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  1. Civil war baby... https://pics.me.me/hilary-supporters-trump-supporters-you-sure-youwant-thistoturnviolent-youre-move-6445786.png
  2. This is strong arm tactics...racketeering...lawmakers should now that but we are talking about the new liberal progressive aggressive mindset here..so....
  3. Why don't the Demorats just release the transcripts of his meeting with the Russians.....we know they had him bugged too..
  4. These are the DNC voter base that the liberal progressives are trying to stop Trump from deporting....I think they should hang. If you deport them then next month they will be back with a new name and ID's...
  5. Is it just me or does this smell like treason? The Obama holdovers were in there to do a job..."work for the president" not work for Obama, the DNC or Soros... If they can't do that job because of their political views then they should resign... Any acts committed to undermine the current administration should be considered treason...
  6. This guy was put into power with the help of Jimmy Carter....before this guy the country had farms that produced enough food for all the people.. Those white farmer land owners were slaughtered and farms burned. The country went into chaos, the people suffered....Mugabe however drove around in a solid gold caddy and lived in luxury
  7. http://thelastlineofdefense.org/breaking-melania-trump-attacked-in-nyc-angry-liberal-amy-schumer-behind-bars/
  8. and with a different name and the id cards to prove it...
  9. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/orange-trump-a-gator_us_589df4cae4b094a129eaaa49?section=us_weird-news lol the anti american huffingtonpost... I think he's just showing his support for the president...
  10. http://www.winknews.com/2017/02/10/doll-based-on-transgender-teen-to-debut-at-new-york-toy-fair/ 90$ !!! nope the grand kids won't be getting one
  11. What I want to know is why did they wait so long to do something...with all that rain they should have started earlier in draining the lake a bit... no they wait till the damage starts showing...
  12. She's the typical mind set of the left....no wonder this country has so many issues...
  13. and other crazy stuff... http://www.blacklistednews.com/'Swastikas'_Uncovered_by_Sarah_Silverman_Turn_Out_To_Be_Utility_Markings/56817/0/38/38/Y/M.html the sad part is that the left wing liberal progressive movement does not fact check... They fall for this bullstiz and spread it around
  14. I call bullcrap on what ever the DNC puts out... They would not let the fbi check their servers because they knew that they would find that it was a leak and not a hack... Then the fbi would want to question those behind the leak but they were conveniently murders by unknowns...all unsolved to this day.