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  1. The Mongrel

    What In The Hell Is Going On With The Childern

    Well cnn said it was because of the NRA...
  2. The Mongrel

    What a lovely wedding

    Passed on it... youtube the honeymoon and i might watch...
  3. If people don't get out and vote then this guy will win and their lives will change....move out of their now...
  4. The Mongrel

    Iran threatens to tell who took bribes

    now we see why kerry and the gang have been going behind the present governments back...this will not only show how high it goes up in the US but other world leaders as those secret off shore accounts stop receiving those direct deposits from iran...
  5. He can't do anything...the entire justice system is loaded with liberal progressive anti Americans...besides anyone who takes up a case against the clintons might lose their lives and well as their kids and grand kids...it's dangerous
  6. lol...that a big liberal progressive state...
  7. Ok so they are backing todays nazi party aka the dnc...it didn't go well last time...
  8. What about all the new unknown undiscovered ones that are and will be released due to the melting ice caps...
  9. Go..quit...I don't think he's part of the DNC conspiracy but he knows about it...once revealed it could tear the country apart...
  10. He might have dirt on other repubs and not Trump...but I'd bet Trump has some good video of these guys form both parties using his hotels for some extra fun...
  11. It could turn to all out civil war...with some race hatred mixed in...MS13 and their families were brought in by the libs just for this purpose...
  12. Is he another one of those repubs running from a sexual harassment charge..? A swamp guy.?
  13. Ok so let me get this straight...it wasn't illegal for a president elect to have discussions with foreign officials and Flynn not knowing that he was being wiretapped said he never met with them or got the dates and times mixed up and the content of those discussions then he gets charged with a bogus charge of lying to the feds...so they try to use him to try to dig up dirt on Trump, failed, and now this...hmm it smells dirty and didn't obama tell us they never tapped trump?
  14. This is so funny...I wonder if the average American voter gets it after having the demorats ram it down their throats that it was a tax cut for the rich....we now see that it requires the rich to start paying their fair share...
  15. This is a side effect of global warming....if Trump had only allowed those billions to go to the global warming board of trustees this wouldn't be happening...

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