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  1. I can not reasonably see any attack on north Korea occurring without prior knowledge by china and wouldn't even be surprised if China shuts NK down in the coming days or months. I see the deal as China takes control of NK and we are in more of a East/West Germany(light) situation with more diplomacy about what weapons can be in the peninsula and certainly more predictable leaders in control of the region. It would likely be a huge benefit to the inhabitants of both N and S Korea but it will require a lot of diplomacy and regardless it will surely be a hard sell to keep trump from not looking weak or like he suffered a loss. Still, I think it's the most likely outcome.
  2. Without China's inclusion I just don't see it happening.Going it alone would create such a huge threat to the diplomacy of the other current regimes that are considered world powers that WW3 would become eminent . I expect China to call off the dog with some somnolence of face and that Fatty Kim will be taken out some time in the next 14 months, likely much sooner. .
  3. I had to vote still holding on to hope. Trump has made some very questionable decisions so far but has also made some good ones, but it's still way to early to completely give up hope. Rest assured their is a lot of complicated politicking going on. Unfortunately, in a democratic system that's just how it has to go down. Maybe Trump has realized their are too many alligators, viruses and deadly bacteria to find the proper team to drain the swamp and is instead drowning in it. I don't know but I do think we need a little more time to see where this is all going. Most importantly though Trump's election has at least thrown a curve ball to the communists and progressives and other than a possible false sense that things were going to immediately turn around I think we can still feel a lot better that Trump was elected over Hillary. We may have already been to far down the path of self destruction to return but at least a statement against the way things were/are going was made by the people in the face of heavy opposition.
  4. I see the RT article doesn't have a body estimate but I read an LA times article on this story earlier today and body estimate is even the same. The only new news is the 20 chambers in the second room. It seems to me that they use a story like this to promote a hidden idea or to inject a subliminal idea. In 2014 it came across primarily as a story to bash the catholic church ( Nuns disposing of babies in a septic tank). While the new version of the story still shines a poor light on the Catholics but what are they insinuating by now pushing the same story but now with a 20 chamber under ground room with the remains of children? To me it comes across as there is more than just reporting the facts going on with this story.
  5. In 2014 all these babies bones were said to be in a sewer and it got a lot of press. It strikes me as kind of weird that this story is making the rounds again and I wonder why. The same story from 2014: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-06-05/almost-800-irish-children-dumped-in-septic-tank-mass-grave/5501482 http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/ireland-investigates-alleged-discovery-800-babies-sewer-tank-n123236 https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2014/06/06/800-dead-babies-are-probably-just-the-beginning/?utm_term=.028785aa1a1e https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jun/04/claim-of-800-childrens-bodies-buried-at-irish-home-for-unwed-mothers http://www.telegram.com/news/20170303/mass-grave-found-at-former-orphanage-in-ireland and there are many more. barring the "sewer" part of the story it's exactly the same with the same information, I wonder what the purpose of revisiting this story ,almost 3 years later, by so many outlets is?
  6. To bad the pics aren't there. I'd like to see what this guy is interpreting as "a compound".
  7. I feel pretty certain that Rachel Dolezol is mentally ill but if not she had to know going into it that eventually her racial shenanigans would come back and bite her on the ass. I expect Shaun King to suffer a similar fate, eventually.
  8. I think they pulled that stunt to get a crap ton of attention and clicks today. Their ratings for these awards shows are declining and without this mistake almost no one would care. They also get to push the LGBLT film that almost no one cares about down everyone throats. Win, Win...
  9. Paying people to cause destruction, violence,block traffic intentionally and disturb the peace (paid protesters) should be illegal and those that are organizing and paying for it should be held very responsible and suffer severe penalties and punishment.
  10. Thanks for posting this link. I ran across this guy yesterday, my client crashed and I couldn't find him again. He got some pretty good down stream footage the other day but he can be a little difficult to listen to. Oddly, when I open up his periscope channel again today my browser crashed again.
  11. While he is certainly bucking the system as far as political correctness and following the rules of diplomacy I think Duterte would be an example of being to tough on crime to the point of human rights crime and he's turning the Philippines into a resource available to the highest bidder regardless of their political system. He also seems at time to be showing support muslim radicals in his country. I have a hard time saying he is doing the right thing but I will say he very proactive and following through with what he campaigned on for the most part.
  12. It's certainly a risk and if this is the first time you've thought of it I''d be a little surprised. He's a wildcard but he has said the right things. Going off that alone he was the best candidate running in my opinion. I think we all should just buckle up for the ride and when he makes moves we disagree with we speak up. Bottom line , I think a lot of us felt the country was going way the wrong direction. He's made promises that he seems to be following through with. There's certainly going to be a lot of questions and maybe he's in way over his head but if he is truly a representative of the people he will listen to our disagreements and in time give us answers to our questions. We know what the alternative was and even with a complete Benedict Armold from Trump it likely won't be worse.
  13. If we disagree with what you say you have no right to speak seems to be their argument. "Hate speech isn't free speech" yet who decides what is hateful??? The odd part is they don't seem to even know what the speaker or whomever is going to say. They just go with what the controllers say is "hateful" and then show up to out hate them like mindless drones. They tricked these people into fighting for the system while thinking they are fighting against it. Communism and totalitarian progressive liberalism are the antithesis of anarchy. It would be hilarious how backwards they have flipped things if it wasn't so dangerous and disheartening.
  14. At what point do we declare Soros as an enemy of the US? I don't even mean to declare him a criminal and threaten to prosecute him if he enters our borders, I mean surgical missile strikes to destroy him. The guy is an enemy of freedom world wide,
  15. These disgusting Antifa are the brown shirts of the totalitarian left. they are anarcho- communists who have views based on folks like Kropotkin and Malatesta except they have lost their own working roots and now are just the privileged bitching and crying about privilege. They have no interest other than domination, violence and enforcing their views on those who oppose them, very similar to Isis or other extremest radicals. I hope they are all captured and sentenced to hang from the nearest tall tree.