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  1. They got HRC's hidden server!

    The cybersecurity firm that did the "disaster-recovery & response" job for the DNC hack published an article capturing their network packets and showing a massive uptick in upload bandwidth--indicating someone was exfiltrating data. A few days later, Seth Rich was dead. I'll try to find the article again, but let's be patient. There's a resason they wait so long. *Cap'n not a hacker ooooot!
  2. They got HRC's hidden server!

    The suggestion or claim is that someone gained access to HRC's private server and exfiltrated all of the data. THIS was what I was looking for at least. Regardless of what was deleted, someone was trojan'd in there. *Cap'n oooooT!
  3. you crazy sum'birch, i laughed my ballz off seeing this in the next feed. *cap'n ball-less but laughing outttt!!
  4. Holy tap-dancing priests! Someone did. It's all over Drudge and Alex Jones! *cap'n prays for confirmation....ooout!
  5. Had the (dis)pleasure of listening to Beck on my morning commute. Normally reserve the AM talk radio for people with a brain/soul but figured, why not? He was teeter-tottering with his HRC vote admission. Here's why: he's going to vote for Hillary and hold up his voting card, just to generate views/listeners/ad revenue/shock value/jaw dropping/you won't believe what this conservative just did!/what conservatives don't want you to know!! because he's becoming irrelevant. Rightly so, *Cap'n oOðt!
  6. genuine, hearty laugh thank you. *Cap'n full of a ship o sum'birches ooo T!
  7. I'm all out of likes, but just....yes. The irony of the name. PLanned I"m sure... *Cap'n boards his spaceship and oooot!
  8. Will do! 69 minutes and counting! Is that you, Madaam Leo at that 1-900 number foretelling my future? *Cap'n sprinkles tea leaves and oooot!
  9. No that's the sender's phone number. I strip all exif data before posting anything, but thanks for looking out! *Cap'n strips and runs around
  10. Got me a 6 pack. SIgned up for both HRC and DJT texts, my phone is gonna be busier than Bill Clinton when he's chasing teh wymen. https://imgur.com/a/50Ts7 *Cap'n INN (come stay, we have fish n shirmp!)
  11. A valid point, and a follow-up question from the ice-queen https://imgur.com/fT9MrQz Answer: *Cap'n OoOo-aut!
  12. My sincerest apologies. I shouldn't have mentioned it, but it was for science and for truth! If this dude was right, I may just deep fry my MAGA hat and eat it, then replace it with a GHITP hat. DO NOT GOOGLE THAT *Cap'n bows out :horrifiedface Edit: to clarify, I would never do something like that. I have a teenage daughter, I respect women and treat girlfriends like princesses. I'd never GHITP. Still support DADDY.
  13. Holy Sheep Testicles, he mentions Danney Williams too! I hadn't seen this before my post! Oh this should be juicy. I worked with a guy once who said he walked in on Reno & HRC in compromising positions. A) I didn't want to think about it. B) I thought he was mental. If this turns out true, ZOMG. *Cap'n Arooo--out
  14. May be old news to some, but new news to me, enjoy! (Don your speculation spectacles now!) Son of Bill Clinton & Prostitute Begs to Shake His Father's Hand PLUS ABC News Footage of Bill Groping on Campaign Plane @danney_williams posted a video plea to Twitter on Oct 4 2016 asking for help to spread the word that he just wants to shake his father's hand. According to his mother, she provided her services to Bill Clinton 13 times at Clinton's mother's house in 1984 and became pregnant. Full story here* http://anusha.com/blackbab.htm *note: this is an old site, it tries to load a MIDI sound file, so when you see the baby-ele.mid file show up, don't worry, just ignore. **NB: follow the links to the rest of the articles. Make up your own mind. Trust a prostitute? Side-by-side photo comparison https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CfXY6QrWsAEQSKC.jpg:large PLUS! ABC News cutting-room floor footage of Bill Clinton making unwanted advances towards a female aboard his Clinton/Gore campaign plane. Footage is blurry and pixelated but appears to show Bill reach his arm between her legs and she grabs his arm, pushing it away. Almost seems tabloid-style reporting, but figured I'd post it. *Cap'n A-o_out!
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