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  1. When it decide's to go, wont matter much who knows about it. 1: Can't stop it anyway. 2: Can't predict when. 3: Hard to actually prep properly for it.
  2. Full Throttle

    Earth Day has embraced hysteria and abandoned science

    It's 420 for me since I missed it on the official day. How's everyone like that?
  3. Full Throttle

    US KNIFE CONTROL Knife control movement crosses Atlantic

    Ban Life, it leads to death!! Life has killed more people than anything on the planet. Everyone who has ever lived will die, eventually.
  4. I have a usb stick with an OS on it called Tails. It is a Linux Distro, You can boot into it and run it from the stick and never use your hard disk, That being said, all connections are automatically routed through Tor and all that jazz, Onion, everything. You want to explore the dark web anonymously download and burn that iso to a stick. Now you can go hunting for the Hillary Video without any fear of being hacked, cracked, or attacked. But, the video in question probably doesn't exist. When your done, log out, shut down your system, pull the usb stick and reboot. Good to go. Tails is the OS that Snowden, and our famous Wiki Leaks founder uses. Just an FYI on how to surf the Dark web with complete anonymity and safety.
  5. Full Throttle

    Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 92nd birthday

    Yeah, when she passed everyone said, It's about time!!! Had her cremated and ashes spread within 48 hrs. She was a Hateful and evil person.
  6. Full Throttle

    How long will I be allowed to remain a Christian?

    Remember this. We are not of this world anymore, love not this life nor the things of this world, for we are Prince's and Princesses, King's and Queens. Prepare to receive your new and Permanent Spirit Body, Then we shall be, as He is.
  7. Full Throttle

    How long will I be allowed to remain a Christian?

    You can remain a Christian clear up to your final breath on this world. They may take your life, but never your Soul.
  8. I'll be looking, but we have cloudy skies predicted, that's usual whenever a good meteor shower is coming through.
  9. Full Throttle

    Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 92nd birthday

    Sure seems that way. My Grandma was on the death watch list by us from 92-99 yrs of age. That wicked woman finally passed 7 yrs after we all were sure the btch was gone at 92. No-one shed a tear, she was a bad seed.
  10. Warm weather will bring out the violence all over, Plus the fact that it's been an extremely long and cold winter. Once the humans can finally roam all night it will get worse. I'm ready, y'all just stay away from my shit when ya start up with the violence cause I can and will become Ultra Violent Myself. Feel Me?
  11. Full Throttle

    Verne Troyer / Mini Me dead at 49!

    He was a very cool little man, and may he rest in peace now.
  12. I believe this will become a non issue in the not too distant future. With the full speed ahead of the space tech business and all that it entails, we should be able to lay this issue to rest soon enough. I hope so anyway. I'm over it myself. Just my .02cents worth.
  13. This is one of those feel good stories.