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  1. How would a cop like someone to go to their home and take food off their plate! This is a disgraceful and shameful situation.
  2. And the Poop, oh, I mean Pope may wipe coprophilia off his Vatican telescope.........an expression comes to mind, full of sh**.....
  3. Shouldn't teachers be graded instead of parents? This school gets a big "F". .....and maybe an "O" for a very BAD performance!
  4. It does matter. Please keep squawking!
  5. A second incident is expected in Australia this weekend.
  6. California regulates cow farts

    Fart plugs for cows needed? A new market for the Cali fart catchers.
  7. Homeopathic kids' products recalled due to belladonna

    I knew someone with repeated tonsillitis. Doctors recommended having tonsils out. Instead, the used homeopathic belladonna....became well and never had tonsillitis again.
  8. A fifth person has now died. Six people are listed in critical condition.
  9. Obama buys his fifth house..

    That's five houses to confiscate if this guy was never entitled to presidency!
  10. Yes, it is a global network. Odd how so many people being investigated across the world include lawyers and politicians!
  11. A Donald Trump face on one side would be nice. On the back, how about the Illuminati triangle with a big cross right through it? Maybe some words.....We won!
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