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  1. How would a cop like someone to go to their home and take food off their plate! This is a disgraceful and shameful situation.
  2. And the Poop, oh, I mean Pope may wipe coprophilia off his Vatican telescope.........an expression comes to mind, full of sh**.....
  3. Shouldn't teachers be graded instead of parents? This school gets a big "F". .....and maybe an "O" for a very BAD performance!
  4. It does matter. Please keep squawking!
  5. A second incident is expected in Australia this weekend.
  6. Fart plugs for cows needed? A new market for the Cali fart catchers.
  7. I knew someone with repeated tonsillitis. Doctors recommended having tonsils out. Instead, the used homeopathic belladonna....became well and never had tonsillitis again.
  8. A fifth person has now died. Six people are listed in critical condition.
  9. That's five houses to confiscate if this guy was never entitled to presidency!
  10. Yes, it is a global network. Odd how so many people being investigated across the world include lawyers and politicians!
  11. A Donald Trump face on one side would be nice. On the back, how about the Illuminati triangle with a big cross right through it? Maybe some words.....We won!