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  1. Confusion, is the very subtle weapon TPTB have to control us. We may not think we are confused, most likely we think we are on solid ground with what we know, but, no we are still not sure about which way to look, listen , and feel for just what is coming at us. GLP is a confusing place, they loved Trump, then Trin turns and says no to Trumptarded love. Several members pull out, but a month after the love for Trump is still there. Why ? Trump is no savior he is like all before him and is playing the part of the confusing president to a tee. We are in dire need of absolutes to end the confusion, yes yes I know we won’t get it. It’s not long before we may get the truth, it won’t be pretty and will cause the world to fall into chaos, but then we will know and hate that knowledge and all the carnage it brought.
  2. Remember the New Madrid Fault and Planet X. The Illuminati and Free Masons. My all time favorite,... Shapeshiffting Reptillians.
  3. What happened with the Comedian Clique is not new over there. Lots of awaken individuals were ran out by that clique and the mods were completely on their side, but, it now looks like their orders have changed at GLP.
  4. Da Babba of DaBille

    Off-Topic Repository

    Haha, I knew it. Yeah not sure why I said beard, but anyway. I think if he can quit makin mistakes and play like he did in his first or second year in Houston, he might put Cutler out of a job.
  5. Da Babba of DaBille

    Off-Topic Repository

    I gotta ask. Is your avatar a pic of Bears quarterback Brian Hoyer with a well crafted ol west beard?
  6. One of the last threads I visited over at GLP had a link to Conspiracy Outpost. I visited that link and the next day I am banned. Now I did not post anything on any threads over there that day, matter of fact I had posted very little there since my previous ban, so I find it odd that I was banned the day after I clicked the link to here. Has this happened to anyone else here? Is this site an instaban over at GLP?

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