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  1. This is just wrong

    All of the queers should be placed together on an island where there are no females. It will only take a short period of time before their genetic disorder weeds itself out of existence.
  2. Exactly. If this is considered a good reason to crack down on gun ownership then I suggest they create a fund and facility for making sure everyone has access to a free claw hammer or a strong 10ft. of rope capable of supporting the weight of the average human body.
  3. It's good that we are civilized here. I haven't heard of the DCM. I plan on getting a Ruger AR sometime soon. Probably a 5.56. I don't agree with Trump on everything, but in a general sense he seems be be about preserving the Constitution. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next few months/years.
  4. She must have grown up in the city. Any idiot that lives in the country knows you shouldn't approach a horse you don't know from it's six. She's lucky it didn't hit her in the head and put her in a coma/casket.
  5. My bad, Brother. I didn't pick up on it. Now I see.
  6. Probably true, but if they just toss it in the nightstand I doubt there is much range time going down. Having a gun and knowing how to actually fire it accurately are two separate things.
  7. 11 years? Dafuq is that?! I am starting to wonder if people with this sort of sickness have a gene they pass on. Maybe they should actually be put down for the greater good for the future of civilized society. Force the b*st*rd to drink a gallon of water, strap him to a chair, then burn his dickhole shut with a red-hot metal poker. Problem solved.
  8. True, my friend. If you've ever seen video of a gay pride rally you know that most of them can't even throw a halfway decent punch. Most of them are opposed to guns, so it'll be a bunch of fools showing up to a gun fight with knives, or something to that effect.
  9. I think it's going to get very bad soon. The MSM is working 24/7 to rile up the liberals. They seem to be violence prone and lack the ability to reason for the most part, but it just so happens that the right wingers tend to own the guns. The perfect storm.
  10. I wonder if the hag will even live to see the year 2020.
  11. Well, I hope it goes down the way you are expecting, but there will need to be some serious house cleaning in the house and Senate. Some of these liberals are actually so stupid that on social media they were worrying about how the Manchester attacks would cause Islamaphobia. Some of these people are completely insane, and will have to be dealt with accordingly.
  12. Zero Debt

    Just the mortgage. I own all of my vehicles and everything else. When the kids move out we'll downgrade from a 5 bedroom house to a 2. By then we'll have plenty of equity to throw down on the cheaper house and will be on the fast track to paying it off in little time. I'll probably switch from a 30 year to a 15 year mortgage at that point.
  13. I read somewhere on the internet that men are 6 times more likely to be struck than women.
  14. Well, I guess I jumped the gun. If they come here in large enough numbers though it will probably only take a few generations for them to get their numbers to the point where they can have an influence on politics. I guess an all out war would probably ensue before any sort of takeover. I already can see it brewing in Europe from the news I see about the UK, Germany, and Swedenstan. People in certain areas of those countries are afraid to even go into certain areas, know as "No go zones." I'm sure the numbers will be down for filling seats at concerts due to the recent developments.
  15. Santana - Smooth ft. Rob Thomas

    It would be cool if these two would get together and make some albums. They are a dynamite combo.
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