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  1. man you really go off on some wild and humorous (albeit likely unintentional) tangents, Mr. Choctaw. Maybe when accessing motives, personalities or possible mental deficiencies we should look at the one who makes questionable sense in their replies and posts a children's puppet repeatedly... that said, whatever.. I'm done. Anyone who thinks that dumb flag is a symbol of something valid other than just a symbol to agitate others and offend certain groups of people in this modern day should probably just stick to cartoons and leave discussions that require critical thinking to the teens and adults in the room.
  2. S. Africa is fuct and I think it's the model those that are so heavily promoting social justice want for us here in the US.
  3. "I'm a native American so I don't want other native Americans here based on stereo types" HA HA HA, OK Mr. Choctaw.. I guess you missed who I thought you might owe reparations to... Oh and I am for freeing non-violent criminals that are locked up for non theft related convictions and do some related activism, actually.
  4. Any program that makes what was once illegal legal has problems and there is obviously no doubt daca has major problems ,which is why it should be stopped going forward, but just as legal immigration around the turn of the 20th century.,NO process on this scale is perfect but by restricting criminals from being eligible for citizenship you limit negative repercussions considerably but obviously not totally. Nothing, no matter how well planned is perfect. Fraud relating to those who claim to be eligible to DACA shouldn't even be considered when trying to accept those who have proven they contribute. DACA fraud is wholly a different matter that's probably more akin to identity theft and should be treated accordingly if the perpetrators are caught. By stating we should impose a no exceptions repeal and deport even the good people that grew up here you're suggesting we basically create a country-less people whom your willing to punish simply because of their heritage and the mistakes of the parents regardless of who they are and how the represent themselves in our current society. Speaking of mistakes of your parents (family line), that flag which you're flying at the end of your post, which is actually a battle flag and not the actual confederate states flag, these days represents those that actually helped increased the racial diversity and the rift between them to begin with in the US in a bid for cheaper, controllable labor looking back. Thanks Sybdragon I hope you personally are forced to pay reparations to whom ever claims them because it's a very similar thing in a round about way, don't ya think? ya know, sins of the father and all that jive, since in essence that what you're promoting...
  5. Wow, Putin can say what he wants but the directly effected leader of South Korea praised Trump for opening lines of peace. I personally don't think peace in this situation will end up being an option but Trump was smart enough to paint Jongun into a corner to where he had to lose face and request talks. Maybe it's just a delay tactic by N. Korea but it's shown that Trump has caused an opening of dialog between the two countries that Jongun had previously shut down. regardless of Putins slight, the truth is that it has shown that Trump is willing to allow peace but it also leaves an acceptable opening for the US to strike if N. Korea declines a peaceful resolution and resumes it's aggression towards it's neighbors and other nations. Putin and his advisors are probably in awe of Trumps unorthodox diplomacy but they themselves are also backed into a corner by Trumps bold and effective move upon the world's stage and are reaching to find criticism. Color me shockingly impressed with Trumps effectiveness in this very tricky and dangerous situation, it's still going to be a very tough and dangerous road to negotiate going forward but I as one citizen of the US am absolutely impressed and never saw this scenario coming down the pike with Trumps brazen dialog towards N. Korea. Bottom line Jongun blinked, the good guys win for the day! MAGA!!
  6. Google Sucks.

    I used ixquick/startpage.com for years but they just search google as a proxy. I was happy with them for quite awhile but once Obama kicked in net "neutrality" I noticed my search results were effected. I've somewhat recently switched to using duckduckgo.com because I immediately noticed more diverse answers to search queries and they also maintain a decent level of privacy.
  7. I have to say Woods is a little off base here While I do agree DACA should be ended in the sense that no future immigrants should qualify it is a good negotiating tool and a wise one. There are other laws and orders that can be used to not allow criminals that may qualify for DACA currently to stay in the country but those that are not criminals, who have lived in the country since they were children and have been law abiding should have an easy path to citizenship. I live in a state that is heavily populated by folks of Hispanic heritage that qualify for DACA currently and most are hard working and family oriented. As it is now I don't believe felons can gain citizenship under DACA and with other executive orders and laws they can be deported in the future but if we embrace the law abiding that in most cases have already grown up here and been educated here I see no harm. in fact allowing them citizenship may even sway them them towards opening their eyes that one side of our current political system isn't stacked against them when they are allowed to vote. To me the greater goal is to lock down our southern border in the future and not so much punishing folks who have actually contributed to our society up to this point, albeit illegally . The whole idea that all children who grew up here illegally are parasites is just totally off base and extremely short sighted. Yes we need to do what ever we can legally do to remove the illegal criminal element who may be hiding behind DACA but on the same hand I think we should embrace those that have proven they are law abiding and willing to contribute. It's just not a black and white issue as Mr. Woods paints it and there is a lot of gray area. With astute negotiation I think grandfathering some of those that qualify under DACA is a boon to our society, especially if allowing them to stay helps lock down our southern border in the future.
  8. The theory that an eruption of Cumbre Vieja on La palma, Canary Islands could cause half the mountain to abruptly slip into the sea and cause a tremendous tsunami that would strike the eastern seaboard has been around for years although it's disputed and their have been a couple of eruptions on the island in the past 70 years. One caused the side of the mountain to move a couple of meters down and to the west and the other, later one, caused no movement at all. If the worst case scenario were to happen the tsunami that hit the us would be gigantic with estimates of it's size ranging around 50 meters when it made landfall in the us. Another theory is that the geological condition on the continental shelf near Cape Hatteris, North Carolina are such that a large landslide could occur that could cause a tsunami. While it would likely cause a much smaller tsunami than theorized if the western half of Cumbra Vieja fell into the sea it could still be pretty devastating creating up to a 7 meter tsunami. Neither of these theories are particularly new and they have even been mentioned in a discovery channel documentary. These theories could certainly could be the influence for any "visions" someone may have had.
  9. Trump Tower Card is Played

    I'm sorry but whom ever made this video is totally reaching. I mean some of these other examples of like say the Illuminati cards or whatever comes across as beyond coincidence but an electrical fire cause by a climate control unit on top of an apartment building that has no serious repercussions, at least that I'm aware of at this time, seems like a minor incident that over all seems pretty normal and hardly worth while of a prediction much less a magazine cover or gaming card dedicated to it. Other than an insurance claim and putting some fire fighters in a little jeopardy what happened that's worth secretly letting us all know that it would go down before it happens?
  10. As far as I am aware, you should pretty much have ID on your person anytime you leave your home. If you don't and get in a situation where a law enforcement agent has to request ID and you don't have one you are usually subject to legal repercussions such as a fine and quite often an arrest. To not require ID to engage in something as important as and with the repercussions of voting seems totally ridiculous and certainly wide open to exploitation and fraud.
  11. why would anyone need or want a tv that big? I personally watch about 3-9 hours of tv a week during football season on a 13" or 14 " vertical flat screen (these days) and maybe 3 hours or none a week after that. I may watch more this coming year because my young child has shown an interest in baseball but other that that I truly feel that interaction with the television combined with the commercial advertisements is a hindrance to critical thinking in everyone and brain development in the young. We probably ought to all just smash the box or in this case roll up screen completely but modern times and all... I think people should read more, go to a play,event even or even listen to the radio but that we should all watch much, much less tv and movies than seems to be common place with most.
  12. Trump fiction, it's a damn shame the media (alternative and otherwise) has made this guy rich promoting this crap..
  13. The End / Goodbye

    Good luck to you in whatever your future holds. As someone who reads more than posts and whether I agree or not, I'll miss your input and take on things.
  14. Noah's Ark (replica) Breaks Loose In Storm 1/3/2018

    I have a hard time considering the concept of rapture a true biblical prophesy. If you look into it's history it's an Interpretation that's lineage has it's roots in the 1820's based on the teaching of James Irving , the father of modern Pentecostalism and dismissed Presbyterian minister. It was then popularized in the 1830's by John Darby who was influence by the visions of Margaret MacDonald who was "told" in a vision that the second advent would come in two stages instead of one as had been the accept belief among Christians up until then. MacDonald's vision was that Christ would first come in glory to his believers and then later in a second stage where he would be witnesses by all. MacDonald's paranormal visions are pretty much THE source of the concept of the modern rapture. If you look at this time in history there were others who also had prophetic visions that became popular, although the messages they received were not in agreement with one another. Around this time Joseph Smith had his visions of the Mormon doctrines, Ellen White had her visions of the 7th day Adventist teachings and John Wilson had visions which started the teachings of British Israelism. None of these ideas are based on true biblical teachings and are instead just interpretations by misguided, deceitful or ill people during a time in history where people where fascinated by and searched for new spiritual ideas. The bible issues many warnings about false prophets and unfortunately I think many good people have fallen victim to this in our modern age.