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  1. i am also a respector of persons, but only due respect! and that leaves both kings with none from me! compare him to ronald macdonald instead and ask, which clown is more pathetic? this would give him (belgian king) a chance at winning more votes.
  2. have you ever heard the old line from your elders back in the seventies " when i was i kid i used to walk two miles to school" i used to get a quarter for moving a lawn and was happy with it" we didnt have those things back in my day" or a similar justification to not give you a liberty. now, when these box babies grow up and get futher conditioning by a school system and college with libshit, they will be in positions of power/ authority and will have no problem rationalizing the mentality "get back in your doghouse and shut up" baby box- tiny house- prison cell- coffin. you know whats next? our heads inside a little box hooked up to wires and tubes ( with no body! ) hooked up to the borg! with a litte ipad mini in your face wheather you want to watch or not, (like robot chicken)
  3. they are digging the foundation for the prison industry complex deeper, after a couple generations of this we will have leaders that want to keep us "in boxes" like making veal. for our own safety. and their convenience. for some reason that "summer of rage" song is dancing in my head! good topic btw👍
  4. imo.. there was something deleted or edited out just before the appearance of the police car, they are known for that type thing! but its just my opinion based on my personal experience with cops. but still why didnt he just get out of the car? he was outnumbered and arguing with them was futile at that point.
  5. hoa governed properties are something to be avoided if you wish to put up a ham radio antenna. their prohibition of antennas is in direct conflict with fcc law! but they do it anyways! and get away with it! same shyt with solar panels! even if its not specified in the hoa contract or land covenant as prohibited theres wording in micetype and legalese that amounts to a wildcard! (legal or not) wouldn't wanna be around those kinda ppl anyways but if i was stuck in a situation like that, ive got something for them should they complain, ground level microwave dishes pointed at all my neighbors, in every window of the house. i would tell them it was safe up in the air, but since yall made me take the tower down i really dont know how safe it is now! ive got to crank the power level up to get through now because of y'all impediments to my hobby thats licensed and authorized by the fcc. i would warn them to make sure they have a high quality surge protection system in place on all their high end stereo systems in case of power surges that could result because of the tower being removed! then they would google and research ham radio microwave then price a few high end surge protectors. and beg me to put the tower back up or better yet buy my house from me for double what i paid. thats how id handle those pricks!
  6. the proposed changes to part 95 rules include eliminating the requirement for a license for all radios under two watts and allow the use of all 22 channels. it also allows the incorporation of part 15 devices like bluetooth/wifi and gps. and the transmission of data. there will be 30 channels for licensed users at up to 50 watts with a ten year term for 85usd (it's currently five years) (the extra 8 channels appear to be gained by allowing simplex (direct) use of repeater inputs.) http://www.buytwowayradios.com/blog/2017/04/fcc_reforms_part_95_rules_for_personal_radio_services.aspx they (fcc)were to have voted on it on the 18th , but ive yet to see any news about its decision. (canada did this last year so im sure it will get approved) this will surely open the gate to some exciting new products. like off network use of our mobile devices and phones? the relaxation of the rules will give us devices that have enough power to go a worthwhile distance reliably. ot commentary: the biggest "deal breaker"most ppl have with ham radio and licensed services is that your call letters trace back on google to your name and address. most ppl i know, me included, didnt object to the fee or the test but rather the requirement to identify oneself by name and address to who knows what kinda nut.. ok fcc while your looking at the reality of things (which i commend yall for👍) how about allowing us to use murs (vhf) in crossband repeater mode with the gmrs service? and maybe allow the use of those ccrs (cheap chinese radios) that are only allowed on ham currently. one more thing, encryption! why the hell not! should be required if anything! the refarming of the spectrum and movement of most technology to higher frequencies leaves a lot of empty space on the vhf and uhf bands, these are public airwaves and i feel the public has a legitimate right to fair use of it without paying a service provider. what about the empty 30to50 vhf band ? theres room for 100 fm stereo slots available for hobby broadcasting? 174- 216 vhf could be for hobby television broadcasting i know, lol! when hell freezes over.
  7. they need to have an iq high enough to: know better than to phuck with the ppl that prepare their food and drink as well as (especially) ppl that play with radios for a hobby! but unfortunately....
  8. ill bet cee-lo green made a million on his fu song! it even gets played on the radio! ( no idea how they get away with it ) i heard it today! i dont know about stronger, but it made him richer! i remember a lot of songs that went to the top of the sales charts because they pushed at censorship, seems to me thats why they were famous. same with movies. imo!
  9. i heard that the dakota access pipeline is poised to tap into some major aquaducts along its route. we are only going to get 10% of the oil, just enough for them to call it a domestic pipeline. it is owned and operated by a chinese entity that may decide that water is worth more than oil. and i think the next war could be over safe water! why would they come here for oil anyways? they could do much better anywhere else! imo.
  10. pirates!!! arrrrgggghhh!
  11. i have a feeling that the practice of "tar and feathers" just might make a comeback! they is sure askin for it!
  12. there is the possibility of using a network of many low power transmitters networked and synchronized using the internet, strategically placed near densely populated areas like apartment complexes and conjested sections of highway. remember proximity is more important than power level! in the op, 1630 khz was used, very easy to homebrew a transmitter, or buy one cheap. remember those traveller info stations the highway dept used to put up? those were typically only ten watts and ive heard them sporadically at from a distance of over 30 miles at night! unlicensed broadcasting using up to one tenth of a watt is in fact legal so lng as youre not interfering with anything legit. on the am band but your only going to go several blocks away, but if you use the internet and sync many of these together you could cover a small town. but there isnt much of an audience on am for anyone to broadcast to. fm broadcasting has a much lower limit for unlicensed hobby broadcasting its only ten milliwatts ( 0.01) watts. you can get out about 300ft per transmitter using fm, but if you sync alot of them together using internet, you could cover a small town. equip to do this is dirt cheap and ebay has tons of it! plus you can build your own very easily and cheat a little on the power level. and just like on the cb, theres the imfamous linear amp added to a legal setup on weekends and holidays. or you can get crazy and go buy a bext lex-30 commercial driver unit for about 2700 and hideout in the mountains at your hunting cabin. you simply tell the seller (if they even ask) that you intend to use it with radiax cable in a college dorm or similar using no antenna. (also legal) all they care about are those credit card numbers. now if you really wanted to hijack (capt midnight style) a commercial station, you simply obtain an stl (studio to transmitter link) and get closer to the transmitter than the studio. that would cost about 1200 for what you need, but the problem there is that you cant claim any sort of legit purpose for possession of stl equip without a license. you would have to buy one used from ebay. or know the right ppl to hook ya up. but as i said earlier, they use the internet nowadays (for the most part) rather than the stl setup. and also as i said theres the fcc that wont leave you enough of you arse sit in a chair! ( if they catch you)
  13. read this thread from a ham board ,its so easy its scary! http://www.eham.net/ehamforum/smf/index.php/topic,114508.0.html some can make all the alert sirens all go off, and they were kids! when i got mad at my neighbors stereo, ive used a small 5w transmitter to stomp a big 50kw commercial station. it works for a few blocks, their rap music got stomped on by the moody blues for a few hours! til he beat the hell out his boombox on the porch, for being junk! (they had no idea i did it) super easy and fun too! at nearfeild range the the low power can dominate. proximity is everything regardless of power level. and then theres hijacking the studio to transmitter link and using the big stations transmitter, but that was the old days its all using internet now! so unless they are still using the old stuff the only practical way is to use your own transmitter to do a very localized "stomp". but if you want to you could simply occupy an an empty slot and hang some signs up to promote it along a highway at rush hour in a spot where the traffic gets jammed up. all the hacking stuff has prompted stations to take measures to become hack proof and get up to date so this sort of stuff is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. hijackng a channel on a cable system used to be easy too, before it all went digital. now its extremely difficult and extremely expensive. impossible for the most part except if you work for them , maybe? but once-upon a time it was childs play. but there always was a deterent called the fcc, who will make you wish you hadnt even thought of it! a hobbyist playing pirate on an empty channel is one thing (not a very big deal) but messing around with someone elses station and hacking into it is extremely serious! you could end up running a radio station for them, at ft. leavenworth on a thirty year contract!
  14. it does make a point thats hard to debate, wind is not a physical thing, so how would it follow a curvature? it would go out into space and not be held down by gravity or atmosphere, and it does go in varying directions sometimes opposing the rotation of a globe.so how can a 20mph wind go opposite of or sideways from a 1000 mph rotation? that is one of the best arguements for fe ive seen as of yet! and its about the most simplistic too! it kinda rules out a round dome or firmanent though, that also would have to be flat wouldnt it? whatever it is, i still have a theory that we are the center of it all and all the stars out there are an inward projection of our physical reality. instead of projecting light they project energy inwards to assemble matter here, we only see a light byproduct but theres much more to it. like a hologram except instead of light it projects neutrinos that assemble a physical reality that we see.
  15. i didnt know about the previous post, thanks for letting me know bout that. mod: maybe you could combine threads? back on topic: im sure this will be settled fairly in time, but there is a bright side to it! it gave exposure to a bad practice in that school that will surely be addressed and prevented in the future! as far as having a right to know why youre being arrested goes i thought that was a federal law and not up to the states, at least the parent should been shown some paperwork explaining it at the time he was arrested! in any case it never should have escalated to this, when he was acting up the parent should have been called to take him home, its up to the parent to handle discipline issues, a time out method would only make it worse with his autism. imo!