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  1. These disgusting Antifa are the brown shirts of the totalitarian left. they are anarcho- communists who have views based on folks like Kropotkin and Malatesta except they have lost their own working roots and now are just the privileged bitching and crying about privilege. They have no interest other than domination, violence and enforcing their views on those who oppose them, very similar to Isis or other extremest radicals. I hope they are all captured and sentenced to hang from the nearest tall tree.
  2. I've always thought of real anarchists as being very far right. Sovereign citizens, etc. These modern anarchists just seem to be pop culture fueled totalitarian lefties.
  3. whether it's the birth of you're savior or the dead of winter your celebrating, Happy holidays to everyone here! May next year be an improvement for you and yours over this year!
  4. This guy's gone completely off the rails and went and dug up the rotten corpse of Joseph McCarthy. Russia, Russia, Russia.... Unbelievable. Wasn't this guy a sportscaster? Wow, what a looney tune. The globalists are still a little pissed Russia was able to shake off the oppression of the form of government I'm sure this guy would prefer the serfs and peasants to live under. Nice touch at the end where he is asking his audience to resist peace... The left has become chock full of violent totalitarians who will lie, cheat, murder and steal to get there way and attempt to oppress individual freedom. Luckily, regular folks seem to be understanding their game more and more every day and I think in a generation the democratic party will either have it's own revolution of go the way of the dodo.
  5. I haven't read many details and what I have heard has been very one sided in the ex-football player's favor. But, if Mr. Mcknight was the aggressor and I was Gasser.. He's a 6 foot tall 200 pound dude in the prime of life with neck muscles the size of my biceps and if he started getting violent I'd shoot him too. I think legitimate fear for your life is the criteria for a self defense shooting and if the football player was the aggressor and was going to attack the man in his mid 50's I think a jury might very easily agree.
  6. I've always felt that a good gauge for fake/propaganda news sites, is whether or not they allow user comments on their stories.
  7. The message Joe Biggs read sounds like someone just goading folks to bite on the false pedo story line. I firmly believe everyone is being taken on a long and bumpy ride on this one.
  8. I tend to favor the idea that this is a set up to push the fake news narrative and discredit independent journalist and conspiracy researchers. It's to much information that's coming out without a true smoking gun. Could it also be a cover for real pedo crimes? quite possibly, but I think the former is much more likely and the main objective in this case.
  9. If half a hemisphere is shaking to some degree i tend to favor that it something effecting earth's gravity considering the scale of the anomaly. It seems like unusual tides would also be an indicator though.
  10. Great show on coast to coast tonight (11/30/16), which is unfortunately rare these days. Robert Wicox writer of The Spy Who Killed Kennedy. I haven't read the book yet but I have read his previous book Killing Patton which I think is a must for any truth seeker. If your interested and they're archive has been maintained, Dr. Stan Montieth (deceased) of liberty radio did some fantastic and informative interviews on the alleged assassination of Patton with him.
  11. Interesting Poll. I'm a newer member and have never been a member of another CT forum. I'm just a news junkie who saw a link on one of my less favored sites I regularly visit that despite it's shortcomings I still appreciate it's wide openness and just figured what the heck I'll check it out. It was a few months out from election time so there was a lot to talk about and I appreciated the openness to what ever vibe the site seems to have. My vote 1.) I voted more members thinking that will bring more diverse views and hopefully more discussion. 2.) i vote yes I'm happy. I have not personally witness much moderation other than moving or combining threads and to me limiting moderation is a good thing. 3.) I voted "last bastion" although I'm not really experienced with other forums it was the only answer that I thought was close to fitting. Closer to the truth about how I fell is that it's a small community of pretty open minded folks who are willing to explore alternative Ideas and theories to current and historical events.
  12. I think the Marie Antoinette moment was the moment the original Ron Paul tea party started a more libertarian, freedom and liberty movement within the republican party. despite the fizzling out and then mainstream hijacking of this movements original intent it had great influence on folks like Nigel Farage and Marie Le Pen and helped open the worlds eyes to the truth about globalism and likely influenced major world changes like Brexit and the election of Donald Trump more recently.
  13. Edmonds pretty much dismissed "pizzagate" with no opinion on it and instead went on about her knowledge of blackmailed and compromised politicians and how it worked from her previous research and bashed voting and both political candidates and then promoted her kickstarter. As an experienced and professional researcher specifically on black mailed political figures and pedophilia it makes me wonder if she too doubts the validity of the 'pizzagate" leaks.
  14. I can't believe I watched the majority of this video. It's nothing but rambling and then wild, and I mean WILD speculation. The wear on the floor is likely what he initially said. Wear patterns from walking around the stored refrigerated goods. While a refrigerator may be a decent place to store a dead body for a little while, it's not very good for storing living people and this particular refrigerated room lacks one thing I think would be at the top of the list for a kill room, a drain. Also while this is a good sized refrigerated room it's not unusually large. A pizza shop not only has all the ingredients that go onto a pizza and whatever else they make to store most also let their ready to go dough sit on racks in the refrigerated room and then many also store there beer and other beverages in there as well. When I finally just had to say ok that's way enough, was when he brought up that they could very well be using their pizza ovens as a crematorium to destroy the bone evidence left over from their supposed tortured, slain and flayed bodies. He also seems to think that the children that are supposedly tortured and killed, while being broadcast to a live internet audience are all infants or "about the size of a turkey". This guy pretty much demonstrates everything about this theory that makes have doubts. It's a story that's occasionally made headlines and has been seriously looked into and speculated about by the conspiracy crowd for a long time . There is no doubt it goes on but in this case the evidence is suspicious but not very clear and guys like this guy are on it with baited breath ready to espouse their stored feelings on the topic buy connecting dots that aren't really there and wildly speculating with zero evidence. They even have folks talking silly about pizza and pasta and cheese and anchovies or whatever, to sound even sillier. Then as evidence people are using a code described by the FBI. If I was going to fabricate a story like this to fool people I'd probably start my research in the same place and use a known "code" so that my trap could be sprung. To me , with the people supposedly involved If this story is true they would know and have access to this FBI information and likely would come up with a different code. I really have serous suspicions about the validity of this leak and even though I'm not one to scream false flag every time something big goes down, I believe this could indeed be a false flag.
  15. While I have no doubt that pedophilia occurs among the wealthy and powerful my instincts point to this story being a Trojan horse to help push the "fake news" narrative. There are a few details about this "story" coming to light that have bothered me from the word go. First it's the timing this story leaked after or around the time Assange when "missing". I think that it's not unreasonable to suspect that at this time wikileaks may have been compromised so there is a chance the information released during or after this time could be planted. More importantly and to me more telling is that the "fake news" narrative started and this story broke at about the same time. Another thing to me is the timing of the release, it was days before the election. So close to the election that the story really didn't gain much momentum until post election. Assuming the prevailing thought was that Hillary was going to win, if this is a planted story it's timing is perfect to be better used to attack the alternative media without causing much per-election damage to her campaign. Lastly the content of the leak is basically a holy grail that not only gives validation to the legitimate conspiracy news site's most horrific theories but also to the more fringe reptilian and satanic leadership folks. Even with a Hillary loss this story still helps them to continue the fake news narrative and gives them a tool to try to discredit and silence truth seekers and those with dissenting views . Sometimes when a piece information seems to good I believe it requires extra scrutiny and this one seem to nicely fit the bill for a possible fake that's been released as a means to attack their opponents and further their own goals. We are already seeing the pizza gate story being hushed up and censored around the internet. Some may think that's because their covering the story up but they also could be just doing what they said they wanted to do and furthering the censorship of alternative news and theories that go against their our could harm their own plans and agendas. Looking at this story it's outlandish enough to really do some damage to a lot of folks credibility if it proves out to all be fabricated BS. Of course I could be completely wrong but the actual "proof" is flimsy at best and some of the odd things like the unusual art work and music at the pizzeria could just as easily be there as part of the set up to feed the researchers.