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  1. Yeah, she is trying to distance herself from the incident as we type. told the dude his wife was a trained super soldier and she was going to kill him. anybody need an Orgone blaster?
  2. The Wyoming incident

    My guess is, some form of psyop from one of the alphabet agencys
  3. Sherry Shriner and her cult was programming said individual. She is currently making some posts on Fakebook and her own sites as well.
  4. Retrocausality: Does the Future Effect the Past

    Sounds reasonable.
  5. Time to call it. 93, 94 yrs old? Really time to call it. Peanut farmer is done.
  6. Lets All Puke Together

    The knowledge of the fact that there is absolutely not one thing you, nor I, can do about it. Just lay low, Roll Hard, and do what you gotta do to stay afloat.
  7. Honestly, I mean really honestly, it's time to just get rid of Jones and company. Even his name makes me start to become upset.
  8. Margarita Pitchers Banned In Alabama

    Down here where I'm from, we make our own whiskey and our own smoke too. Aint too many things these country folks cant do.
  9. Lets All Puke Together

    I've said it a million times before, across every CT forum around, The planet is filled with Raw Madness running rampant, pure, unadulterated, psychoticism.
  10. Trump Has Failed Us

    We did not fail, we succeeded in NOT allowing The Monster Hillary into the Whitehouse.Has Trump failed us? I dont think we have had enough time to make that call yet. give the dude at least 12 months to get the drain pumps into full operation. Did we fail ourselves? Not hardly, we picked the lessor of the two evils, think about what it would have been like and be like now had the HildaBeast assumed the Presidency.
  11. Israel is nobody's ally. Except maybe Satan's.
  12. Do you live alone?

    Been me and a dog of one kind or another for over twenty years now.
  13. I unplugged for a mental respite and regroup. Had to man, the election of Trump and all that internet activity we were doing tore me down for a few. I'm good to go again for another 6-8 months.
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