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  1. Crypto crashed again!

    There are such things as sure bets .... clever people don’t gamble they set something up where they all ways win prefably 24/7 365
  2. Crypto crashed again!

    It’s a form of gambling lol .... hope u make it !
  3. Hilary in a crack heads voice “ any more of that uranium going ? “
  4. Could be... looks to me as if a bullet or shell has hit steel and all I can see is steel sparks ...
  5. How far does light travel ? Not very far and creates an oval effect yea ??? 😂😂😂 I am scratching my head at this video ....
  6. I'm trying to say what your saying but it is hard to get though to some people... you have to put yourself in there shoes ... obviously they are not as "attuned" as you are to the environment around us... who knows what the real truth is ?? We could all be trapped in 11 dimensions a matrix like world .... we are not disagreeing with u flat earthers we are trying to say ur building a wall around you and containing your ideas ( a bit similar to if u sailed all the way around Antarctica u would assume u are surrounded by ice) but in reality the continent is so large you cannot get your head around it ... the first explorers would have assumed an ice wall ....but we have geo scanned every inch of it via satellite or so I believe .....
  7. Off-Topic Repository

    What are u admin? If u where admin I'm sure u can make a topic that only certain people can comment on? Go make ur Own fe forum if u don't want anyone like me commenting ...
  8. Off-Topic Repository

    ur going around in circles and it has nothing to do with me
  9. The aircraft is usually flown along the density altitude (by pilot or autopilot, as the case may be). As long as the aircraft is flown at a certain altitude, it will be following the earth's curvature (as the atmosphere is attached to the spherical earth and has same properties at same distance from the center, in an ideal case) as the altitude is measured from the surface, which is curved, and not a plane.
  10. Off-Topic Repository

    Mate u think the earth is flat u shouldn't be laughing at anyone ...
  11. In case instruments go down and they have to navigate from points of interest ? Be kinda hard out at sea ??
  12. Says approximate centre on there buddy ... S waves won't travel through the core of the earth
  13. Sorry mate so used to being attacked 🙈
  14. Na we won't over complicate things just explain how seismology works .... cus I don't believe the earth is flat and now ur asking me to believe every aeroplane pilot in the world knows it's flat but is keeping it a secret lmfaooooooooo how absurd