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  1. Follow the money... The intel Company that supplied the fake documents on the Russian Trump connection had to be paid by someone...they would not gather any info free..
  2. I want to see her face when they finally lock those two up....I'm hoping someone within the Clinton foundation plea bargains and turns over the evidence before everything is deleted...
  3. Bravo sir....what really gets me is how the left just ignores the corruption that was exposed in the email leaks... can't they see what the party they support was doing...they have no problem believing the fake news about peegate..lol
  4. Someone should be held accountable...who rented those buses that brought the urban terrorist into DC? http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/politics/ct-trump-inauguration-protests-20170120-story.html
  5. So does that mean that I don't have to pay that penalty this year?
  6. He was sick of the corruption within the DNC and was one of those that released the emails....Soros DNC CF assassins are never caught...
  7. Wow just wow... I have no doubt that these groups are backed by the criminals at soros dnc and clinton foundation
  8. Some nice pics... Well they found something down there under the ice...buildings? bodies? maybe even a city? just won't tell us because if the truth were known it would change our lives forever..
  9. They pissed because over all these years they have invested hundred of millions of dollars into the DNC and Clinton foundation expecting a return on their investment and what do they get TRUMP
  10. many who sit at home watching CNN and drinking kool aid still believe that the Russians were behind him winning and that Trump was peed on by hookers
  11. Day after election most people couldn't function at work...many of the women were crying.. some were worried that they were going to be deported or thrown into camps.. I fought hard to hold back the laughter...if they knew I didn't vote Hitlery I'd have been fired.
  12. I'm staying home...guarding against the crazies... Didn't Obama fire the person in charge of the security effective Friday morning?
  13. I have a black lab and a co worker jokingly made a racist comment because I had her on a lease....I said yeah ok I'm racist but i wash her, brush her, feed her and clean up her poop...