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    1964-1979 ONLY

  2. Stan Hail

    RED ALERT Email leak - Pence-Ryan COUP!

    I've had to much of an evening to do much looking and maybe it's obvious to all but this is exactly the time the Trump "grab her by the p*ssy" tape was making a splash in the news.
  3. I'm very skeptical of course but I try to keep an open mind and regardless of what I believe at this time, to me it's a very interesting view point that it seems many others have as well. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions and your willingness to share your knowledge and opinions on the subject.
  4. I have always heard that gravity accounts for holding water against the curvature of the earth. In the case of the Suez canal which sits at sea level, the water flows directionally although that direction is effected by the tides of the Red Sea south of Bitter Lake and on the Mediterranean side of Bitter Lake the canal flows north in the winter and south in the summer.
  5. Maybe I am not getting something and I did kind of skip through the video instead of watching from start to finish but when it was invisible to the naked eye and she zoomed in the bottom half (the red part) of the ship was not visible. It seems to me that this would be better evidence for a curvature as opposed to an argument against it.
  6. Yes, but you are only seeing the side nearest towards you and depending on grade and distance it could be impossible for the naked eye to notice it.
  7. it doesn't disappear like it is no longer close enough to see. It disappears slowly from the bottom to the top of the sails (or tips of the the poles that stick out for the nets in the case of shrimp boats) as if it is slowly going over a hill. How could you explain a pole in the center of a flat earth? Also how do you have sun cycles? are we stationary and the sun spins around us as well? Also, is Earth supposed to be an anomaly as the only flat planet or is every astronomer, amateur or professional, with a telescope strong enough to view the rotating sphere's of all the other planets around us lying?
  8. I don't have the time right now to look through all the posts and I was told there was no math but I have a hard time buying flat earth. As a kid who grew up on the coast I used to watch the shrimp boats slowly disappear over the horizon all the time as a kid. It's something I have seen more than 100 times, easily. I also fail to understand how you explain frozen poles and seasonal weather change without a round earth that is tilted on an axis.
  9. Stan Hail

    Off-Topic Repository

    I'm a Texans fan. He can have some pretty good games. His biggest problem is that he seems to completely collapse in pressure situations. I think he is one of those guys who is a more than capable back-up but you won't want to have to rely on him as your everyday starter. Despite last weeks outing I think Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better QB.
  10. Stan Hail

    Off-Topic Repository

    Good call. Yes it is except it's a mustache. I thought he looked more like a stereotype of an Italian pizza guy which I figured would be the only work he could this year, after the melt down in the play-offs last season. Poor bears.