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  1. I think how it works is it takes 10 mins for HAARP to send an 1mag EQ to Hawaii, 20 mins for a 2mag, 30 mins for a 3 mag (give or take a bit of time and magnitude). It probably has something to do with charging the frequencies.
  2. This is so dangerous what they are doing here. They are training peoples minds to hear injected subliminal audio frequencies. There is a new software coming out from Adobe called VoCo that can replicate voices. I've thought about it before on how the news media could take a video where an important figurehead is saying something, and make him say something else. But this would be problematic in the event where the original video is found and leaked, as often happens these days. However; with the way that they have trained peoples minds now with this Laurel vs Yanny thing; they could simply inject a fabricated audio clip on top of audio that is already there in a real video, and then tell people what is that they hear. Like so... Trump: "..And so I have decided that NK is our friend/enemy" CNN: "Trump has just announced that NK is now friends with the US" A simple example, but the point is that it wouldn't matter what the person actually said, there would be a way to easily convince everyone about what was said. There would be no debating on the matter, it would not be an internet vote on what you heard, it doesn't work like that when it's news media, you either go with what they said like millions will, or you get cast as an outsider. This is the most dangerous social engineering project in years. This is a game changer.
  3. He can't get the missiles to launch but he has the payloads. Journalists know this, and yet they're willingly going there to watch the "dismantle" event. It's a trap. I don't know how no one sees it. He's gonna blow up part of the island and the world will be destroyed from fallout. He might even blow up the whole damn country just to cause damage to the rest of the world.
  4. I imagine "A Boy And His Dog"-type future scenario.
  5. Fishticon

    Ouija Board Anyone?

    I'll tell you another reason it doesn't work. If it worked, if it worked that a spirit could move a plastic thing that glides on a flat surface while you're touching it; there would be software to prevent accidental mouse movements. People all over the world would be talking about how their computer mouse moves on its own sometimes.
  6. Fishticon

    Ouija Board Anyone?

    The Ouija board is an amazing tool that measures the power of belief. It doesn't actually do anything unless you believe that it does. But it only works because you want it to work so much that you or your friends move it. You could have the tightest group of friends ever, but someone moved it, someone is lying to you. If things like the Ouija board ACTUALLY worked; then it would be a common social practice to gather around something and try to move in with your minds. But doing that wont work, so it wouldn't be good marketing, and it wouldn't sell.
  7. Fishticon

    MOZILLA suspends ads on FACEBOOK...

    Seems more like a publicity stunt than a bold move to me. If Mozilla REALLY wanted to rebel against FB; they would make a FireFox update that would disable ads on FB for all users.
  8. Set to be released to fool's in April. But there's always one paranoid nutt who thinks it's a big plan lol.
  9. I think doing something like this is irresponsible. There's already enough heat on drinks that target young kids. Yes, adults like flavors too but sometimes it goes too far. Like just last week some kid around here died from drinking this drink called "FCKD UP", which is 11.5%, the same as Four Loco, but they added energy stuff to make it even worse. Obviously Coca-Cola isn't just for kids, but its more for kids than adults. There are gummy bears with THC in them, but you don't see Maynards making their own version.
  10. Its a giant ghost. Its the spirit of Azrael lol.
  11. Fishticon

    Frostbite in 30 seconds!

    I'm in Eastern Canada and I went to the corner store down the street to get some beer. When I got back I couldn't feel my hands. It felt like pins and needles, and slamming my fingers in a car door. I couldn't even feel my keys to get back in lol. Once I regained some of the feeling in my hands; the beer helped.
  12. A missile doesn't have to be capable of hitting the US. You heard what Trump said; The US needs more military funding. We know how they get military funding before a war.. a false flag. It has happened every single time the US went into war. So a missile WILL hit the US, FROM the US, and be blamed on NK.
  13. Fishticon

    Bitcoin passes $9000. [Merged]

    People have heard that a coin backed my a commodity could be a good thing. But did you know that Lithium isn't even a commodity yet? If someone was to make a coin that would be backed by Lithium; it would skyrocket as the new petrodollar since Lithium will be the new Oil. The coin would go up as the sales of Lithium go up since it would be TIED to each other to MAKE Lithium a commodity. And the coin could be used to top up your electric vehicle, to get a discount.
  14. Fishticon

    Bitcoin passes $9000. [Merged]

    It could go to $20,000 but until it has a much higher usage rate than 1%; It means nothing to bankers. I know the secret, I know how to get cryptocurrency to become money that people actually use, but no one ever listens to me and I'll be poor for as long as I watch the world be stupid.

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