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  1. Mh17 ... everyone trying to blame Russia .... ( Americans where in Ukraine at the time apparently ) Russia had to head its own investigation to clear its name lol Syrian chemical attacks .... must of been Assad .... turned out to be Assad bombing an Isis chemical weapon making factory all Assad’s chems where removed and fully checked and verified by the U.N! 4000 girls raped and groomed by an Asian peaodphile ring in the north of the UK.... not one persons be deported... I haven’t really touched up on this as it has been brushed under the carpet in the uk news ... two spy’s and a police officer get injured ... not even a fatality ... and this over reaction by Teresa may ... who’s husband is head of g4s and they have taken over the majority of our prisons... they even do the job of securing ports and checking gas meters ... ( private little wanna be army! ) jermey corbyn sating “ lets not be hasty “ like any level headed person would ... news are calling him corbyn the communist lol... just some of the info I have picked up On my travels! All I can see is a clear agenda to make the sheeple hate Russia ... its sad to see.. .its like choosing the lesser evil .. .. putins a bad guy don’t get me wrong he is one of the richest people on the planet through his shady deals with the oligarchs of russia... surely there are more important people to be going after rather than an old washed up spy ? He’s a clever guy and has an election in less than a month ? If this is a play by the uk government it should be a stark warning to Everyone who elected her to be in power .... look at how stupid they are acting ... ( an mi6 analyst from wales was locked in a suitcase 7 years ago, found dead in London. the investigation said he was into kinky sex games... nice for his parents ... ) shes not fit for the job ....
  2. He’s still dishing out ottoman slaps apparently!
  3. MrEagle85

    Space X car in space is a joke

    Fibre optic cables Ironically this message was sent on one ...
  4. MrEagle85

    M 4.2 Earthquake in Wales!

    Epicentre was in clydach near Swansea
  5. MrEagle85

    M 4.2 Earthquake in Wales!

    We have had a couple but this one was pretty large !
  6. MrEagle85

    Full on PANIC in the markets

    Let’s all agree that whether it’s bitcoin or gold the markets are manipulated and not by any of us ... the 8% are about to get richer again ...
  7. MrEagle85

    Full on PANIC in the markets

    Base metals like copper brass etc took a little tumble today 1% but it will bounce back ten fold
  8. MrEagle85

    Full on PANIC in the markets

    Ahh time for my industry to shine! Price of metals will now increase! Gold platinum and palladium all up 1% all ready!
  9. In the past week I have come across a bee out of early hibernation and also a wasp! Never seen them this early as it’s still so cold in the UK!
  10. MrEagle85

    Hollow earth documents!

    Found this today looking through reddit! I was blown away! Can anyone here read German ? https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/7uojag/can_anyone_translate_this_old_nazi_document_about/?st=JD66WC09&sh=69fb1001
  11. MrEagle85

    Crypto crashed again!

    There are such things as sure bets .... clever people don’t gamble they set something up where they all ways win prefably 24/7 365
  12. MrEagle85

    Crypto crashed again!

    It’s a form of gambling lol .... hope u make it !
  13. Hilary in a crack heads voice “ any more of that uranium going ? “
  14. Could be... looks to me as if a bullet or shell has hit steel and all I can see is steel sparks ...
  15. Think off the technology we have now as well ... and they boast they can shoot down missiles... but not prevent a fifth crash 😂😂😂😂

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