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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas all!🎄
  2. it does make a point thats hard to debate, wind is not a physical thing, so how would it follow a curvature? it would go out into space and not be held down by gravity or atmosphere, and it does go in varying directions sometimes opposing the rotation of a globe.so how can a 20mph wind go opposite of or sideways from a 1000 mph rotation? that is one of the best arguements for fe ive seen as of yet! and its about the most simplistic too! it kinda rules out a round dome or firmanent though, that also would have to be flat wouldnt it? whatever it is, i still have a theory that we are the center of it all and all the stars out there are an inward projection of our physical reality. instead of projecting light they project energy inwards to assemble matter here, we only see a light byproduct but theres much more to it. like a hologram except instead of light it projects neutrinos that assemble a physical reality that we see.
  3. why is the activity thread displaying in chinese characters? nevermind, it went back to english. but that was really freaky!
  4. noticed a lot of unintentional extra posts lately, 2 or 3 of same post. more than one poster too. idk if that an indication of glitch?
  5. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    maybe someone bought his momma and used him for change?
  6. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    i dont know if id call myself earth sensitive, or environmentally sensitive to include all inputs (senses) like current events and media. its like the feeling you get when you look at the gas gauge on empty and see a sign that says next gas stop 50 miles and you hope the gauge is wrong ( running on empty ) watching the battery indicator on your phone flash when you're waiting for an important call. a feeling of "i see it coming and cant do shyt about it feeling"
  7. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    is it possible for something in the media to make us believe we are sick, like some trance bullshyt or something like that. can sickness be hypnotized into us? to react to chemical or biological additives in our environment or water or food, or air (chemtrail?) geeezz, im really out of the box tonight! lol!
  8. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    ive had a "drifting in between two channels" feeling for two days now, could just be cuz im budless till payday, though. 😐? it feels like my sugar is high(im diabetic) but my glucose readings are normal.
  9. i dont mean to derail thread topic, but i have a question that is bugging me and thought this thread might be the best qualified to understand what i mean, is our visual perception looking at space magnified? to see what i mean, look into a mirror using a magnifying device and try varying the spacing of it as well as the distance between your face and the mirror, you can make your eyeball appear as big as your head, the pores in your skin look like huge craters and such. and also in reverse by changing your distance from mirror. like the mirrors in a circus that can make you look very wide or tall and skinny. so when we look at the sun or moon are we seeing it on a magnifed scale? the further away things in space are , the more they are magnified? is there also a visual distortion like the trick mirrors above making all of it look rounder than it is? like the rear view mirror on a car saying objects are closer than they appear. when i saw the pores on my face appear that big i thought to myself, are we perceiving the stars in the sky like that. are we only seeing infinite magnification and not reality? like the infinity mirror trick , except using a magnifying or shape distorting mirror? or a magnifying device between them? https://skullsinthestars.com/2011/07/30/infinity-is-weird-even-in-infinity-mirrors/ sorry if i disrupted or derailed anything, but its 430am and it was disturbing my sleep, so now that i put it here to ponder, maybe it'll let me sleep. goodnight and thanks!
  10. private message to the original poster?
  11. well grav, we cant see the radio waves and cant prove the actual path of travel in between antennas. but i truly hope that i helped you understand the theory of radio as we were taught. where it concerns the wavelength of a radio signal. but still, in the future there could be something in the theory that could fit into the puzzle and help solve it. ill keep my eyes open. freemasons? oh the ppl that hang you under the bridge "where the tide ebbs and flows" to protect secrets? and use their network to ruin the lives of ppl like me when in a dispute with a lodge member that was in the wrong! the ones who pulled a judges strings in such a way that made the best lawyers say" ive never seen such a thing"? they will create a whole world of deception to hide a grain of truth! and stop at nothing to do it!
  12. i was doing the best i could to help grav understand radio behaviors, if you can do better go right ahead. i'll laugh and walk away. btw: i didnt just study electronics, it was my job for thirty something years, and as a retiree its still my hobby.
  13. as we go higher into the vhf range, the unit of measurement is the megahertz (mhz) a frequency of 30mhz has a shorter wavelength of 10 meters and the d-layer allows some of it to take a bounce, on rare occasion it may bounce the e-layer.in the daytime. but at night its local groundwave only for the most part. futher up into vhf the atmospheric bouncing stops except for rare event.. wavelengths are small enough to pass through the atmospheric layers. 100mhz has a wavelength of about 3meters. this is why your fm radio stations are consistent day or night. exposure to these frequencies at low power level are generally considered safe. next part is where it gets interesting...
  14. frequencies are vastly different in their behaviors due to physical wavelength. i will start at the bottom. down here the unit of measurement for frequency is the kilohertz. (khz) and wavelengths are huge. frequency is inversely proportionate to wavelength. an am radio station at 1000 khz has a wavelength of 300 meters, and requires a very large antenna! and in the daytime the d-layer of the ionosphere is present due to the sun. the d-layer absorbs frequencies in this range and doesn't allow a skywave to take any bounces back down. the groundwave goes as far as it can line of sight until it eventually get absorbed. but at night, the d-layer goes away allowing it to make it to the f-layer that allows it to bounce one or more times. this is why you can hear far away stations at night. in anycase these lower frequencies never get out into space. follow so far?