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  1. This is a video of what many call crises actors in fake news reports. It points to the recent Ohio State Massacre being a hoax given the clear use of acting by the interviewed people involved.
  2. Walter Scott Protocols of Zion psyop

    I'm sure it is. Nice nuke symbol on the cop header.
  3. Walter Scott Protocols of Zion psyop

    Don't need your permission unless you want to bully my opinion out of here. Btw I screen shot this for other forums as proof.
  4. Walter Scott Protocols of Zion psyop

    As long as that variety can't be verified by sound reasoning or logic it's ok to talk about but mine must be banned or belittled.. Is this main stream media or am I confused?
  5. Walter Scott Protocols of Zion psyop

    Eye bet it will bee a good story! :)
  6. Walter Scott Protocols of Zion psyop

    I'm not paranoid that is an inappropriate characterization of myself like your cursing. Here's another video about the profiteering of the slave trade. It's something based on facts and while not popular in the media they're accurate. It conveys truths and conspiracy not typically discussed.
  7. Walter Scott Protocols of Zion psyop

    I believe proof more than words. I can prove my points. Other than trolling my thread or cursing by people trying to cover this argument up I don't have a good reason to change my opinion. My own experience of criminal harassment of these groups of people talking about this further gives validity to my opinion. It shows a clear I'm above the law approach to the subject. I doubt the validity of your comments as they like your cursing are illogical.
  8. Walter Scott Protocols of Zion psyop

    I don't believe you. Honestly I expect these responses but knowing someone who knows someone proves zero.
  9. Let me play devils advocate I'm a man who enjoys life without boundries and as I've lived many obstacles have been placed in front of us all to keep us locked in servitude without us knowing. I'm not a hateful man but I have run into many of all cultures filled with a spirit of self righteous justification of foolishness. I've been a rebel against even my own when they're out of character with acceptable standards of behavior. Yet in all my own imperfections I've not sought against another to destroy them. I write this illustration of a suppressed reality in defense of many under the fanatical thumb of clean cut bloodthirsty people who offer smooth worded lies to hide truth. The Protocols Of Zion is labeled the most evil book on the planet. Yet it's ideas and plan seem by all to be true. It seems to be a very well organized plan put to paper then unexpectedly leaked to the public. The irrational hatred of it as a publication further demonstrates the validity of it ironically. It explains our conspiracies not only showing the general method of operations of its organization but the organizations disregard for human life or respect of law. In my own research the book proves itself correct and is a key to understanding the many reasons so many deplorable things are happening in the world today. This thread is a complete outline of understanding the mindset of those pushing this agenda to allow innocent people the ability to prepare. These murderers care nothing for you but truthfully I do so this info is yours to provide clarity. I hope you prepare and protect yourself from the imposition of people who would illegally hurt you. The first fact to note is the book offers the notion that by being chosen by God it's ok to engage in all form of lawlessness to bring about the fruition of his plan. It is motivated out of a fanatical self righteous standpoint of thinking. Which is naturally hypocritical given they state in the book people aren't perfect. Such a mindset can be said to represent God but I think God would disagree.
  10. O well they did little damage. The news is hyping it up to make it worse than it is. As usual
  11. Seems the divide and conquer strategy is going strong in America. The above is good to watch with the videos below also.
  12. Up here in Virginia we're hoping they tell the local hunters about people setting fires.
  13. Native Activist Exposes DAPL

    More racial divisiveness in fake news stories. That's my take on this
  14. The videos above a very telling proving the protocols of Zion as fact.
  15. I keep no secrets. In these cases an open forum helps highlight these ideas and possibilities to the readers own interpretation which is good enough.
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