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  1. Wow I had no idea Alaska was so huge! If it takes up the whole Western Hemisphere where's everybody else? That must be the largest land mass on the hemisphere. They've sure lied to us. I'll have to rethink what I thought was real.
  2. Thanks. I checked it out & have it on the way.
  3. Thanks much! The cannabis helps a lot. But not enough with her stomach and back pains. I'll check out the other recommends.
  4. My wife's taking Motrin for pain and discomfort with pancreas/ liver problems. It gets bad and so far it helps, but I think the Motrin is bad for her organs etc.. Any recommendations for an alternate pain reliever that's not toxic, for her problem? I'm eliminating all toxins and hoping to boost her immune system so she can heal. The prognosis at the doctors isn't good.
  5. So far her protocol is distilled water (gallon) a day. Oxygenate the water gradually w hydrogen peroxide..Eliminate all meat, sugar. Fast daily 18 hours. Eat light raw foods between 4-8 pm. Start baking soda molasses ph protocol... She's weaned back from cigarettes and hope to eliminate plus other toxins. she took the Motrin that helped her pain but today didn't , because it's toxic too so we hope to be off it. Had pain but I think she's better. Healing? I hope and pray. she's seeing a specialist on the 26 in the what I call the medical cartel, that could offer surgery. I don't know if that would be good. I don't trust em. Ive got a juicer , looking into urine therapy and ......... I'm hoping the sht just melts away and her body will heal. Hard times. Thanks
  6. I'm seeking the best way to go with pancreatic cancer. Not me my friend. The baking soda protocol sounds logical. I've read up on distilled waters fasting , vitamin c , Any ideas and recommends appreciated.
  7. Atoms are made up fantasy. https://www.google.com/search?q=atom+picture&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#imgrc=a5TR9y292b5PYM:. There are no real pictures. Same as we get from nasa
  8. I thought you were going to explain it to me? I answered your questions. Now your turn answer mine. And writing nuclear and real in caps doesn't make it so. Your education has made you prideful and ignorant.
  9. Yes they had to comply to all the rules. They work security graveyard shift and see all the propane delivered. The other 4 guys I know worked there a couple yrs installing fence & razor wire.
  10. So you're saying a nuclear power plant that calls itself that might not be nuclear ? Same thing I say. Also how do you know there is such a thing as an atom? Have you seen one? What's it look like? Can it be split? Are there real pictures of an atom ?
  11. Well it is called a nuclear power plant but I don't believe it. They steam is generated with propane. There's two other "conventional" plants nearby. They run off coal delivered by train . The "nuclear" one: propane gas delivered in liquid form by barge usually at night. Big scam
  12. Then those people started the individual freedom loving people genocide. Still in progress
  13. Sure explain, thanks. Here's some of what I know about the plant near me. ( my son and a couple others I know have worked there). It's not a small amount of propane but a lot brought in by barge regularly. Why would they need so much? I say the split atom nuke energy is a hoax with many benefits for tptb. Fear and control for us.
  14. They burn propane gas to generate the steam at the "nuke" plant near me