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  1. i always put the phone into the speaker mode and set it on a table several feet away, i keep conversations very short and for initial contact only to meet in person. i do this not only out of concern about radiation exposure, but privacy concerns over data mining by the gov. {phone conversations are data too}
  2. just another off topic rant

    the way out? yes please
  3. just another off topic rant

    i still have test strips for sugar and my readings are above the range of the meter to read { over 350 } so i don't think I'm going to last much longer like this and eyesight is failing fast too, i can barely read my 30 inch monitor to use my mac i say again all was well with the va care until they fired a perfectly good director of the va in pittsburgh over the water supply issue we had, and now we have some idiot now making cuts in areas that are critical to me {transportation} this directly coincides with trumps new appointee.
  4. just another off topic rant

    maybe the decline in the quality of va care isn't trumps fault and just a coincidence , but all was fine with the va care until the past 7 months when they have suddenly gotten shytful about everything. they used to always send a van to get me to my appointments, but when trump put new ppl in charge it all went down hill since. but one good thing is they don't try to force that dammed shrink on me anymore, not for past five years. and i feel much better without pain meds for my leg and i can walk several miles daily. but where i live there is no public transportation to get to my va appointments for my diabetic issue. that means no metformin refills , no glasses and no denture refitting all because trumps new appointee decided to cut off my transportation.
  5. just another off topic rant

    i was trained for microwave relay 30450 but was good at many other aspects of a relay site like ground radio and power production, i am able to repair any thing electronic that i use for myself and my friends. so now the job i loved is not much more than a hobby, but i am self taught in many other related fields of technology i love the 2600 site and a few ham radio sites. at least i still have that much to keep me going
  6. just another off topic rant

    there was no real issue with mental health until that b*st*rd shrink started giving me shots of dope that nearly killed me. the issue with my crushed leg had no impact on my ability to do radio work. they said i could do volunteer work at the va and thats all. nobody will hire me because i get 100 % va and have too many preexisting conditions for health insurance and they were afraid id be a liability to them should any of them get worse
  7. just another off topic rant

    i did not get to retire, i got injured after 2 and a half years of service and put on disability. i have no memory of what happened in turkey, i came back on a medevac. rank was airman first class. i was about to make senior airman when the pulled my sec clearance and sent me home. i had a tbi and multiple trauma and they did not give me a chance to prove i could still do my radio work. DESPITE MY INJURY rank was E-3 i had passed the test for E-4 , but they said i was done due to injury, i needed crutches for a year after the injury. but wtf. for a radio job why should that have mattered, i was able to walk quite well enough to work on the radios. i didn't want to give up. i could have kept going.and could have until they sent me to the va and that dammed chinese shrink who gave me an array of psychotropic dope that had me messed up for five years until i nearly died from it.
  8. no, not if you do what phil collins says in this song, call that toll free number and have your cc ready
  9. wounded warrior blood 16 tons gross miscarriage of justice {to protect pedo priests} 186,000 tons
  10. how would trump feel if i played my experience with the va in pittsburgh over the public airwaves? the chief of security telling me " you're just a senile old man. why don't you just do us all a favor and just go die. or how they gave me dentures that are not usable at all? or how i am unable to get to the va for my appointments because the new appointee of transportation {under his admin} decided to not provide transportation to my appointments at the va, leaving me without meds for my diabetic condition as well as addressing my painful sevice connected injurys. they gave me glasses that fell apart in two weeks and are unusable. trump can spout all his bullshyt about helping vets. but its all bull crap. imo and experience. i call you out donald trump to a public debate! but you don't have the balls to face the truth and reality of what you've done. DO YOU? ALL CALLS TO THE VA ARE RECORDED { FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE PURPOSES} AND BY ME ALSO {FOR OTHER PURPOSES} IF I COULD TAKE BACK THE SACRIFICE I MADE FOR THIS {GOD FORSAKEN COUNTRY} I WOULD! TRUTH WILL PREVAIL IN THE END!!! as for this board i know that y'all love trump, and i did too at first, but he has made matters much worse than ever for vets. and if my rant offends you ppl, delete my account, and goodbye. and as far as airing my complaint about the va along with the recordings i made being aired, remember what captain midnight did? I'm going bigger than that!!! soon. and will not be ignored i intend to renounce my citizenship and forfeit my 100 % va pension and seek out refuge in any other country. sure ill probably die there but if i stay here in this country ill die much faster. america has been dead for some time now and its starting to really stink! TIME TO BURY IT1
  11. the thing i dont get is that if you have to login to post here, then it shoulndt be possible to do that. i really need to do some reading about this topic. idk much!
  12. same ipad using a lte connection through my iphone hotspot is all it is in case you is worried @Ukshep. ive been away for awhile, the site is looking better, good job. safari browser keeps doing some weird stuff, what is a ddos attack? no worry, its really me!
  13. it does make a point thats hard to debate, wind is not a physical thing, so how would it follow a curvature? it would go out into space and not be held down by gravity or atmosphere, and it does go in varying directions sometimes opposing the rotation of a globe.so how can a 20mph wind go opposite of or sideways from a 1000 mph rotation? that is one of the best arguements for fe ive seen as of yet! and its about the most simplistic too! it kinda rules out a round dome or firmanent though, that also would have to be flat wouldnt it? whatever it is, i still have a theory that we are the center of it all and all the stars out there are an inward projection of our physical reality. instead of projecting light they project energy inwards to assemble matter here, we only see a light byproduct but theres much more to it. like a hologram except instead of light it projects neutrinos that assemble a physical reality that we see.
  14. why is the activity thread displaying in chinese characters? nevermind, it went back to english. but that was really freaky!
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