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  1. Is it possible the deep state is so large, so powerful that it has sucked trillions, like 2.3 missing in 2001, to build massive lens arrays and an artificial sun simulator, then install them in geosynchronous orbit. It kinda explains the black dot on images of the sun that is passed off as a lens effect, despite it reflecting on water and surfaces every time. In the video below are anomalies showing massive arrays in orbit, deflecting and masking a possible planetary system from view. What's more disturbing is the evidence is in your face, for any able to see it .
  2. Ferrada called it the comet-planet. That's supposedly why it's so hard to see but the imagery definitely shows a reddish and bluish orb. Uncle thanky can you see chemtrails? As many can't when they're right there in the sky half the time
  3. They will say its nothing but a lens flare but the photographic evidence, climate change, a prepping elite and mainstream system primed for collapse(and a distracting war) says otherwise. They will say its dust. An ice crystal. A retina mutation! Hell you will likely listen as who wants to believe our comfy lives may soon be toppled, and our world reset by a Planet X passover event? Only those wishing to find truth, no matter how unsavory it may be will comprehend their situation. Let the trolls flog their ignorance and let the public indulge in its normalcy bias. Take no part. Simply look with your eyes. Witness the dead trees, the chemtrailing, the weird lights and reflections in the sky and clouds, the halos and the altered sunlight spectrum. It's closer than any care to admit as the disturbing images in this video clearly proves.Images are from bloomsky.
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