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  1. JA free

    Getting the Ecuador visa is big though. They don't have extradition with the countries that are looking for him.
  2. JA free

    With a passport granted, I'm thinking that the only thing the brit's have on him is failure to appear. I think He could get confirmation from the us on non-extradition pretty quick. He may not be walking out the door today but it's just around the corner
  3. JA free

    Looks like JA is free. Between his tweets and this link: https://www.rt.com/news/415521-assange-ecuadorian-embassy/ Always thought he was a bit of an anarchist for my taste but I think he was railroaded for way too long
  4. I won't argue that point. The worst point is that It will be like all other "Sin" taxes and have a ridiculous rate associated with it. Especially after the FDA gets their grubby little hands in there.
  5. So let me get this straight, Everyone was mad at the previous administration for ignoring the rule of Law, but now we're mad at Sessions because he's not ignoring the rule of Law? If you're all for Legalization, then do it the way it's supposed to be done, force congress to get off their ass and change the law. I know I get pissed at the cops when I get a traffic ticket, but it's sure not the cops fault. BTW, I'm no Sessions fanboy, I sure feel like he should be doing a lot more, but I don't blame him for administering the law the way that it's written.
  6. It was the -5ºF this morning that gets to me.
  7. My neck of the woods. We're kind of used to it. Average around 150" of snow a year. Time to break out the snow mobile.
  8. Q is main stream now

    Shakespeare would be proud, this whole thing makes me think of my favorite lines from MacBeth: To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus-- Our fears in Banquo stick deep, And in his royalty of nature reigns that Which would be feared. 'Tis much he dares; And to that dauntless temper of his mind He hath a wisdom that doth guide his valour To act in safety. There is none but he Whose being I do fear; and under him My genius is rebuked, as it is said, Marc Antony's was by Caesar.
  9. Q is main stream now

    I'm with Scout. I'm a healthy skeptic , and it's pretty hard to follow his threads, but there are too many matches to be ignored. The fact is that current happenings can be directly inserted into blanks from weeks ago.
  10. This is interesting because there has been a recent surge in physics publications dismissing the existence of Dark matter. Much of the previous hypothesis regarding dark matter is now being proven to be due to electric/magnetic phenomenon.
  11. Is this the NSA Mod that Obama mandated before he leaves office?