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  1. And with RFK jr. round up the bush cartel for justice
  2. Well looks like we are on a flat earth and you spend a lot of time wishing it was a spinning ball fairy tale. Relax.
  3. Yes. I've looked at the images. Some looked to me she was photoshopped in. That Jo Silver can nail the Joan Rivers voice too or vice verse
  4. Like the queen, Vatican, Jew ,bush/Clinton cartel deviants vs the Knights. Black vs white. Good vs evil.
  5. Is there a pic or video of the planets being pulled by the object or anything else to check out ourselves?
  6. Look up the curvature math for your globe. Then you could check it out for yourself, if interested. I suspect not.
  7. Would you say the bible has some good things to say and maybe some info to ponder? It has some history and descriptions of where we live in it that should be considered for a researcher . Info has been compromised by men and governments adding and detracting and removing or hiding a lot of truth to keep us weak and dependent. There's a lot of other research areas including what the bible has. Gotta try to discern the truth. Keep an open mind and consider many sources. In my research, I was glad to have the words in the bible confirm the flat earth and notice there's no mention of a spinning ball earth in space or planets or solar systems in it.
  8. The earth was created and is here. It doesn't spin or fly in an orbit. It could change. How do you think it might?
  9. I shoulda said that's how I interpret it as described in genesis. Not exact verses. Are we not allowed to think? I don't interpret in the bible that the earth was created a spinning ball in space. A small flying spec out of many insignificant specs. The bible doesn't say that or does it? That is the big fat lie with its many minions min
  10. The bible says in Genesis that the earth was created fixed and immovable with the sun and moon, lights that move across the great earth, set upon a firm foundation. I used to have to skim over that in the bible and not think too hard about it when I was stuck in the church. They are in big on the globe hoax with the state. It does matter about the truth in the knowledge of where you are, where you stand, where you live. To have the unbiblical idea that we're on an spinning spec flying through a vacuum of space(only a brainwashed idiot, like I was too, could think that) or that we live on a special created earth like the bible describes. Big difference. Stop research? Who's the fool?
  11. I can see that's a biased blog with an agenda. Go ball earth! Talk about insane ideas ! Anyway, it's pretty simple and makes sense that over the surface of the water there's a vapor wave area where the air and water meet. We've all seen it. It's over the flat land too. When you're viewing over a long distance of water that thicker denser air builds up and will cause the bottoms of objects to not be seen. There is no curve or bulge across the earth's waters. It's much simpler than the convoluted lie. It's flat.
  12. Seems like the top mast shoulda been leaning forward and the back of the hull coming up going over the curve? That ship was way out there. What's the curvature math per mile? I figure a more powerful scope could pull it back up till the water and air vapor makes it too dense to see through.
  13. We've been told when a ship disappears to our eyes that it is going over the horizon. A scope will bring it back into view over the flat ocean. The horizon curvature is a lie. A big lie that's repeated over and over with the help of your silly little thoughts. Debunk flat earth in your mind and live in your spinning space world. Debunk flat earth and what ya got? The lie. It feels comfortable and safe where all the experts and leaders can tell the group what to do and think. Think for yourself. How many miles across our beautiful flat earth will a petty shill gnat be in view before it disappears ?