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  1. Because the double standard held durning Cin's time of the month. How ya doin'?
  2. No, it's my bad. i got no beef as long as my op is understood.
  3. I've spent hours on "how to do my last post", then you made it easy. f*** Hitler and all his followers. Right in the anus. Peace, love, I'm out.
  4. This is so my refrences, what there are and to be left of em, will make a lil sense. Plus, if this doesn't make you smile atleast once, you are literally dead inside. Stop being a lonely zombie.
  5. 3 posts left, let's make em count ^.^

  6. Truth removed. Make it a habit.
  7. Fortune favors the bold. I give you who I am away from a keyboard as well as on. There is no diffrence. Maybe I'm actually nicer on type. Gives me a chance to take back something I would say to your face. ^.~ But instead some hide behind power to justify bans ^.~ Big science is a religion.
  8. ante up:
  9. God shows up in any religious discussion. You know this. For some, Ignorance is bliss.
  10. CALLOUT REMOVED. Nothing worse than a tame wolf. Try my "Just a thought" thread, where I don't ask for proofs so much as "Hey, I had a thought". Should be safe enough to just bounce ideas in that rubber room o.o There is no moon o.o First, there is a ton of math to make the flat earth atleast an amazing illusion. So, that's bogus. Also, one man's conspiracy is another's pile of bullpoo. Reptile people o.o Well, concidering there were no real "kingdoms" in the western hemisphere until long after Christ had transcended, it could be....
  11. editted for goading. But if they do it. It's cool. You know what this reminds me of? Roman Reigns. Only the office likes him. Everyone else knows he's shit. Yet an Enzo like me has to listen to this flat hat on a mic. Also, shep, you had time to edit and warn, so tell me, what cha think about that ai's first 24 hours. Did you read it. Intresting stuff if you can get over sources. ^.^
  12. Not even I can make this up http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/03/24/microsofts-teen-girl-ai-turns-into-a-hitler-loving-sex-robot-wit/ As for what this has to do with conspiracy...
  13. Edited for truth. As for allegations of me being drunk in the ring e.e I deny because it's all fake ^.~