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  1. Remote Viewing started and stopped with this one man All others with the exception of probably Joseph McMoneagle are just tag along jump on the bandwagon frauds.
  2. Very sad indeed. R.I.P. Malcolm. And probably this is the end of the band forever now. They took it to a level where Rock has never been before, and never will be again.
  3. Same here, Darker days are ahead of us all.
  4. Blackmailed?? Guilty by association? Orders from his betters? The longer it takes the worse it will be, for the entire Clinton Cabal.
  5. I believe this drug is a way for dark, low level spiritual entities to gain access to a human host. My opinion only.
  6. To me this is more evidence of dark spiritual oppression and or outright Possession. As we progress further into time and closer to the end-time scenario, things like this will become more and more common. Horrifying to say the least, but I must give you all fair warning, This is nothing compared to what some of us will witness in the days to come. The monsters ARE coming, just don't say you weren't told.
  7. Here's some justice

    We need more action like this. MAKE IT VIRAL AND PUUUUUURRRRGGGG!!!!!!
  8. Moral Decay

  9. Moral Decay

    Humanity, for the most part, has lost it's way. Took a wrong turn down a one way road a long time ago. No going back now.
  10. Human trafficking: everyone’s in on it!

    Top to Bottom. Said this many times on this forum. From the Vatican all the way down the ladder to the sicko who chains someone up into their basement. What can be done to actually stop it? Nothing. (Sadly) Expose it when and where you can, but the big picture says it will always be with us. Why? Most, if not all people do not realize this is coming from a Dark spiritual aberration. This is hard to grasp for the general public. It's everything included in all this perversion, Slavery, ritual sacrifice, sexual perversion, I could type out a few pages of abominations but there is really no point. This sickness has always been with us and always will be until the final bitter end of our days on this planet.
  11. Darkness cannot conquer the Light, only flee from it, when it shines. SO SHINE ON!!
  12. And lost their own soul. Same answer as Walk Softly. They will gather in numbers so great as to not be counted.
  13. That is why I think it is more of a spiritually controlled problem, not something a man made network could achieve, not on it's own.