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  1. I had a goldfish that lived to be 16. They are much more intelligent than people generally think they are. They are trainable. Thanks for the vid Sky Cat.
  2. That's a good way of putting it. I know I'm liking a comment from nearly a year ago, but someone has revived this thread, so I'm going to say... The Scriptures don't really make it clear if the Earth is flat or spherical, so the OP is just pissing in the wind, hoping it will stick to something. Anyone who reads the Biblical mentions of the Earth can figure this out with simple common sense, so why is the OP try to fool anyone? The OP himself upvoted Ukshep's comment saying the texts are inconclusive, so why is he pushing this agenda?
  3. Oh the irony. It says "Addict" above my avatar. How'd you know, Shep?
  4. Well, I don't think it would need moderation so that would be no big deal. TBH I did like the feature but there was so rarely anyone on it that it was hardly worth using. Maybe it would be something that would be an idea for the future when the sites visitor numbers have increased a bit. Communicating this way is just as good though, really.
  5. Your way is certainly much healthier.
  6. Yeah I just use the Netflix. Haven't had cable in years. At least with Netflix I have more of a choice of what I want to watch and I can pause when I gotta piss or rewind to hear something when someone in the room is being too loud. I don't watch TV too often but when I do it's usually a whole day binge watching session of one series or another. Can't do that with cable.
  7. That sucks, but no worry. I was just curious more than anything.
  8. Yes. Party. This is how I do it: > > > > > > Next moring...
  9. Ravens and Crows are very smart birds. I once saw a crow swoop down and attack a squirrel. The squirrel shit itself and ran away in terror. That big ol' bird was just having some fun. You reminded me of a video that I saw the other day.
  10. Sorry to be a poopy pants, as that is not my intention, but I haven't been around on this site for a bit of a spell and I noticed the chat is gone. I liked the chat. Few people really used it but at the same time I thought it was a good feature. Ya know? I also noticed that the site has been revamped and has become much more user friendly! Very good stuff. The way you changed the tabs and sub-tabs (if those are the right terms) on the top of the page make it very easy and convenient to navigate the site. Very cool. Keep it up! God Bless, GH
  11. 440 in Jewish gematria can also mean "The Prince of Peace." Also, "The Highest Calling." O.o
  12. No he's not. 988, 1128, 188.
  13. Yep. The OP can go f**k itself.
  14. It was -17 with the windchill a few days ago. Still hovering around 0. I like this kind of weather to come around for part of the year. No yard work for awhile and I don't feel guilty sitting around at home all day on the weekends.
  15. Isn't it perfect? We've already been given the answers. We just have to read them.