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  1. Full Throttle

    Kitten tries to scoop out fish from tablet

    Cool, I like it!!
  2. Full Throttle

    Are We in the Era of the Great Coming Out

    WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!! That is called Datura, Or simply Moon Flower. It grows everywhere, in every state and all over the planet. Do not smoke the leaves, flowers, or eat the seeds. Been there and done that. Not a good trip at all, very deadly, and can screw your vision for life. DO NOT MESS WITH IT AT ALL!!!! EVER!!!! Another name for it is Jimsom Weed I'm tellin you all straight up do not ever play around with this plant because it can kill you. People have done this as kids looking for a free high and die, some people NEVER come down from it and are screwed for life. Jimsom Weed grows all over the world and is prolific especially in desert areas. People have it in their own Gardens for the beauty of the flowers, Also called Devils Trumpet, because of the Trumpet shaped flowers when it blooms.
  3. I see massive litigation involved in all this. Court cases will back log in untold numbers.
  4. Full Throttle

    Hillary Clinton Wants to Be CEO of Facebook

    Thank all that was involved she lost the election for POTUS!!! Can any of you even imagine where we would all be now if she had won?? MY GOD!!!!!!
  5. False flag events? (I think that is why.)
  6. Good answer!! I can understand that!!
  7. I am just glad it wasn't a mass casualty, shooting. bad enough as it was.
  8. Mind Numbing ignorance, just mind numbing.
  9. Full Throttle

    These Women Traveled Over 9000 Miles To Kill Babies

    Outrageous insanity!!!
  10. Bunch of nincompoops running the investigation.
  11. How do they have no reason to believe it was related to hate or terrorism when the investigation is in it's infancy? They may as well say we have no reason to believe it is related to anything.
  12. And he was allowed to have a driver's license?

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