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  1. Look at them all, not one of them can finally just throw in the towel and call it quits. True psychotics, all of them.
  2. Tick tock tomorrow. BOOM

    Agreed!!!! I'm about done with all of the talking head's. Same ole lame ole bullshit day in and day out.
  3. Thousands of empty seats at kick offs

    Boycott into OBLIVION!!!!!!
  4. Concave Earth is frying my brain

    I already knew you, or one of your co-horts would be LURKING about, and feel the absolute need to respond. So, so, sad. Your entire life revolves around something that will NEVER be a proven fact.
  5. I want to watch him either Castrate himself, or Slit his own throat, Stream it as it happens live, Hell, I would even pay money to watch it happen.
  6. Concave Earth is frying my brain

    Honestly, a lot of people are sick to death of the debates on the shape of the earth. Most people really do not care, nor do they even think it's that important. When the state of the planet and the people are in the condition were in, Who really gives a rats ass about flat earth, ball earth, hollow earth, concave earth, etc.
  7. Darn Wisdom Teeth!

    I have felt your pain Bro. I finally had to have all my teeth removed, Full set of dentures for me now. I'm glad to have them, but it is in no way the same as my real ones. Took me a month to learn how to eat properly with them. Stay on top of this thing, wisdom teeth are a b*tch to have removed.
  8. Another Vegas Illuminati Card revealed 'Arms Dealer'

    Nah, not seein it. The resemblance that is.
  9. Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool (Mark Dice)

    I don.t know about the Holly-Wood crowd, but for a normal, everyday child, when something Happens to you, sexual abuse, at a time when you are still innocent of the world at large. Well, It does something to your psyche, so profound, that most of us had to withdraw inside ourselves, for me, it left physical and spiritual and emotional scars that never will go away. Never Ever.
  10. alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone AKA Flakka

    No words left, Just' OMFG!!!!!
  11. I only read the first page of replies so if someone has already said this then i agree. When the SHTF, we wont have to worry about these people, most will perish within a few hours, then the rest will in a few days after . Aint got no skills!!!!
  12. I wonder if anyone even can Mal, This pedo thing is ancient, worldwide, and very, very powerful. It's my understanding that the THINGS actually running the show are not human.
  13. Burglars target Las Vegas shooter's Reno home

    My thoughts exactly. Get something out, plant something in. Easy Peasy.
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