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  1. MULTIPLE INCONSISTENCIES AND QUESTIONS ARISE WHEN ANALYZING THE CURRENT INFORMATION ON THE LAS VEGAS MASSACRE, HERE ARE THE TOP FIVE. 1. STEPHEN PADDOCK DID NOT FIT THE BILL FOR A MASS MURDERER. 2. PADDOCK WAS STILL PLAYING WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND’S CASINO CARD TRYING TO RACK UP POINTS THE NIGHT OF THE SHOOTING. 3. SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE OF PADDOCK INSIDE THE HOTEL HAS YET TO BE RELEASED. In most mass shootings, within 24-hours, we usually see at least a still image of the perpetrator as captured by the building’s surveillance cameras. In Paddock’s case, as of the time this article was published, none of this footage has been released. 4. NEITHER ROOM SERVICE, HOUSE CLEANING, SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE, NOR SECURITY SAW HIM BRING HUNDREDS OF POUNDS OF GUNS AND AMMO INTO THE ROOM. 5. IF PADDOCK ACTED ALONE, WHO WAS THIS MYSTERY WOMAN WHO WARNED EVERYONE THEY WERE GOING TO DIE 45 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOOTING? Caught on video after the shooting was an eyewitness report given to a local NBC affiliate in which a woman was described to have warned of the attack. The eyewitness claims to have seen a woman push her way to the first row of the concert roughly 45 minutes before the shooting began and levy threats indicating that everyone would soon be dead. READ Full Story : FIVE GLARING INCONSISTENCIES IN THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING THAT NEED TO BE ADDRESSED
  2. Ronald Bernard, the well-known elite Dutch banker who exposed the financial industry Illuminati in a series of TV interviews, has been found dead in Florida. He was 61. Bernard had been living quietly in Sebring, Florida for the past year after marrying an American citizen. The Highland County Sheriff’s Office said that Ronald Bernard called 911 at 3:46 p.m. saying he got lost after leaving for a walk at 1 p.m. on the nature trail on the west end of Sun ‘n Lake in Sebring. Several deputies along with K-9 units, air units from Highlands and Polk counties, four-wheelers from HCSO and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission searched for Ronald Bernard. “The terrain was very difficult, and searchers were at times in waist deep water as they tried to zero in on Fernandez’s location,” the sheriff’s office said. Deputies pinged his cell phone but it kept showing different locations and Bernard called back several times — he said his life was in danger and he kept moving despite being told to stay put, deputies said. The last contact dispatchers had with the former banker was at 6:13 p.m. At 8:24 p.m. the Polk County helicopter spotted Bernard, who was face down in shallow water about 300 yards away from the last known location of his cell phone and 1.8 miles from the entrance to the trail at Sun ‘n Lake Boulevard and Balboa Boulevard. The cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner. Ronald Bernard bravely blew the whistle on occult practices and child sacrifice among banking industry elites, describing his experiences in a gut-wrenching TV interview that went viral earlier this year. Full Article : http://conspiracynews.in/illuminati-insider-mysteriously-dies-exposing-elite-pedophilia/
  3. A person claiming to be a former data center tech at Amazon implicates the company in working directly with the NSA and CIA to domestically spy on Americans Washington, D.C. – Amazon, and its owner Jeff Bezos, who recently surpassed Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world – and who has a $600 million dollar contract with the CIA – have come under fire after a purported whistleblower implicated the company of collusion with the CIA and NSA to spy on Americans. Bezos, who also owns one of the main propaganda outlets in the United States, The Washington Post, is a controversial figure, who has deep ties to the national security apparatus. He is a former Bilderburger, who has enmeshed his corporations with the national security state. After building Amazon into an e-commerce behemoth, CEO Jeff Bezos purchased the ailing 140-year-old media goliath in 2013 for $250 million — but his lack of experience in media raised the eyebrows of that industry and much of the business world. The same year Bezos purchased the Post, Amazon landed a $600 million deal with the CIA to develop a coordinated computing cloud for all 17 agencies of the U.S. intelligence community. Although innocuous on the surface, that sizable deal appears somewhat darker in consideration of this year’s quasi-official continuance of the U.S. government’s most notorious propaganda program, Operation Mockingbird — during which intelligence agents posed as the media to imbue pro-American propaganda and censor certain information. Now, a person claiming to be a former tech at one of Amazon’s data centers, which operates “under the purview of VADATA, Inc.” — in an effort to conceal its relationship to Amazon – made a detailed, and scathing claim, which directly implicates the company in working directly with the NSA and CIA to domestically spy on Americans hosting their data on AWS servers. The whistleblower claims that after having stumbled upon the illegal domestic surveillance, and notifying superiors to no avail, he/she began to be targeted by both electronic and physical surveillance. According to the whistleblower’s post on Reddit titled, “I will remain quiet no longer and Americans need to know. I worked on AWS systems (Amazon) and they let agencies carry out unconstitutional domestic surveillence on their customers.“: Read More : http://conspiracynews.in/bezos-becomes-worlds-richest-man-whistleblower-exposes-nsa-cia-collusion-amazon/

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