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  1. They HAVE to be doing something with HAARP right now. Just look at the weather on the east-coast of North America. It's way too warm for this time of the year. Everyone is confused about it. And yesterday I noticed that the rain has a mouldy smell to it. Also; the geese are back by the river already. I don't think they would make the long flight back for just a week of warmth up here. I will continue to keep an eye on the the birds.
  2. Why doesn't the camera turn to reveal what is INSIDE the cups?
  3. The problem with the switch to automation is the education system. Computer Programming needs to be taught from the start, like even from kindergarten. We have the teaching tools to teach coding on all levels, there is no excuse no. And anyone in any position should take the time to learn it, it doesn't even take long to get a basic understanding of programming. Schools can be made to teach everything WITH programming, every subject can be THROUGH programming. This is not a decision that needs to be made first, it's already too late. People need to actively learn programming to the point where it is just as important as learning English. People need to make it the most important thing to learn. Then the schools will be forced to adopt it at that level, or they will face students turning to online schools. If you don't know a programming language like JavaScript or Python in the next 5-10 years; You will have the same chance of getting a job as someone who is mentally retarded.
  4. It's the 25th anniversary of Wayne's World, and Russia has magically whisked away to Delaware... Strange.
  5. ISIS is about as real as Anonymous. Remember when Obama had 22 Russian troops train on US soil for the first time ever in 2012? Obama was buddies with Putin back then. He also did a DEFCON test when the Russians were in town. Shortly after that ISIS became a big news story, a new bad guy for us to read about for the duration of Obamas stay. You think the dealings with Russia had stopped? No, they popped up every once in a while when ISIS news was down. ISIS was a cover story, it was really happening but it was put in place to cover up the dealings with Russia. But where was Trump during all this? He was around in 2011 doing his birth certificate thing, but then he and anyone else talking about that was basically told to shut up. This made people who read alternative news interested in Trump, and therefore TPTB were interested in using Trump as a puppet. So it's not JUST Trump who is in with the Russians. It's everyone. It's part of the plan.
  6. Oh he's in with the Russians. But he didn't need them to win.
  7. Protest what? Democracy? He won, it's happening, that's how it works.
  8. I don't think it was a glitch. They have been getting the word "Russia" on the news as much as possible. Not just recently, but since 2012 when they had the 22 Russian troops train on US soil for the first time ever. 2012 was also the year they remade Red Dawn. The "Russia" thing is all over the place, so much so that we're not even noticing it at this point. It's become as meaningless as the word "terrorist".
  9. I read "Alligators".
  10. But that is a Google AdWords ad. Google makes it show whatever the viewer is interested in or has been viewing lately.
  11. His death was reported as a link on every conspiracy site. If this was a person who was well involved in the community; it would have been known through threads first. I've seen some of his older youtube videos now. They're over the top, like way over the top. He sounds like he's involved in a cult. I don't mean that in a joking way, I mean he (and the people he associates with) with sound like interviews I've heard from people who have been in cults. This is the kind of person who gives conspiracy and the truth movement a bad name by the media. We're shouting about the Clintons being involved in a pedo ring but the media will choose to put us in the group with the guy who says he's a clone-demon-angel-reptoid from outerspace (or something like that). We've pretty much gotten to the point where many conspiracy related things are starting to be known as truth (9/11 for example). We don't need to be thrown back into the pile of Space Warriors with magic powers from planet Niburu. Looks are important because there have been many times where TPTB use actors for certain things. To me this looks like one of those things that they would do that for. That's just my opinion. Rather than follow what is being said about Max Spiers death; I choose to investigate Max Spiers himself.
  12. It says that Max Spiers was well known in the conspiracy community... I've never heard of him. Surely I would have heard this "supersoldier" in the community, and we would have all known of his passing. Something like this would be all over the forums way before it hit the news. He has a website. It was registered in March of this year. He didn't make any posts for 3 months. Yet he was on to something and exposing it? He made a site in March 2016, he did his first post in July 2016... But he died in June 2016. What was his online name? If the "investigators" are able to tell us that this happened, then why not mention his online name? Why does he look like an actor in his photos? Is he a model or something?
  13. The story itself is not something they would let get out there. It wouldn't make it past the "actual" investigators and the police. It smells exactly like a plant.
  14. To me this sounds like they're trying to divert online investigators attention away from the Clinton thing while they clean everything up.
  15. Sounds like just another president who will spend all her time playing golf.