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  1. Governments mimic large corporations, I've seen this happen gradually from the early 2000's and now its rampant. Governments act like they are "Godlike" and can lie, cheat, steal and kill to preserve their hegemony. They will say what ever they want and blatantly lie with no shame, they throw it in your face and hide behind laws they made to protect themselves. The left and right are really the same, they take turns in screwing over the middle classes, if you identify with the Republicans and think your on the right side then you are sadly mistaken...its the old left right paradigm. The truth is none are your friend.
  2. Its becoming increasing more evident that it was a smoke screen to initiate a data dump from Hawaii NSA servers back to the mainland to grab hold of Hillary Emails stored there.
  3. The deep state was trying to "kick it off", troops loyal to Trump intercepted it and shot it out of the sky. Then played it down so as to not put into public light the fact Trump doesn't have full control of the military.
  4. 250,000 feet high footage - no curvature

    Aspect ratio is screwed with in that video, if the earth was flat I should be able to see the other side.
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5274929/African-thug-jailed-Footscray-barbershop-brawl.html More and more each day, this is reaching total crisis point. The Premier of the state is in complete denial that he has a problem and has stated the gang Apex is no longer running around Melbourne.
  6. Did cern create

    CERN is the DNA mapping of matter, find the code to the elements of creation and become Gods.
  7. Funny that, I have absolutely no doubt Australia will become the testing bed for the next phase of global governance.
  8. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/man-caught-on-cctv-groping-a-woman-allegedly-said-he-did-it-because-her-arse-was-too-nice/news-story/3f5e69519120fc14fb2d405bb4aa7481 More Filth going about their dirty ways.
  9. Hillary failed to bring in the Satanic Beast System into the USA by failing to get elected, this has only stalled the plan and its looking like Oprah is the one to be the one. Look to see the Clinton's dispatched now their usefulness is gone.
  10. The interesting thing about this Apocalypse "End of Days" concept is that I think the signs are very subtle but are definitely there for anyone to see. If people think that the 3rd Antichrist and the Pope are just going to come out and say this is the end times you will be sadly mistaken, it will just happen with minimal fanfare until the nukes get launched.
  11. Getting rid of Kim Jong would be akin to the NFL poisoning off Tom Brady, why would you kill off your biggest money spinner ?
  12. I can already hear your brake lines being cut, this wont end well.
  13. The Donald is at it again! [Merged]

    This idiot leader is embarrassing the USA like no other, the man is hating on Australia for a deal Obama did with refugees by not bothering to appoint a US ambassador to here now. Luckily we see that for what it is, incompetence and personal vendetta on his behalf only.
  14. What will happen in 2018?

    Mabus soon dies and......
  15. My Country is overrun by 5th columnist's. We had a recent purge of dual citizen parliamentarians but the damage is done, Australia is being setup and Melbourne and it's African Gangs are being left alone to do their thing against the vulnerable and elderly by design.