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  1. I'm not sure that's true. in the case of the aztecs they were not defeated by just the invading Spanish but by the indigenous allys that the Spanish were able to recruit for their cause to overthrow the extra violent and known threat that that the aztec civilization presented for the commoner. I think that by nature civilization creates violence but the real or perceived threat that the natives perceived was greater (at the time) than what ever they may have thought that the Spanish presented.
  2. Soon you'll be able to openly carry a sword in Texas

    Cool, maybe they'll next pass a law so that you can demand satisfaction when someone insults your honor. Just kidding I'm a Texan. Honestly I'm surprised it was previously illegal to open carry a sword.
  3. During the time the Spaniards came and began to Conquer parts of the "new world" they were also full swing into the Inquisition. The prevail attitude of the Catholic Church at the time was convert or die. Add to that that (ironically) the Spanish saw all the sacrificial bloodshed and death, cannibalism and bizarre (by western standards) public blood letting rituals I'm sure they honestly felt that they had come to conquer satan himself. Still, knowing what we know about a lot of the central American civilizations that the Spanish conquered and destroyed I think it would be hard to argue that either side was actually the good guys if you were just joe Scmouextl living there at the time. Just like the church during theSpanish inquisition there was no way that culture was going to be able to keep on that cultural trajectory indefinitely, especially once it encountered other equally or more powerful cultures.
  4. I find a lot of this 'paranormal" stuff interesting, just 99% of it is hokum.
  5. I'm am very libertarian in my views on drug legalization and thought the Jeff Sessions appointment was horrible, the guy is a full on 80's style drug warrior. I thought the pick was so unbelievably bad that I tried to figure out what could possibly be positive about this appointment. Here's the best I got on Sessions being a drug warrior. Unlike the 80's many states have legalized marijuana and now even other drugs (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-11/oregon-legislature-passes-bill-decriminalize-cocaine-meth-and-heroin ) If the attorney generals office respects state laws in the states that have decriminalized then the federal laws can be used to keep charges on illegal aliens so that they can be deported easier. That's really the only positive I see and it would require that he's going to respect state laws.. If this is indeed the case I really don't think it's worth it considering the likelihood that these drug laws will still be used by the federal government to hurt and often destroy the lives of Americans. Hopefully the Sessions appointment is temporary and Trump puts a more libertarian AG in in the future.
  6. I think that the police being allowed to use dogs to attack and restrain people is unethical and barbaric. It's an animal and it can use reason know when to show restrain and determine the amount of injury it is causing and you can't guarantee that the dog is going to obey commands 100% of the time. I don't think our police should be allowed to loose the dogs of war on suspected criminals. It just seems wrong. Short of someone fighting or posing a serious threat, I have a problem with a lot of situations where police are allowed to use "pain compliance".
  7. I think you have to be very skeptical of this story. The debunk on this one is that these are real mummies that have been modified by hoaxers. It's not my area of expertise but unless there are abnormalities in the x rays of the skeletons in places other than than the hands, feet or skulls, like the number of bones in the neck, spine, ribs or shape of the pelvis I have a very hard time buying this one.
  8. So Did Weiner board SpaceX or what?

    To the best I can find he was last seen publicly on may 31st. They originally had his sentencing scheduled for June 19th but they had it rescheduled for Sept. 8th so I'm sure we'll hear about him then (if he's still around). Weiner and Abedin's divorce hearing is scheduled 5 days later on Sept 13th.
  9. You have to worry a little about the timing in the news cycle on this one, considering the left wing terrorist here in the US and the push for a soft or non existent Brexit over there but likely it's legit story. There's old saying in the western world "what comes around goes around" and most likely this is a crazy Brit fed up with native Brits suffering similar violence at the hands of their muslim population. I certainly don't condone what this man did and feel that random attacks like this are cowardly but when you have the kind of active and frequent violence against the non muslim population someone acting in revenge is eventually bound to happen. I wouldn't completely rule out this was '"set-up" or "staged" on one level or another and I'm sure there going to blame the right wingers and pro-brexit politicians for working this guy up one way or another but I think that once we hear the media's spin and what the drivers motivation and influence to do such a thing was is when we'll have a better view of the over all story and be able to form more educated opinions.
  10. I think folks need to start calling these violent attacks on right leaning folks and republicans out for what they are, hate Crimes. Their targeted folks because of irrational hatred for them, pure and simple. If we start using the term "hate crime" when describing the perpetrators of crimes like this and the planned violence by the Anti free speech, fascist Antifa and their ilk against folks they disagree with in the comments on articles and video outside of CO i think it may resonate with folks, wake some up and help others realize exactly what's really going on with the current left wing violence and their rabid intolerance. Democrats then and now...
  11. Maxine Waters Is Connecting the Dots

    As out of touch with reality as Maxine waters is she's at best competing for the 2nd dumbest democrat representing the people in Washington D.C. behind Sheila Jackson Lee. Unfortunately Maxine is getting serious air play.. Stay Woke?... They can't even Speak proper English! How can we as the people give any credibility in the Soap box these "cable news networks" give her.
  12. Sometimes I think you just have to call crazy, crazy. This seems to be one of those cases. Maybe drugs or something was involved but considering it was muslim on muslim violence I'm inclined to just chalk this one up to a guy just being crazy.
  13. Olbermann is a prime example of someone selling his soul for main stream success and sponsorship. There is absolutely no other explanation for his success portraying such a self righteous douche bag and still getting airtime. What ever side Olbermann is selling the smart move is to run as fast as you can in the other direction.
  14. US may attack North Korea within 24 hours

    I can not reasonably see any attack on north Korea occurring without prior knowledge by china and wouldn't even be surprised if China shuts NK down in the coming days or months. I see the deal as China takes control of NK and we are in more of a East/West Germany(light) situation with more diplomacy about what weapons can be in the peninsula and certainly more predictable leaders in control of the region. It would likely be a huge benefit to the inhabitants of both N and S Korea but it will require a lot of diplomacy and regardless it will surely be a hard sell to keep trump from not looking weak or like he suffered a loss. Still, I think it's the most likely outcome.
  15. US may attack North Korea within 24 hours

    Without China's inclusion I just don't see it happening.Going it alone would create such a huge threat to the diplomacy of the other current regimes that are considered world powers that WW3 would become eminent . I expect China to call off the dog with some somnolence of face and that Fatty Kim will be taken out some time in the next 14 months, likely much sooner. .
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