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  1. Look, peoples, all this stuff ain’t new. It’s always bin like this. I is old as dirt ‘n nothin’ has changed. Yous can either takes the bait, or learns from old clowns. Everyone SAYS they wants endless joy, prosperity ‘n fulfillment fer everyone, but would they pay to sees it. Some would, but most pays to sees endless pain, destruction ‘n misery—‘dats why we has it! What was the last picture-show yous paid to see? What the mind dreams, comes into bein’. Shakespeare ‘n Caruso told us everythin’ centuries ago, but most doesn’t even wanna spends a few hours understandin’ ‘em. They’d rather has their misery…
  2. What’s with all the haters? Is yous bein’ programmed? Can peoples be so easily conned by fake-vids? Or is ‘da hate in us, just waitin’ to be triggered? I said it before ‘n I’ll says it again. Careful when choosin’ yer Quantum-Mechanic!
  3. I hopes they fires ‘dat Hillary, then those stupid democrats has to support Ronald fer president!
  4. A bird's-eye view into the new age PsyOp

    Man-o-man, this stuff’s complicated. So I’s gonna breaks it down fer yous. Ain’t no psych-op and ain’t no new age. It all comes from peoples not seeing the light inside their cage. Peoples is tryin' to escape, but they don't knows how. They thinks the machine is broken--and they could be right! But alls ya has to do to fixes a broken machine is retard the spark. Right now, we’s about 6-seconds retarded. We has to hits 32-seconds terminal retardation…
  5. Embarrassment To Be An American

    Well..., if ya asks me my opinion, Russia ain't got the best satellites 'cause there ain't no satellites. Putin 'n Kerry 'n all the rest of 'em is just actors. True, Putin's a better actor than brain-dead Kerry, but he's a actor just the same. Free yer minds, break 'da spell...
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