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  1. @armadillojerky 💀‏ Replying to @SteveKingIA For Nunes to create a bogus memo must mean Mueller is close and about to strike. 7:43 PM - 18 Jan 2018 ____________ _____________ Ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  2. To my perception, the first 2-3 minutes (say, which outline the present droplet of current revelations) of Hannity there, PALE IN COMPARISON, PALE IN OUTRAGE-SHOCK INDUCING EFFECT WITH THIS STORY: I'm told Mr Binney is currently working with Trump and the U.S. Intel trusted by Trump. The scum were baited to commit to a position, and that position is now being used to be compared to the truth. Uber Fugg'd is what they be.
  3. Naah... Let them flail around as their lies, their total lack of conscience regarding their misdeeds, their rottenness and their stink becomes more widely known.
  4. The Democrats know how damaging the memo is and they’re already preparing a BS narrative. They’re going to attack Nunes, not the facts in the memo, because they’re disgusting Democrats and that’s what they do. Don’t get distracted. - https://twitter.com/dbongino
  5. Strange "Symptoms" People Are Experiencing Worldwide

    With some funding, science could look into these questions. With a press and media (and internet platforms) not controlled by a few oligarchs and monopolies, human thought and creativity could be more free to seek knowledge.
  6. If the U.S. wishes to participate, all the other countries are all ears. The U.S. is excluded only by its own policies. China, Russia and others are trying to build on the concept of a multipolar world, with nations finding common goals and working to further them.
  7. Speaking of bigger picture. Just a reminder. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DS5s8-0VMAAXE6K.jpg
  8. This could get very interesting [Merged]

    Thanks, but it's still not clear to me who is inciting whom against whom in WhiteHorse's post.
  9. New O'Keefe vid up

    Twitter tries to hide what they do to rake in money. The investigative journalist tries to expose what they do so that people can make informed decisions. Until recently, investigative journalism was on the decline.
  10. Inspector General report due January 15, may be explosive

    Another thread throws light on this story too. Oh! The link to the thread turned into a screen grab! Please click on the thread title.
  11. This could get very interesting [Merged]

    Could you please state who is inciting whom against whom in this instance? The U.S. inciting Turkey against SDF [Trump/Syria's enemy] border force, because it's half Kurdish YPG [Turkey's enemy]?
  12. Greg Hunter: Trump has Deep State terrified

    Excellent interview! Mr Shipp gives brief, striking and to the point answers, doesn't waste the listeners time. This seems a good interview to share with the lesser informed to help convince them there's a lot going on they should be paying attention to. It's on YouTube now.
  13. Google Is Not What It Seems by Julian Assange

    Looks like Google aspires to be the MSM of the 21st century on steroids for the whole planet and is well on its way. This is not good at all. 10 pages with another 10 of footnotes. Excellent and well worth the time and effort.
  14. The Power Of The Heart Over The Head

    This topic is "News and Current Events"? Really?