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    Thank you very much. I guess I must use my likes sparingly.
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    I am sorry if it was I that brought this off topic. I do not do well on these many do not like to hear the truth. That is all I speak I have been banned from most sites and I don't even know why. I do enjoy your conspiracy posts
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    that Ebola czar was quite comical I believe he lasted a week and did absolutely nothing and said nothing. Oh they do hate this nation that is once again under God
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    Thank you Sir.
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    In May of 2015 Anthrax was shipped to many states at 14 that I have uncovered. That is when the Lord God Almighty took pity on this country I cannot tell you how I know this. But it is true and it did happen and I must never violate my oath.
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    I tried to give you a like first one of the day and they wont let me says I have already given 10 likes that was yesterday may I have my likes for today?
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    I never claimed there were breakouts of Ebola in America is your ignorance does not allow you to understand that. But then again I'm sure your ignorance prevents you from understanding a great many things. You are much too pitiful to even comment on anymore
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    You are quite a pitiful person aren't you. With a very closed mind that holds nothing but ignorance.
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    That is very easy to find that information but you would need half a brain. They had one lady that was confined here in America I believe it was the state of Texas or New Jersey perhaps she put up a terrible stink and all the leftists all they were all so upset. It was sent to many hospitals in America I did not say they were outbreaks in America that plan was put on hold after the anthrax of May 2015. There is no logic that could enter your mind so there is no logic I will give you.
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    They have all those cute little critters like your cheerleader its way beyond me I haven't got past the smiley faces yet
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    Thank you very much for your little cheerleader
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    A year before the anthrax they shipped around a great deal of Ebola to as many states as they could send it to once again no good reasons I believe they were planning a depopulation of America something combining the different chemical agents. They were stopped in their tracks by the Lord God Almighty. When they speak of the mysteries of Heaven and Earth those mysteries are much greater than anyone can imagine.