old men think they did what they say, punch ya for saying elsewise but you act like you don't know what reprogramming is. Nice hat, missing some Tin, I think that ***** is faux aluminium.
  6. Last chance... But since we're quoting Jabba til it's time for the main event: (not really. I'm still waiting tothe real BA of FE to come and answer me personailly. Til then, you done forgot who you're f***in with ^.~)
  7. Thanks. btw, no one can duck me. That F5 stands up to pavement. Ask the okies. 4 those slow to keep up (Shamrock o.o) if the earth is flat, why do ships rise over the horizon? The North Star and South Cross certainly point to a ball. Answer these without acting like you can play in my class, and I'll bow to the masters. #Last1ofheJedi
  8. I've stayed from this thread for 260 episodes now, but, too much a legnd not to step in. First, only you true fans that have been here since start, are reading all that. You have to know that. Second. I compared Grav to Undertaker, because, this thing is going undefeated forever. Third, (and final count, ofcourse) - I know they lie to me. I know existance isnt all they say. i know I can see certain proofs through a telescope. I know those on top are looking into the "small" more than the "Space" at this point for a reason. I know all this. All that said. Rising over the horizon. North Star. South Cross. Answer these for me or* admit you got F5'd (Outta love, respect, and desire to keep the topic fresh. If offended, look to the wall to the right. It cares more than I do ^.~)
  9. Last1oftheJedi

    The COP joke thread

    Politicains don't disagree: http://www.npr.org/2012/02/14/146827471/study-1-8-million-dead-people-still-registered-to-vote
  10. Last1oftheJedi

    The COP joke thread

    What did Hillary tell the Benghazi Commission? "Suck my Clinton balls"
  11. Last1oftheJedi

    The COP joke thread

    You're innocent til proven guilty. Biggest joke played, yet.