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  1. Luckily most of the Nuclear Targets are in the Northern Hemisphere, won't be as bleak down here in Oz.
  2. Google V838 Monocerotis and look at the images, answer is there.
  3. Personally I think the need for a ship like this was made obsolete, build an orb and sit inside it...charge it up with a trillion volt charge and pull the destination to you. LHC sounds similar ?
  4. Cinnamon, check out Black Mirror S03E05 it is exactly what you are talking about. Great TV series btw.
  5. Cinnamon I found what I was looking for, I am skeptical to say the least. http://www.oom2.com/t29803-special-announcement-to-the-world-from-m1-king-of-kings-global-finance-change-video M1 King Of Kings is the story to search for.
  6. I have this same scary thought, if he was to become head of the UN I would be packing my bags to go out into the desert to hide this one out. What could be even more interesting about this Indonesian Rulers link to Obama is this very old conspiracy about the World Powers recognizing an Indonesian Person as the heir to the world throne. Can't seem to remember the full details of this one but when I read about it I was skeptical.
  7. I'm so over this NK posturing, nothing will happen and this will blow over like the 40 million other times its flared up...moving along.
  8. Just another left thinking looney trying to get some clicks, if she were serious she'd just suicide and lead the way.
  9. Wow! WOW! WOW! WTF! Muslim busted with Arsenal.

    Makes you think that someone dodged a bullet with that bust
  10. You watch all those silent Immans come out now and speak against the terror act !
  11. He was just taking the piss, no major insult here. I'm sure Trump can handle it, not like those Indo freaks who can't seem to take any jabs at their society.
  12. http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/crime/teen-kidnapped-raped-and-married-police/news-story/423881171513b59d36388c6d7b20653e This stupid Muslim thought that Sharia Law over rides our Laws here in Australia, if anyone of us did this back in his Country we would be hanged or stoned. How stupid can you get ? he was on a bridging visa and thought by marrying ( no actually its called abduction ) he would get citizenship !!! WTF !!
  13. Let the Muslims in...then spend a decade rounding them up for the camps. I guess it's sort of a new Business Model after all the Prisons are full there needs to be another basis for locking people ...and lets face it they would be safer housed in a Super Max style Concentration camp.
  14. This is just tying off loose ends, ISIS will be dead by the end of the year as a new more villainous, more evil and more devastating Entity is created. This new version will have a fancy name that brings more fear and happens to just be in every continent on the planet ( Excepting Antarctica ) bringing more terror and more horrendous attacks on "Johnny Public" and not actual military installations or government institutions.....its an attack on us the general populous. When people actually wake up enmasse see that ISIS is attacking weak civilians and not strong military installations maybe we have a chance to stop this new version of terror coming our way.
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