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  1. He already has, all those threats of sinking a US Warship in the Gulf if Syria is attacked and nothing has happened has showed how weak he is.
  2. This Qanon stuff is confusing to say the least. Trump is a capitalist through and through so why is he being shown as a man of the people and a savior ? The two don't go together, billionaire but looking out for the small end of town. Is all this deep state stuff really a nice way of saying "The Satanist's" ?
  3. I have to say I would absolutely hate being on the wrong side of the Western Petro-Dollar System, your life is eventually going to be engulfed in war, death and starvation. We are the worst war mongerers there are and the way Russia and China back away shows even they know not to mess with our system or face an array of consequences. No one does War like the Western Alliance and the day is fast approaching we directly confront Russia and China.
  4. I feel for you guys and gals in the Northern Hemisphere, 95% of the Nuke Targets are there. Us Southern Hemisphericals should be around for the Nuclear Winter though and many will perish in the first few months because they cannot go without electricity or gadgets. Others will just give up knowing the internet isn't coming back and then there will be the snowflakes dying like the dodo bird.
  5. I swear Trump could be caught in the act of pedophilia and there would be people in here claiming he is playing 4D chess and to trust him. Trump is the idiot that will lead us into full blown nuclear war.
  6. I have to agree that the Russians are fear mongering on this one, the war is still in Syria and not on their shores. One thing I have learnt about these Wiley Wussians over the years is that they copy the Israeli play book - Deceit, Lies and half truths.
  7. http://www.news.com.au/world/middle-east/us-president-donald-trump-delivers-blunt-message-to-syria/news-story/3fbd2965a0d2d9190632157887dda905 Its on!
  8. She's on, expect something unexpected.
  9. Magnetism and gravity are 2 different forces. The moon is not iron and I would be thinking gravity although a weak force has more pull than magnetism which decreases by the square of distance.
  10. DrEvil I worked with this South African guy 20 years ago and he told me the story that the southern peninsular was totally vacant and that once the whites got there the blacks come down looking for their spoils.
  11. So let me get this straight then, the Blacks in South Africa are doing exactly what they are claiming the Whites did to them ? talk about a pack of pathetic hypocrites. So even though they detest what happened to their ancestors they repeat the process and hence bring about the very same crime that allowed them to start the ANC and democratically elect Mandela ?
  12. This is how the Western Democracy's work, Trump a Republican will be the one who does the confiscating as Obama could never get away with it. Here in Australia we have a similar thing with how the party you least expect to bring in change does it because it can get away with it. The example here is our "Work Choices" labour laws, the Labour party who is all about protecting the working man's rights bought in this nasty piece of Corporate Law that makes it impossible for you to protest the conditions of your working environment and allows the Corporations to do what ever they want and the courts will back them. People who think a Political Party represents them are both stupid and naive.
  13. spEKtre

    Are we on the cusp of World War III?

    The is about stopping this Petro-Yuan in its tracks, make no mistake this about the ability of the Americans to continue printing money backed by stuff all. She's on!
  14. spEKtre

    Trump is Finished

    Clinton raided the pension funds like no other.

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