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  1. Could it be the Mayak?
  2. Teen Vogue: A guide to anal sex

    I'm sure it's taught in Sex Ed by now. Everything is normal now, and questioning it is wrong. Eventually it will get to the point where they will have sex rooms in school so kids can relieve some tension and get back to their work, it'll be a "safe sex zone".
  3. From now on I'll have to think if my post meets the agenda. It's like that phone game from camp, but there's a Phone Master.
  4. 4chan Declares War on CNN

    The first I ever heard of Anonymous and 4Chan mentioned publicly was on CNN. So personally; I think that all this is just a publicity stunt. CNN are good story spinners, they are doing this to themselves on purpose, they will spin this around to make them look good. It's not like any of this is exposing CNN as being brainwashing fake news pushers. All that's happening here is CNN is exposing the internet as being a bunch of immature idiots. THAT'S the message that the masses will hear.
  5. Happy 4th of July !!

    Even here in Canada we're sharing the celebrations! We just gave 10 million dollars to a terrorist that killed a US soldier... Today, on your day.
  6. Here in Canada a brown guy is free to walk down the street with bombs strapped to him in plain view while he screams "alah akbar" and gets into a dump truck. No one would say a word, and for the one guy who does; he will be shunned... just before all hell breaks loose. That's just how we do things here! We like to keep our mouths shut so we don't offend anyone.
  7. Bring cases of Heineken across a border that has alcohol transport limitations. Don't worry, Heineken will back you up. Nothing special about their beer anymore anyways since it's not imported, how could it be without borders?
  8. NK Just Did It Again!

    I guess we'll see a few of these this week, as the US leads up to testing if their ICBM systems actually work on Friday.
  9. Next week will be the FIRST TIME that the US will attempt to ACTUALLY shoot down an intercontinental ballistic missile in flight? There are computer simulations, and silos set up and ready to protect people from ICBMs but it's never been tested if any of this stuff works?
  10. The problem is that Muslim women who wear the headscarff mask thing can get weapons without their photo on it, then they could give the weapons to their masters/husbands. The women must be coming here for some reason.
  11. Something is up with the birds!

    They HAVE to be doing something with HAARP right now. Just look at the weather on the east-coast of North America. It's way too warm for this time of the year. Everyone is confused about it. And yesterday I noticed that the rain has a mouldy smell to it. Also; the geese are back by the river already. I don't think they would make the long flight back for just a week of warmth up here. I will continue to keep an eye on the the birds.
  12. Strangeness in my house! Video!

    Why doesn't the camera turn to reveal what is INSIDE the cups?
  13. We Are Where we are Heading!

    The problem with the switch to automation is the education system. Computer Programming needs to be taught from the start, like even from kindergarten. We have the teaching tools to teach coding on all levels, there is no excuse no. And anyone in any position should take the time to learn it, it doesn't even take long to get a basic understanding of programming. Schools can be made to teach everything WITH programming, every subject can be THROUGH programming. This is not a decision that needs to be made first, it's already too late. People need to actively learn programming to the point where it is just as important as learning English. People need to make it the most important thing to learn. Then the schools will be forced to adopt it at that level, or they will face students turning to online schools. If you don't know a programming language like JavaScript or Python in the next 5-10 years; You will have the same chance of getting a job as someone who is mentally retarded.
  14. Let's discuss the current events unfolding.

    It's the 25th anniversary of Wayne's World, and Russia has magically whisked away to Delaware... Strange.
  15. ISIS is about as real as Anonymous. Remember when Obama had 22 Russian troops train on US soil for the first time ever in 2012? Obama was buddies with Putin back then. He also did a DEFCON test when the Russians were in town. Shortly after that ISIS became a big news story, a new bad guy for us to read about for the duration of Obamas stay. You think the dealings with Russia had stopped? No, they popped up every once in a while when ISIS news was down. ISIS was a cover story, it was really happening but it was put in place to cover up the dealings with Russia. But where was Trump during all this? He was around in 2011 doing his birth certificate thing, but then he and anyone else talking about that was basically told to shut up. This made people who read alternative news interested in Trump, and therefore TPTB were interested in using Trump as a puppet. So it's not JUST Trump who is in with the Russians. It's everyone. It's part of the plan.
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