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  1. Trust nothing at this point, and nobody.
  2. As of my voting, 98% voted in support of an arrest.
  3. Or, you could be a real hero like this guy was. Much more at the link. Plus the Art Bell interview was a real nail biter of a show. Oldie but a damn good one. http://www.apfn.net/Messageboard/05-24-04/discussion.cgi.9.html
  4. Agreed. Please stop with all the sour grapes, enjoy what you have, while you have it. No doom. Believe it or not, the good guys actually do win one every now and again.
  5. I respectfully disagree with Alex.
  6. This very website could use a little draining itself, you know who you are, with all your fake predictions and All your Lies. There is more than one Sociopath on this forum, time for them to pack it up and gtfo as well.
  7. Very rarely do we have a single party that controls Both the House and The Senate, And The Office of the President!!!! If we can get these people's heads out of their asses, then massive, mega change can and will happen with the quickness of a lightning strike. Obama's Legacy is to be dismantled immediately, and every executive order to be rescinded.
  8. NPR Radio just finally announced the win for Trump. He will speak moments from the next break. Its over. Trump is over the 270 Electoral votes needed.
  9. Mere minutes away from VICTORY!!!!
  10. Same with NPR radio!! Was agitated all night, now its a Trump will win message!! LOL!!
  11. House Republicans are talking IMPEACHMENT if she wins anyway!!
  12. Major Victory if he takes it, Crushing for the demorats.
  13. Hell Yeah!!!