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  1. It's a hold out from the cold war. We focused on the east and west, by default due to the curvature, that also covers the north but nothing to the south.
  2. I was just a combat medic (as the medical community is concerned - so keep that in mind), and from the image of that boy's back; I'm pretty certain those are bites. It was reported that "they" recently sprayed. That could drive insects to such increased activity. It is also important to note that from the article one resident mentioned a rash around their waist and behind their legs. Rashes of this sort are sweat activated, usually caused by contact with an aerosol agent. In Iraq we saw countless rashes like what I just described above and they were typically caused by some form of chemical aerosol. I'm not saying that's what's going on here but reading that reminded me of that. PTSD is a mother...
  3. But when I call the cops about a Meth dealer in the neighborhood who just got into pimping... not only do they not pay me but they also wholly ignored the report. Dude is still selling meth and pimping. Every day I fight the urge to give him a high five... to the face... with a chair.
  4. Nothing is off limits for these criminals. Nothing.
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