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  1. WOW!!!!!!! How many GMO Big Macs does it take to get a quintiple chin like that? Son of a Buckskin!!!! Ole Boy has some face time goin on with that!!!
  2. I'm becoming shock proof with all this trans whatever stuff.
  3. Remember the weather warfare thread? This is one of those storms that they lost control of, or simply never had control to begin with. Pardon the pun but, it's spinning out of control is it not?
  4. I think it's a form of mental illness. They simply cannot admit how wrong about this global warming they are. How Al Gore scammed everyone, and all the rest of the bullcrap they continually spew from their foaming mouths!!
  5. MK Meltdowns

    The veil between the world's isn't thinning, it is now flung wide open!! Here come the hordes!!
  6. I've posted this name many times, google it, find the interview, listen closely. Svali.
  7. On the Judgement day, when the Book of Life is opened and your name comes up. All will be read, including every thought you ever had. This will be done in the presence of God, Jesus, The Holy Messengers ,and all the Saints. Still want to sell your soul for a few bucks? This Lifetime is only a small drop compared to the infinity that awaits us all.
  8. Breaking News...

    Prepare for Planet wide, Full On madness.
  9. MK Meltdowns

    Demonic presence manifesting? In a few of the people anyway. MKUltra Programming?
  10. Then maybe, just maybe they shouldn't be allowed to have children at all? I mean, what's the point in having children when you are not even capable of teaching them anything.
  11. As an American, I am preparing for my Country to fall. It looks to me as if it is most assuredly in the cards, or in the stars, or whatever. This Country simply cannot and will not continue as it is today. Implosion and Anarchy followed by Invasion is almost a certainty. Look around yourselves my fellow Americans, We are in lot's and lot's of very deep shit. Too many problems on too many fronts to be fixed now, it's only a matter of time before the shit hits the fan for real. All you doomers and preppers, you have no idea what you wish for. Truly, no idea.
  12. How To Stop School Shootings

    Bingo!!!! Shut down the schools, make the parents home school. Your kid turns into a genius take the credit, turns into a psychopath, again parents fault.
  13. Red Guard Plan Mass Murder of NRA Members

    Soon, very soon, we will see, out on the streets, Complete and Full On Retardation. Eye Bulging Mouth Foaming Spittle Flying Fully Triggered Raw Insanity!!!!!! Get ready.
  14. Black Ops? Nano-tech and the nanites. Powerful.