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  1. They have so much floating around this world. They now have Zika in more then one state. It arrived in Florida before the Olympics ended.
  2. They have so many different ways to mess up America and the world. A year ago may they shipped Anthrax to different states ??? Never would have known it if the seal was not broken The shipment that went to Maryland was damaged or else you never would have know this did happen.
  3. Welcome to the last days. They have Zika in different states. In time it very well may end mankind. When the Lord God Almighty blinds a people
  4. They understand their lies have been uncovered if they give up power now it will be their end. Death and destruction is all they have. The fools think they can still rule even if the population goes down to 50 million. In order for them to win they need to convince Americans that have never seen such a chance as is offered. Have no chance and must continue in lockstep and burn the nation down.
  5. It would require much too much of a bag. That used to be a joke however I believe this is the first time I have told this joke.
  6. That is part of the problem the question is how far are they willing to go to ensure their place in office it would not surprise me that they're stupid enough to burn the whole place down it's very easy to do is the lands of the flash mobs the occupiers of all things the lives that they say matter. Mankind already wrote that about the brain you have A decision to make two paths
  7. This is Sunday, 11 December the last days of 2016 this is written with the assistance of Dragon we find ourselves at a potentially deadly time in the history of mankind. Mankind has been given an opportunity Each and every person has something deep inside of them. That is the part that so many soil that is the soul some people do not understand this until the moment of their death. For the ones that understand this the path on the right sits the last chance for America. This will not be an easy path but it will benefit mankind get them over there inability to use only 15% of their brain. That’s where we sit now that’s where we we may end. The path to the left are the last days. There are many people of the left they have created vast masses of people. Many of them are the poor that have been around since creation. And their masters I call leftistss when I have time I will tell you why I called them that. They are going to want their followers to burn America down now were back to the last days.
  8. I do not believe my picture should be here because I didn't say anything.so there now I said something
  9. I have It will be back to cold soon enough here; The other night it was 24 here.
  10. Don't forget storage of water because chances are know what ever happens you could be months without water I know one person who won't try and help i am not insurer he's going to leave
  11. Yes that sure did look nasty weather. That weather missed us up here in the high desert of Southern California they say it's going to be 69° today here generally it is very cold here by this time I'm glad it missed us that's all. And I am so sorry for the hardships this weather will cause. This is written with Dragon software did makes errors once in a while could not be me. I finally got a Dragon that works I have three of them this is a very first one that works for me. I believe I was to be a warning to the world I have greatly failed in those efforts and I must say praise the Lord God Almighty praise the Lord Jesus Christ
  12. What ever it is wont be pleasant but it will be bloody. I expect it to happen in the dark and cold of winter. No fun if people don't suffer maximum punishment.
  13. This election should be important Only problem is Obo will not allow the dismantle of the programs put in place to sink this nation. This is the last chance for the leftists and they know it.
  14. If I am not mistaken this finishes Quatrains. That goes along with these being the last days.