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  1. Ever heard of the secret space program? What about the deep state? Project blue beam then? There's lots of conspiracies suggesting occult work in orbit, yet reality is stranger. Why do you think they patented sun simulators? Or recently disclosed the fact that artificial sun's are deployed in orbit? Or what about the invention of orbital Fresnel lenses? I suppose lenses in orbit are necessary to hide nothing right? If the sun's fine, why the artificial sun? What use are any of these if not to cloak objects from view? Don't expect a straight answer from NASA either. Why the increase in fireballs? What about that massive coronal hole in the sun? No cause at all right? Connect the dots people. The Human eye is limited. There may be objects that are visible with a camera but not with the human eye.At least according to a Cambridge experiment. In fact, Human's can't see much in the light spectrum. But just because you can't necessarily see something, does not mean it's not there, does it.
  2. Ferrada called it the comet-planet. That's supposedly why it's so hard to see but the imagery definitely shows a reddish and bluish orb. Uncle thanky can you see chemtrails? As many can't when they're right there in the sky half the time
  3. They will say its nothing but a lens flare but the photographic evidence, climate change, a prepping elite and mainstream system primed for collapse(and a distracting war) says otherwise. They will say its dust. An ice crystal. A retina mutation! Hell you will likely listen as who wants to believe our comfy lives may soon be toppled, and our world reset by a Planet X passover event? Only those wishing to find truth, no matter how unsavory it may be will comprehend their situation. Let the trolls flog their ignorance and let the public indulge in its normalcy bias. Take no part. Simply look with your eyes. Witness the dead trees, the chemtrailing, the weird lights and reflections in the sky and clouds, the halos and the altered sunlight spectrum. It's closer than any care to admit as the disturbing images in this video clearly proves.Images are from bloomsky.
  4. The object is getting bigger. The denial and trolls more frantic. Are you prepared for its arrival? From Germany to Mexico, Alaska and Australia HD webcams are catching some planetary anomalies that are proving a cognitive red pill to any that have connected the dots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3fPWLHwnCE
  5. Check out this supporting evidence. Now they're making artificial suns! Why would we need an artificial sun? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4341598/Scientists-switch-artificial-sun-German-lab.html
  6. Planet X is a danger to the planet, and a very precarious electricity dependent civilization. Chances are, you're reliant on food and products from thousands of miles away. All that could change in the blink of an eye, should it appear in broad daylight. The imagery almost suggests, wink wink, that 'They' the rooted establishment with a secret space program and occult technological capabilities, the same elite coordinating the geo-engineering campaign around the globe, are obscuring, obstructing, spraying and deflecting light from an increasingly large object in the inner solar system. Flat earth or not, the many close calls of asteroids, the fireballs all suggest earth could be hitting rough seas on the galactic seas. If you're not already prepping, you're likely too late! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWsAeJ4Czlo
  7. Even the trolls are having a hard time explaining away all the footage of this celestial intruder. The chemtrails may hide it for now, in the populated cities and suburbs at least for the moment, but when the ignorant of the world see it huge in the sky, chaos will ensue. Perhaps they'll synchronize things and the economy will collapse and martial law will be installed days before its clear in the sky. One thing is sure. Flat or round earth is irrelevant when the grid goes down, and you as a Human Being are forced to fend for yourself in the final days of chaos and panic. Get prepared while you can.
  8. This is crazy. I take a look at some Austrian webcams, the moon comes up, then another SUN RISE!!! Is this the same earth? as this is crazy stuff indeed. I go and verify, checking out half a dozen other westerly facing cameras with a moon shot. Something is rising with it. Now I'm not going to tell you what it is, make your own dammed mind up on that. Lie to yourself if you must. Troll and claim this is venus, but don't choke on that bluepill, lol. This Human experience is getting crazier by the day. Get prepped. This s&!t is hard to believe but you will always need more food and water.
  9. Can you afford not to be prepared? The ignorant faulty claim it's a lens flare is getting impossible to uphold. Word is slipping out and you best be prepared for the monumental shift that is coming. It will likely be preceded by martial law, perhaps war or a false flag attack or pandemic, to allow the elite time to run underground. The objects location, verified from various HD webcams around the world, suggests earth may be approaching closer to its location as it orbit's the sun.
  10. What if it’s all just a big circus? A reality show. The CIA leaks and teetering economy. The media hype and reruns? All just a big muppet show to distract you from an unsavory truth. How ironic would that be? Born into a massive circus that the elite created, made to ensure they stay on top when it all crumbles to the ground, and an ancient legend becomes reality. What secret do you think they’re secret societies have guarded all these centuries? Anyway, speculations yes, but that’s what came to mind when I discovered these images. In the video below is what appears to be a vicious truth bomb. It’s seen to the South West and West at sunset. It’s seen behind a wire! Are you ready to face this bitter red pill of truth? If the answer is no, than do not watch this video…
  11. So is this the extent of the counter evidence? PX died long ago? It's a lens flare? Tell yourself that when the grid goes down and this thing is in the sky clear as day
  12. What if its all inter-related. Climate change. Earthquakes, the asteroid belt, the deep state, underground cities, volcanoes, the exodus and deluge, comets and Atlantis. What if there's a common factor no body is talking about. That few have dared discuss. Velikovsky was attacked when he translated myths and printed them into Worlds in Collision, Sitchin was attacked when he mentioned it in his book the 12th Planet, and Harrington spoke of it but soon died.... What if the secret space program, long hypothesized in conspiracy, is partly designed to shield and distort sunlight and space views? Maybe even to shoot and repel bigger asteroids. Anyway, yes, it's speculation however as you will see in the video below, something massive is up there. Is a rogue Planet X object being shielded from us by deep state technology?
  13. If you're still in denial and the cognitive dissonance is just hollering lens flare, lens flare, than check out some of these night time photos from Antarctica in 2015. This thing has been incoming for years! It's not a lens flare, though I wish it were. Claiming bullshit and you're just lying to yourself, especially with all the climatic ad geological records being broken. We're frogs in the boiling pot of water, dudes, and yes, getting over cognitive dissonance is a b*tch. Took me years! Yet why else would you be on a conspiracy forum if not to conquer your own and understand just what in the hell is going on in this rat race they call earth?
  14. No one without the proper context can see it. Most will see a lens flare. A fermented ice crystal. A finger print. I suppose they explain climate change perfectly! They explain the earthquakes, the rise in volcanism around the ring of fire, the spike in fireballs. The fricking asteroid belt and the fall of Atlantis. Lens flares explain why the elite are preparing themselves with 2 billion bullets and underground cities, it explains the missing trillions. It can't be what Sitchin, Veliovsky, Harrington and Ferrada all claimed was on its way. No way!
  15. The elephant in the room is the giant celestial body by the sun.No one wants to say anything, but there it is, again and again. It's hidden in plain sight (and perhaps with the help of technology as images from Australia suggest) however, webcams across the world are catching this thing every day. Some of the best cameras are being turned away, as this first video clearly shows. Is it censorship at its finest? or simply coincidence? The sheer scale of such a revelation truly boggles the mind when one discovers, holy s*&t, it's real! Yet looking back there were men like Carlos Ferrada that calculated and warned about the return of a massive rogue planet, And the skeptics and trolls always say lens flare yet they forget the research of Robert Harrington and theSumerian translations of Zecharia Sitchin, let us not forget the rush of the rich for doomsday bunkers, and seed vaults, or the fact climate change is upon us enforce with records broken every year. Our magnetic field shivers and shakes, earthquakes increase and volcanism increases. So get prepped while you can. Or stay ignorant. Or choice...
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