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  1. You don't have to be charged with anything to receive a pardon for any future legal action that may occur. Nixon was pardoned but had no charges filed.
  2. Once again MSM will show a picture of 20 protesters that will instantly reported as thousands. There will be selective editing much like the Hillary speeches.
  3. Too bad they weren't this upset when Obama tried to influence the Israeli elections.
  4. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1YpKkqmkDkmJj
  5. Sometimes my satire doesn't show thru well enough Cinn. I hold no misconceptions that raising the minimum wage does anything beneficial for those at the entry end of the job market. Too many people trying to make entry level jobs into a career. Personally I have no idea why anyone with no marketable job skills would stay in a large city.
  6. My argument to this stupidity is why are you being so cheap? If Raising the minimum wage is all it takes to fix poverty just make it $30 an hour. It's funny the reaction this gets.
  7. There's got to be something in the water of this country. I find it hard to believe that the IQ of this country has dropped that far. The funny part would be that with Martial law, the first thing that the govt would do is shut down cell and internet service. I would find the irony overwhelming when these snowflakes would then be WTF, that's not what we meant.
  8. It really is a shame that we've been lead to believe that we cannot exist without the federal government. I can remember several "shutdowns" and guess what. The sun rose, and no one died. If civil service are jumping ship then I think it's just fewer that will get a pink slip over the next year.
  9. Seems to be a few folks that are pretty knowledgeable about the bible, and a bit of the history that surrounds it. Rather than post a link to a news article or youtube vid, I thought I'd open a topic for discussion I'd call myself more spiritual rather than religious, but I grew up as many my age, going to church on sunday with sunday school before mass. One thing that has stuck with me that I never got a satisfactory answer for is how do you account for/explain age in the old testament? Noah still had children at 900 yrs old. Even outside the bible Sumarian Kings were said to have reached hundreds of years old. I think the basis of a year equaling one solar cycle is pretty consistent thru time so what accounts for these long lives?
  10. I'm guilty of being white and angry. What makes it funny is that He acts like the liberals weren't the cause of that anger. I'm not angry at minorities, I'm not angry at women, Heck I'm not even angry at immigrants that go thru the process of becoming a citizen. I am pretty angry at the people he represents. The Elitists.
  11. Don't know why she'd flee. She was found guilty, but with no fine or prison term
  12. lol, 4 democrats jumped the Clinton ship for Colin Powell
  13. This is the kind of crap that actually starts wars. If it was something other than a "lone wolf" I'm quite sure Putin will figure it out. He didn't let his intelligence assets go to crap like obama did.
  14. This is a cross post response, but I thought I'd ask. How is what Moore done with his offer of 1k to electors not a Bribe of an elected official.