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  1. When I went to tech school I found a book in the parts room that was called Encyclopedia of Electronic circuits. I can't remember which volume. Anyway, it had a simple lie detector circuit that you could build with a breadboard and other shit you could get at radioshack on the cheapy cheaps. You just grabbed onto two wires and the circuit would measure the change in electrical resistance across your body, which is probably one of the simpler, earlier, less reliable devices. The tone coming through the speaker would change if you just sqeazed the contacts more lightly. Even still, as someone mentioned earlier things like this can change in your body from stress and anxiety. It doesn't necessarily mean you're lying. I don't think they are even admissible in court. I wonder if they can use MRI tech to do a more advanced test.
  2. I was wondering about that same thing. I like the policies he tries to pass, but it's obvious that instead of "draining the swamp" he actually hired the swamp. Kushner? These people from Goldman Sachs? Who knows. Maybe these are longstanding business partners of his. Even though I swing right mostly on politics, I still don't trust Trump. I think he was placed there by people who have way more control than he does. If Trump is a puppet of the deep state, they very well could be creating the leaks. It would make for a good distraction. Instead of people wondering about important things they end up seeing some garbage news about Anthony Scaramucci being an ass. Even the extreme right wing sites post garbage stories to invoke emotion. A lot of it is silly tabloid type stuff that nobody cares about, like what dress Trump's wife wore to some gala or whatever. I've seen plenty of articles like that on Breitbart, but Breitbart is still far more trustworthy than sites like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. Their editors are looking to push buttons in many cases, but their content is easily verifiable and well sourced. Trump's whole presidency could just be a sham like Obama's was where they are trying to create a rift between the public. They let the left sail high for almost a decade and get things their way, then they bring in the next guy to push them back where they started. They promote the Soros agenda. Falsely under the name of equality they are trying to divide people as much as possible so they're easier to control. I think Trump is a globalist and has always been. We'll see in the next couple months/years.
  3. Thanks for the response. I don't have an upper right side bar. The upper right one just says "Popular Now."
  4. Sorry if I'm just doing it wrong, but I haven't signed in here in a while. In the past when I hovered the mouse pointer over the forums tab on the top it would bring up the forum options such as "Off Topic" or "Hardcore Conspiracy." Now when I do that it doesn't give options. Have the forums been merged? Personally I like the idea of it working either way. I'm just curious as to whether or not there is a way to view the forums separately anymore or if they are all in the same forum. Thanks in advance for any answers, GH
  5. It was very unwise of Trump to sign sanctions against Russia. We should be working with Russia and China. He's also on China about them "not doing enough" about the North Korea situation. Creating ill will toward 2 major international countries with large economies and serious military prowess is not going to blow over well in the long term. Does anyone know what happened to the BRICs alliance? Is that still a thing? It was big news on Globalresearch a while back but I haven't visited that site in quite a while. Either way, if the US loses the petrodollar it would be a blow to the economy that would be difficult to recover from.
  6. GoingHome

    The Printer Conspiracy

    Also, the commercial devices like the ones I listed above are not designed with "planned obsolescence" in mind like One Step Away mentioned above. Many home printers are designed to crap out around a certain time. Commercially designed printers will work as long as you keep fixing mechanical things. A chip on a circuit board will never cause it to shut down unless it actually has a viable electrical failure.
  7. GoingHome

    The Printer Conspiracy

    I service copiers, printers, folders, shredders, etc. for a living, and the best advice I can give is go with a laser printer system that uses toner instead of ink. Ink is nothing but trouble. It clogs everything and is a pain in the ass. My boss won't even sell ink systems for this reason. Occasionally someone walks in off the street with their home ink printer and wants us to fix it. What they end up with is a $70 bill for an hour of service for a printer that is only worth about $150-$200. We even have a guy that's brought the same one in 3 times, and he could have just bought a new one for the cost of all the repairs he's had done to it. I would recommend one of these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Savin-CLP37DN-Color-Laser-Printer-101K-Duplex-Network-/371880360637?epid=594414715&hash=item5695cbfabd:g:zdAAAOSwx6pYtxX~ We rarely do any work on them because they are designed so well. Occasionally a toner auger goes out on one of them but it doesn't happen often. The OEM toners are not cheap, but they last a very long time under just regular home use. If you don't want color and just want black and white, the Ricoh 4310n is very affordable for the quality that you get out of it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ricoh-Aficio-SP4310N-Mono-Laser-Printer-M080-17-/263002071052?hash=item3d3c25200c:g:7pgAAOSwIQdZJfA8 If you see toners sold online that use the term "compatible" run for the hills. The composition of toner to specific models is actually so specific that non-genuine OEM toner will ruin the magnetic properties of the developer in the development unit and cause very strange print quality issues like back-grounding, etc. This really only happens with the color ones sometimes. Black has a simpler composition and is easier for the toner pirates to replicate. I've found OEM toners are cheapest on https://www.gmsupplies.com/ . You can often get supplies far below the MSRP on that site. You may even be able to get ink cheaper there too but I haven't looked.
  8. The entire drug war was a complete and utter failure. It's just a way for the CIA to make big money and keep the prisons full.
  9. GoingHome

    This is just wrong

    All of the queers should be placed together on an island where there are no females. It will only take a short period of time before their genetic disorder weeds itself out of existence.
  10. Exactly. If this is considered a good reason to crack down on gun ownership then I suggest they create a fund and facility for making sure everyone has access to a free claw hammer or a strong 10ft. of rope capable of supporting the weight of the average human body.
  11. It's good that we are civilized here. I haven't heard of the DCM. I plan on getting a Ruger AR sometime soon. Probably a 5.56. I don't agree with Trump on everything, but in a general sense he seems be be about preserving the Constitution. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next few months/years.
  12. She must have grown up in the city. Any idiot that lives in the country knows you shouldn't approach a horse you don't know from it's six. She's lucky it didn't hit her in the head and put her in a coma/casket.
  13. My bad, Brother. I didn't pick up on it. Now I see.
  14. Probably true, but if they just toss it in the nightstand I doubt there is much range time going down. Having a gun and knowing how to actually fire it accurately are two separate things.
  15. 11 years? Dafuq is that?! I am starting to wonder if people with this sort of sickness have a gene they pass on. Maybe they should actually be put down for the greater good for the future of civilized society. Force the b*st*rd to drink a gallon of water, strap him to a chair, then burn his dickhole shut with a red-hot metal poker. Problem solved.

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