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  1. Guns are a longtime tradition in my family, from the age of ten, my father tried to get me interested in hunting, helping him reload stuff. right around that time everyone was talking about gun control, it was a very heated topic, and at a family reunion, I stood up and said if the purpose of the 2nd amendment is to defend against an out of control gov, then why in the heck would you even let them know you have a gun? Ask the enemy if you may defend yourself? Stupid! Much less be on a list of ppl with guns! well I got sent out to the porch for awhile. Ok fifty years later and I still feel the same about it! so send me to the porch!
  2. Followed by a class action lawsuit advertisement from a legal firm for damages.
  3. And another thing, why is media being silent about the fact that all of these mass shooters had experience with doctor prescribed psychiatric drugs? the problem and alleged cure are the same thing out of the same bucket? they have plans for a new due process that will involve the mhmr system. and I find it very suspicious that the media and libs were ready for the Florida shooting as if they had rehearsed it well.
  4. What I see coming down the track, is not stronger gun laws but rather a mental health system (racket) on steroids. it will end up being a trade, to keep your right to have a gun, you must allow the mental heath racket to have unlimited power in unimaginable ways. they got everyone rallying at the front door about guns, meanwhile at the backdoor they sneak in the shrinks and big pharma into all of this. and I can hear it already, we have to make it safe to have guns... And it won’t be just those with guns, it will be the “final solution” to our dissent! what do you think he means by “stronger mental health resources?
  5. Wait a minute, due process second! Someone needs their treasonous arse kicked!
  6. Put on a red light, and get your smart meter busted?
  7. radio doc

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas all!🎄
  8. radio doc

    One toke over the line

    youtube works but not tune in , gmail works but not iCloud , wtf? but why this site still work?
  9. radio doc

    One toke over the line

    i have proven separate or split paths. this is priceless to us!
  10. radio doc

    One toke over the line

    gmail works burn not iCloud why is that? maybe we need yo put my stuff on a site called "why is that?"
  11. radio doc

    One toke over the line

    Cant wait to present to a jury goodnight spooks, busted
  12. radio doc

    One toke over the line

    Very interesting indeed!
  13. radio doc

    One toke over the line

    My carrier is denying access to net but monitored activity goes through
  14. radio doc

    One toke over the line

    So my already “monitored activity is going via alt route? Nsa
  15. radio doc

    One toke over the line

    No other internet stuff works but why this site?

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