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  1. Start by testing every government employee semi-annually, all of them from Congress critters to the lowliest...
  2. Question.... about how to acknowledge a tip

    I'm a self employed HVAC contractor, and at this time of year I receive several gifts/ tips from my clientele. Nothing outrageous, anywhere from $40-250 (outrageous to my tight azz!)... my question is, is my heart felt thank you and a hardy handshake, enough thanks? I do a great job and I'm very affordable, so do I just accept their gifts, with humility and a thank you. Or do I need to make up cards, etc
  3. Top cop: U.N. has 'no jurisdiction' in Chicago

    Its already happened, at least after dark
  4. None for me, thanks.... I've got six kids and 2 grandsons.... and I'm willing to make more... I'm nearly 45 and my kids and grandkids are the best things left in my life...had major heart attack this spring Trust me males, don't rub strange hormones or strange women on your baby maker..... it works perfectly well the way it was made
  5. Let us pray, she's the first of many....
  6. He's not being suspended for debating Islam, he's being suspended for being independent, intelligent and rational . None of which are allowed at the prison camp, he knows as high school... Independent thought is NOT allowed....
  7. I have come to stay forever - not to work!

    I'm thinking that I should start a goo fund me page, to send all the illegals from the USSA over there... I mean come on Germany, you don't have many central Americans, you just as well add them to the stew of your destruction.
  8. Amazon Warehouse of Hell Robots Replace Exhausted Humans

    I've never worked for Amazon, but back in the early 90's I was an equipment operator in bass pros 2 million sq. ft warehouse. We pulled double duty pulling orders and putting away freight. Everything we did was monitored by our scan tools, they could even tell you how much time you weren't moving each day... It was fairly easy for me to put away 600 items an hour and pull 200+ orders per hour. Operators only handled large over sized merchandise. The people that walked around in another part of the warehouse, could easily pull 400/hr. The people pulling things just gather items, a sorting line boxed and grouped the shipments.
  9. If they don't want to be a part of the great USSofA, I'll buy their tickets to return home ....but they have to promise never to return