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  1. It wasn't breed specific but usually a Blue Heeler would be put into a heshan bag with some aboriginal clothes and proceeded to be beaten with a stick. That dog would never forget the link between the smell of an aboriginal and pain and when ever one would try and sneak in and steal your "stuff" the dog would go into a frenzy and attack like a like a "rabid dog".
  2. Seems like the Americans would rather spend all their efforts extraditing some filthy Aussie rather than go after some real criminals, this Australian guy got a woman in the US to spank some kids online for his pleasure, but Aliphantis can rape and kill kids and the Authorities think that's ok he's an AMEERICAN ! https://tenplay.com.au/news/national/january/australian-businessman-extradited-to-us-over-sadomasochism-child-abuse-charges
  3. I swear who puts a pizza **** t-shirt on an infant ? this guy has to get smoked now, surely some disjointed unhinged Yank is out there that is offended by this animal ? or have they all become desensitized to pedophilia ?
  4. 32C here and one of the best days all summer :)
  5. Woah bad omen there shep, me thinks something might be going down.
  6. No, when I read this I immediately thought..this is the beginning of it. The big one is potentially days away if this escalates, I hope that common sense will prevail here.
  7. Well he better be the first to start up an IRA account because he is whiter than most. But seriously how sick and deluded are these welfare types who think they deserve money for absolutely nothing and blame a race for something that was done 100's of years ago and expect to be paid in white mans money, live in whiteman houses and eat whiteman food ? modern day beggars they are.
  8. Must of been the bomb that the Police reported was found outside on the doorstep of the Mosque, its ok because they managed to push it inside.
  9. I think its great, people are now seeing the mainstream for what it is..manufactured truth.
  10. Just an interesting aside, its weird how these stories identify the scum as Muslim and not say...Iraqi or Somali. When I see this kind of headline it sends my spidey senses offscale, imagine if lets say a US Policeman shot a black...would the headline read "Christian Kills unarmed local" ? no its only when its them dirty Mooslims.
  11. BiN is a great site of Fiction, I go and have a read when I'm bored and need some Doom Porn or pure fantasy escapism.
  12. All good John, how about you send your 7 kids off to the front first then huh ? when you show how serious you are about this by putting up your own kids then we may take you seriously.
  13. After listening to yet another Antarctica video clip I am certain of one thing, Antarctica is about to be mined hard. All the treaties for it will be thrown out the window and it will be a massive race to see who can get profits flowing from the frozen continent. Its a way out of the last 8 years of financial crisis and I'm more than certain we are going to see the USA and Russia fight over the treasures that abound the continent with both claiming huge tracts of land down there and with it being so far away the logistical nightmares associated will be worth it. I'm calling it now, 2017 will be the year Antarctica is fought over for its mineral wealth.
  14. Bacon is a Muslims Kryptonite ! we need to let the pigs roam free in the streets and all food products should have mandatory pig fat infused to ensure they will go back to their own Country and not try and convert ours.
  15. More likely he went down there to examine the mineral wealth and get an idea for how much the US can take from Antarctica.