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  1. So is this the real birth certificate?

    Thank you! Infowars is not happily loading my region, but not blocked by the government; they'd just tell you with an official notice. I get that image and infowars website easily with Canadian or German proxies. Cheers
  2. Microsoft is disgustingly sneaky:

    For those wanting an easy transition from Microsoft junk on a laptop or desktop, most especially with an older computer, Linux Lite is superb. You don't have to know anything about Linux. It just works and is intuitive and user-friendly from the moment it's installed. They have a good forum too for help if needed. You can add and configure stuff if you want too. For newer computers, I guess Mint is equally friendly to a transitioner, but I haven't used it for a few years. About mobile devices, I know nothing at all.
  3. So is this the real birth certificate?

    Sorry for a bit off topic, but are you guys seeing an image when you click on the .jpg link in the op??? I get this: http://i.imgur.com/39X3fmd.png (Can't copy/paste the text, so this screenshot.) I don't want to derail with troubleshooting a problem that's mine, I just want to know if that site or image is being blocked from you viewing it. The link works for you or not? Thanks!
  4. So do the arms factories keep records of to whom arms were sold? Are such records required by law? Does the UK (as in this video, for example) investigate, or help investigate, sales of arms they produce to terrorists? Looks like an interesting YouTube channel. Wasn't aware of it. Thank you.
  5. Crazy is the new normal

    "They told me after the War people were told no Law would ever be passed to regulate human beings ever again in the western world. A promise kept for 20 odd years,..." I learned of WWII (in the U.S.) from my parents' generation. Didn't hear of that having been promised although it certainly seems to articulate the cultural spirit. No one in my childhood close environment had seen combat as far was told me, except a close family friend I called Uncle (marine landing on beach in the Pacific) and a neighbor (fighter/bomber pilot) for a couple years, and they said little. People had worked in a bomber plant or the like. But all around me, like the air I breathed was consideration, tolerance of different experiences and views, "live and let live," "to each his own," not so much in words, but in the way people actually behaved. Giving a hitchhiker a ride, stopping to help a stalled car, helping build or paint a house or fix something, holding your tongue, ... But in my particular environment, I don't recall talk about freedom or liberty, or even much at all about government and politics (although with the latter there must have been, but not for my ears.) I'm just trying to say, that even (regretfully) absent talk or teaching, there was a strong underlying very real current. People can live and work together and yet have very different beliefs and perspectives on things, different levels of education. I can't write a segue to get to my next connected thought, which is: nurturing hate in others and in society is evil. Does most of The Crazy come from intentional nurturing of hate? I am inclined to think so. How can people who haven't experienced un-divisiveness be helped to experience it? I remember writing, maybe some ten years ago, trying to warn about what a fragile thing civilization is. (Got kicked out of there.)
  6. ALGORITHMS are Opinions Wrapped in Code

    I wish I could understand and explain this better, but anyway: Humans (at best) solve paradox through metaphor. Artificial intelligence, despite claims, can't equal that. I shan't babble further. That's my boiled-down version.
  7. So is this the real birth certificate?

    Guitar Doc, thanks for that.
  8. So is this the real birth certificate?

    I posted this (cert of Obama's birth in Kenya posted recently by Obama's half-brother) on another forum and got reply of something like, "Is this the one posted 6 or 8 years ago? If so, nobody was much interested then, and I doubt they will be now." http://imgur.com/7bBvwIl I hate that kind of "This is old news" response as it can tend to close off discussion. I don't know the intention behind that particular reply. Anyway, I searched and found the document had in fact been posted (along with a couple others) some 6-8 years ago. I don't know how much attention it got. I think it's probably getting a lot more now via infowars and Jim Stone. The link above in the 1st post gets me an error message. I just now hunted down the article at infowars: https://www.infowars.com/obamas-kenyan-birth-certificate-validation-or-distraction/ but i get (verrry slowly) only a broken page with placeholders only instead of images on 2 different browsers. I had found article and an image at Jim Stone's site, at this link, but that has been deleted from the page, which makes me wonder how much it's being deleted across the web now (but I'm too tired to investigate very much.) https://archive.is/o/jUR9e/
  9. ALGORITHMS are Opinions Wrapped in Code

    Well, you can have your computer-generated music. But you'll have to pry this guitar from my cold dead hands.
  10. Crazy is the new normal

    "Gaslighting" is a tactic that can be employed by "agents" [that word in quotes because I think it's too vague. Like agents for whom or for what?] Spinning and lying also occurs absent a specific intent to make people doubt their own memory, perception or sanity. Not all the spinning or lying out there comes from "agents," and I would discourage anyone from adopting the paranoid attitude that it does. Sometimes people lie (or even try to make you feel confused) for other reasons. Further, evil agents could possibly go so far as trying to make everyone into paranoid (read "fearful") cripples by spreading the perception that all the lying and mindfarking games DO come from "agents." Evil scum could spread this perception in order to make people feel helpless and surrender.
  11. Crazy is the new normal

    "Crazy is the new normal." I agree; or at least strongly tending to be. I ask myself, "Where"? "Why"? Might this explain it? What we are seeing here is infighting inside of the power structure of Rome. [The Globalist Empire?] That's one sentence from a comment in a discussion here: http://thesaker.is/the-empire-should-be-placed-on-suicide-watch/ I find parts of that article and discussion useful for getting much-needed perspective on the situation we are struggling with.
  12. Crazy is the new normal

    I've seen and pondered the same. How much of the Crazy is crafted and directed? Surely there are some sort of PsyWar evil geniuses who are capable of thinking to do such. Where do they get their paycheck? On the other hand, I can foggily conceive of the Crazy being a sort of an amalgamated development of various forces which include PsyWar evil geniuses, but it's not so much under control 'from the top.' If that makes any sense. I think it's important too to remember that there are or might be geographical or social areas where The Crazy is not so developed or dominant. Different languages, cultures and technological development (and its intrusion into individual minds and lives) make for some 'spaces' being safer or more sane than others. So obviously sovereignty of the nation [that's what we have these days: nations] and the individual is a value to be defended. I find the metaphor of war quite useful. Destruction of the physical infrastructure : destruction of the cultural structure. The object of war, above all, should be to win the peace. So we're in an infowar. And it seems to me there are too many people and groups just running around smashing things; lacking focus and leadership. Think like warlords instead of armies, in an infowar, not a physical war. Am I tending to make any sense here?
  13. So is this the real birth certificate?

    Excuse me, just trying to keep up here (I'm pretty much a hermit in a non-western nation and see little Media.) "I see who the designated target is this time, we all do because the Media runs it 24/7 and the controlled alt media does as well putting suggestions in people's head." Iran? Russia? North Korea? I'm not being snarky or like that. Just ignorant and trying to see what page you're on! TIA
  14. 7 Things You May Not Know About Alex Jones

    The way I see it, one of those sides has made it possible and defends your right to have this web site and the other side(s) would have it shut down or worse for failing to go along with their agenda.
  15. Imagine if the Russians and Putin weren't here. (Shiver.) http://thesaker.is/syrian-russians-kurds-and-chechens-dance-together-in-syria/ I always find good comments at The Saker's.
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